J. Cole Says He Has Grown As An Artist, Anxious For "Cole World” Release

J. Cole eager for "Cole World” release, says not releasing an album has been an advantage for him as an artist.

As the days leading up to the release of rapper J. Cole’s debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, begin to wind down the North Carolina emcee is becoming more and more anxious for its release later this month.

“The closer the time gets the more stressed I get, the more anxious I get. I’m just getting more, ‘Alright man, let’s go,’” said J. Cole in an interview with LifeAndTimes.com.  

Cole is one of a handful of Hip Hop artists who pull double duty as both a rapper and a producer. In his interview he explained that as a producer there’s no one he has to rely on when it comes to creating his music.

“I’m a rapper and I’m a producer. I don’t wanna have to rely on anybody. If there’s something missing I wanna get better,” Cole explained. “I’m not gonna run to the guy that can do it unless he’ll allow me to learn from him.”

On top of the fame he’s garnered recently Cole says he has also grown as an artist and that his live performance has improved by “light years.”

“I’ve grown as producer. I’ve grown as a rapper, an artist. My understanding of the industry has grown so much. I didn’t know nothing back then. You know what I’m saying? I just knew I could rap good and I could make good beats and I put together a good song,” said Cole. “My show has improved like light years. My confidence and the way I command the stage. I’m still getting better or whatever, but light years and no album yet. Not putting an album out has been an advantage.”

Cole World: The Sideline Story will be released on September 27, 2011.

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  • RTJ00

    Cole about to blow up!!

  • koth561

    J. Cole is soft as fuck... he was harder some time ago, but even then I didn't really feel his music. Support that real hip hop and go cop Wu-Block when it comes out. It is a shame to see no comments when an article about that project come up.

  • COLE WORLD - 200k first week EASY!

    I can guarantee that he will do around 200k first week. The haters gonna be SO FUCKING MAD haha! its too late to hate... This nigga got a loyal fanbase. only 2 weeks before you can witness how powerful is COLE WORLD. We onnnnnnn 9/27

  • FunkyCunt

    Notice how the main point of criticism coming from Cole haters is that he won't sell, since when did album sales have anything to do with quality?

    • Espi

      So true. Albums are like movie sales, some of the worst movies do the best in the box office because they were hyped up and popular. I'm looking forward to this album.

  • rigo1392

    reminds me of a young kanye

  • SB

    I can't wait it's been so long! I have so much respect for Cole he's always stayed real. Check out Any Given Sunday on dreamvillain.net http://bit.ly/okreUE, and make sure you grab the single workout http://bit.ly/qWwLdx

  • JG

    another emo punk rapper. He has a couple hot tracks but for the most part this nigga just makes introspective tracks and love songs

    • Anonymous

      Internet thugs trip me out, like you're too hardbody to listen to songz that make you think and force you to open your mind up. "This nigga think he smart cuz he read and shit...fuck school, i'll sit on the hood of my car drinking 40's listening to Bitches ain't shit on replay. Fuck J Cole" Smh @ these lames, this is real hip-hop, not that bullshit block music.

    • Mad0_Quazi_DA'don.

      step1.)look up what the "emo" subculture is actually composed of. step2.) Listen too his music, and look at how he dresses. step3.) Then site in the corner and bask in your stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      you say introspective like its some shitty thing haha. Lost ones may be one of those love songs youre referring to but that shit is absolute fire.

  • kAI

    i see the doubt. i see the hate. but im still going to support j. cole because i feel he deserves it. its time out for us to stop complaining about REAL MUSIC BEING HEARD and SUPPORT REAL MUSIC. that is the only way we can show those big heads what we want. Is to SUPPORT. Dont get caught up in the hype of if he has a huge single on the radio. If ur a fan and u dig his music. Support the brother. Its much better than sitting up waiting for him to fail and then saying i told u so and in the same breathe asking why is hip hop the way it is.

  • kingrichard1

    me & cole jus alike n rap but i like 2 make commercial shyt 2 go w/da deep stuff & can make it betta but ima fan of him 4real nt a bandwagon 1 either but homie gon flop cuz most folks ain't buyin dis kinda artist...http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • mindrelated

    The guy is a sensational story teller, who raps about the life and struggles of ordinary people. So no, he is not talking about selling drugs and killing people but the stories he tells are ill. Does his beats need improvement? Yes but he like others have good beats and bad ones. For instance, look at the Love he got for the beat he did for Kendrick Lamar...I hope he sells because it will say to me that people are listening music with a purpose. Sad thing is I doubt it will because people do not really care about realness in music, they just want some shit the shake they ass too. The shit is ruining the culture.

  • R.C.

    2 weeks of hating left! get it out your systems now! Cole World The Sideline Story is about to be EPIC. I havent been this excited about an album since...shit i can't remember. Cole is going to do numbers. real hip hop fiens are waiting on this album. Cole is a great lyricist and a dope producer. Ever heard "Blow Up", "I Get Up", "Lights Please", "2 Face", etc. (i can literally go on for days). just wait til the 27th!!! Cole World Bitchesssss!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Haha Cole has so many more haters now. Means he's doing something right. Every article on here you have kids sitting at home writing some dumb shit because their life sucks. It's simple, people that have there own success don't sit around complaining about others.

  • Anonymous

    Hes not even Gunna sell.Only Buzz he got wass 4rm "A Star Was Born" should've juss dropped his album den and der

  • Anonymous

    pick up some beats from WELL KNOWN producers, all them instrumentals you've been dropping sound weak as hell. You're not a good producer, just a good rapper.

  • Anonymous


  • whackflockaflame-ON

    J. Cole goin double wood, mark my words!

  • Roc T

    This is thirsty crybaby in the game he cried like a baby to get a verse from Jay Z now that he has the verse no more excuses... i guess the reason the album wont sell is because his leg was broke and he couldnt promote it

  • Anonymous

    J.Cole is a super DOPE rapper. But he is a mediocre producer. Don't be so stubborn to where people bypass you because the music don't move em. So far the beats have been hit or miss. I would have let some vets work on album #1 so u can be assured a chance at an album #2. But Cole gonna always be a dope lyricist. ALWAYS

  • J.Cole is the

    most uninteresting rapper alive

  • sunday

    I have a feeling that he isnt confident in his album....shits was suppose 2 be out in july of 2010....niggas in september 2011 SMH

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