Young Jeezy's Security Gets Misdemeanor Gun Charge, Lawyer Blames Hip Hop Police

Young Jeezy's head of security skates on gun charges, while Scott Leemon points the finger at the infamous Hip Hop Police.

Young Jeezy's head of security, Stephen Helin, was hit only with a misdemeanor charge in what could have a felony conviction. reports that Helin, facing a mandatory minimum of 3.5 years for violating New York's stringent gun laws, was able to cop a plea because of questionable tactics used by the so-called "Hip Hop Police."

"Today, right before the scheduled Suppression Hearing in New York County Supreme Court, the New York County DA's office, because of the specific facts of this case, offered the defendants an opportunity to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree with a promised sentence of a Conditional Discharge (requires no probation supervision) and a $1000 fine," said famed lawyer Scott Leemon.

Leemon pointed to the "Hip Hop Police," apparently also known as the "Enterprise Operation Unit," saying he hoped to expose them and their search-and-seizure tactics.

"The defendants accepted the People's offer and the hearing never went forward. Justice Charles Solomon accepted the plea and scheduled sentencing for November 29, 2011," explained Leemon.

Jeezy's security detail was arrested after a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden in March of 2010, and was found with at least five guns.

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  • Knowledge

    Like I said jeezy is illuminati. I will continue to say it because its the truth. You muthafuckas can keep on acting like the illuminati dont exist but your gonna get a reality check sooner or later. I feel sorry for you lost sheep I really do cause you the type of muthafuckas who really believe that 9/11 was done by terrorist. LMFAO

    • Anonymous

      You have a valid point but they work together. Just look at bthe first part of the word illuminati. ILLUsion is what they create to make you think everything is on the up and up. You have a good point but I disagree with you.

    • rtj00

      That dont make no fucking sense. If he was Illuminati he wouldent have to worry about this type of thing. The "Hip Hop Cops" that tried to get his security arrested are a branch that works for the Illuminati to keep Hip Hop on a leash. Dont get it twisted. Its the streets verse the Hip Hop Cops/Illuminati. Lets get em boi!!

  • Anonymous

    damn jeezy rolls with them thangs, ross dont want it with jeezy

  • Micah

    looks like the Police did illegally get the guns. cause if they had a chance to convict than they would have no issues. ie prodigy plaxico wayne ja rule. so dude took the plea to avoid all the other legal processes.

  • Shame

    People who believe that rappers are Illuminati or even in the Illuminati at all are...lets say...FUCKING RETARDED

    • Think about it

      No you the one thats retarded for not thinking that rappers are involved. They use rappers as tools. Just like they use people like you as tools because people like you promote the pseudo-non exsistence of the illuminati. People like you who say there is no illuminati help them push their agenda.

  • Anonymous

    I have facts to backup my argument so please argue with me please!!! It makes it easier to shut you stupid muthafuckas down when you argue!! So please argue with me!!!

    • knowledge

      sutterkane: You are a fool. Who you thinks controls the internet? Yes they are gonna let certain things out and the things that they do let out will be watered down. Pick up a book its called "now is the dawning of the new age new world order" by dennis laurence phd Now shut the fuck up with your bullshit and go read. I have more books for your no knowledge having ass but start with that one!!

    • SutterKane

      Oh great, the Illuminati paranoia is back LOL @ Facts If you wanted to you could find a way to justify a statement like "The Sky is Red", you could argue a million diffrent ways about how everyones perception of color is distorted by the illuminati and the color we see in the sky has really been Red all along and blah blah blah Still wouldnt make me give a fuck The Illuminati shit, if it even does exist, is probably way diffrent then anything you THINK you know And answer me this.... If the Illuminati is all powerful and connected enough to rig elections and manipulate the world like a puppet master working the strings, why dont they have the power to come online and stop you idiots from "Exposing" them?? Youtube has a filter system in place to block out pornography, try and post a pair of titties on youtube and watch how quick your video and account get shut down, so why do they allow these people the right to post there lil 20 minute rants and video montages of "Illuminati Exposed" conspiracy theories without deleting that shit, tracking you down by your IP address and stopping you from exposing there Master Plan?? Like there sitting around going "Dammit, another Online story about us, what are we to do" SMH........If a group like that existed and had the kind of power people think they do, nobody would be talking about it

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy is a illuminati nigga so its no surprise to the light sentence!!! For those ignorant misguided muthafuckas that want to argue look up jeezy history!!! Like I said im not surprised at all!!!!

  • Big Dan

    They must be really shady (well, we already knew that) if they can catch someone illegally in possession of five guns and you let them skate.

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