Masta Ace Recording For 10th Anniversary Of "Disposable Arts"

Ace's out-of-print underground gem is getting the ten-year treatment, as the Juice Crew/EMC alum reveals he's in the studio with a live band.

Brooklyn, New York emcee Masta Ace released celebrated album Disposable Arts on October 18, 2001. A member of The Juice Crew as well as EMC, the album was Ace's first release after a two-album tenure with his group, Masta Ace Incorporated. The Jcor Records release featured the likes of Greg Nice, King Tee and Rah Digga, and subsequently went out of print with the defunct label.

Today, Masta Ace tweeted that he is presently recording a 10th anniversary project to Disposable Arts. Ace noted that he is recording with a live band on the Domingo-produced "No Regrets" and "Every Other Day."

At fatbeats studio recording vocals to live band versions of 'Every Other Day' and 'No Regrets' for Disposable Arts 10yr anniv re-issue!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Ace's last full-length release was 2009's Arts & Entertainment with Boston, Massachusetts veteran Edo G.

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  • Tibedo

    They don't make music like this anymore. Disposable Arts is my top 3 album of all time. I'm talking every song including interludes (skits) all raw. The definition of underground is this album. Why do I get mad at the Lil Wayne dick riders and the Rick Ross and Gucci and Jeezy followers? Because they have no clue what hip-hop is and their favorite MC would get burried in a battle, let alone a regular conversation cause they ain't talking bout shit. All of ya'll saying hip-hop is dead, pick up this album and the rerelease. Fuck the radio!!!

  • 7Cities

    CRAZY!, i cant believe its been 10 years since ACE made his masterpiece (comeback album) That shit was EXCELLENT! I play that album and people think its old Eminem, but i tell them, Eminem had AZ's delivery on Infinite and drifted towards Masta Ace's delivery on Slim Shady (plus someone put them togther on Hellbound) I'm from Norfolk, and Ace battled BoogieMan from Norfolk on "Acknowledge" as a response to BoogieMan's "Just You Wait"...CLASSIC UNDERRATED BATTLE and i think Ace took it! Ace, drop another gem man!

  • ignitemindz

    Gave this a spin recently. Amazing album, cant believe Ive had this for ten years.

  • Bowski

    I'm glad to see ppl on here that really appreciate Ace. I agree with just about every post on here right now. Ace is definitely one of the most underrated mc's ever & my favorite Ace album is "Sittin' On Chrome". That joint was well rounded, had something for everybody on there even some singing on it thanks to La'Shea. Gem upon gems on it not one wack joint. The EMC album is sick too. I swear Ace has a knack for having some of the most creative skits on his album too..

  • Anonymous

    masta ace the most underrated mc of all time no doubt...disposable arts my favorite cd he put out, but don't sleep on a long,hot summer either, thats a dope ass cd

  • Doug Nichols

    I still listen to Disposable Arts on the regular. Not even exaggerating when I say it's one of my top five favorite albums of all time.

  • Crystal

    Masta Ace is one of the dopest MC's out there. Doesn't get the credit he deserves.

  • joe peace lo

    Masta Ace is the man. He should have never done an album with weak ass Ed.Og. He's too dope for that. Especially coming off an album with EMC. Next time do something with a royce da 5'9 or someone of that caliber. NOTE: Please work with other rappers in Boston besides ed.og lol.

  • Anonymous

    the most slept on MC ever

  • Daniel

    Amazing. New Ace is always exciting.

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