Suga Free To Release Greatest Hits Collection With Suburban Noize Records

Exclusive: The Pamona pimpin' emcee is the latest artist to take his album to the Kottonmouth Kings' label, joining Glasses Malone, Saigon, Swollen Members and Slaine.

Pomona, California veteran emcee/singer Suga Free is the latest artist to go into business with Suburban Noize Records. HipHopDX confirmed with the label this afternoon that onetime DJ Quik protege will release Why You Still Bullshittin': The Best Of Suga Free on September 13. The project will also feature two new songs.

With years spent living in Oakland and Compton, California (in addition to Pamona), Suga Free maintains a catalog filled with hits such as "Why You Bullshittin'" and "I'd Rather Give You My Bitch" - as well as "The Ranger" . Additionally, Suga Free has appeared on albums by Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Murs.

Of his first-ever greatest hits collection, the pimp-turned-rapper said, "I am happy that the first chapter of my music career has been highlighted with the greatest hits. Watch out for my next chapter."

This year, Suburban Noize has released albums from Saigon, Slaine and two weeks ago, Glasses Malone's Beach Cruiser.



  • M

    Its POMONA you fucking idiots...hire some people who can type and execute a decent amount of research. Fucking amateurs.

  • Tim Wilkens

    kottonmouth kings! fiiiire it uppp!!!

  • Cleveland Show

    he needs to get with the BK pimp Wais P!

  • toolisto

    This year, Suburban Noize has released albums from Saigon, Slaine and two weeks ago, Glasses Malone's Beach Cruiser. >>>>AND THEY ALL FLOPPED! SMH

    • Anonymous

      He isn't saying the Suga Free is gonna make money he was talking about those artists in general. i.e. Saigon.

    • toolisto

      Plus look at how comments on the post, there's not much love to the old pimp anyway. I mean commenting is free right? People shouldn't be afraid to comment, but yet no one gives a shit about old man LOL

    • toolisto

      How much money can you make off of 5K sales? Let's be real, independent or not you still have to pay the beatmakers, the mixing, distributing and all that crap. Ok maybe he gonna cake 5usd per cd, that makes 25k minus taxe that's 20k and he won't see that in one payment neither will he see that after first week. Thats a flop to me. What's a number 1 on itunes if numbers suck. You can be freaking number 1 in new zealand that doesn't make much, right? All i am saying, is that dude better book some show cause the cd WILL FLOP.

    • Damany G

      what constitutes a flop to you. This is an indpendent distribution label, so you are not going to see first week major label #'s. Saigons album was the #1 selling hip-hop album on i-tunes the week it came out. Many of the independent artists are caking more than the major artists with huge budgets that they will never recoup...... do the knowledge!!!

  • Most

    Keep it pimpin', P! "Keep Up the Bad Work" off Smell My Finger was one of the tightest cuts I ever heard!!!

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