Game Says Tyler, The Creator Is "West Coast Eminem"

Game compares Odd Future's Tyler to Slim Shady. "I don't think I go as far as Tyler…I think he

Compton, California's Game recently referred to Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator as "the west coast Eminem." During a recent interview with VIBE, Game spoke on why he rhymed the way he did on "Martians vs. Goblins" and explained why he enjoys Tyler's work more than most other newcomers. 

The aforementioned "Martians vs. Goblins" features a series of lines about celebrities. He claims he'll throw Rihanna in front of a train and "tie Lil B to a full tank of propane." He also says he's had romantic encounters with Erykah Badu and Lebron James' mother. Why did he decide to rhyme on a song in this fashion? According to Game, Tyler influenced that rhyme style. 

“The reason I did that was because I was on a song with Tyler. When you’re on a song with Tyler you can say whatever the fuck you want,” he explained. “I always say what I want but  I don't think I  go as far as Tyler…I think he’s like the west coast Eminem.”

He then added that Tyler is one of the up and coming artists he looks to, saying he likes him more than most other newer artists. 

“He don't give a fuck. He just rhyme about whatever and it's like right out of an open book. I like him more than I like most new rappers. He don't really want anything other than just to rap.”

Game's R.E.D. album is out now. 

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  • Thomas Curry Curré

    fuk that...

  • floyd mayweather

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  • John Xtacy Carter

    i just heard hopsin, hes aite. nothing like eminem though

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      Hopsin is like 80 times better than Tyler so i think he deserves the "west coast eminem" title, but in the end i think people should not compare artists to eachother

  • stalky

    Hiphop dx is all over the game's nutz

  • Osiel Salas

    Next DX headline "game says he likes having lunch at popeyes" and after that "game sneezes"

  • AJS

    It's already been said a few times, but once again hasn't The Game heard of Hopsin?

  • Anonymous

    Tyler is garbage.......pleze don't compar

  • Beast

    Game clearly has never listened to Hopsin

  • Muhammed Ali

    Game is dope so stfu you jay z foolz

  • StrtaightUpVoodoo

    Brotha Lynch Hung is DEF the west coast Eminem. Hopsin is a close second.

  • frank

    Dats krazy!!!!!!!!!! i would have said west coast Old dirty bastard!!!!!!!!

  • maks

    There's some great comments in here. This statement couldn't be more false. Eminem has some of the best rhyming skills on the planet. Tyler, as much as I like him, just says weird shit.

  • gamesaho

    Games a dick rider.. whoevers Hot he tries todo a track wit... this nigga is such a bitch... he an OK rapper.. but as a human he a bitch thats why people dont support him.. even on the West

  • mase

    Hopsin is the westcoat em!!!!!!

  • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

    lol, game ur a clown shut the fuck up with the dumb ass comments and try work on ur mic skillz

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    It's all politricks, people.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    Clearly, DX is on Game's payroll for constantly reminding us that he exists and his "album is out now".

  • Anonymous

    Remember, GAME said he's dope. He likes to jump on bandwagons and since Tyler and Odd Future is the new shit to be up on, he's going to follow suit. But, to be an added Stan, he had to copy Tyler's flow. May the Tyler the Creator/OFWGKTA name-dropping begin...fucking hell.

  • The P

    Game, don't ever refer to Tyler as the west coast Eminem ever again please. I love you and all but your boy Tyler is a prick and I really want to push him off a cliff.

  • haha

    Tyler has the audacity to say that his music isn't Horrorcore, and calling people faggots, that think his music is horrorcore. The fuctard doesn't even know what his music is.

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    em is/wz a attention whore 2 so dnt act like he's nt accurate w/his observation jus cuz u dnt like'em & dey both so weird content wise dat idk no folks dig dey music but we all got different taste.....

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    em is/wz a attention whore 2 so dnt act like he's nt accurate w/his observation jus cuz u dnt like'em & dey both so weird content wise dat idk no folks dig dey music but we all got different taste...

  • DR Jam

    Tyler is an attention whore. Also, although I found his yonkers spit descent, I wasn't down with his satanic symbolism. It's like he's back in the nineties when rappers where comming with satanic elements left and right just for attention. That doesn't make them bad, I'm just not down with satanic stuff, unless you're a Satanist, and in that case it's your philosophy or whatever you wanna call it, so you ain't faking it, it's your life style. Snoop, Cypress Hill, Onyx, etc... just to name a few. Snoop is one of my fave, but I'm not into fakeness, nor satanic cults. So I wasn't digging his act for a while.

  • DR Jam

    Tyler is an attention whore. Also, although I found his yonkers spit descent, I was down with his satanic symbolism. It's like he's back in the nineties when rappers where comming with satanic elements left and right just for attention. That doesn't make them bad, I'm just not down with satanic stuff, unless you're a Satanist, and in that case it's your philosophy or whatever you wanna call it, so you ain't faking it, it's your life style. Snoop, Cypress Hill, Onyx, etc... just to name a few. Snoop is one of my fave, but I'm not into fakeness, nor satanic cults.

  • ric flair

    haha, you guys are nigggerz..woooooooooooooooo

  • uhhh

    ah what? yo I love game but come on, every word that comes out of his mouth doesn't need to be frontline news. I couldn't give less of a fuck about Tyler the fucking Creator anyway. that's a wack ass comparison.

  • LOL @ these comments

    People have BEEN comparing Tyler's style to Em! Didn't those two men just meet each other? Why are you people so mad when it's obvious Em & Tyler respect each other? LOL!

  • david

    we have ja rule on the gives of fuck what ja thinks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "my nephew died in the car i bought"-lost ones.thanks for the real shit jay

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrows top story" Game sneezes, suspects he has cold, been feeling "woozy lately". Only on hiphopdx!

  • Anonymous

    you made an entire article out of nothing. tired of these fucking game groupie blogger fagsover at dx

  • CPT88

    Game this Game that.. man fuk what the game thinks he thinks everybody is dope someone slap this dude he trippin tyler the creator then west coast eminem WTF get outta here lol get back to whatever u do next time keep your opinion to yo self you talk to outta yo azz hahahaha

  • Santiago Wu Irigoyen

    no way anyon should compare eminem with tyler the creator

  • huh??

    tyler is bitch made ass low grid dick in booty nigga, that fuckin faggots a joke, walkin around with all them niggas like hes the shit, fuck that puss ass excuse of music, fuck it all. that crusty cunt bitch, fuck TYLER FUCK HIM, god damn

  • grandaddypurp

    yo people r so fuckin ignorant, eminem is without a doubt in the top10 of all time. ask any rapper and see what theyll say, not sum fuckin bro ass nigga sittin as his computer hatin. niggaz can be racist sayin tylers like "slim shady", how he ryhmes bout killin ppl nd shit thts the comparison......nd anyone that says em fell off is a fuckin idiot, look at the lyricis on recovery.....dope

    • little white kid down the street

      cinavenom u are a faggot who is also retarded. who gives a fuck if he think seminem is top 10, its his fuckin opinion so get the fuck off the internet if u think no ones opinion is valid, im my opinion eminem is probably one of the best rappers of the 21st century, even though he went mainstream in 1999, YOU ARE A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT still though

    • cinavenom

      Top 3? So in your twisted little mind Eminem is better than Nas, Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Biggie, Rakim, Raekwon, AZ, Big L, OC, Black Thought? If you think so that proves my point. You little kids don't know shit about hip hop. Listed are ten emcees that Em couldn't touch if he rhymed until he was 100. Em had three good albums. But just because he reaches out to the depressed white suburban kids you somehow think the dude is god. Maye top 50 I would say.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is Top 3. Easily.

    • da king

      honestly cinavenom...? Recovery sucked fuckin dick but Em is Em, a top 10 without a doubt. anybody who says otherwise is on somethin, he made enough classics to retire after Eminem Show. and in response to what you said to the other dude, my favorite MC of all time is fucking Guru so you know I didn't just start listenin. and by the way fuck you racist, your the reason these cornballs up here promoting disrespectful shit

    • Anonymous

      ^ yes it was indeed

    • cinavenom

      And oh yeah, Recovery was easily Em's corniest fucking album ever.

    • cinavenom

      Top 10 of all time? You know you are so little ass suburban white kid who just started listening to hip hop a couple of years ago. You have to be out of your ,mind top 10 of all time.

  • anonymous

    shut up f@gs tyler is pretty similar to eminem. get over it. eminem is better lyrically obviously. watch interviews of eminem form 1999 and interviews of tyler now. it's practically the same person

  • Cinavenom

    So does that mean in a couple of years Tyler is going to start making garbage pop music? C'mon Game how can you compare Tyler with that wack little faggot?

    • Anonymous

      you all can suck on my balls like they were fifa lollipops bitch niggas wolf gang mothafucka get wit it or get gone wolves run this shit yall niggas is sheep so i suggest you stay behind ur computer cus sheep get devoured out here pussies

    • Anonymous

      Eminem would easily rap circles around Tyler off the dome. LMAO @ this even being a consideration. Eminem's rapping on Hell: The Sequel shits on the rap game, if you see all the technical aspects to it.

    • The P

      Best rapper of all time, J Cole. I like nice music :) Haha I don't understand how you people can listen to Tyler talking about killing specific people. When Eminem did it, he left it nameless so there's room for imagination. But Tyler does it like he's speaking from a personal point of view. Haha damn, The Creator needs to get shot. I hated Bruno Mars but because of Tyler I don't change the station when his song comes on anymore. Stop the hate everyone.

    • wow...

      Some big em dickriders, he WAS good, NOW he's a just a shitty rapper, get over it fags.

    • hahaha

      hahaha ^ agreed. gtfo you must of just started listening to em when recovery came out.

    • Anonymous

      forget he even existed? you must be banned from hip hop go listen to some opera

    • Anonymous

      eminem sucks dick like no other. that collabo with royce couldn't even reignite his career. eminem is dead to hiphop, forget he even existed.

    • Anonymous

      tha 'wack little faggot' changed the game and one of the greatest to ever bless the mic

  • Anonymous

    read the interview retards - he isn't saying that Tyler is as good as eminem, he's just pointing out that they both have absolutely no boundaries in terms of what they are willing to rhyme about. If you read further than the headline, u wud have understood this. Also, Tyler the Creator is fucking garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Butterfly tatoos are fucking gangster, but they must be applied to the face.

  • Youtube Darrellskie

    aye Game homie please speak for yourself. im from the westcoast straight outta cali. long beach 562 to be exact.i love your music but you say this is some bullshxt. dont even compare that wacc ass goblin to eminem. hes nothin like him. shady way more lyrical and that marshall mathers lp is one of the greatest in hip hop history. im 20 years old i try to listen to tyler but his music is bullshxt he aint shxt compared to eminem. cmon Game you know real hip hop just cuz he from our side dont mean u gotta say he's our version of eminem. lets be real

  • Suge Knight

    game sets some example of a jackass...HOPSIN is THE eminem in all forms (and he IS from the west)

  • Tony Viera

    Im Agree with Game, Tyler is so fuckin Dope!!

  • fcvs

    hey game tell us about your album sales and the fact that it never EVER will be even gold that's what people wanna hear

  • Ray Morales

    lmao...and asher roth is the east coast 2pac

  • JiveDG

    Tyler is garbage. Using atheism to gain fame is wack and don't deny it. Even though no young rapper can touch Em right now, Hopsin is the closest your gonna get. Tyler and the rest of Odd Future are wack.

  • Dee

    Tyler the Creater will never be Eminem in the West Coast, East Coast, Mid-West, South East, fuckin North America, Asia, Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy, or where ever the fuck else you can think of. Game, you just lost a lot of respect.

    • smh

      Swear these fanboys are on some borderline gay shit. He's talkin bout how they both say w.e they want. 'U jus lost a lot of respect' .. jesus christ

  • Anonymous

    He's only comparing Tyler to the "Slim Shady" part of Em. You know, the dark killin sluts rapin etc, Lyrically.. I don't believe Tyler is close to Eminem yet, definitely has potential though

  • Mike Miles

    what an insult to em

  • Hubert Jubberman

    If anything, Hopsin is the west coast Eminem! That dude has a sick as flow and good lyrics.

    • Anonymous

      what is a hopsin

    • Agin'Sun

      @ bkstylz: If that's what you think, then you're the biggest IDIOT on HipHopDX. Don't hate on somebody if you really haven't heard shit yet. That wasn't even rap, he was just raging that time, hence the title, ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 4. If you want to hear him actually rap, check out: GAZING AT THE MOONLIGHT or NOCTURNAL RAINBOWS. Or The whole RAW Album. BRACE YO'SELF & ACCEPT REAL HIPHOP "JOHN". Tyler is good but overhyped just like MIMS, lol. You's just a WAG, I'm tired. Peace!

    • bkstylz

      My point is nobody knows or cares about Hopsin except folks who hate Tyler and think those few lines he dropped were clever. I have the Raw mixtape. Heard it once and that was that. Back into obscurity he goes

    • Hubert Jubberman - This is who.....

    • bkstylz


  • RTJ00

    Lmao thats retarded. Thats like comparing gold to shit (Tyler = shit).

  • Chris

    i'm tryin to type rite now but Emmy's cock is ALL the way in my rectum!!! Yes I can call him Emmy and no I can't spelle.

  • Vann Digital Networks

    Aint have to read this article. The headline was enough for me to say: "What The Fuck???"

    • Anonymous

      here's a headline - VANN DIGITAL NETWORKS IS A FAGGOT! i was gonna type a story which would have completely withdrawn the above statment, but u only read headlines because ur a total fucktard...

  • RealTalk

    If you're an Idiot then read this article and believe what it says.. and do that with every other fucking thing in your stupid life... NOW if you have a fucking brain keep reading.> If you wanna compliment an artist(a real artist not these fake ass niggas).. you don't say your the next anyone You tell em You're the First You. So why the fuck is game saying this? idk - idc Who the fuck is Hopsin? IDK I'm not gonna look him up either.. i gave tylor a chance and listened to his shit when i first heard of him.. it was unbearably whack. The only thing i wonder is why they are trying to push this shit down our throats..Look at all the MTV new artist nominees.. all terrible.. all the articles on this website are about bullshit.. My comment will be buried by a mountain of gay shit that has nothing to do with hiphop in less then 15 minutes.. fuck this garbage fuck all these sellout clowns.

    • RealTalk

      also i clicked on your shameless hopsin plug listen to the nigga and gave him a chance but u didnt even read what i originally posted. you motherfuckers wanna keep saying the next eminem like thats a compliment.. smh. how do you niggas not have the mental capacity to understand that isnt a compliment.. A real nigga wants to make his own mark.. not be the next anything.. game saying that shit down plays talor and would insult em if he gave a fuck what game shit..

    • RealTalk

      OKay My mistake the niggas not whack.. but you stupid mother fuckers posting shit about him in a tylor article makes me think hes whack jsut like him.. the stupid contacts make me think he's tryna be gimmicky just like tylor. if that niggas got some real shit to spit he should just stick 2 that.. and not try to distance him self from whack niggas like that.. real talk no self respecting dude would listen to tyler ( that shits dumb for fat 12 year old kids who wanna pretend they hate god to get attention) i thought that hopsin shit was the same crap... But he wasn't i checked ur link.. it was tight.

    • TRR

      difference is Hopsin is actually good and worth your time to look him up and listen to him. you dont want to? Your loss straight up.

    • Hubert Jubberman - Hopsin

  • so....

    why is Tyler, the Creator a west coast Eminem? Is it because he has the balls to diss an R&B singer, Bruno Mars, and not anybody else? Hopsin ripped him a new asshole and the pussy didn't respond, sp he's not Eminem in terms of dissing people, he IS Eminem in terms of sucking ass.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem would still outrap every single rapper you can name. His flow is untouchable.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Cinavenom u might be the biggest idiot to ever comment on this site. 'Absolute garbage since mmlp' why u mad?

    • Cinavenom

      I agree with you nope. Used to be a huge Em fan but dude is absolute garbage since Marshal Mathers LP. Yelawolf might be the worst rapper ever. Now Em is slowly trying to ruin Royce's career.

    • nope...

      Eminem is straight garbage, he's never going to be as good as he was. He also disses people then says they're hot in the game and that they're talented (Lady Gaga). He's a pussy now, that just changed the way he raps, and people still think he's some amazing dude. Yelawolf and Eminem are terrible.

    • Anonymous

      That last sentence made your comment completely invalid.

  • Anonymous

    For fucks sake. It's gotten to the point where the Game taking a shit in the toilet will be headline worthy.

  • Anonymous

    God fucking damn, why do we have to hear about Game all the time? Does anyone honestly give a shit what he says?

  • Train

    Tyler sucks. Hes not even close to eminem. Em raps about fucked up shit but its funny and cool and the song is usualy catchy. When Tyler raps about fucked up shit on his dark and wack beats it makes u wana kill yourself. I cant listen to a Tyler record with out geting depressed. Also Tyler's flow is boring.

  • Right On


  • Murder Ink

    Eminem murderd us, what the fuck taylor, what kind of a name is that, shit sound white The Game is pussy, i il rather listen to Bobby Brown If ya niggers see 50 cent tell him that we are starving because of his black ass, anyway Ja Rule is working with Lady Gaga on his new album. we are back on sum pop shit and aint no one is gona stop us this time.

  • Tyer, The Creator

    damn, i wish i the west coast eminem, too bad im too afraid to respond to hopsin cause dude will eat me for breakfast..his white eyes are too scawwy for me

  • Anonymous


  • nevermind

    If anybody is the west coast Eminem, it's Hopsin.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.. Hopsin = West Coast Em.. Old school Em too, not new Em.. Marshall Mathers type Em..

    • Anonymous

      i was just about to say that then i seen your post haha hopsin so ill, but real talk Hopsin is WC Em, he should jump over to shady or atleast do a track w 5'9"

  • 9th ward nigga

    when did we start comparing these weak ass rappers to Eminem ? for every horror rap song Em has made, he has a meaningful one as well.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Niggas be throwin out classics like they was candy. Only niggas realeasin classics now are Jay, Kanye, Nas and Rozay. Teflon Don hottest ablum in the last 5 years. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I can't stop laughing about the fact that nobody cares about his shitty album. LMAO @ him performing songs from 50 when he's supposed to promote his new album. Nobody wants to hear his new garbage songs.

  • Anonymous

    maybe. he's not even comparable to the down south eminem

  • Tyler sux

    Tyler sux an the Red albulm was overrated..only classic Game got is Documentary, Tyler the Creator will nvr drop a classic & is really far from Eminem. He has creativity and is outspoken but Em's ryhme scheme was untouchable something Tyler cnt do

    • Jason Pennells

      i agree wit yu. the two are worlds apart. but "Yonkers" was a classic. just wait a few years and everyone will be sayin that



  • @thatwacokid254

    Minus the word play.

  • Joe

    Some of the themes in their raps are similar but there still quite different. It could make for an interesting collab though.

  • N3G4T!C

    Man im a big fan of game myself but he really needs to give it a rest , seriously look at this guy tyler , looks like a fuckin baby monkey

  • 50 Cent

    Come on Game you will never be my equal Your homies shoot doors my niggas shoot people..

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Nah.....Game is smoking too much chronic to make a statement like that.

  • Anonymous

    We ain't thugs for the sake of just being thugs Nobody do that where we grew at, nigga, DUH! The poverty line, we not above So out come the mask and glove cause we ain't feelin' the love We ain't doing crime for the sake of doing crime We movin' dimes cause we ain't doin' fine One out of three of us is locked up doing time You know what that type of shit can do to a nigga mind? My mind on my money, money on my mind If you owe me ten dollars, you ain't giving me nine You all ain't give me 40 acres and a mule So I got my Glock 40, now I'm cool And if Al Sharpton is speaking for me Somebody get him the word and tell him I don't approve Tell him I'll remove the curses If you tell me our schools gonna be perfect When Jena 6 don't exist Tell him that's when I'll stop saying bitch---BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    Game wtf, i cant believe you can compare Eminem to Tyler... Eminem is fucking untouchable at this time and I dont like you saying he Tyler is repping the West....

    • Anonymous

      since when does eminem suc? can you even say that...even if you hate him you cant deny that hes a beast, look at some of his recent tracks not flow but shut the fuck up have a coke and smile

    • Anonymous

      So, Eminem is garbage and STILL better than ALL of the greats put together when it comes to pure skills. Have you heard his incredible flow techniques? This guy ain't human, nobody touches him, the rhyme schemes are out of this world. Most talented at straight rapping ever.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is fuckin GARBAGE at this time is what you should of said and has been for at least 6 years

    • suggamatic

      I think he means a young eminem. as in when he was good.

  • Anonymous

    SMH, now I know how the old heads use to feel when we compared Nas & Biggie to Rakim & Kane, they use to look at us stupid and shit, lol, cause I'm lookin at Game crazy as fuck right now for comin out his mouth with that dumb shit...... Maybe I'm just too old but Tyler seems like a poor mans, 2nd rate Bootleg version of Brotha Lynch Hung to me, he's no where close to Eminem Lyrically

  • Fucking Faggot

    Talk about your shitty album, you faggot. This guy doesn't even have sense enough to dissapear for a while after is flippity floppity ass album didnt do any real numbers numbers. Talk about how tyler the creators album nearly had your first weeks sales when that dudes not on a major label. Either way, whether he's the west-coast eminem or not, he's pulling more weight than you. Go back to G-unit and beg for fif's forgiveness and maybe he'll help you bang out a real album again


    who is the man with a master plan?

  • Inoticedsomething

    Game name drops in interviews almost as much as he does in songs.Yo honestly the top 3 best albums of the year in no order Success is Certain- Royce nickle nine Goblin Tyler the Creator Watch The Throne - Jay & Kanye

    • Anonymous

      Second list was much better. Vakill - Armor Of God Reks - R.E.K.S. Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told

    • Goblin?

      Goblin? I give you props on the Royce selection, but Goblin was ass, that album made no damn sense Top 3 albums Apathy-Honkey Kong Bad Meets Evil - Hell the Sequel Pharaoh Monch- War What you talkin bout son?

  • dd

    cant take your music taste serious when your name is ricky rozay

  • Swag

    Lil B's "Im Gay" album was album of the year! Da'fuck you talkin bout "Watch the Throne" being great!? You fuckin dick riders! "I sit on God's Throne, they just Watchin with binoculars" - Lil B

    • Lil B

      Fo reals yo(not really)

    • mike

      fuck lil b sorry trash ass he is not talented i love how his fans try and say its because hes smart and we dont understand... naw we understand hes a fucking retard and sucks ass at rapping what hes got going for him is dumb asses like you trying to rep his shit when its pure trash... i dont give a fuck if he is" positive" in his rhymes his shits are elementary and basic as fuck lil b is gggaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbaaaaaggggggggeeee! stop hyping that shit damn lames its pathetic dude is wack and his fans are fucking retards!! based music hell that shit is like slow bus music and all you retards that listen to it sit in the back of the short bus fuckin dummies


    Please stop talking Game:

  • Ricky Rozay

    I've been one of hte most critical of Slim Shady on these boards but what the fuck is this nigga Game talkin about? This nigga now just sayin stupid shit. Feminem is garbage now but even he's still better than this faggot Tyler the Creator who blows balls. Nigga game is now just talkin out his ass. Tyler and the rest of Odd Future other than Frank Ocean are just lame ass niggas who get attention by sayin the dumbest shit. Fuck these niggas! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toodles


  • toodles


  • Sucka

    This dude talks too much , his album bricked huge, and it was dope ahahah,im shocked at how little WTT did... cause that was a serious album .

  • Anonymous

    when you hear a new eminem song or freestlye i bet you he gonna have a line about not comparing him to no other rapper i wonder how game gonna take that shit

  • SpikeyJamez

    Game seriously need to stop riding Eminem's and Dr Dre's cock and try to explore other artists' music will ya? I mean c'mon is this even news worthy?

  • stupid biz move

    Game came out with WTT, C4,. what was he thinking ????SMH

    • Anonymous

      he was thinking he top 5 dead or alive he act like he wrote the documentry and created the concepts he really think he a rap legend

  • Really dude??

    If i was Eminem i'd slap dis dude



  • Anonymous

    dont he have a album to promote?

  • koth561

    I thought Game would stop name dropping.....smh...

  • yep...

    Game's doesn't have any credibility anymore, so him saying this is like him saying that R.E.D. is album of the's not true.

  • chuck

    game the best gangsta rapper alive right now, hahah all u punks listen to j cole and shit ahah get the fuck outta here game the realist in the game .. haters go an suck a dick

  • war22

    Hopsin is the new Eminem...east,west or whateva

  • Just Sayin'

    Tyler made me do it! Grow up nigg@... smh

  • Anonymous

    Ryiding . Every rapper's . Dick in stores now

  • Anonymous

    fuck game and fuck all this artists dickriding these new fools that don't know shit about hip hop, i can't stand this anymore and btw this is a dumb article , i want real news , i don't give a shit what game said about this and that

    • Shel

      couldn't have said it better myself,,. the young dudes are so uneducated when it comes to hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      1) What makes you the expert on 'real' hip-hop? 2) If you are tired of it, find somewhere else to bitch, because they're gonna keep doing it.

  • GAME

    tupac use to send me to the store and he let me roll his blunts im not lying

  • 50 CENT


  • Game Over

    Game say this, Game say that, Game say Dre dre is Gay, Game is Gay, Game say he meet Easy E, Game say he is the Best from the west, Game say one of his friend was playing with is phone and give the number out LA sherrif department, Game say RED is the best album out this year,Game work for DX so he is always writting about himself on here, Game shut the F***UP! you talk to Much and i know you be reading these post so take note

  • Anonymous

    Oh and the rhyme skill. As noted before, Tyler isn't a very good rapper and Hopsin is a much better Eminem comparison.

  • Anonymous

    I think what Game meant was that Tyler is basically B-Grade plagiarism of Eminem with all the provocation and little of the depth that made Em interesting (I know he talks about his dad some but he comes across as an attention-starved little bitch that is pulling girls pigtails to get people to notice him rather than a genuinely hurt person).



  • Anonymous

    so can we find out why dre dont fuck with you your album gets leaked and flops and you refuse to talk about it.the last time we heard from dre and snoop was when they smokin and drinkin to jay-rock album hahha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tyler the creator is no where close to eminem in terms of flow, Rhyme Schemes or versatility Only thing Tyler can do is rehash Idea's Eminem himself got tired of 10 years ago Hopsin is closer to Em, at least that kid can rhyme, Tyler is all Controversy and no Rhyme talent, his flow and all the technical aspects are on par with the worst of the worst

  • Anonymous

    game whats the next single from red?

  • Anonymous

    there is no west east south or north eminem just eminem

  • Anonymous

    this dude refuse to talk about red and album sales

  • Anonymous

    he still the editor?

  • Anonymous


  • Scott Yu

    HOPSIN is westcoast eminem

  • fcvs

    game tell us about your album which btw flopped real bad that shit will never be gold don't tell me he had a nº1 album cause that don't mean shit, 50 BISD was number 5 and it sold 162k

  • Anonymous

    why is HIPHOPDX everytime putting articles up if the game says something. who gives a fuck about the game comments

    • SpikeyJamez

      I know right? Hip Hop Dx really need to stop riding Game's dick and try to explore other type of Hip Hop sh*t that is been putting out from a lot of indie record label. Beside, The Game is literally too in love with Eminem and Dr. Dre as he mentions these two artists sooo many freaking times now. It's getting annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah game dont know tyler the creator, he said goblins his debut album. and he doesnt want to 'just rap' hes been saying lately he's bored of rap and there will be like 3 rap songs on wolf

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