Ski Beatz Compares Curren$y's "Pilot Talk 1 & 2" to "Reasonable Doubt"

Ski likens Spitta's "Pilot Talk" LPs to "Reasonable Doubt," and recalls how Jay-Z got him to stop rapping and focus solely on production.

Ski Beatz recently caught up with MTV's Mixtape Daily to discuss his work with New Orleans rapper Curren$y. During the interview, the veteran producer compared Spitta's 2010 Pilot Talk series to former collaborator Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, saying that his in-studio chemistry with Curren$y helped produce the same quality of music that he and Hova made on his 1996 debut.

"I feel like the albums I did with Curren$y — Pilot Talk 1 and 2 — are like the Reasonable Doubt[] of this time," he explained. "The music that I chose and gave Curren$y is timeless music; it's gonna be around. Older people listen to Curren$y because the beats — it kinda takes them back. But younger cats listen to it because of the lyrical content and the flows; because they are able to relate to what Curren$y is talking about. That's how it was with Jay: the music that we chose was kinda older-sounding music, but the lyrics was now."

Ski also reminisced on work with Jay-Z on Reasonable Doubt. He said that after hearing him on Original Flavor's "Can I Get Open," he was itching to work with the Brooklyn upstart. He even added that Jay's rhymes made him stop pursuing rapping and focus on more on producing.

"Jay rhymed, and at the moment when I heard him rhyme, I was like, 'This dude gotta get on one of our songs,' " he said. "He was dope! He was the best rapper I've ever heard in my life.  He got on [Original Flavor's] 'Can I Get Open,' and after that, me, personally, I decided to stop rapping and just start producing him solely."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Da Pope

    I kinda agree with that boy Ski Beatz....the Pilot Talk series and Reasonable Doubts are both timeless pieces of I'ma avid hip hop fan and not afraid to admit Spitta's not that far behind Jay......Vito has solidfied his spot as one of the greatest but Spitta will eventually be in the discussion in the next few years to come...I'll even admit he's prolly the most detailed lyricist since the big guy from Bed Stuy...the nigga points out the small things....Reasonable Doubts is no dobt a classic and Jay's best work but Spitta next albums are always his best work.....Weekend At Burnies over Watch The Throne any day......I can listen to "Still" before "Otis" without thinking twice...."Get Paid" or "Niggas In Paris"?..."Feelin It" is an all time classic but listen to "Breakfast"...both make lifestyle music Jay was on that street hustling shit and Spitta on some rap hustling shit.....

  • drphil

    Ski needs to hook up jigga n spitta

    • Christopher English

      @drphil: He definitely pays homage to Jay and you can't fault him for that. You can't even fault him for sales because it's a total different time period. My main point is that none of Spitta's albums are what I would call classic. I agree with Big Dan that a lot of Ski Beatz current productions don't match the intensity of his past work.

  • Christopher English

    While I give Currency his props... 1. He spits no where near what Jay-Z did in those "Reasonable Doubt" days. I see the haters here talking about "Gay Z" and they've obviously never heard the album because whether you like a rapper or not, you have to give em props when they put it down. Like, I'm not a Rick Ross fan.. but his music is undeniable. The haters are all probably in their mid 20s who have no clue what real rap really is. They think rap begins and ends with Lil Wayne. SMH 2. The tracks on both album are nowhere NEAR the quality of the tracks on Reasonable. Sorry... it's just truth.

    • Big Dan

      He's major now Dr Phil. He is signed to Warner, which released Weekend at Burnie's.

    • drphil

      "sale werent all that" because hes independent

    • drphil

      Spitta pays homage to Jay all the time

    • Big Dan

      I concur. On top of that, with the beats that he his giving Curren$y, Ski seems to have gotten stuck in some slow, jazzy lane and the beats tend not to motivate. I don't know if these were Ski Beatz productions, but tracks like Can't Knock the Hustle, Can I live and Feelin' it, actually had you feeling it. They touched you and it's hard not getting into those songs b/c of the production. Friend of Foe, that's a fight song beat right there and Jay-Z then went and slayed it, coming in with "Friend or foe, uh, state your biz.... While he does have some burners, I've actually thought they need to get Curren$y some hotter tracks before his career stalls or should I say, fails to take off. Maybe for the weed smokers, which I'm sure comprises the bulk of his fanbase, the slow tracks get them in the zone, but every hip hop album in my opinion, needs a club banger or two. Sales of Pilot Talk weren't all that and the label will be only so patient. As an aside, I think he got that deal b/c Wiz was successful and after goofing up there, Warner wanted to play catch up, so they snagged his friend.

  • jihadscorese Lifestyle Music >>>> JihaD

  • Anonymous

    he shouldn't be downplaying how dope currency is by comparing him to "gay-z"

  • JAY-Z

    *Ha Ha* "Pardon me, I had to laugh at that" - Jay-Z

  • Anonymous

    LOL the headline alone is crazy beyond belief. It's just so unbelievable.


    hahahahaha not only did I laugh but, I spilled my coffee everywhere. This post was just too much. LOL

  • lol

    Curren$y makin a lot of decent tapes lately but c'mon son

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    currency? lmao he slighty above average but his voice/flow neva change....

  • Anonymous

    lol. this article is just lol.

  • DR Jam

    Literally, J made a nigga retire.


    QUICK HOW TO GET MORE PILOT TALK SALES still high from France

  • feedbak

    I think Reasonable Doubt had a larger range of subject matter.

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