Styles P Talks New Music And Says He's Better Than Everybody In His Era

Exclusive: The Ghost breaks down the beats and rhymes behind "Master of Ceremonies," reveals forthcoming duo project with Jadakiss, and takes the crown for his generation of emcees.

Styles P is quite possibly the only artist who can go four years between album releases and yet have it still feel for fans like he hasn’t gone anywhere.

Whether he’s releasing a series of weekly freestyles over other artist’s instrumentals, or dropping his own original-material mixtapes (a la 2010’s double dose of Pinero via The Green Ghost Project and The Ghost Dub-Dime), Styles makes sure to satisfy his supporters cravings for street-sensible lyricism by any means necessary.  
But now the rapper/author (whose first novel, Invincible, can be read in part for free at is looking to add-on to his official discography with the release of his fourth studio album, Master of Ceremonies (due October 4th). 

Last Tuesday (September 6th), The Ghost spoke to HipHopDX about his first official offering since 2007’s critically acclaimed Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman) and its eye-popping production lineup of Warren G, Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, Reef and more. In addition to discussing his new solo effort, Styles revealed to DX that two-thirds of The L.O.X. have been keeping their eye on the throne, before he declared himself to be the occupant of that throne and better than “whoever’s out now.”     

HipHopDX: I gotta jump things off by asking how The Ghost and The G-Child, Warren G, came to be collaborating?    

Styles P: That’s my man. That’s my peoples right there. I’ve known Warren [G] for a long time. And then he be with my peoples, the Bartendaz …. Warren’s a cool dude, yo. I got like two songs with Warren, the “Love Barbara” track and then I also got a [track] on my album. The one on the album is called “How I Fly” featuring Avery Storm.       

DX: Is the sound of that joint some smooth shit?

Styles P: Yeah. It’s a get high song.        

DX: Oh okay. [Laughs] Now another producer I gotta ask you about is Alchemist. You know after “Make Millions From Entertainment,” [from The Green Ghost Project] and especially after the classic “All I Know Is Pain,” that your supporters need those Styles/Alc joints. So how many heaters did Alc give you this time out?    

Styles P: Alchemist ain’t on this joint. He was busy. He was working, so we ain’t connect up like we usually do.

DX: Just out of curiosity, how often do people come up to you about “All I Know Is Pain?” Is that a joint that people talk about much [with you]?

Styles P: I get a lot of different songs [mentioned] from a lot of different people. Like, everybody got they own set of songs [they like]. Some people love when I work with Al, some people be asking me about me and Vinny [Idol], some people like the me and [DJ Premier] joints.    

DX: Switching from your producer partners to your fellow emcee collaborators, I saw Pharoahe Monch’s name listed in the lineup for your new album. Is that “Black Hand Side” or did y’all do another new cut together?

Styles P: That’s on his [W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) album, “Black Hand Side.” This one’s for my album. It’s called “Children,” and Pete Rock produced it. Talking about the kids, and … how they come up in the hood, how they come up in the ‘burbs …. It’s my take on how things are different today growing up from how we grew up, and the differences of the things they see and do today. And basically that they the future, so we gotta try to guide ‘em right.     

DX: You and Pharoahe have that street/conscious chemistry, [but] are you and Pharoahe really gonna bless us all with that joint mixtape Pharoahe told Forbez DVD about

Styles P: Yeah, we just trying to get the timing right. We both got a lot of projects, so we definitely just trying to get the timing right.  

DX: Have you recorded anything specifically for it yet?

Styles P: I don’t wanna tell you nothing – get me to be the one that leak the joint out here.    

DX: [Laughs] No tentative title? Give me a tentative title.

Styles P: [Laughs] Nah, I’m not giving you anything. Ghost don’t rat.     

DX: [Laughs] You still droppin’ your own solo mixtape before Master of Ceremonies?

Styles P: I actually pulled it, because it really wasn’t a mixtape, it was really an album. So I didn’t want it to bump heads [with Master of Ceremonies]. … My staff, and my team, we all pulled back, we listened to it, we was gonna release it, and then we thought, “You know what? This don’t even sound nothing like a mixtape.” Like, it’s all [original] songs completed, [with] hooks, different vibes …. Usually when I do a mixtape album, I keep it on a point of just goin’-in real, real hard, but on this mixtape I was goin’-in hard but I was also making a point of where I could make songs that even a person who wasn’t on a hard tip could relate …. I tried to be a little more broader on this one. … I wanted to make like girl songs, but shit that I would say and do and be about.

DX: Switching gears, the game ain’t shit without L.O.X., but it ain’t okay. [Laughs] You told MTV recently that “paperwork” and “politics” are behind the decade-plus delay on a formal group album. Have y’all politicked about that paperwork since y’all talked to MTV?

Styles P: We really close now. I think we really close, and we getting to the end. It ain’t all the way there yet, but we getting close. It’s been looking better than it has ever looked before. We keeping a positive vibe and just hoping that it works. I mean, we try to tell people put two and two together: you never hear a solo project without hearing [the] other two, you always see us together, you always hear us three work together, you hear how much music we put out over the years, [so] if it was up to us it woulda been a L.O.X. album out. It’s politics, ain’t nothing we can do. I mean, we could do something but …      

DX: Would y’all start up another old school “Let The LOX Go” campaign at this point in y’alls career?

Styles P: Nah. I don’t see us doing that. We businessmen now; we not so much … young. We learned how to work things out business-wise. We coulda went that route, but what we trying to do is keep it business. We could use our power and flip, but nah, we don’t do that. We gonna use our brains and get it done the right way.     

DX: You don’t be chuckin’ chairs anymore? [Laughs]

Styles P: Nah, man. [Laughs] I’m trying to live a more positive life and walk on a more positive note now. I juice up; I run a juice bar, try to stay positive, so … I can’t be doing things like that, unless I’m forced.   
DX: Now, The L.O.X. obviously have gotta deal with those issues, but do you know if we’re gonna get a Wu-Block [album]? 

Styles P: Yeah, Wu-Block’s coming. The Wu-Block’s definitely coming. And, Sheek [Louch]’s working on his next solo. [Jadakiss is] working on his next solo. … Me and ‘Kiss are working on an In And Out album. And we definitely working on The L.O.X. album, so …     

DX: You talking about you and ‘Kiss are doing like a duo album?

Styles P: Yeah.

DX: Have you started recording for it, or it’s just a concept right now?

Styles P: We gotta – hey, I don’t wanna give up no info on that one. [Laughs]

DX: [Laughs] It’s gonna be like how y’all went on the “Otis” freestyle though? 

Styles P: Yeah, basically. If you been listening, we been on a few joints [going] in-and-out. Lately, we been doing this. We always done that. But we felt since that’s so popular nowadays, we might as well [do a whole album going back-and-forth].

DX: That’s not even about right now; that’s Run-DMC, that’s old school.

Styles P: Yeah, definitely. That’s EPMD. That’s Run-DMC. Shit, even Slick [Rick] and Doug E. [Fresh] did it.

DX: I wanna wrap up this quick Q&A by asking you about a bar you spit on your new single, “Harsh” : “Big is the only rapper I don’t think that I’m better than.” Do you really believe that or was that just some nut-grabbin’ -

Styles P: Yeah, of course I believe that. Why would I say that if I didn’t believe it? Of course I believe it.

DX: Rakim, [Big Daddy] Kane -

Styles P: I’m talking about my era. I’m talking about everybody in my era. I consider Rakim, Kool G. Rap, [Big Daddy] Kane, KRS-[One], Chuck D and all of those to be my teachers and my forefathers and my sensei’s, masters, whatever you wanna say. So when I talk about I’m better than somebody, I mean who’s out now and in my age group. When [Mike] Tyson was saying he was the best, I don’t think he was trying to disrespect [Muhammad] Ali. So I mean, whoever’s out now, I think I’m better than. Bar none.


  • Anonymous

    Whackest mic presence ever.

  • Anonymous

    Their discography is one of the absolute shittiest ever, LMAO. Just because he spits some nice lines? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

  • Anonymous im never gonna not get better jbird bitch gettin all up in that ass

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Whats up with short niggaz and sunglasses indoors? Are they that insecure?

  • g-sus

    I admire the confidence of Styles(best of his era) and Kiss(Top 5 Dead or Alive album), but both these guys are reaching. They've always been real dope, but never as good as they say they are.

    • Tuck

      I agree. P's comment was out of place and untrue. While it's sometimes alright to think your the best, you must have something to back it up. And his work hasn't always been up to par with those around him. Monch is ahead of many MC's in the game now, but he has never once claimed to be better than anyone, and I admire that humble attitude. P needs to learn from those around him, I don't always think he makes the best choices in interviews.

    • Anonymous

      This is real talk, These dudes can spit, but the best in this generation? Far from it, especially since they always record with questionable dudes, like for real dog? you go from Pharoahe Monche and Ghostface to Waka Flocka and ace hood? or something like that lol

  • Anonymous

    Styles P is whack as fuck, I don't care if he labels himself as ''real'', dude has a fucking annoying voice and his spit game is below average, get this overrated fucktard outta here.


  • Bossanova

    Why wasn't DMX mentioned if they would link up for a track? Double-R needs a comeback!

  • ramses

    now he's colder then only niggaz of his era ,, why dont he never remind us of when he was shimmin around in shiny suits wit puff

  • Drza

    ya niggaz is ddelusional, da gangsta and gentleman was a classic to me and super gangsta!!y du shyt need to b on da radio to b classic?y u need to dance for it to b a classic album?! cmon man niggas is forgettn whut hip hop is about!!dis nigga aired out hova, 50 cent, beanie siegel !!niggaz know not to fuc wit da ghost!!

    • Anonymous

      Doesn't change the statement, english is my forth language, you fucktard.

    • Anonymous

      we know you aint lyrical, learn how to spell. "clame" SMFH..LOLOLOL

    • Anonymous

      LOL, don't act like Hip Hop was intended to be lyrical (Styles ain't even all that), it started outta block parties with DJ's and people decided to say a few words to it. Just because some broke ass rappers who sell 5000 clame it to be super lyrical, don't mean it's true. It's still MUSIC and if your shit don't got appeal, fuck outta here.

  • Sha777


  • The B

    Ransom is hardest most lyrical MC in this era. Styles is hard as hell plus he's nice, but he's not lyrically better the Jada, but at the same time I'd rather listen to Styles P, because He's deeper. Just my preference...Again, Ransom is harder than everybody right now in this era.

    • The B

      Like I said Ransom is quite possibly one of the hardest most "Lyrical" MCs of this era. Hardest means spits the hardest lyrics. I dont give a damn how many people they shoot or beat up. HARD LYRICS!!!! You got backpackers ie: j cole you got bullshit ie: soldier boy. you got overrated ie: lil wayne. you got hard ie: ransom, styles p, hell rell....ok

    • Anonymous

      and why the fuck do we care hes the hardest? smh

  • god

    Styles know dam well he aint betta than nobody in his "era" except for sheek louch. He is boring wit dat weak ass flow and I swear he take himself too seriously. Styles is a disappointment for real, boring beats no hits oh yea and he said that shit bout Aaliyah. that nigga a bitch

  • Anonymous

    The problem with styles is the same problem with cassidy, joel ortiz, canibus and a dozen other dope mc's; they can't make hits. If rap was only about spitting a hot 16, then ok, maybe he's in the discussion. But rap needs concepts, beats, hooks and oh yeah bars. Styles does 1 maybe 1.5-2 of these well. He chooses bad beats for a majority of his album, 70% of the album is aimless hard for no reason lyrics, and lets face it, alot o of the hooks need help. And I like styles. I like the 'i'm black' record, 3-4 cuts of Gangsta & Gent, so on so on.

  • john q

    S.P the Ghost the hardest nigga out, Salute.. Now give the streets this mixtape joint while the game is asleep on some real live hipster bullshit!!

  • dazeone

    Yo he aight...but seriously...he on drugs if he think he the best from his era...He couldnt beat EVE and she is in the rough riders camp...ever heard of DMX, Cassidy...All RR...he nice and I love the Lox but he delusional...these are just a few ...Budden ...Bahamadia ( I am having fun but on the real she would come for him) J -Live...bul is tripping

    • Anonymous

      That's it, his ''music'' sounds like shit, he has a few nice lines and nothing else, his flow is whack as fuck and he might got the worst discography ever.

    • dazeone don't know D-BLOCK


    • P

      He may or may not be the best of his era...BUT!!!!!......He is def better than anyone you just named.....Styles is on a different level....You actually have to listen to him to appreciate his music

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He should make it a reality! I'll vouch for styles if he kept making joints, strictly with alchemist

  • far and wide

    tha ghost nice w it yall brainwashed suckers he can say whatever he want

  • Styles P...PEE

    Nigga take a trip to bikini bottom cause you certainly ain't the best rapper around right now. In fact, NO one is the best. And anyway...this nigga Styles P. look like an EEL.

  • bballslim42

    He can't possibly, in his heart, truly believe he's the best out. Personally, I wouldn't even put him top 20 out right now. Em, Jay, Nas, Jada, Fab, Crooked, Royce, Budden, Bun B, Pusha T, Tech N9ne, Banks, Luda, Chamillionaire, Busta, T.I, Game, Andre 3000, Kanye. I mean people are going to talk shit but i think most logical people would agree that Styles P is not the best out, weather you agree with the artists i like or not.

  • Nico 3

    I can respect longevity in the game assuming you have perceived talent (like Rakim, Nas), but facts are facts. The Lox haven't released shit in like 10 years. 10 years lol That's crazy. I'm sure he's making some money, but don't talk about albums unless they're say a week from being released.

  • Anonymous

    @mu dey nt tryna b nice on da mic,jus make hitz & get money & styles aite but da "da best of his era"?? lmao he aint da nicest n his group!!! we all supposed 2 say we da best like khaled but only a handful of statements can b taken serious...

  • same ol stuff

    Styles P can spit but his music is about the same stuff..still talking bout trappin, shooting & occasionally he'll throw in a girl song. He's nowhere near the best of any era of music but atleast he has confidence. Like every1 on here been saying, U GOTTA DROP A CLASSIC ALBULM TO EVEN BE MENTIONED AS ONE OF DA BEST..Even Jadakiss had kiss of death

  • Joe G. Stacks

    Styles is super ill..can't wait for that new joint to drop!!! L.O.X needa drop already

  • Jp

    Styles p suck nigga said he's better than everybody lmfao

  • chilleymost

    son been on since 96,,,,,so which era is he better than niggas in,,,,hmmmm,,,he's dope as a non-commercial rapper,,that real gritty nyc shit,,,,,i hated and liked that locked up joint,cause i got locked when that shit was out,,,but has anyone partied to his shit in the club,,,lately,,has he every been nominated for any award,,,,dolo?,,,,like someone on here said,,he's talking shit to get attention,,,,,i guess thats what popping in the hood,,,,nowadays,,,,,jayz is from his era,,,is he better than him,,,,,niggas is crazy!!!!!1

    • Anonymous

      co-sign, your right, i always liked styles P ever since the LOX ruff ryder days, but he crazy if he thinks he's better than jay-z ,Em, jadakiss, etc,....he is better than sheek louch & MASE tho. lol

  • info

    That nigga right There Styles P is the Hardest nigga alive today when it comes to droping Bars, Period unless someone prove me wrong. that nigga got it on Lock. The Ghost.

  • Mu

    I never have a problem with it when niggas say they're the best, as long as they're NICE. Styles definitely meets that requirement. Soulja Boy and Waka can NOT make that statement.

  • Devin Williams

    Styles aint even better than Kiss FOH!

  • Sensaye252

    If you're better than everyone from your era, where's your classic album? Matter of fact, every solo album he dropped was a disappointment, because he really has nothing to talk about except being the hardest nigga to ever walk the face of the earth. I like Styles, but he's not even the nicest nigga in his own crew, much less an entire era. Honestly he's just kinda boring. I could easily name 20 niggas just from NY that are nicer than him.

    • Phil House

      yea i like styles a lot but theyre are a ton of people better than him, hes a one dimensional rapper all his shit is the same.

  • ark

    I love Styles P, but dude is nowhere close to best rapper of this era. Release a classic before u start talking like that.

  • bodega fred

    Yall are out of your damn minds. Styles p i always rocked with u. keep doing your thing an i will keep supporting you doggz. He's One of the few spitters today that talk about a wide range of subjects. one baby pa

  • insanemacbeh

    i don't even think he's the best in his CREW. now if/ when he says he's the HARDEST...yes, that's a different story. only BEANIE SIGEL's as HARD as THE GHOST.

  • koth561

    He never said he is the greatest of all time.... he said he is the greatest of his era...... that really means modern rap today. I think I will put him in the top 5 under those circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    first drop classics styles p then we will see if you are that better.

  • Anonymous

    Styles P. limited himself to being "ghost" instead of really loosing it on the mic. Sheek did the same shit, trying to maintain a image of Donnie Def Jam (haha). Jadakiss is that Emcee who Popartists book, to make hits. Love the Lox/D-block, but the "best" rapper have to show and prove.

  • Anonymous

    I like styles..real nice mc but don't look into people saying they're the best too much they do it to get attention..too me he's good but I doubt he's the best of his era, whoever else might be included

  • rydersix10

    So in other words he's saying that he's better then Nas, Big L, Jay Z, Big Punisher, kanye west, and Jadakiss???. Naaah maaaannn

  • Anonymous

    He's very good, but nowhere near close to being the best in one category.

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