Jay-Z Shares 9/11 Memories, Dropping "The Blueprint"

Hov reminisces on the historic day, when he also dropped his classic LP.

Jay-Z was on the sidelines at New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey on September 11, when the New York Jets played the Dallas Cowboys in the first Monday night football game of the season. Hov took a minute to chat with a sports reporter about the events surrounding 9/11.

“Of course it’s a very powerful and painful day for us, but again, we should be showing our resolve,” he said. “We’re moving on, playing football, and everything is great out here.”

Jay also shared his memories of September 11, 2001, when he happened to be on the west coast for work. “I flew to L.A. I was shooting a video for a song called 'Girls, Girls, Girls,'" he began. “I’d dropped my album The Blueprint on the same day. And I just remember waking up in LA and thinking everybody was playing, like ‘That can’t be,’ then turning on the TV and it looked like something from one of those apocalyptic movies.”

When asked about the city’s healing process after the tragedy, Jay only had positive thoughts to share. “We are New Yorkers, we’re known for being tough—and we’re really cool once you get to know us—but we’re known for being tough, so I didn’t doubt us for one second.”

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  • Jason

    the blueprint had alot of sampling ex. The Doors, Baby Huey, etc. then again so did in my lifetime vol 1 and i love that album its soo bouncy and cruisable. lol

  • Jason

    i remember i was at a Media Play in Marietta, GA buying the blueprint album on Sept 11, 2001 then getting home and seeing the news like WTF? why cant we have a missile system on the crown of the statue of liberty to protect us? we turn the other cheek too much

  • joe5286

    Jay knows damn well that 911 was an inside job. Shame on him for not talking about it.

    • George W. Bush

      Actually my fellow American immigrant, the government made up conspiracies to strike fear in its people's mind. Fact: 90% of conspiracy theory websites about 9/11 are controlled and operated by the government. Fun fact: Alex Jones works for the CIA as an undercover intelligent.

  • Truthenola

    Blueprint is and forever will be a classic. Them soul beats are timeless. Kanye, Takeover , Renegade, Heart of the city, Never change, the list goes on. CLASSIC.

  • hey retarded writer get your dates right!

    sept 11 was on a sunday this year so this interview was obviously on a monday if its monday night football so its sept 12 but other than that good story

  • Anonymous

    Blueprint ain't classic !!!!!!!!

    • maj

      Fam, soulja boys a album is probably a classic 4 u, i pity the uneducated who claim they have listened to hip hop in all its entity

    • Anonymous

      It's not... For you at least... But it is for me and the rest of the hip hop community... But's it's not classic... FOR YOU.... Sooo.. yeah... Go look around on the ground... For a pine cone....Then uh... Shove the tip, just the tip in your asshole... Then jump up as high as you can, remove your feet, then allow yourself to fall staight down on the pine cone... Oh, and have a nice day :)

    • Anonymous

      It has to be true if you say that.

  • Nadeska Alexis

    What do you blacks think about my article?

  • sincerejk

    not the most important thing to mention BUT, the first monday night football game of the season was the dolphins & patriots. the jets game (and september 11) was on sunday


    crazy thing about the blueprint album he had a american flag around his wrist in the album pics i will never forget that week in my life you smelled death in the air for weeks it made me realize how small manhattan is i live in harlem and you could smell grond zero from miles away.that album jack daniels and a half ounce of haze got me to relax a little it was total chaos that day.people walking for miles just to get home others just look like the world is about to end i really thought the car bombs was about to start and bombing the subway system and sporting evevnts think god it didnt go down like that.i see hate is at all time high with jay-z with the idiot posting he osama son not surprised this website is for kids and immature adults dont pay him any attention karma will get him real soon if he was real he would have not deleted the facebook link but he straight pussy i love my black people but i cant stand a stupid motherfucker and that goes for any race

  • Anonymous

    Nice name Osama, you are a fucking degenerate

  • jbird

    hey osama's son maybe you will get two shots and a splash of water like daddy did for fucking with the wrong people

  • Osama Bid Laden's son

    I hate Jay-Z

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