Chino XL Talks "The RICANstruction: The Black Rosary," Album Sales & More

XL chops it up about why he has never been about the platinum records and why he's "used to people catching up" to what he does.

Fans eagirly anticipating Chino XL's The RICANstruction: The Black Rosary won't have to wait long as the emcee is gearing to drop the album soon. The long awaited album will feature work from Chino XL that he says is his greatest yet. During a recent interview with Truth505, the New York emcee spoke about the new disc, his goals with music and why he felt his mind became the mind of an English professor. 

"For sure, lyrically, production wise, sonically, it's my best one ever," he said, when speaking of his latest work. "I pushed myself to a limit to where my mind was an English professor."

Chino then added that he did more work with this album and that he's proud of the work he's completed. Tying that in with his past releases, Chino explained that his work has never been exclusively about the money or the album sales. While acknowledging that people need to make money to make a living, he also noted that it's important to him that his craft be center stage. 

"I never got into this music to get rich. When I first started, the music that I was influenced by, the people were not rich," he added. "I kind of enjoy being an artist that, you're not my fan or my supporter by accident. You can't find my records in half of the places. You don't become a Chino supporter because it's a cool thing. Luckily, I'm in a position in my life where I don't have to do too many things that I don't want to do financially." 

Moving onto The RICANstruction, XL spoke on the way he might drop this album on the people, saying he's used to the masses not fully understanding him.

"The single I just dropped, I was waiting on iTunes for it to happen and I just gave it to the people. The album might have to be the same way. I just hope that people support it so that we could keep moving on. If they don't, I'm used to people catching up to what it is that I do. I'm okay with that." 

For more from the interview, check the video below. 



  • Felicia Alima

    Also check out this Chino XL collab on "Trade"!

  • Hash

    In the still from that video, Chino looks like a wrestler.

  • Gunn Starr

    Beeen following this dude since art of origin 92. He should kick em's ass for jacking his flow. always a big fan of this man. looking forward to the album

  • Anonymous

    LOL it's funny how Tupac stans still hate on Chino even though Chino said this back in the day: "Well I’ve never had beef. Like with 2Pac it was nothing personal from my end. I didn’t have a problem with him you know. In my neighborhood if you got beef with somebody son, you go to the Super Market and you might get fucked up. It was never like that. Personally, I wasn't trying to go there with him. It was just some lyric shxt to me, so it was never nothing like that. But as far as beef in general, I don’t think battling is bad for the art form, it’s kinda where it came from. Hip-Hop, as you know, basically was born in the South Bronx and it was from a gang called the “Black Spades”, which became the “Spades”, that then became the “Zulu Nation”. Afrika Bambaataa said "We’re gonna battle rhyming, we’re gonna battle breaking, we’re gonna use our art to compete with one another. So it stopped all the gang shit that was going on in the South Bronx at the time. It’s a way to get angst out, I mean you rhyming all your frustration against the person. It’s competitive nature , people are competitive. Like Peacocks try to have the best colors against one another. But when you have people who can’t rhyme, and have to resort to “I’mma kill this person, and I’mma beat the shxt outta you” because they just can’t rhyme, I think that’s bad. So, if people can’t battle rhyme, I don’t think they should even get into it. Cause you don’t need to be sitting somewhere trying to have a good function, and MF’s start fighting and shooting. It’s ridiculous, I mean you got millionaires arguing, what the fuck you arguing about?" Plus Chino and the Outlawz squashed their beef as well. So stop hating on Chino just for that. It's silly. The guy's one of the most talented MC's out there. Looking forward to this album.

    • G MON

      Yah that beef was bullshit. I think what caused it was one line by Chino that Pac got all butthurt about. I believe it was a line saying your gonna get fucked like 2pac in prison ... Pac yelled back at him on Bomb First and thats about it. Not much of a beef at all.

  • insanemacbeth

    CHINO XL = a don lyricist.

  • Swamp Thang

    "Chino XL.......f*ck you too!!!"

  • Anonymous

    I never knew how big this motherfucker was before this, holy shit its a good thing him and 2pac never ran in to each other when they was beefin cause this dude woulda beat his skinny ass to death with them hulk hogan "pythons" and shit, lol

  • R2die

    I see Chino been killin it in the Gym lol nway man i cant wait any longer for the album

  • Nico 3

    Your shit is gonna flop steroid boy.

    • Anonymous

      Who Doesnt flop nowadays besides Wayne, Jay & Em?? Your biggest rappers all over the radio barely go gold anymore Chino probably makes plenty of money doing other shit anyway, thats why he only drops an album every 5 years

  • G MON

    Chino has been killin it since 1996. One of the best lyricist ever. This album will be fuckin insane.

    • HipHop

      EXACTLY. I can't wait for this. If you listened closely to a similar artist, who goes by the name of Vakill and especially his latest album, Armor Of God, you can bet that he has the mind of an English professor. It's still street rap, but how beautiful it was done, is something else. The concepts, how he executed them, the vivid poetry, the usage of the language, the mastering of it, the vocabulary of a college grad, how carefully he places words and how he changes the tone of his delivery, the countless double-meanings that fit perfectly into the context of the song, some of the most well thought out punchlines ever revolved around endless rhymes chains that are unmatched in terms of complexity, it's just unblievable. He has the rhyming skills of Eminem and Crooked I and the poetical beauty of Nas and Common. Dude is the street's voice, best rhyming poet I've ever heard, such an amazing wordsmith who chooses some of the best Hip Hop and still versatile beats out there, I can't believe how someone who's sooo talented can be so unknown. He dropped 3 front to back classics. It's hard to believe, but he's an even better wordsmith than Lupe Fiasco, he is Chicago's true icon.

  • Damn

    Look at this nigga's arms..Holy shit.

  • dirty

    Oh yeah! Thats where its at! I know I am!

  • Anonymous

    One of the dopest MC out there, also one of the most under rated one too, the cat is Nice, check his Lyrical skills and ryhms flow

  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    haha, he stopped sayin "exactly" after chino mensioned him sayin it too much before he finishes talkin...

  • slimm

    chino is ill he is the blue print to em he originated the wild insane flow em should do a track with him chino goes hard from the frist time i heard him check his catalog dope m.c

  • Anonymous

    dude will lyrically kill your favorite rapper.

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