Drake Is "80 Percent Done" With "Take Care," Talks Recording In Toronto, Canada

Drizzy explains why being in his native city helped him feel more comfortable with his music.

Drake is currently gearing up for the release of his sophomore album Take Care, which he claims is “80 percent done.” Speaking with Hip Hollywood, Drizzy explained that he’s the “most confident I’ve ever been” with the album, which benefitted from him recording in his native Toronto, Canada.

“I’ve been in Toronto the longest time since I started my career, I’ve been there for four months. The album is a genuine reflection of my life past and my life present, and I have a line on the album where I say, ‘I feel like I was numb to it last year, but I think I feel it now more than ever,’” he said. “That’s the best way I can paint the picture for you for this album. I got to reconnect with a lot of people I haven’t seen in years, I got to see my family a lot, it stirred up a lot of emotions that I probably wouldn’t have had if I’d been on the road traveling everywhere. It’s almost there. I got some great things, I’m very excited. I’m most confident I’ve ever been, including So Far Gone, including any mixtape.”

Take Care is due in stores on October 24th.

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    Most of the shit is leaked already...

    • Anonymous

      forgot about Last Night and Keshia Interlude

    • Anonymous

      no its not. Marvins room is a bonus song and headlines is the first single. Dreams money can buy may be a bonus song as well, and trust issues isnt gonna be on there. So what are you talking about?

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