Odd Future Releases Full Stream Of "Loiter Squad" First Episode

UPDATE #3: The Wolf Gang is taking their brand of insanity to television viewers with a new Adult Swim series.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All may be one of the most critically divisive Hip Hop acts of the past decade, but that hasn't stopped them from finding an audience. Now, fresh off Tyler, the Creator's recent VMA win, Adult Swim has announced that they have picked up a new TV series starring the Wolf Gang set to debut next year.

According to a recent press release, OFWGKTA's "Loiter Squad" has been picked up by the late night cartoon network. Although details on what will actually appear on the 15 minute program are slim, previous reports indicate that the show will resemble "...a mixture of 'Jackass' and 'Chappelle’s Show,'" featuring sketches, man-on-the street segments and pranks.

The "Jackass" connections don't stop with the show's description, however. Dickhouse Entertainment, the "Jackass"-founded production company comprised of Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and "Otis" director Spike Jonze, will produce "Loiter Squad." Tremaine and Adult Swim Nick Widenfield will also act as executive producers for the show.

"Loiter Squad" will invade homes sometime in 2012.

[September 8]

UPDATE: Odd Future's "Loiter Squad" is set to debut on Cartoon Network in March. The series is described as a "live-action show that features sketches, man on the street segments, pranks and music from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All." HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

[January 9]

UPDATE #2: The official trailer for Odd Future's "Loiter Squad" has been revealed. Watch the trailer below in anticipation of its March 25th premiere.

[February 27]

UPDATE #3: The first episode of Odd Future's Loiter Squad has been released. Watch the full episode below.

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    wow i love this shown already these dude be lucnhin

  • Eddogg

    This show is hilarious. I had the feeling it was gold when I first saw the I Like Cheese trailers. I laughed my ass off immediately!!!!

  • Ez $


  • Anonymous

    Odd future lol these wack niggas hot when Tyler released Yonkers...right now they're broke

  • Ryu

    Come on out Akuma, I know you're there.

  • Anonymous

    this show is amazing

  • ASAP Gog

    This bullshit isn't even a cartoon....It's just random, cheaply made bullshit like the rest of the shows on there (Excluding Boondocks)

  • Cortiaza

    La cosa della rana era in qualche modo breve, ma ritengo come se le pi forti funzioni delle immagini commoventi siano state le rappresentazioni visive di giovani esseri umani che hanno trovato l'umore nella partecipazione di altre forme sentient che erano chiaramente confuse.

  • Vlasek

    Onesto penso parecchi pensieri dorati a Tyler il creatore. stato dei desideri transitori e dei periodi fortunati in mio libro di comprensione.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO love that show

  • Anonymous

    This shit is dumb as hell. Fits in perfectly with Adult Swim

  • So Icy Boi!

    mad respect. Tyler, The Crator iz a top 10 rapper dead or alive... swag 1. Lil Wayne #YMCMB 2. Drake #YMCMB 3. Rick Ross 4. Wiz Khalifa 5. Gucci Mane 6. Nicki Minaj #YMCMB 7. Waka Flocka 8. Tyler, The Creator 9. Meek Mill 10. Lil B

  • Anonymous

    from what i have read its pretty bad

  • bojangles chicken

    hey guys, i like cheezzeeeeeeee. and i like it on my ballzz.

  • Britney

    I can only watch adult swim when im high and then its the best shit ever.

  • Shelby

    this group is unstoppable. if the show is anything like the video for "rella" its going to be insane! cannot wait for their album out 3/20

  • Anonymous

    The same shitty random humor that's been on adult swim for a long time..only with a black face (i.e. Tim and Eric) ..most likely the same producers....easy way to tap in to other markets, I guess

  • Odd Future

    Cool!! p.s. Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous We The Best Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, contact me! http://www.Twitter.com/RSmagazine The details are in the link in my profile!

  • Anonymous

    Jackass: Brown Edition.

  • Nice

    Nice. Something about Japan. Link to something about Japan.

  • WhiteGirl

    I'd fuck Tyler in a heartbeat.

  • Soft & Wet

    The HHDX video holder works? Bravo guys.


    the most clown ass group hip hop has ever birthed, don't see these fags being around for long

  • Alf Gang Janitor

    I like their music but this looks like some bullshit to me. I'll stick to ATHF and Boondocks.

  • Maniac

    Jelllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! lmao fucking taco .. shit looks funny, adult swim is dee shittt

  • haters gon hate

    You stay hatin while they stay winnin! lmfao why y'all mad??

    • gb

      Shut the fuck up. Not having a favorable opinion of someone is not hating. By the way, 2002 called, it wants its lingo back. Dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Oh im watching that...#judgeme no but late night on adult swim be some crazy shit, this fits right in...

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tyler iz da mos lyrical rappa & mos creative produca alive. Odd Future iz da new Wu-Tang Clan......... swag ODD FUTURE YMCMB MMG BRICK SWUAD TAYLOR GANG

    • No Cabbage

      Mellowhype is actually a group.

    • Anonymous

      Mellow hype is actually the best rapper in the group.

    • hellno

      umm dont try to troll with odd future, people dont intensely hate them like they do with young money stick to that not the new wu tang, but tyler has creative and unique (but not in the traditional sense "lyrical" lyrics and he is not the most creative producer alive but he is a very talented and creative producer

  • Anonymous

    This bullshit on the same channel as the Boondocks?

  • dslimm

    that shit was mad funny. chappeles show meets you cant do that on television.

  • Nada

    "T.H.E.Y are safe as long as T.H.E.Y are not discovered, that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep keep us selfish keep us sedated." TheyliveandWesleep .c o m

  • Odd Future

    This is nice!! p.s. Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, contact me! http://www.Twitter.com/RSmagazine The details are in the link in my profile!

  • AXAX

    odd future makesa tv steenagers nobody says nothing another person markets aproduct to the same demographic gets overly critize

  • fuck it

    these niggas careers over!! R.I.P. Odd Future 2011-2011. niggas was sayin they're the next Wu-tang --> a year later they on Cartoon Network. A year after 36 Chambers, the Wu put out their second classic - Method Man's Tical. And Rae & Ghost dropped Heaven & Hell for that movie soundtrack. Odd Future is over, they (read: Tyler) had a nice career tho. He put out a good free album, a dope single, made tracks with Pusha T & Neptunes and Game. They were on SXSW, won a award on the MTV Bullshit-ass-music-video awards n did a couple of funny interviews. Casey Veggies made a smart move when he left & Frank Ocean is right not hangin around with them. For real, MellowHype need to make that move too, cos Hodgy got talent, n Left Brain is a funny ass mothafucker.

    • The MG

      ^ You must be deaf as fuck if you think Tical is a huge disappointment.

    • Anonymous

      Tical was not a classic. Meth has never dropped a classic. All of his solo albums were a huge disappointment. All of them. Rae and Ghost. Yes. Meth. Heellllll Noooooo.

    • Osiris

      Just because some media outlet deemed them the new wu tang doesnt mean they have to be the "new wu tang" they obviously came in the game with their own style and they are their own group. these dudes is more eminem when he first came out then wu tang anyway. saying the most outlandish shit and doing what they want. and if they doing a show that means they defintely getting money and I thought that's what apart of this game was about so whoever hatin is probably broke. If you not a fan then why even come on here, then take the time to comment.

    • NieveIgnorantniggas

      MF DOOM and other rappers appeared on adult swim shows before is he wack for it? Da fuck wrong with adult swim? It isn't no little kid show, you are a ignorant nieve idiot yo. Frank chills with o.f all the time but of course you need pictures and videos of them chillen on there homepage to belive so right? Sorry but there coming out with a group album in march, tyler's new album in spring, frank's new album in spring, Mellowhypes new album in summer. Domo's new mixtape/album and earl's new music that he IS working on. You don't know shit bruh /rantover

    • GoReadABook

      haha the only true thing you said in that fucking novel is that Casey made a good choice in leaving, because he is succeeding dolo, and that Tical is classic. Yonkers was ok, Goblin sucked dick, and you're a fucking moron

    • Anonymous

      You actually wrote a paragraph...smh kill yourself

  • So Icy Boi!

    Odd Future is da new Wu-Tang Clan. Tyler is da most talented young rappa, he a lyrical momsta, hes da next Ghostface Killah. swag

  • Anonymous

    Odd Future lost all the buzz they had last year

    • ?

      they dropped a new video "Rella", which got 6 milli views in 4 days... now that's fucking crazy... and you say their buzz is over? lol lame ass nigga

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z has way too many dickriders. Jay-Z been a disloyal bitch for years and yet too many fags still talk about him like he's Biggie or Pac. Biggie and Pac were real dudes...they were loyal to the people who they came up with. Jay the exact opposite. He shit on everybody who helped him get to the top except Memphis he dude probably suck Jay-Zs dick when Beyonce is on tour. I swear, people who like Jay-Z worship him as if he was a god. There is nothing that he can do wrong in the eyes of his fans. Even when he makes shitty pop music like Young Forever people talk about him as if he makes only meaningful songs like Nas. Jay-Z definitely has he gayest fan base of all. I bet any one of Jay-Zs fans would agree to swallow his cock and fondle his balls on request. Everyone knows he's gonna be exposed as a fraud one day. And when he is, I hope all of his fucking bitch ass fans hang themselves.

    • Digga

      Amen! I agree to some extent. People dickride jay too much. He hasn't spit a dope Verse since the black album. Hate that damn Watch the Throne CD. It's so horrible. But no matter if he makes crap or good shit, people gonna buy it regardless cuz people are drones for real. Most rap fans don't even know what hip hop means anyway. Like I say, if u wasn't listening or didn't grow up in the 80s, your opinion isnt shit. And to anyone saying Odd Future is the Wu Tang is full of shit. What album besides Goblin(Tyler's album) they have put out? U know college professors study 36 chambers at some colleges? That cd was monumental in hip hop. Alongside Illmatic. Odd Future never gonna get that admiration cuz the game has no heart and soul

    • Anonymous

      This a Tyler article...not Jay-z.

  • Tony Sincere

    Now I'm not hatin on OFWGKTA or nothin, but I know DAMN WELL this shit isn't comin on before they start airing Black Dynamite!! lol that show is too damn funny

  • Chris Spata

    Adult Swim has a long tradition of collabing with indie hip hop artists like Jay Dilla and MF Doom. This seems like a perfect idea to me. Does Tyler's win at the VMAs signal a whole new era in hip hop?? Read my column at the link to find out: http://bit.ly/ColumnTylerTheCreator



  • gimik313

    its so weird that these dudes get so much mainstream press yet their topics are vile from what i hear. i never really paid em much mind other then they came to detroit n got shit thrown at em while the crowd chanted icp. tylers got a good verse on games record but forreal this appeals to who? and why? king gordy should get this exposure if horrorcore/wicked shit is what u want

  • Kalakuta

    Yeah just what we need,some more negativity.

  • notYOU

    Go Figure.. two illuminati affiliates linking up in attempt to brainwashes us some more.

  • DL Dub

    Adult Swim is really just making awful decisions as of late. I dont know what kind of humor these guys are into but i really havent been into it the last couple years. Tim and Eric is... unspeakably unpleasant. How anyone finds it watchable is beyond me.

  • HAA

    Odd future has already posted a whole binch of videos on youtube of them doing crazy shit and people like it and its funny. So it should be good.

  • Anonymous

    Adult Swim usually airs funny shows with unique and distinctive comedy that people have to actually think to get, believe it or not. Tim and eric, infact, has the most subliminal comedy with tons of shit you have to pay attention to actually get, otherwise it seems gay. Fat guy stuck in the internet, xavier, superjail, athf, boondocks, and a few others are all great. I have a feeling this show wont reach fans expectations but it wont be terrible either. I'm looking forward to it, and am glad adult swim got dibbs on it before faggot MTV wiped their shitty hands on it.

    • AJ

      Tim and Eric did have some clever shit but it was always burried n cluttered by a lotta unappealing ridiculous bullshit which is why no one liked the show. I'm feelin you on Childrens Hospital and most of the animated shows like superjail, venture bros, athf, n boondocks though.

  • Anonymous

    Who are these guys? Are they the ones that sang swagger like us?

  • Anonymous

    Cant see this being good. Odd Future seems like they would try to hard with their pranks and just come off as try hard dickheads.

  • Adult Swim Starting at 9 is some bullshit

    The Boondocks >>>>>>> Anything else AS has shitted out

  • Anonymous


  • Wanda Miller

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  • Anonymous

    golf wang nigga.. dookie out

  • Anonymous

    best show ever comin

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