Young Jeezy Speaks On "TM103" Guest Features, Reflects On State Of Hip Hop

Jizzle weighs in on how the game has changed since his dropped his 2005 debut.

Young Jeezy is currently gearing up for the release of his oft-delayed album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, dropping September 20th. During an interview with Richmond, Virginia’s 92.1 FM, the Snowman revealed that the LP has only a few guest appearances so that the music can be “timeless.”

“I did a lot of joints by myself. I got a few guest appearances on there. I don’t want to let the cat out the bag,” he said. “I try to do timeless music. I feel like this is one of those albums that’s going to be timeless. That’s why I try to make sure the features made all the sense in the world.”

He also reflected on the state of Hip Hop, noting how the game has changed since he dropped his 2005 debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

“It’s definitely a different game than five, six years ago. It’s more of a hustler’s game now. I feel like the streets is rap these days. It’s like being on the block in the cars. As far as music goes, I don’t think the corporate world understands this is our culture. Music connects the dots, it’s around the world, it’s a universal language. Sometimes, the executives try to take advantage of the culture. It ain’t a day job, this is real life.”

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  • Dessalines Isaac

    Jeezy will most likely put Emenim on his next album...he claims to be street but when BMF and Bleu Davinchis got locked up he was clean as a whistle....that's why Pimp C called him out and Jeezy bowed down like a bitch.

  • Dessalines Isaac

    The "real nigga" gimmick is old. Gucci Mane murked Jeezy's goon and CTE affiliates get knocked out daily and the footage is on YouTube. The white Crip named Whyte calls Jeezy a nigga to his face and this lame was in love with Klohe Kardashian before she broke his heart for Lamar Odom.

  • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

    not a hater at all jeezy was the man when he first came on the seen in 2005-2009 the rap game changed jeezy a real nigga and this and that but don't nobody wanna hear that dope street shit all day especially from this nigga he need to switch it up this cd going gold at best mixtapes was alright at best.. no good singles

  • Keith House

    Jeezy is my nigga an he will never fall off he doesn't need to be like Wayne an Ross my nigga Jeezy is strret an he's always going to keep it street everybody will see September 20

  • anonymous

    Jeezy i fuck wit chu my nigga but u fell off. U need 2 do like Wayne or Ross & build a winning team bra. Take a group of young niggas and creat a brand name for them my G.

  • Anonymous

    the real is backkkk

  • dirty

    Oh yeah! Jeezy definitely DRITS!! Thats where its at! i know i am!

  • J.O.

    State of Hip Hop? kill dat noise, everybody dont give a shit cuz hip hop aint goin anywhere. lets ban Soulja Boy for dissin the people who sacrifice lives so we can live free. Lets stop acting like Lil Wayne is a lyrical god when he curses more than he rhymes. Lets stop acting like Nas and Jay are not relevant, and let's get back to lyrics. T.I. is the King of the South not weezy, jeezy, gucci, flocka....he has lyrics..rap is just lame but it aint going anywhere. Just a matter of opinion

    • DLamb DaVinci

      Hip-Hop is very much alive, it's just underground...The independent scene is killing...U got artists like Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick lamar, Smoke DZA, Mac Miller...The list goes on and on man...The mainstram is just played-out for the most part

    • Hip Hop Head

      Why u gonna call Scarface king of the south when Scarface HIMSELF claimed T.I. king of the south? Cmon foo' get ya facts straight. T.I. is dope, one of the realist niggas in the game. The arrests keep fuckin' 'em up. Jeezy wont fall if. If he were to fall off he wouldve BEEN fallen off already. People dont wanna hear that hood shit u said? Then WHY do people still listen to garbage ass "trap" rappers like Gucci & Flocka?? Jeezy gives u that real shit. Fuck watcha heard.

    • Anonymous

      Scarface is the king of the south, he has true rhymes and makes pure hip hop. Compare T.I.'s lyrics to the rhymes of Scarface and get real. T.I. ain't bad, I'm not gonna lie, but nothing more than mediocre. The crown belongs to Scarface. cars. ''As far as music goes, I don’t think the corporate world understands...'' LMAO @ this coming from one of the most commerical trend and pop rappers of all, what makes it all the more pathetic and ridiculous, is that he says something like this at the end of his career, trying to gain real fans. Worst promo I've ever seen.


      Yo dude I totally agree. Amen!!

  • Vegard Møller

    20th september? I'm sorry bit this will surely flop

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