Jewell Explains Her Book's Claims About Tupac's Death And Dr. Dre's Sexuality

Exclusive: The former first lady of Death Row Records addresses the jaw-dropping claims made in her forthcoming memoir regarding Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur and others.

You had to be one hell of an interviewee to stand out amongst your co-stars in drug dealer-turned-Death Row Records financier Harry-O’s surprisingly well-done documentary, Welcome to Death Row. But one former Death Row inmate managed to do just that, as singer Jewell Caples arguably stole the show with her fearlessly honest (and at times cleverly humorous) observations about the rise and fall of one of the most successful, and perpetually controversial, record labels in music history.   

A little over a decade after her film debut, the well-preserved 49-year-old mother, author and performer (who began her career in the mid-1980s as part of a performance troupe for the nation’s original Hip Hop radio station, Los Angeles’ KDAY) spoke to HipHopDX on Labor Day 2011 (courtesy of Hoopla Media Group) with shockingly even more eye-popping candor than her on-camera confessional.

As she prepares for the October 25th release of her memoir, My Blood, My Sweat and My Tears, and its accompanying album (which will precede the release of her long-vaulted Death Row debut by WIDEawake Entertainment), the hookstress heard on 2Pac’s “Thug Passion,” Dr. Dre’s “Dre Day,” Snoop Dogg’s “Gin & Juice” and several other timeless tracks from the G-Funk’d 1990s discussed with DX the “intimate secrets” in her book, including the premonition that might have saved ‘Pac’s life, and maybe most notably, the seemingly never-ceasing rumors regarding Dr. Dre’s sexual preference.   

HipHopDX: We could start off by talking about “Woman To Woman,” or “Harvest For The World,” but I wanna talk about the true apex of your career, “Smoke Enough Bud.” [Laughs]        

Jewell: [Laughs]

Jewell Explains The Breakdown Of Death Row Records

DX: Is it still frustrating to think how big that song could’ve been if it had been released?

Jewell: No. The thing is, I was very angry and bitter at the way things had happened, as far as Suge [Knight] treating the artists on the label [badly] and how they did business. …

A couple of people – [Dr.] Dre, Snoop [Dogg] and Tha Dogg Pound – they were able to still do some things [post-Death Row Records]. [But] then some of us just kinda … lingered. I, on the other hand, was introduced to people as Suge’s sister back in the day. So a lot of people thought we were really related, like blood-related. So when Death Row [Records] broke up, and Suge went to jail, it was very difficult for me to work with people and secure a deal for myself because they didn’t wanna deal with him.    

DX: I interviewed Danny Boy last year, and in addition to a lot of eye-grabbing topics of discussion during that interview, we talked a bit about the impressive lineup of R&B artists some folks forget were housed on Death Row, including yourself. So did Suge just not see you, Danny and Nate [Dogg] as being as important as the rappers on the label? Is that why you guys didn’t get to release your solo projects?

Jewell: No, I don’t think it had anything to do with that at all. It had nothing to do with the talent, it’s just … he mixed the streets with business, and that doesn’t work.

DX: I’m just a little puzzled as to why he wouldn’t wanna capitalize on – like, especially you and Danny Boy after the Murder Was the Case soundtrack, why he wouldn’t wanna hurry up and put [solo] albums out?

Jewell: Well, the hardest thing was, if you have a label where almost every artist that you signed has the potential to be just as great as the ones that put out an album before [them, what do you do?] So, that’s difficult [in deciding what to prioritize]. … I was supposed to be next [after Tha Dogg Pound's Dogg Food], but when you’re on a roll, and things are happening, then you kind of – if you’re not ready for it, it’ll take you by surprise and you can’t do two things at once. Now me, I multitask … but unfortunately, I guess Mr. Knight couldn’t. So he just dropped in one artist in one category at a time. And that to me [was] frustrating, because we should have been a full operative label that released Rap records, R&B … but everything was like one at a time. And you had to wait for this, and wait for that …. But we were all so talented, it’s just he wasn’t ready for it. I don’t even think in the beginning we were ready for it.

DX: In the commercial for your upcoming book, why does a song with the lyrics “I was sleeping with the enemy” play when Suge Knight is shown?

Jewell: [Laughs] That’s something that when the people edited it … that’s how they did it. When we gave them the video clips and the songs we didn’t give ‘em in any specific order or anything like that. So when they edited everything and put it together, that’s how it was on the commercial. And I loved it. I was like, “This is hot!” [Laughs] My concept was he’s angry that I’m finally getting my just due, and it’s killing him so much that he’s smoking, he’s on fire, he’s hot, oh, he’s burning himself up! [Laughs] So that’s how I looked at it; I loved it.

DX: You know we gotta address the “intimate secrets” in your book you brought up during that video. Without giving away the book for free here, I just want you to say what you can in response to these questions you posed in the video, beginning with “Who really killed Tupac?”

Jewell: Oh, they gotta read it. [Laughs]

DX: [Laughs] Yeah, I know that. But try to dance around a little bit, just kind of explain like what you’re saying, why you brought it up …

Jewell: Okay, the title of the book is My Blood, My Sweat and My Tears. We did a soundtrack that’s gonna be released at the same time as the book. And the songs will coincide with the book. It’s not a solo project on Jewell; I have some artists that I been working with from the D, from the city of Detroit. … Bobby Sealz, Picasso. … You get the book, you get the CD, they go hand-in-hand and you’ll understand what’s going on. I can’t really get on the dance floor with you when it comes to that, because once you open it up and I talk to you about one thing it’s gonna lead to something else, so … I plead the fifth. [Laughs]

Jewell Explains Her Dream About Tupac's Murder

DX: [Laughs] Well, I do have to ask … you weren’t in [Las] Vegas when [Tupac] was shot were you?

Jewell: No, but there were – I had a dream. I was actually recording in the studio, but I was supposed to go [to Las Vegas]. And, Tupac and Suge called me at the studio. That night it was me, [producer] Demetrius Shipp, Hammer was there … I wanna say Eric B  was there. And Nate Dogg had came by to pick up his [unreleased] album, ‘cause it was being mixed and mastered, and I guess he wanted to listen to the songs before he was going to Vegas or on the way to Vegas. But, I was supposed to be there. And, it’s funny ‘cause Suge’s cousin, Rochelle, she was my road dog. His family was sorta more like my family. We all hung together. I played dominoes with his daddy. And [at] the holidays, I spent [time] with his family. So, it was funny ‘cause she and I, we both had different dreams in regards to [Tupac] being killed.

It was kind of a scary thing, because [Tupac] called, and he was supposed to do a song that I had called “Money, Sex and Weed.” So [the concept] was [having those] three wishes …. And he was supposed to come and do the song before he went to Vegas. But, they was doing some other things and they were just calling me to let me know after Vegas they were gonna – Suge said he’s gonna come to the studio and do it. So, he put ‘Pac on the phone and ‘Pac was like, “Jeweeeeeell.” I was like, “What's up.” He was like, “I got you baby girl, don’t worry. I’ma be there.” And I’m like, “Okay, so you’re on your way?” And he was like, “Uh … no. We’re gonna go to Vegas first.”

And so, I began to talk about my dream. And I begged him not to go. I begged him. I was in tears. It’s funny because, I guess for a long time Suge might’ve thought that I set them up. Because, what happened in my dream was very close to what happened in the incident. And, I began to tell ‘Pac, “If you do it, you’re not coming back. If you go to Vegas, you’re not coming back. Please don’t go.” So, he like, “Aw, Suge, Jewell trippin’.” So he put the phone down, and he put Suge on the phone and I was like, “Look, please don’t go to Vegas. You guys are not gonna make it back.” And he was like, “Jewell, I ain’t afraid of no bustas. What’cha talkin’ ‘bout?” I was like, “If you go to Vegas, why don’t you just watch the [Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon] fight at the house – get some girls, some bitches, some drinks – [but] just don’t go out in public.” So, they thought that I was trippin’ ‘cause I was literally in tears. And I got so overwhelmed that [Demetrius] had to get the phone, and he was talking to Suge. He was like, “She just woke up out of a nap and she’s hysterical.”

So I can’t say everything, everything that happened, but it was very scary that warning does come before destruction. And I can’t say that Tupac wouldn’t be dead today, but I can say at that particular time if they would of listened to me he would of still been alive.

Jewell Reveals Her Opinion Regarding Dr. Dre Gay Rumors

DX: One of the other questions you posed in that video that I do need some sort of comment on is the salacious query, “Is Dr. Dre really gay?”

Jewell: Is he? [Laughs] Do we know for sure? Hmmm. I mean, there have been talks about back in the day with the tight, glitter pants, when he was wearing eyeliner and stuff like that – I’m just [telling] some experiences that I went through when I was on Death Row that I’ve seen with my own eyes. So, that’s all I’ma say about it. It’s in the book. Get it. Read it. Understand it. Absorb it.

And people are like, “Well, why would you talk about Dre like that?” It’s like, I’m not doing anything – This book that I did, that I wrote, was not designed intentionally to hurt anyone. But sometimes when you’re doing a self-cleansing – Because, I talk about my life, [and] Death Row was an interesting part of my life. And I’m an honest person, so I don’t beat around the bush. I tell it like it is. I’ve always been like that. So in doing this, coming clean about myself, I had to come clean about everything that was around me at the time. ‘Cause it had to be included, I couldn’t just say, Well, I’ma tell all this on me and I’ma leave this part out. You can’t do that when you’re writing a book. When you’re writing a book, and you’re going through the phases and the times and the chapters, then you have to say what is. … You have to get the book and read it. You’ll understand not only me, but what was going on at that time and what we were dealing with.

And a lot of times you do things that you wouldn’t necessarily do, based on situations that are happening around you. Because, I was the little, naïve church girl that got turned into the singing gangster. [Laughs]

I [became] mad at the people that was handling the business. We would put down who wrote a song, who performed on it and turn it in, and Suge and the office would turn the information into ASCAP and put different people on there that were never anywhere close to the studio, wasn’t on the song, didn’t perform it, didn’t write it. So they weren’t doing good business. They were being very shiesty to the artists. … People always say, “Well, you shoulda handled your business and your paperwork.” We had paperwork. Death Row wasn’t honoring the paperwork. They weren’t honoring what was in black and white. So you’re being … punked, in a sense. And I’m like, I don’t care if I have high heels and two breasts, you’re not gonna punk me and I’m supposed to just take it. So I left. … No one’s gonna mistreat me. My mom didn’t raise me like that. You’re a human being, you have feelings. Be fair with people. If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. Well, we worked, and then they took food from us - not only from us, but from our children. Our children should’ve been able to live off what we created: our publishing and stuff like that.

And I just wanna say rest in peace, Nate Dogg. And big-ups to Snoop, because he started a foundation, The Nate Dogg Memorial Foundation, and you can give donations to that at And he started a trust fund for Nate’s kids at It was unfortunate that we did lose Nate Dogg. … When he passed, he wasn’t financially stable. And that’s sad. With everything we created over there, he shoulda been straight.

It’s painful to know [the value of] what we created and someone just come and say, I’m gonna rape you for it. You don’t have a choice. Bend over and take it. [Laughs]

DX: Well, I can understand documenting those grievances, writing about that, but just respectfully, I don’t understand pulling people out of the closet.

Jewell: I mean, people pull they self out of the closet. But if you say what was going on at that time, because you’re doing a cleansing of yourself and certain incidents happen to [be written about], you’re not targeting anyone. You’re just telling what happened. ‘Cause one thing ties into the other. You can’t just say, I’ma leave this part out. ‘Cause certain situations affected your current situation.

I’m not gay, or anything like that. But, I’ve had a couple of run-ins with people coming on to me and … sticky situations that morally, if I wasn’t raised the way I was raised, I woulda got probably engulfed in it, caught up in it. You have to be very careful, that’s a thin line. And it’s a lot of that stuff going on in the music industry. And, I’m not pointing the finger and saying, Oh, I’m better than this person or that person because they’re different than me. But let me know what I’m dealing with. If I’m dealing with a man, I wanna know that I’m dealing with a man. If I’m dealing with a punk, let me know that I’m dealing with a punk.

Sometimes you gotta cater to people’s egos. [But] when you’re dealing with a real man, you don’t have to cater to nobody ego. They gonna do they business, you gonna be straight, they gonna be straight, you shake hands, [and] at the end of the day everybody’s happy and they go they separate ways. But, a lot of feelings and emotions was in our business, and that’s not good.

So, am I saying Dr. Dre is gay? Read the book! [Laughs] He’s talented. I mean, to me, he’s a dope producer. It’ll take you a year to get a track from him, but when you get it, it’ll make the difference in your project. So [what I write in the book is] not to discredit him or take away from his talents. Oh no, by no means and in no way will I ever do that. I’m not trying to hurt anyone here. But sometimes the truth hurts.

People think, well, they’re gonna sue you for slander. And I tell people, if I was there, and I saw certain things with my own eyes, that’s not slander. I have a right to tell what I saw. I have a right to tell what I was involved in and what happened to me, as well as others that were around me at [these] certain times in my life. So, ya know, I sorry. [Laughs]

DX: So beyond the book, what’s the next step for Jewell? Is this a full-fledged comeback?

Jewell: This is really … My Blood, My Sweat and My Tears, the book as well as the soundtrack, is a testimonial of what I’ve been through. So it’s sorta like, feel my pain, understand me. Unfortunately, it is some people that I had to talk about. Like I said, [I did that] because that was during the time of everything that was going on. … I didn’t do it to target Dr. Dre, or The D.O.C. – ‘cause I talk about a lot of [songs] they put him down for that he didn’t write. And he got publishing that he know he shouldn’t have gotten. So it’s just that, people weren’t honest. And if you wanna do business, at least be honest. Say, Nah, man, y’all put me on that but that’s not me. So he took the publishing. I can’t be [blaming] him for taking it, but … do honest business. And we were all treated unfairly. But God is good, because as long as you have talent and you create something, you’ll always have an opportunity or an outlet to do it again.

What I did, I got very angry, very bitter, and it affected me, not only as an artist but as a person. [But] if you keep crying over [spilled] milk, and you keep doing the same thing, there’s a saying you’ll keep getting the same results. So I had to leave. My background was the church, so I went back to my roots. Because, my mom used to tell me, “God didn’t give you that voice for you to be singing on those records.” … I did some soul searching like, Hey, what happened to Jewell? ‘Cause I sort of got lost in the sauce as well. … So I left, I regrouped, I asked God to forgive me for some of the things that I did that wasn’t right – ‘cause Jewell’s not perfect. And in the book I let people know everything that I did. I don’t keep nothing out, and make myself like, Oh, I’m better than everybody. My mistakes and my experiences [are] gonna be a learning tool for these young people not to make the same mistakes. So I told on myself. If you got told on in the process, that’s ‘cause you was around me. [Laughs]

I told on myself. I told the things that I did when I took weed. I was taking Ecstasy. I was drinking. … It was guys I probably would of never dated if I would have been sober. I talk about the abuse. I was raped. It’s a lot of things that’s in there, and I think when people read the book they’ll realize, Wow, she wasn’t doing this to hurt anybody, she was letting us know what not to do, and the reasons why she made certain choices and decisions. So, kudos for me for being honest. I’m not scared of anybody. The truth is the truth. And the truth hurts, but it has to be told.    

DX: Well … today on HipHopDX, the lead story ironically enough is about Game giving his two cents about closeted gay rappers. He seems to have a problem with rappers not coming out of the closet. And, it just feels like – No matter what your views on homosexuality are, once you get a little bit of age on you, a little bit of maturity, a little bit of life experience, you realize that some of this talk is just immature.  

Jewell: Well, I’m not against – I didn’t do this because I wanna gay-bash anybody. I’m not against people’s life choices. The best person that ever did my hair, he was gay. And probably still is. I liked him as a person. But, if a snake is a snake and I don’t know it, it’s gonna bite me, unexpectedly. So, with these life choices that we make comes certain attitudes in the way you have to deal with people. So let me know from the jump how you are so I’ll know how to deal with you. [Laughs] Basically, that’s all we’re saying. That’s your life choice, but don’t force it on me. Don’t bring certain things around me.

In the beginning my son was with me everywhere I went - my oldest son, who’s now in the Army and married with children. So, I’m bringing him around certain entities, [and] you have to be careful. But if you don’t know, then they’re at risk. Pedophiles, they exist. And most of the time it’s somebody that’s closest to you. So just let me know what I’m dealing with. … We at least should have that right. I lived in Hollywood, for maybe four years. And I took my son to The Hollywood Theatre, and we’d be standing in line and I’d have two grown men tongue-kissing down in front of us. And [my son] was only like eight, nine [years-old]. So, okay, if they’re gonna do that, then I have a right to leave. I don’t have to stand there and watch it. Then I have to explain to my son, Well, God did make woman to be with man, but some people – That’s too much to have to explain to a child when they’re not ready. So, okay, if that’s how you wanna be, be that way, but have some consideration for other people that’s morally correct.

I don’t care how you look at it – “I was born this way,” okay, alright, but don’t force it on other people. ‘Cause the way I was raised, that’s an abomination before the Lord. I’m spiritual, but God says don’t judge people. So I’m not gonna hate you because of it, but let me know what I’m dealing with. Because I don’t wanna be around it, to be honest.

DX: Well, like I said, I wasn’t trying to get into what you talk about in the book regarding Dr. Dre but I felt like we needed to explore that topic a little bit more, so …

Jewell: Like I said, it’s a tell-all on myself. And unfortunately, I was in some places and spots and I was on the – And I must say, I do thank Suge, and Dr. Dre, for allowing me to be an artist on one of the most successful Rap labels in the world. For the experience that I got, I couldn’t have paid for this.               


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    im an ex rap fan. i havent listened to rap in a year but i still read the websites sometimes. the entire rap culture is poisonous and death row was one of the worst sources of that venom. now the culture has spread to whites asians and other "outsider" races. whenever they want to test a poison they test it on black people first then 20 years later they give it to the whites. we are at the point now where whites and others are finally catching up to the degeneracy of this terrible culture. justin hunte the editor of this website is another rap degenerate, weed smoking and promiscuous. the american culture as a whole is critically damaged and rap is the main driving force of that in todays modern world with people from around the world adopting this detrimental way of life. thank you all.

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    If she had a premonition about Pac getting killed, why didn't she contact him earlier in the day or even right after she woke up from the dream?

    • Anonymous

      come on. it won't matter how many times she contacted anybody. you can have a hundred dreams and only one will come true. no one would have believed her no matter what. she's just the crazy lady with the dreams. and even if it does come true she just got a lucky guess.

  • Zohydro

    "So, with these life choices that we make comes certain attitudes in the way you have to deal with people. So let me know from the jump how you are so Ill know how to deal with you." Dafuq does that even mean? I was rooting for her until I saw that shiz. Pedophiles? Really? Either this woman is sorely uninformed about homosexuality or has been in a gay-relationship-gone-bad herself.

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    To Jewell, please contact me ASAP regarding your claim against Death Row Records. Attorney Hugh R. Marshall (313)268-6288

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    2pac predicted his own demise really not hating her for writing a book she might g paid moe than she ever made at deahrow. she was a hookgirl really suge had all his artists on hold at deathrow. choice, ad ti dog called dre gay way before nwa brokeup. she adds nothing new so who raped her we all know suge had goons who gave snoop, and daz, and the others blackeyes. so suge had her raped nothing new mary wilson from the supremes once said somebody at motown raped florence ballard. I guess lots of women get raped in the music industry but nobody writes about ii. todd bridges said he was raped by his dad's best friend, rain pyror said she was molested and told her dad the late richard pyror he said why did'nt you get your money. tatum o neal said she was raped in the playboy mansion when she was a preteen and first did coke. drew barrymore was smoking weed at age 8, was on coke at age 10, rehab at 14.


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    It's fucked up the bitch feels the need to out someone who has a family and some kids (he ain't gay than and if so bisexual, w/e). WCWC doesn't mean shit too, it was the fuckin 80's. Look at pictures from outside of the ghetto in the 80's and you'll be like "No wonder AIDS fuckin started everyone was a fag in the 80's."

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    "I don’t care how you look at it – “I was born this way,” okay, alright, but don’t force it on other people. ‘Cause the way I was raised, that’s an abomination before the Lord. I’m spiritual, but God says don’t judge people. So I’m not gonna hate you because of it, but let me know what I’m dealing with. Because I don’t wanna be around it, to be honest." So, she doesn't judge it, but she's comfortable enough to go out of her way to insinuate that Dre is gay/bi, and also jump on the "abomination before the Lord" bandwagon.. heh-heh, classy, jewell.. I'll pass on the book..

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    WHO CARES Its none of anyones business if Dre is gay or straight. He is a great producer and rapper This sounds like another bitter women just tryin to make money of someone else pain... She needs to shut her mouth before someone shut it for her Can We GET back to the music and they their personal lives out of it

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    So when she's asked about Dre's sexuality, all she alludes to is the fact he was a musician in the '80's and dressed like it, followed by the "buy my book" line you already knew was coming. That's how you know someone is full of shit. "So in doing this, coming clean about myself, I had to come clean about everything that was around me at the time." No, you're leeching off accomplished and well-known famous people in an industry that stopped caring about you to sell your book and justify it with shaky declarations of honesty in the same breath you repeat "buy the book". If you have something to say and you're so honest and true, then say it, be real, don't jerk everyone around to put hard-earned money for your life's story and gossip so you can make a buck. Having it both ways rubs me wrong - either you're as honest and real as you say you are and show it, or you're out to make the money back she probably does deserve which is fine by me. Can't do both, though! That whole Tupac nightmare premonition story sounds like exaggerated bullshit too. I don't buy it for one second. If that happened as she said it, wouldn't all those people in on this phone call and around her have said something about it long ago? I know if I was privy to a hysterical singer on the label begging Tupac not to go to Vegas right before he was mysteriously murdered, all eyes would be on her for being in on it and word would get around. It's way too suspicious, using simple logic demolishes these stories. She wouldn't be the first and only one to bring that up when she has something to sell because that's a bit much. Plus that's the sort of thing someone out for money within the old Death Row circle would make up because she really has nothing interesting to say about Tupac. That's not the sort of "coincidence" (if it happened) people forget either. Get out of here with that shit and give me a break. I'm sure she has something to say and she was there, I'm not going to call her names or give her shit for making money, but it's the sensationalist tabloid bullshit and the endless plugging for a buck in the same breath she cries about her honesty that gets to me. I have zero interest to buy her book, a person with any sense of dignity would talk about their own life instead of speculating and spreading gossip on famous people's sexuality (the lowest of the low) to get attention. The only reason everyone famous after Eazy called Dre a faggot was because Eazy said it and that's the only diss they could think of because they know a mass of idiots will believe anything enough they hear it enough times. Plus if you're so concerned and find someone being gay even remotely affects you enough to give a shit longer than a few seconds, get a life and get over yourself. Even if Dre was gay or fucked some guys, seriously, who cares? I don't know him but I like his music, don't need to know anything about his personal life, so it is really trashy this woman would jump in on that just to get attention for a book nobody is interested in buying on its own merits.

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      stop hatin on the lady..she could be tellin' the truth...pac said dre was gay,and even eazy said why is it hard to believe?i hope her book is a best seller,because all death row artist should be get what they earned.r.i.p. nate dogg and pac

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      We all are human beings and all our lives are a book in itself period. Unlike most people this woman is intelligent enough to capitalize on her talents and what she was involed with....What is she supposed to do with this opportunity. Peoples curiousity and obsession with fame and cellebritey figures gives her a chance to make some bread which she probably deserved along time ago, why would someone waste an opportunity like that. If her story doesn't carry any weight then there is nothing for these Dre fans to worry about, becaues truth always prevails in the end. Nobody can take Dre's history and accomplishments away from him, but like it or not there will always be aspects of Dre and the way he conducts himself we dont like. He is a black man who made it out of nothing so will always be an inspiration for all to look to


    bitch we don't have to learn shit from your life experience and please try to keep all the fucked up things to yourself cause me personally i don't wanna hear nun of that shit, i understand what you're doing here yo ass is broke and you needed some money why don't you just be honest about that ha?? FUCK YO GOD DAMN BOOK...Biyotch!!

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    Man this bitch just trying revitalize her career. All this shit she saying sound exaggerated a bit and that shit she said about Pac sound like a damn lie.

  • yeayeaknow

    no dr.dre is better than alchemist and i dont need to ask you yea ok dre is gay so what? like i said go to a club and get yo vibe on some dre boy

  • JR

    Female rapper Met Bronson rock climbs &talks bout her new project

  • ynnadeeb

    this bitch jus tryna catch some spot light mooching off pacs grave n dre success. dre gay? bitch back in the day he woulda slapped yo hoe ass like dee barnes LOL

  • Goddard

    Let the lady do her thing and make sure what she puts out is the truth, gay or not. She did not say Dre was Gay, she said there were talks of probably do have to read the book..And why get mad over a female that wants to tell her life story and earn a buck?

  • crazychris

    dre being gay well eazy, suge, pac, choice, above the law, luke, tim dog, even jermaine dupri, and ja fool called dre a faG EVERYTIME someone disses dre in a rap song they bring up that gay shit okay i remember world class wrecking crew and yes they were mostly prince imitators it was the early to mid 80's and you had lots of black guys wearing tights and jheri curls singinmg friendly pop tunes like debarge, luther vandross, new edition, shalamar, morris day I lived that era I remember clearly. she does'nt claim she knows who killed pac she just had a bad dream well pac himself had nightmares about his demise. nate dogg dying broke all those features he did hard to believe. suge screwed everybody at deathrow over anyway she says nothing we have'nt heard before we know about the abuse, how suge had snoop and dpg wooped, we know dj quik and his 304 crew killed one of snoop's boys at snoop's party. we know 2paC WOOPED SAM SNEED CAUSING HIM BRAIN DAMAGE. we know dre was shot in the leg, we know dogg pound was shot at in new york biggie ordered that hit. we heard the diss songs toward the bad boy crew and ny rappers. we saw the demise of deathrow when suge was locked up and no suge did'nt revive deathrow and promote crooked i, and nina, or anybody else all he did was run his mouth putting out compilations dissing dre, snoop, and everybody else who left. well when snoop and dre left it was their best move they made plenty more money than they ever did they both evolved beyond suge and what has suge did, dre makijng money off aftermath and snoop has done movies, tv shows, even cartoons and sold plenty of albums. jewell sadly played out became a hooklady singing on those underground deathrow mixtapes that only loyal deathrow fans care about. glad she's writing a book it would be a good read.

  • John

    Exactly. She's a 48 year old chicken head hold-over from the 90's still looking for a pay check. What a retard doing an interview just to answer questions by saying, "read the book!lol" HipHopDX why did you waste your time interviewing her, and who in the world would secure her the rights to put a book together?

  • Anonymous

    Someone go read this damn book and come back with the facts

  • dannyroy

    i didnt know she was 48 years old

  • Anonymous

    people will do and say anything to sell.

  • Big Dan

    It's amazing to me how we've gotten so eff-ed up in the hood that we do screwed up things and we convince ourselves we keeping it real. Bitch, if you wanna come clean, you come clean with stuff that involves you and only you. If you were joining Dre and another man in bed and you wanna talk about that, cool. Beyond that, trying to suggest Dre is gay is only an attempt to say something scandalous that will sell books. It does not help your case that you came out and stated that you are mad at the people you write about. You mentioned you a God fearing person a million times, but in the same breath, you spreading rumors, gossiping and lying to yourself. If Dre is a faggot, then he is a faggot, but so far, the "only proof" is that he used to wear tight pants on stage back in the day -- like every other rapper out there back then by the way. No one has seen anything and I should point out that the only people calling him gay are those that are mad at him, or the hatas. Tupac called him gay after he dumped Death Row. That was just Suge on a campaign of hate, just like he spent years calling Snoop a snitch. You were at the gate, you saw the fame and riches and it was basically stolen from you (not that we can guarantee you would have blown) and I understand that, but common.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that book she trying to make money of pac and them hate bitches like that yea u song on some hooks but that was wat u was good for cuz them songz they put up for u is straight trash

  • Anonymous

    I read some of these comment, and i see there are still a lot of stupid people out there, we all heard this before about Dre Dre being GAY man, Eazy E Said it 2Pac, said,Suge said, Game just said it,and now Jewell these are people that been around this nigga for a long time, they are too know, not like some of you here that never spend five minute in this nigga present, to all the stupid people on here why will she write a book, simple man everybody got to eat, it all for the money, that why she keep saying buy the book, its your choice if you want to or not she aint doing nothing that have been done before or hasnt been happen. Man, jewell get your money only you and Dre dre and the other that around him know the true and by the way why he never defend himself when people say it , think about it

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Good promo beeayyyaacth!

  • Thatsright

    Tell 'em Jewell! People can't imagine the sick stuff that goes on behind the scenes, so they call you a bitch. And why the hell are people complaining about her trying to sell her book? People can promote cd's but not books? A lot of ignorance up in here.

  • foursix

    Atleast "When Thugz Cry" was embedded in the article.

  • illson3

    i hope the 2 people who buy her book, enjoy it...hiphopdx should come out the closet!!!

  • Jack M.

    "I didn’t do this because I wanna gay-bash anybody. I’m not against people’s life choices. The best person that ever did my hair, he was gay. And probably still is." BEST PART This lady's so dumb, it's hilarious.

  • jj

    she just a bitch out for money

  • Jewell Troll

    You know that's gotta be Jewell trolling the comments talking shit to everybody that's not believing her. I mean, this is pretty much the only interview she's gonna get so I'm sure she was really hoping to stir up more controversy on some Superhead shit. Can we start a pool for her first week book sales? I got 4 copies.

    • LOL @ these comments

      I ain't Jewell but I believe her more than most of you people! She was there! Some of you people swear you know but never been outside of your state without your parents!

  • staythefuckdown

    I do not support homosexuality - period. It is a part of our society and being a civilized human being I am tolerant to an extent cuz some gay men like to flirt with getting killed. With that being said one's sexual orientation does not exclude them from being part of the human family. I do not know Jewel but she is looking real suspect with her actions. I do not trust what a jaded individual trying to sell a book has to say especially a female. She is not a factor or relevant in the music game and the only reason her book will get any attention is because she is speaking on factors namely Tupac and Dre. Yall dudes is real moist for believing her - on principle alone. Her behavior is ho - like - basically selling herself for money. Plus as someone else pointed out she feels that she is owed - if you were up on game you would know that makes her highly suspect. Game goofy moist mark ass bitches peep game - thou shall not repeat ho talk nor believe it for that matter

  • themightsword

    I do not support homosexuality - period. It is a part of our society and being a civilized human being I am tolerant to an extent (cuz some gay men like to flirt with getting killed). With that being said one's sexual orientation does not exclude them from being part of the human family. I do not know Jewel but she is looking real suspect with her actions. I do not trust what a jaded individual trying to sell a book has to say especially a female. She is not a factor or relevant in the music game and the only reason her book will get any attention is because she is speaking on factors (namely Tupac and Dre). Yall dudes is real moist for believing her - on principle alone. Her behavior is ho - like - basically selling herself for money. Plus as someone else pointed out she feels that she is owed - if you were up on game you would know that makes her highly suspect. Game goofy moist mark ass bitches peep game - thou shall not repeat ho talk nor believe it for that matter

  • themightsword

    I do not support homosexuality - period. It is a part of our society and being a civilized human being I am tolerant to an extent (cuz some gay men like to flirt with getting killed). With that being said one's sexual orientation does not exclude them from being part of the human family. I do not know Jewel but she is looking real suspect with her actions. I do not trust what a jaded individual trying to sell a book has to say especially a female. She is not a factor or relevant in the music game and the only reason her book will get any attention is because she is speaking on factors (namely Tupac and Dre). Yall dudes is real moist for believing her - on principle alone. Her behavior is ho - like - basically selling herself for money. Plus as someone else pointed out she feels that she is owed - if you were up on game you would know that makes her highly suspect. Game goofy moist mark ass bitches peep game - thou shall not repeat ho talk nor believe it for that matter

  • AxeMurder

    I knew this bitch was gonna say BUY THE BOOK. Ole leachin hoe

  • Rocc

    I finished reading it and i say if Dre sucking dick that mean Eminem sucking dick, 50 cent sucking dick, Game sucking dick. Damn hip hop is full of faggots

  • Anonymous

    another women making money off other peoples business.

    • LOL @ these comments

      LOL! LOL! What do you think hiphopdx does! Get paid off of other people's business! What about TMZ? CNN? ABC? NBC? LOL! None of that news is those corporations' business!

  • The Real Franchise

    another dumb bitch with no talent or skills looking to get paid.

    • Gemstar

      She laid memorable hooks on a bunch of classic songs, you fuckin simpleton.

    • Anonymous

      lol, well if you knew anything about music. You would probably like those songs that she spit on. I never knew who that was on Bone Thugz for the love of money. So instead of being ignorant, Maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

  • Anonymous

    buy the book? i couldn't even finish reading this boring ass article..

  • r

    I aint buyin this fuckin Book ok! Ppl aint guna so jus get to talkin about this info u got on Pacs death and 'Gay Dre' already! talkin bout 'buy the book, oh u got to buy the book for that one' Bitch please

  • VOR

    I love how a lot of the things hiphopdx advertises about the interview she answers "buy the book". Bitch I was barely interested enough to click the link, let alone buy the book.

  • silentturd

    omg no it cnt be

  • Osiel Salas

    Easy e was the first to make that accusation and after that everybody got on the banana boat. Suge is a fucking snitch and after that whole dr dre leaving deathrow thing I think that he would have made it public if dre was gay or not but he didn't say shit cuz that ain't true

  • Osiel Salas

    The good doctor isn't gay!! Bitch just trying to rack up controversy to sell her book

  • Sensaye252

    Bitch please...if wardrobe determined your sexual preference, that would mean ALL these new rappers are gay.

  • ling

    Suge told niggaz about ten years ago, the stories of what went on at Deathrow. The guy has always been kinda off key and not a stand up dude. A worldly person who is liked adored by many don't necessary make a person a good dude just maens they bowed to a society or a system to get further ahead

  • kennyken

    well, the most interesting part of this interview is the part about dre being gay or with a punk or whatever. it really doesn't matter, there are speculations of a lot of entertainers out there so personally i don't give a fuck...dre is awesome on the boards, that new video with noc'turnal is awesome. quite interesting to know though

  • The Truth

    Suge just simply was not a very good businessman. A lot of great albums were shelved. Sam Sneed, Nate Dogg, Hammer's comeback album and a bunch of others

  • jack johnson

    she's going to say dr. dre isn't gay and say dre tried to fuck her

  • the real jay

    great interview. i wish she woulda went in detail. LOL. but what she said was enough to confirm dre's fruity as some alize LMFAO. i love u jewell and i miss the old days when death row was on top. keep doin ya thing sexy. and oh fuck the haters.

  • jewellzsantana

    okay jewell. you up there singin about shootin people and doin drugs but gay people are an abomination. lets rethink that one.

    • Rocc

      hell yeah faggot aint nothing in the bible about shootin and drugs. but they would have stoned all of you butt pirates back then.


    @ARE U HURT yo i agree about dre but why alchemist now remeber im speaking in the name of j dilla,pete rock,premo,dj quik,madlib flying lotus,samyiam,aft1,dibiase,georgia ann muldrow,rza,daz,soopafly,oh no,dr. who dat,k-kruz,peaople under the stairs,young rj,damu the fudge monk,q-tip,questlove,i can go on and on etc. OH AND ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE SMASHING DRE ALSO

  • So What My Nigga!

    This is rediculous. If he Gay so what. Everybody & they mama done snap they fingers & grooved to a Dr. Dre beat. DJ Yella was in the same early 80's group as Dre. Eazy didn't diss him because he didnt leave Ruthless like Dre & Cube did. Cube met Dre before any of them did. Never heard Cube say anything about Dre being gay. Ol girl is out for $$$ that she feels she's owed. That's all. All of ya'll on hear talk'n shit will the first ones in line once DETOX drops. So GTFOH haters...

  • Anonymous

    Andre is BI-sexual steroid, testosterone, HGH taking fool who can't make a beat anymore with even with an army of ghost producers-- Fuck music, dude needs DETOX just to get his shriveled cock back. RIP his junkie son, nice work "Dad."


    it's funny and ironic to think that the most iconic figure in west coast gangster rap is a wild homo. Dre surrounds himself little homo dickriders who are aspiring producers and he uses his power and influence to fuck these homos in their booty. he has a never ending supply of young, desperate men who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the rap biz. west coast gangster rap was built and founded by this fraud-ass homo. live and let live, but, dre, be real and come out the closet you faggot-ass nigga:)

  • Edubb

    Hate on her all you want but she was there so she would know more than the average person. Sorry Dre fans but the nigga goes both ways, (besides the nigga use to hang with Quincy Jones and everybody know how he rolls)that is nothing new about Dre. Anyway I will for sure get this book cause I dont think she is lying at all she has no reason to. She hasnt been on the radar for awhile now and even after she drops this book and album I dont think she will be accepted all like that. It is what it is.

  • yeayeaiknow

    dreams of tupac die before it happens........dre is gay? who the fuck those this bitch is....had nothing bad to say bout nate dogg......he dead so she had to say hes a good guy.....that bitch be also talking bout doing business with honesty......but u tryna get money with lies too......and what if dres gay.....go to a club and the dj plays a dre beat saying he fuck them hoes.....see if u wont vibe to his shit

    • are u hurt?

      she just keepin it real. dre is gay pac said it and eazy said it. im through wit detox its not even worth my time no more. and he sacrificed his son for more fame. ALCHEMIST is the BEST producer in the game feel free to ask me why.

  • Obi Patrick

    Haha Eazy E was telling the truth...

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Umm yeah, in 1994-1995, nobody was waiting for a Jewell album or Danny Boy album. Only R&B singer death row fans were waiting for was Nate Dogg.

    • TruthEffPeace

      Even though i'm a fan of her music i agree. Death Row were rolling high stakes at the time and most people were probably looking more forward to Snoop Dogg's sophmore album, Dre's Chronic 2, Heltah Skeltah with Cube and Dre, Nate's release and even a group like Dogg Pound's release. Most people probably couldn't recognize who Danny Boy was until Murder Was The Case or around until 1996 with the Pac features while Jewell was known more as a hook singer more so than an artist at the time.

  • Kola Shobo

    "Who am I again!? Who gives a crap about my life on or off Death row? let alone buying my book? Hmm… I know!!! I'll restart the DRE IS GAY controversy so people can buy my book"

  • Big Log

    So that who that Nigga Game was talking about been a Rap nigga that is a GAY in Hidding


    see told you all his fans blinded by his glidery blouse and shiny leather pants butt hole hurt cuz they fail to do the math lol. (fucking wit aftermath you gone have to give up some that duke shoot)

  • Anonymous

    2 pac was a ballet dancer he went to a perfoming arts school and wrote poetry but nobody wants to talk about that tuapac had alot of female "friends" that he was not dating rosie perez know

  • milehighkid303

    Im buying her book. Girl is ALL TRUTH, much respect to the first lady, and MAN i wish they woulda put that album out, I woulda been WILDIN' in Junior High with more G-Funk music. N this article just shows you the FUCKERY in music. RIP Nate Dogg, n god bless Jewells she is gonna get hers finally...

  • ghhh

    How can they even publish this middle-age gay bashing rambling ?

  • Papa Don

    of course the people that's mad are dr dre fans but hey i like dr dre music but at the same time if she saw what she saw i cant knock her im a man about morals and principals so i agree with here im a check the book out...

  • Ray Street Govenor Hatendi

    bitch moss probably juss syn tht cz she wantd to get fukd by dre nd dre wudn`t fuck her stnky ass....dre got kidz u stupid bitch, unless u trynna say he fell pregnant nd shit...tokin tht bull juss to sell a stupid ass book....and don`t evn include God in ths...God don`t support bitches who`re trynna eat off otha peeps....

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this money hungry broke whore, noone wants to buy your book, damn people will say all kinds of shit to get poeple to buy their fucking book.


    people cant be surprised when they find out its been known its just this is the days of popularity so that tends to over shadow the truth about people you like who in fact sells anti-gay shit to you that makes you buy it and agree with it but then when its actually the person whos giving you the material who is gay that you love so much you throw blinder on and say no it cant be like he has his dick up your ass at that very moment contradiction comes in to play. its 2011 and weve known this since the late 80's and early 90's even eazy-e and tupac told you this as well as countless other people but you dont wanna believe it cuz you want the detox so bad or cuz he deals wit a popular white boy rapper who also is dealing wit the same accusations of his own when talking about sexuality. so yes dre is gay for all you new booties(no point intended but it goes so well for his fan base) shocking isnt it but as long as MTV and BET is around you cant wait for dre to put his dick in your mouth but those who know its been out the closet for him yrs ago.p.s. if takes you a year to do beat that your not even starting yourself or putting your name on after the work is done your garbage

    • Anonymous

      Not saying I agree with you 100%, but very well put indeed. If you noticed she did'nt even hardly comment on Dre's sexuality in the interview, there was much more said what people could have paid attention to.

  • DR_Jam

    She's pimping. She ain't got much to say, just trying to create controversy for free publicity. I don't blame her though.

  • Rodrick

    Desperate attempt to generate income by slandering people who wont answer the phone when she calls anymore

  • Mado

    Nobody would give a fuck about her life story or death row experience if she didn't speculate on Dre's sexuality. even if he wore sparkly tight pants that doesn't make him gay. Im not mad at her though get money....

  • Info

    All i am saying the nigga Eazy E call him a she thing (GAY), 2Pac call that Nigga straight GAY, Suge say Dre GAY and now Jewell Saying this nigga GAY too, Oh come on Man this nigga GAY everybody that ever work and spend real time with this nigga say GAY, then guess what this nigga Dr Dre IS GAY, all i am saying is am waiting for snoop and D.O.C to conform

    • Anonymous

      I Co-Sign that look all these niggas that he work with him say he is Gay, all make sense didnt he Produce Game RED album and then the Game start talking about Rap Nigga that is Gay in hiding, Yeap that nigga Dr Dre GAY

  • Stu Pflaum

    I would rather read a book by Suge's mailman than read My Blood, My Sweat and My Tears. This lady is batshit.

  • SuperNovaPlius

    "I just wanna fuck bad bithces/All them nights I never had bitches/Now I'm all up in that ass bitches/Mad at your boy friend aint you/Youz a bad girl gotta spank you/And gotta thank you for that head clinic/Explicit/Hella photgenic." - Dre.. Please don't tell me he was queering it up when he performed these lyrics. I lived by this verse

  • dkjsd

    If Dre is gay just for wearing an outfit, then everyone in the 80s was gay. Have you seen the shit musicians wore back then? This is the first time i am even hearing of this. Which rapper *hasn't* been accused of being gay?? Seriously, for a bunch of people who regularly look down on gay people, the hiphop industry (and fans) sure is obsessed with them!

  • Anonymous

    Can't hate on the woman, she is a book and a part of the inside story of Deathrow, be naive if it makes you feel good

  • ItsTheTruth

    "All this time, me and Dre been fuckin with hats off! (suck it, marshall)"

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      lol...I remember those words in that song too... I don't give a fuck about all these folks putting out books for attention... get the fuck out of here... I just wanna hear some dope music, and where the fuck is this thing called Detox... I'll just have to keep bumping Chronic 2001 for now...

    • Anonymous

      That White Boy and that Nigg GAY

  • Anonymous

    Been saying that nigga Dr Dre is Gay, why you think they call him Dre.

  • Anonymous

    whack....dx is whack...and her book is whack...kick rocks bitch

  • RA

    LOL when the book hit, Detox REALLY aint comin out smh thanks Jewell for another decade setback

  • klfsd

    this bitch is trash hahahaha

  • stephenc

    hiphopdx actually gave this woman the time of day? i skimmed this article and it's all bullshit.

  • Fuckouttahere

    My blood sweat and tears......fuck outtahere she looking for attention since nobody paid attention to her when she was luke warm, and if dre was or is gay so what? does that change the fact that he is one of the most incredible producers in hip hop?

    • Info

      @Fouttahere yes it do change the fact, kinda made me wonder all them song that he saying hoe this, he be screwing hoe that hoe be sucking his Dic, was he talking to all the niggas out there like you, That nigga Gay, and i am guessing you GAY TOO

    • Anonymous

      yeah maybe ... but he is gay goddamn it !!

  • Anonymous

    anything to sell a book. If Dre is gay, then why work with him/ you're selling ya soul to the devil for pennies on a dime. If a fuggacious muthafucka was around me, I would not even think twice about hangin' around the faggot. But, you gotta eat, so g'on n sell ya lil book.

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