Rock The Bells Cancels Boston Show, Tickets To Be Refunded

UPDATE: The Rock the Bells show meant for September 10 will no longer be taking place.

After three shows around the nation, the Rock the Bells 2011 Festival Series will have to reschedule its fourth. The Boston date will now be moved from Saturday, September 10 to Saturday, September 24 and it will be held at the Comcast Center. All tickets purchased for the original date will still be honored on the new one. 

Guerrilla Union President Chang Weisberg noted that the scheduling conflicts that caused this date change were not something GU could control. 

"Due to scheduling conflicts beyond our control we must reschedule this Saturday's Rock The Bells show to Saturday, September 24. We have had three spectacular festival shows this summer in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York and anticipate finishing the season with another great show.”

Fans will now have to wait a little longer to see Nas, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Black Star and many others perform. HipHopDX provided a recap of the Los Angeles show when Rock the Bells launched this year's festival series in San Bernardino, California. Since then, the festival has gone through San Francisco and New York.

[September 7]

UPDATE: Guerrilla Union has cancelled its previously rescheduled Rock the Bells 2011 date in Boston, Massachusetts. All tickets will be refunded at point-of-purchase.

“We are very disappointed that our Boston Rock The Bells Festival stop had to be cancelled this year. Unfortunately, we will not be able to execute the festival to our standards and apologize to the fans who have supported Rock The Bells and quality Hip Hop,” said Guerilla Union’s Chang Weisberg in a statement. "We've had many challenges with this show including numerous scheduling conflicts, bad weather and logistical challenges but hope to come back to Boston with Rock The Bells soon."

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  • MCRich

    haha i love hip hop your a bitch, where you from NY. Full of shitty ass projects and a bunch of low lifes. Your prolly some poor as bitch that has no self respect. Wooo red sox insult hurt, like thats a personal insult. Get real faggot.

  • PissedOFf

    Seriosuly fucking dissapointed. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and now im missing it , seriosuly wish i had made the trip up to NY for the show but last years going on to th eisland was annoying as shit so i figured id save the longer drive and just check ti near home at Boston. hope they can manage to put something together for next year anywhere close to how amazing this lineup sounded. and all you faggots saying fuck boston are obviously not really into Hip Hop anyways. You should jsut go fuck yourselves, you aint real. If i had made it to any other show i would be pissed for my fellow hip hop heads who cant partake in an amazing event. Ya'll are some fake haters talking liek some rich ass spoiled bitches.

    • i love hip hop

      but fuck boston, smelly city. ur just pissed cause ur bitch ass red sox wont even make the post season good job spending 20 million bucks on carl crawford and now the rays r the better team haha ouch that ass must hurt

  • therealness

    hey RTB nice you're going to refund me for my ticket, but are you going to refund my $400 flight to Boston that i made for this show? Oh and are you going to refund the extra $150 i had to spend to change my flight from sept 10th to the 24th, and now it's cancelled?! who is running this company?! get your shit together.


    its a unfortunate turn of events...but still got to see RTB @ Governor's Island...Amazing...Cant Wait For next year...i hear ferrys were a headache but i was there early enough to catch the first one...

  • Yep

    GU needs to step it up. Feel bad for all of you in Boston who can't go due to this bullshit conflict. I went to San Francisco and they the Paid Dues and 36 Chamber stage right next to each other. Acts sets were blending in to eachother and the worst part you couldn't fully hear one set or the other. It was horrible and almost ruined the experience for me. then on the other hand, I still got to see it. Sorry Guys.

  • McCody

    all of you who said fuck boston go fuck yourself i wanted to see it and now im pissed... bet you would be pissed to if your Ny or LA show was cancelled bunch of fags what a way to start my day

    • tru

      except they wouldnt cancel NY or LA thats there main costomers, they go there every year they only cancel bs towns that nobody cares about dont get 2 mad it wont do u no good, they did the same thing with FL in 09 said they were goin to miami and orlando but those both faded into nothingness without even a warning at least u got that much, and stop cryin over spilt milk like the lil bean town bitch u r


    haha fuck boston anyways, go pak ya ca in the ca pak, haha buncha bitches! The NY show was insane but really unorganzied so this doesnt suprise me nobody that worked there even knew where the main gate was

  • Brizz

    I flew in for the L.A show from Sweden, real glad this shit didnt happen to me. Gonna think long and hard about doing the same for RTB NY next year. Fucking assholes waiting until its 3 days left to announce this. Refund and hotel cost should be a minimum in this case when they act like they are retards and didnt know about this until now. Cant even give more specific details then a shit for brains explenation like "scheduling conflicts beyond our control". GU get stupid props for the line up this year but pulling this shit makes all that go away in a second. Man i feel bad for all those flying in from overseas and getting this shit now. Keep it real Chang and dont be a cheap bastard, pay up compensation and say your sorry for fucking up big time.

  • Imwithhim

    Truth be told yo. I completely agree. You kickin knowledge n shit.

  • stompinuout

    Fo realzies, this b sum shwilly nilly houdini bullshit yo. I aint neva been so swindiddly dooped in all ma life B. These folks be playing with emotions fer realz n shits. I aint saying shit to be saying shit, Im a saying shit to be heard round da world n shit yo. Real talk in a hot minute ma shwilly nillies. Keeping it really real from first breath to death. And on the realzies we gotsta represent for are shiznits. ONE

  • dockevoc

    WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!! DeThrone is right, these greedy jew motherfuckers knew this shit wasn't right the whole time and STILL sold tickets! Way to go you money grubbing faggots.

  • McCOdy47

    @DeThrone dude relax im going to the boston show too and yeah im a little pissed but at least its not cancelled, dont act like its not gna happen

    • Actually

      Actually it is completely cancelled. It was bullshit attempt to make it 2 weeks later but probly cuz artists cant make it to a show 2 weeks alter they have completely cancelled the show. Serious fucking let down

    • DeThrone

      @McCOdy47-- I hear ya man, I'm not trying to be over-dramatic, but this show was supposed to be on my birthday, I already took time off from work to go to Boston, and I unfortunately cannot make the 9/24 show due to prior obligations. This whole situation sucks and while the 'show must go on' I'm pissed that I have to refund my tix and wont be there.

    • you clown

      Not to mention its highly doubtful all 30 or whatever number artists are going to be able to make a date two weeks from their originally scheduled date... This blows

    • you clown

      I live in boston and this is still ridiculous; check out the RTB facebook page. People are coming from australia and other states and all their airfare and hotels were paid for for this one specific date that was changed THREE DAYS before the festival. Fucking absurd

  • DeThrone

    Guerrilla Union is out of their minds. How do you justify postponing 3 days before the show? What are people supposed to do about air fare, hotels, etc.? How did you not see these "scheduling conflicts" earlier? I have a feeling that they knew about the scheduling conflict from day 1, explaining why all of the shows were scheduled EXCEPT for the Boston one. While every show's tickets were on sale for weeks if not months, the Boston show just said, "Info coming soon" GU knew there were conflicts and chose to move forward with booking the venue anyways. This was going to be my first RTB experience, which now wont be happening, and thanks to GU's piss poor event management, I don't think I will ever give them my money again.

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