Kreayshawn Previews "Keep It Craccin'" Featuring Snoop Dogg & V-Nasty

The Cali rapstress links with Tha Doggfather and her White Girl Mob cohort for a new cut.

Kreayshawn recently took to UStream to preview a new collaboration titled “Keep It Craccin’” featuring Snoop Dogg and V-Nasty.

The track, which will most likely appear on her Columbia Records debut, was the product of Tha Doggfather reaching out to the “Gucci Gucci” rapstress back in May to net a collaboration.

Preview the cut below.

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  • Stroke

    Do you see a white artist associating with her. THET ARE NOWHERE around her! White people don't like to be associated with racists. Only a small number of African Americans are supporting her just because they hope that they will get white teens audience! Those African Americans need to get the facts straight: she has not made the top 50 Billboard charts despite all that publicity! They are going to regret their associating with her.

  • hatehatehatehatehate

    Snoop is a fucking gimmick now. Yeah, I'm hatin'. Fuck Snoop's pop ass, he'seen wack since No Limit. Kreyshawn fans-Ya'll are wack. She's a fake as bich like the one's she coplained about in Gucci Gucci, that's why I don't fuck with her. Same as ever hipster slut, she just made a song about hating rich people. Fuckin' tool, just like her fans.

    • hateitup

      HATE HATE HATE. i agree with you. maybe everyone should stop making music. rick ross is fat, he's black, he's a cop, he's a liar. lil wayne is short, he's ugly, he can't rhyme for shit, he can't sing, wtf is he thinking talking about being pac eminem is white, can't write club songs, he fell off since eminem show, writes shit songs and has lost his flow nicki minaj is a fake bitch, she used to be different, before the pink wig, and her fat ass isn't great at all, it's filty, stupid hip hop version of gaga dumb bitch KRS 1 is a bunch of bull shit, that dude is broke, he's ugly, he can't rhyme, he can be real hip hop all he wants, but bein real dont pay the bills, big nose havin mardafarka In The End. who gives a shit dude. complain all you're not affecting any of em. they livin, you typing, we all hating. all good :) and if you don't you know.....

  • nyystateofmind

    lol this shit looks like some dumbass bitches video blog.

  • Adecmr

    Hell yea! This is fresh! Love her live performance of Gucci Gucci!

  • xrippex

    funny how everyone pretends this is worse than half of the shit they put up on hiphopdx good beat and Kreayshawne's verse was pretty good. They even got V-nasty to stop saying "nigga" long enough to put her on a single. ps: kreayshawne hasn't said nigga on any tracks so stop making shit up.

  • whatsnew

    Song is whack. Snoop's track with Katy Perry was better. If you're gonna collab with a white bitch make sure the beat is hot! But in the end The Global System Of White Supremacy (Racism) still goes on.

  • Muhammed Ali

    Lil white bitch better stay in ya place You call me a nigga, I’ma put the K in ya face HAHAHA BITCH GOT MURKED... GAME - UNCLE OTIS

  • Anonymous

    Sorry haters but Kreayshawn is a reality so either like it or hate it. For now she's here to stay. And who the fuck cares if Snoop is working with her?! Dumbass lames complain about anything. SMH.

  • greeen

    snoop dogg is a sell out this bitch is whack and a racist

  • mz

    HAHA, This chick got signed for a million dollars! Record labels suck d**k!

  • Anonymous

    snoop is a sell out



  • Sincere

    This bi-polar trailer trash reminds me of the nerdiest girl in school, and once a brother found out she would do anything to be down- ya'll know the rest. Nasty azz

  • Anonymous

    nice verses Go White Girl

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the fact remains... that these hoes are lame as hell

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick and tired of these hoes already but mainstream is going to force them down our throats anyway. smh!!!!

  • Truth Hurts

    As long as black people continue to have black men like Snoop and others they will never be shit.

  • 1st lieutenant

    I just realized that most of you guys that comment on here are so ignorant. First off if we are talking equality then no one should use the word "Nigga" Once we stop calling each other the word then we can police other people. Second for all you who say Snoop is a sell out you guys are the ones who are sitting in your hood with rent a center furniture talking about how the man is keeping them down and will be 70 years old working at mcdonalds......Who am I you ask ???? I am an highly educated black male I have my B.S, M.B.A and in one more year I will have my doctorate in Law once I get back from this deployment.....wake up bigger things in the world than who is rapping and who is rapping with them. 1st lieutenant Levy 101 airborne United States Army.

    • An

      Did you join to help the white man kill poor colored people in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    • A.K.A.

      I am also an educated black male currently in grad school (educated black people do exist you know). People have a right to be called what they want. A white person can say nigger all they want but if they call a black person a nigger and he or she doesn't like it then there will be a problem. Snoop is a sell out, he should at least take a stand. Those ignorant brothers you are referring to includes Snoop, he is just lucky enough that hip-hop existed because if it didn't he would probable be in jail or dead. I noticed that none of these rappers take a stand for anything. You know why? They are uneducated and they are a product of the most decrepit, ignorant places in the U.S., the ghetto. Even when Eminem was exposed for calling black people space monkeys they didn't say anything. So many fickle, spineless black males, I really feel sorry for black people. That why the white man dominates the world and the Chinese is after him. The black man isn't even in line.

  • thebay

    fuck officer ricky and his fans too

  • thebay

    she is too funny . lmao shes like the hip hop lady gaga

  • suge knight

    snoop u skinny bitch wait till i bitch slap u again

  • Anonymous

    i bet she called snoop a NIGGER in the studio

  • mack Chris

    So now snoop makes a song wit a white chick it's fuck snoop now? some of y'all is sum str8 up tha fuck wat he did a track wit kreayshawn..that hating shit ain't bout to stop to ALL THA HATERS EAT A DICK AND ENJOY..GOT SOMETHING TO SAY I AIN'T HARD TO FIND 76 and Mac East Oakland Cali c me bout something..

  • CosmicSlop

    Snoop is a sell out and coon for doing the song with Kreayshawn. In her mind, you're validating her existence in Hip-Hop. I don't care who Snoop stands behind: Nation of Islam, Fruit of Islam, he's pretty much saying that this white girl can say the word "nigga" and use it to describe Black people, however she wants. Red Hot Chilli Peppers had enough integrity to not work with her, but Snoop will work with the Klan if it meant getting paid.

  • BwS

    fuck snoop fo real ive been a fan of this nigga long time ive bought all albums to support snoop, but this shit right here nigga! wtf is happenin yall i dont even know what to say ive lost all my respect to that nigga

  • bitchasssnoop

    Snoop is such a seellout lil bitch!! Straight up... Y is he talkn Gangsta still?? He's been out the game 25 years... that dude is so lame... U aint tough snoop... dnt let me call Suge and have him come bitch slap u again!!!! LOL



  • Anonymous

    i dont care if snoop is on it, WACK

  • WTF SNOOP?????


  • Sikander Kahlon

    Is There Any Option TO Download Only Snoop's Part? I Dont Want To Hear Those White Poodle Bitches

  • snoopisanuncletom

    im talkin v-nasty kreyshawn is better than soulja boy. Kreyshawn>souljaboy>V-nasty

  • snoopisanuncletom

    dont get me wrong i dont like soulja boy or any ringtone rapper for that matter but snoop disses soulja boy but then collabs with an even wacker act he straight scared of the white man or white woman even. u diss soulja boy one of ur own ppls cause hes wack then jump on the bandwagon of a clanswoman with swag who wears those giant lens-less ray burn glasses (whatever they called) who has even less talent. COME ON SON

  • Anonymous

    snoop does songs with anybody, remember he made a song with big time rush those gay niggas from nickelodeon

  • kingrichard1

    r y'all mad at snoop 4 doin songs wit any1 or her 4 makin it further n da rap game then most of da gud rappers y'all no or daz underground? lol she average far as female mc's go but hey she gotta lil gimmick sumwat & she may actually luv 2 rap so get off'er clit & if u dnt like'er u dnt hv 2 listen,its nt gon kill her or u "keyboard killers"

  • Mado_QuaZI

    Snoop will make a rap song with literally anyone coming up in the Game. He is like anti-beef, geuss the east coast vs west coast era thing terrified him into never wanting to beef within the industry. I think he smokes so much weed maybe its hard for him to be negative, but damn come on snoop Kreayshawn cant fucking rap. SORRY SHE REALLY CANT LISTEN TOO HER PUNCHLINES AND WHAT SHE SAYS. I dont like Nicki Minaj but she at least has rapping abilities and EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE she will say something that will make me rewind the track. I dont care what hiphop heads say she killed Jay on that Monster song... Im surprised that vnasty is god person isn't trolling this article lol. Ive always wanted to hear a dope female white mc. Persia from the white rapper show is better then her. HOWEVER that gucci gucci song is CATCHY. Kreayshawn may be able to carve out a souljaboy meets hipster girl career for herself IF she just makes catchy songs that have party, weed smoking, colorful music videos accompanied with them.... For a niggas like me I will be listening too Kendrick and J.cole....

  • Jeff Mason

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  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I'm even gonna listen to it, can't stand these dumb hoes.... Snoop is a bitch for this one though....

  • t-dogg

    What happened to Snoop? He's now a bitch ass nigga selling his soul to anyone with money

  • Yat

    He was gettin paid then?you stupid fuck, read an article about death row. And I'm not saying he's doesn't constitute as a 'sell out' I'm saying the term 'sell out' doesn't apply to an entire culture that sold itself out 15 years ago.

    • Rodrick

      Well, thats his fault for not readin a record contract before he signed it Bottom line is, Doggystyle generated more revenue by selling more records then anything Snoop has done since, and it was his most genuine and creative album Now, he would go on stage in a pair of panties dancing the funky chicken if someone paid him enough, its one thing to do what you gotta do but this dude has no standards whatsoever

  • Kareem Joe

    not bad i though v nasty was ass but she ok/meh

  • JR

    Female rapper Met Bronson rock climbs &talks bout her new project

  • Yat

    Im clownin you lames for shit talking snoop hes probably got his feet kicked up on beach somewhere right now while y'all 'melting his cds' and shit.what fucking year are y'all living in?hip hops ALL about gettin money anymore.jay z sells y'all over priced rocawear jump suits to get his and he gets nothin but respect?what do you expect snoop to do dummie?the g funk era is dead it's either make a few Gs off some raps or become irrelevant so that he can keep the respect of some white kids that just started listen to rap last year; on hiphopdxs comments.fuck outta here

    • Rodrick

      Typical faggot argument BLAH BLAH BLAH SNOOP GETTIN THAT MONEY MANG ALL ABOUT GETTIN YOU AMONEY FUCK THAT NIGGA GET YA MONEY SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG" You gettin your snoop dogg check in the mail or summin??.....Cause I aint gettin mine And fuck all that, Snoop sold more records and was a bigger star back when he made records that didnt suck like Doggystyle, he was gettin mad loot then and I loved every minute of it Now, the nigga a sellout, not just a sellout, he DEFINES the term sellout, and I could care less if he gettin steve Jobs/Bill gates money, he still trash now

    • Mr Flamboyant

      LOL and agreeing with the overpriced Rocawear jump suits and the respect Jigga gets just cause he has a lot of money. Yeah, pimp. I actually do understand your stance. I might not agree with these cats' subpar quality and choice of nonsense to put out to the atmosphere but hey... their being productive and providing for families and self. Bottom line is I don't have to listen to it or pay not a single dime let alone attention to it. (Jordan shrug)

  • ApalloKreed

    F***k these lil b***hes and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Its like 20 years of being a legend got demolished with this song right here. Why would you do this?? Some things you shouldn't do no matter how much they pay you.


    This Fraggle Rock looking bitch sounds corny as fuck yo. That nigga snoop is shameless for hoppin on this one. I guess at this point he's just trynna get as much money as possible before the cutain closes. SMDH

  • Anonymous

    I hate these tranny bitches almost as much as fagy Lil Wayne & Drake, damn, I actually fucking hate those queers more.

  • Ghost of Nat Turner

    West Coast Lost. fuck Snoop Dogg. Respect has been lost. and fuck any other rapper who cosigns HIV-Nasty and White Bitch Mob

  • Rodrick

    Snoop is a rappin prostitute man, he just jumps from tren to trend to stay relevant After The Row, what has he done?? Jups to No Limit, there ship sinks and he jumps back to Dre for the whole 2001/Up in Smoke movement, then he jumps on the Neptunes Dick when they were the biggest shit out, Rides the Lil Jon Wave, now he's working with Katy Perry & Kreayshawn He checked his self respect at the door years ago, who's really surprised by this??

  • Anonymous

    Snoop is a fuckin sellout

  • Anonymous

    I'd expect nothing less from Snoop, as long as the check clears he's on it

  • Deezy

    V-Nasty can't rap! but she could get tho! wit her fucked up teeth lol I bet a $100 she can suck a good dick

  • Lupe Espinoza

    If Snoop would of died back in the day yall would be calling him a legend and shit but since he aint dead he be gettin money and adapting to the game. Tupac and Biggie would of probably done the same shit.

  • RAAA

    As a hip hop track: not good, but not trash. As entertainment: a good match. I expect a dope vid and some commercial succes.

  • Anonymous

    seriously snoop?? come on dude

  • 1

    That nigga Snoop is a fuckin sellout. Money is his motivation regardless. Bitch ass nigga. Somebody shoot that nigga.

  • thought dog

    Gonna go ahead and melt my snoop dogg cds now.

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

    Kreayshawn > Rick Ross She is lame as fuck but way better than Rick Ross and how nice of it was for Snoop to come through and sell his soul real quick. Good shit Snoop. This white girl is your slave master now. You might as well leave your wife and kids because she owns them now too. Snoop dogg as been a straight up embarrassment since Death Row. I love how his last album flopped. I hope his next 30 albums flop as well.

  • nixnox

    this chick is straight trash

  • Ddot

    Snoop can eat a dick...its clear at this point that he doesn't give a shit about hip-hop culture at all

  • Anonymous

    Snoop has made it a point to work with any and everybody that makes a sound.

  • Anonymous

    oh shes a crip now?

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