Jedi Mind Tricks Address Stoupe's Departure, Citing "Lost Passion"

UPDATE: Vinnie Paz says that he and Jus Allah grew "tired of waiting," as the longtime music-maker for JMT goes on to other projects. Paz notes that the signature hardcore sound is in tact.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania veteran hardcore Hip Hop group Jedi Mind Tricks announced plans to release their seventh studio album, Violence Begets Violence on October 25. The longtime collective of emcees Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah with producer Stoupe (and DJ Kwestion) will change for this release. Producer Stoupe is not involved, as guest producers - including longtime affiliates Scott Stallone and Shuko will fill in. Guests include Outsidaz' Pacewon and Young Zee, Blacastan and Fuschnickens' Chip Fu.

This release will also be through Enemy Soil Records, after the group's lengthy tenure with Babygrande Records, after Superregular Records at the beginning of their career. Last year, both Vinnie Paz and Stoupe pursued solo and side projects respectively.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Intro (produced by Scott Stallone)

2. Burning the Mirror (produced by C-Lance)

3. When Crows Descend Upon You featuring Demoz (produced by Hypnotist Beats)

4. Fuck Ya Life featuring Blacastan (produced by Junior Makhno)

5. Imperial Tyranny featuring King Magnetic (produced by C-Lance)

6. Design in Malice featuring Young Zee & Pacewon (produced by Mr. Green)

7. Weapon of Unholy Wrath (produced by Shuko)

8.  Target Practice (produced by Hypnotist Beats)

9. Carnival of Souls featuring Demoz (produced by Grand Finale)

10. Willing a Destruction onto Humanity (produced by C-Lance)

11. Chalice featuring Chip Fu (produced by Illinformed)

12. BloodBorn Enemy (produced by Nero)

13. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (produced by C-Lance)

14. Street Lights (produced by Nero)

(September 8)

UPDATE: Jedi Mind Tricks co-founder Vinnie Paz released the following statement just moments ago. "By now you have heard that this is the first Jedi Mind Tricks album we've made without Stoupe handling the production. [The] bottom line is [that] at some point after making our last album, A History of Violence, Stoupe lost his passion for making Hip Hop and wanted to try new things. Through our career, we've always waited on him to get inspired to make a new album, but this time around we got tired of waiting out his creative drought. He tried to produce some things for this new album, but we could tell early on that his heart wasn't in making JMT records anymore. He's moved on as a producer to work in other genres with his side-projects, Dutch and Vespertina, and we've moved on with a new crop of talented producers to make the hardcore Hip Hop we’ve always been known for."

Stoupe has yet to comment publicly.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • Brendon Michael Goodridge

    Ok I know stoupe made sick beats but why is everyone getting mad over an album that hasn't came out yet? It's just beats Vinnie and Jus kill it on any beat. And check out these producers they make good beats. Don't know why all the complaints.

  • Hassan Ali

    Stoupe is an ILL producer and beat maker... Vinnie Paz I'm not too sure about. I only listen to JMT for Stoupe's beats...thats it.

  • Ryan MacQueston

    this will be like Heavy Metal Kings but not as good. Ill Bill > Jus Allah x1000

  • Anonymous

    Damnit Stoupe you were one dope ass producer. There is no Jedi Mind Tricks without you. Guess we still have the old classics

  • Anonymous

    they dont need that patton oswalt lookin nigga anyway.

  • curbstompa

    glad to see plenty of C Lance beats... dude is a fuckin monster.

  • rollo

    Call Chuck. He is the only one that can fix this. He takes a lot of shit but dude makes it happen. I will not be supporting this album because its just not JMT.

  • Doug Nichols

    JMT without Stoupe just isn't JMT.

  • ish

    well since stoupe ain't producin looks like im gonna be DOWNLOADING this instead of BUYING IT. pretty disappointed that he won't be part of it, but understand that stoupe got other things going on. im just glad that theres gonna be some new vinnie!! ill cross my fingers in hopes that the beats compliment him

  • slc133

    I hope this doesn't sound like the unholy terror. Don't get me wrong, i love that album, but that's not what JMT should sound like.

  • bizzalls

    BTW, if you're gonna hand over production duties to "Shuko" and others, how the fuck is SHuko only gonna do one beat? IMO, Shuko should do the whole fuckin album, forget all the other dudes. If Stoupe's not gonna do it, then use Shuko; have him do the whole album so it has a distinct sound, just like all hip hop groups/crews use to have in the 90's. Hip Hop is fucked now.

  • bizzalls

    MAN, WTF?! This is the type of shit that's killing hip hop; production!! The fact that each camp/crew/artist don't have their own producers anymore, is watering hip hop the fuck down so everything sounds the same! No Stoupe? WHY? Then you might as well not even make it a Jedi MInd TRicks album! WTF man...

  • DoubleJ

    anyone knows what's Stoupe is working on these days? is there any projects? No Stoupe = No JMT.. ain't getting the new album.

    • kevin

      not buying that your not buying it

    • Sam

      Stoupe did 'Dutch' in 2010 and 'Vespertina' in 2011. both are classic Stoupe beats with more melody and each project has a female singer, both of them sing on JMTs album 'Servants In Heaven, Kings in Hell'. there pretty tight albums he even performs live for those groups. I agree, without Stoupe it should just be called Vinnie Paz & Jus Allah. though, every producer on here were all heavily influenced by Stoupe

  • Detroit Murder Dog

    I guess Stoupe outgrew Dungeons and Dragons raps. Dudes in their 40s rapping about crossbows and the zombie apocalypse is not a good look.

  • Michael Kimrey

    definitely anticipating another JMT album.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, skip to 8:20 sec and he says the albums bouta be Stoupe and him. Guess that was complete lie smh.

    • MicVicious

      You do realize that youtube interview is mad old right? It was uploaded in Jan, but its from years ago. Check the 1:05 mark, where they clearly say they are in the studio working on VISIONS OF GHANDI. They were not talking about Violence Begets Violence, smh.

  • Beezlebud

    No Stoupe = No JMT it's that simple jus like if you take away Vinnie it's not JMT this is the equivelant of if Stoupe put out Decalogue as an official JMT album, that's the best way to describe it to me, JMT is BOTH Stoupe n Vinnie together if 1 is missin it's not JMTs it's that simple n to claim it is is like spittin in the fans faces who have waited years for this album will it be a dope album? prolly yea, Vinnies last solo was dope but that doesn't excuse tryna pass it off as a JMT album with no Stoupe n fuck a Jus Allah the kids mediocre on his best day happy to see 99.9% of cats are as disappointed as I am in this news

  • Anonymous

    Man the essence of JMT is gone without Stoupe. I hope the album gets redone

  • G MON

    Pretty fucked up Stoupe is not involved at all. I really wanna know what the deal is with that. Either way i'm still excited. Wierd how only Demoz and Magnetic are the only AOTP members getting features.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of how disgusted I was when i found out Muggs wasnt in Cypress Hill no more, but at least he still produced a couple tracks and B Real still pops up on his VS albums This shit bugs me because nobodies talkin bout it or nothin, just out the blue stoupes out the group and not contributing one track with no explanation or anything There loss tho because stoupes beats for Dutch & Vespertina were Grade A Maybe Stoupe just got sick of making beats for Vinnie to Rant and rave like a Angry religous fanatic

  • Brenda

    Bullshit. Gangstarr with out DJ Premier is not Gangstarr. Atmopshere with out Ant is not Atmosphere. JMT with out Stoupe is NOT JMT. Trading in stoupe for Jus Allah? Fucking wack. No one wants Jus Allah around or is remotely happy he is back in the camp. The Stoupe interludes on JMT albums are what holds them together conceptually and as pieces of music beyond rap. This is definitely sad to hear.

    • Frank Knoll

      Jus Allah almost ruined History of Violence. He was good on VBD, but is absolute trash now with his choppy, off flow rhymes. Keeping Jus Allah and losing Stoupe is the worst news i could hear about an album i WAS anticipating like crazy. There's no JMT without Stoupe and a mix of producers is the worst thing for an album. Speaking of one producer: Bronze Nazareth School for the Blindman out today and dope.

    • u douchebag

      Stoupe isn't being traded in for Jus. They both are original members of JMT. Do ur homework u douchebag.

  • t0x

    Since when the fuck is Jus Allah in JMT. I Thought JMT Was Vinnie And Stoupe? Jus Allah sucks mad dick. He's just a wannabe Vinnie paz. And Is The Producer Nero the same one as the dubstep producer Nero? That would be fucking bananas I Cant lie. But Fuck Jus Allah, and where the fuck is Stoupe? Vinnie's solo was dope nonetheless so this might actually be decent. The Last JMT Cd wasnt excellent =\

    • G MON

      Violent by Design is JMT's most succesful album, and Jus was a huge part of that, he was on every track. Then he went on to do sum solo shit and Vinnie took over for the next two albums. Jus Allah is dope.

  • James Kenyon

    such a shame man whats the point of JMT without Stope

  • Ryan MacQueston

    that's not JMT...

  • SutterKane

    Wow, this is a tragic day for Underground Hip Hop, lol, I know that sounds Melodramatic but how the fuck you do a JMT album with no Stoupe beats at all...... SMH, I'll still give it a listen but Paz needs to explain this decision

  • Crystal

    Jus Allah is mediocre on the mic, Vinnie Paz is boring with his same god damn conspiracy talk. Stoupe mad JMT, and now he's gone? Well well

  • jack

    WTF? where's stoupe? how is this JMT without stoupe? i thought vinnie and stoupe were the 2 pieces that couldn't move? reminds me of the cypress hill album without muggs. feel sick before even hearing it. somebody gotta find out what the deal with stoupe is. he's a HUGE part of jedi's success, and now an album's dropping he had nothing to do with. i'm sure the album will bang either way. still bizarre. and they're not taking it up head on. what's the reason? if rza isn't doing beats for the clan, people wanna know WHY. WHY?

  • Anonymous

    this should be called a collabo album of vinnie paz and jus allah. there's no way that this can be considered an jmt album

  • M85H

    He aint sellin out thats for sure but I would like to kno why Stoupe is involved, seems strange. Seen as tho Paz has been workin on various projects recently & with other Producers I dont understand why Stoupe isnt involved. When u hear that a new Jedi album is on the horizon u automatically wanna hear the new Stoupe beats cause u dont get to hear alot of his beats bar his new "Dutch" project, so after being amped to hear Stoupe beats, this has brung the bar down abit for me. Saying that I'ma still buy it cause they be doin Hip Hop & Paz man is on fire at the moment!!!

  • Mitchell

    It's sad one of the best underground rappers is selling out. First he worked with Paul Wall and now he's keeping the JMT name without Stoupe? His beats give them a distinct sound. That's like 90's Wu-Tang deciding they didn't need RZA.

  • Anonymous

    FRANK Stallone >>>> Scott Stallone NECRO >>>> Nero Q: How the fuck Paz get and stay so goddamn fat? Is he in an eating competition with Joell Ortiz, the White Castle champ?

    • Anonymous02

      It's from all the beer he stays guzzlin. There isn't a time of day when he isn't drunk. It's what u call a beer belly.

  • Anonymous

    Been waiting forever for this album and stoupe's not on it? God damn shame

  • AxeMurder


  • Anonymous

    What??? No Stoupe?? this shouldnt be jedi mind tricks

  • AxeMurde


  • WHAT!


  • Plots

    how the fuck is this a jedi mind tricks record?! JMT has always been Paz and Stoupe, for better or for worse. Stupid.

  • Anonymous

    imagine gang starr without dj premier....

  • bios

    not surprising. Stoupe wasn't even in the studio with Vinnie for the last record. He doesn't care anymore.

    • Beezlebud

      I know people in Stoupes/Vinnies circle n I've been told the exact same by multiple cats, Stoupe threw Vinnie several beats for the album and Vinnie apparantly said they weren't what he was lookin for n Stoupe bein more focused on his other projects was like fuck it whatever which is fuckin insane to me coz Stoupes ear for beats>>>>Vinnies all day every day without question n Stoupes recent production I've heard on joints like the Vespertina album is 1st class believe what you want tho nobodies tryna convince you here

    • @cyrstal

      the burden of proof aint on me.. im not the one making random claims that stoupe gave vinnie some beats and vinnie said not spreading lies, only confirming them...

    • Crystal

      How do you know he didn't?

    • Anonymous

      @anon your gonna have to come with more than that... how do you know dude gave vinnie some beats?? lookin ass nigga..

    • Anonymous

      That's bullshit, he gave Vinnie beats for this project n Vinnie said they weren't what he was lookin for WTF??? Stoupes evolved beyond jus producin rap shit Vespertina "The Waiting Wolf" is an amazing joint from Stoupe

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