DMX Already Recorded A New Album Since Prison Release

Dark Man X has amassed enough material for his next album, which doesn't yet have a label home.

DMX has been out of prison for a little more than a month, but he’s already amassed enough material to make up his next album. Speaking with Dallas, Texas’ 97.9 FM, Dark Man X revealed that he’s finished recording the new LP and is currently weighing his label options.

“Since I’ve been out, I recorded a whole new album,” said X, remaining mum on which label he’ll pick to release the offering. “Can’t really say yet.”

In the meantime, X has already performed three shows and is currently filming a reality show, which doesn’t yet have a name.

“Bringing the kids together, I got like 10 kids,” said X of the show’s focus, which includes his six different baby’s mamas. “Six different personalities. I talk to them.”

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  • John L.

    if no takers D, try them dude's from Cleveland Bone Thug's N Harmony, maybe they'll get you, they've been around, etc, and make great music with or without curse words:), go DMX, live life, prosper, you got at least one (1) white guy behind you:)! and not a slave driver neither, more like, I feel ya., love your music and lyrics, go DOG!

  • John L.

    DMX should be signed by Russell Simmons and Joey (DMC) just because, the same last name and been through alot,

  • Younng Scholar

    D.M.X i know you would come back one day.cause the game need real niggas like you,its to many fake ass rappa's here today so pleases put us back were we need to be.

  • X

    No "Walk With Me Now and You'll Fly With Me Later"? That sucks. :/

  • john

    I got all pac's albums and X's albums i dont only listen to keep ya head, cali love, change and hit em up i listen TO ALL OF HIS SONGS same with X's songs and dave chappelle i follow him alot funny and a person with alot to teach KILLUMINATI ALL DAY

  • john

    im not a computer nerd and i only love the real artists like 2pac dave chappelle and dmx peroid i realate to them from left to right... everyone that knows me always call me a grown man in a little man's body.

  • john

    im only 14 and i listen to dmx since he came out and i LOVE pacs shit and i hate lil wayne and all of the new bitches and i know lots of shit about the illuminati alot i research it so much.... i hope x's album is gonna sell alot fuck illuminati KILLluminati all day

  • Chucky D

    DMX is looking healthy, sounds good, seems level. I expect good things.

  • Anonymous

    illuminati what is that? can somebody tell me why the fuck they care about rap music?

  • Dave

    So DMX talks about releasing a new album and we get people talking about the illuminati and the government making us into slaves. Thanks to these comments, I'm retiring from all forums.

  • Mayo

    "I got like 10 kids" ...

  • Anonymous

    REALLY? The Illuminati was some-thing the government forged to shut ignorant people up when something 'suspicious' happened, such as in the 1970's blacks being heavily targeted by the cops. WAKE up you Illuminati fucks the government use religion and in general belief systems to WEAKEN YOU!

  • kingjye

    LMAO @ the camera man zooming in on ol girl's butt!

  • Anonymous

    The funny part is, some of the people who were DMX lovers back in the day who made him go platinum, are the same ones hatin on him now smh

    • SK

      I got nothing but love for his work then & now... We need to pray that he will come to his senses and make the right choices in life coz there is no other rapper who can bring out that hardcore rhymes for the eastcost like X do!

    • Anonymous are so disloyal nowadays, and that's why Hip-Hop is falling off.

  • Anonymous

    Come on X.. barely a month and you're done recording?what happened to artists taking their time with albums so it would be quality material coming out instead of putting out rushed bullshit? Watch this album be garbage.Probably rushing so he can get an advance to buy rocks...I was looking forward to this album too..smfh

    • uncle X

      some fellas really dont know dmx...or rappers...and when u see they bop their heads to some lil wayne shit u would think these guys ever listened to a jay pac nas or big shit....hell no...if u dont dig x dont come at with ur bull crap here...its rap we chat n not rnb

    • Andre

      DMX has had every one of his albums go platinum, If he says hes done with an album then he know what the fuck he's doing this dude knows what the fuck he wants. If its released this year im calling it the Album of the Year. This dude never comes out with a wack album.

    • SK

      @gerryd cuz stop waisting ur time trying to educate uneducated pricks. these fool dont think before they talk... that's why Hip Hop is do falling apart everyday...

    • gerryd

      I think the time spent in prison writing shit would be long enough to make an album in 1 month. Remember Tupac made the don killuminati in 7 days and that albums brilliant

  • Accept it

    DMX was the TRUTH back in the day. Now...... WHACK! 10 kids, in and out of jail?? Dude fell off BIG TIME!!!

    • uncle X

      and i thought rap was from the hood where the boyz mic checked about how they lived and grew up and who died n how...yo fada dat not beverly hills where a singer has one kid which sometimes aint theirs....the projects the coast da hype made rap

    • Deezy

      couldnt have said it better myself. lotsa kids and lotsa jail... yup sounds like a good rapper to me

    • Anonymous

      Lmfao ur comment makes noo all of a sudden he has 10 hes always had mad and out jail..hes been in and out of jail since 11..and the fuck his personal shit got to do with him as a rapper? People are so fucking dumb i swear

  • G MON

    one, two, X is coming for you..

  • Doug Nichols

    Retarded fucks whining about illuminati this and illuminati that. The members of the REAL illuminati (Isaac Newton and other geniuses of their time) must be rolling over in their graves to have some people associating wackass music acts with them.

  • ytoyyy

    DMX is a hip hop legend, Im excited to see him back. "Give em what they want!"

  • Anonymous

    I wish people would kill of that illuminati bull ..u believe in everything probably, tooth fairies, psycics,unicorns,leprechaun,aliens , the only thing u need to worry is how the government has control over you ..stop this non since rappers not apart of that

  • Anonymous

    i just hate the fact that i know all this about why rap has changed and being white and i know how the illuminati are changing shit. but ill have a young black guy push me away like i dont know shit when we should be working together against this illuminati shit.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop will never be what it was it was powerful and had a message and thats why these artists get approached by illuminati and are paid to rap what they want them to so now there is no more message behind the music. they shut tupac up and thats when the game changed. artists like him sold millions and now you got young kids sayinf shit like wayne is better than pac which is redicoulous

    • Anonymous

      youtube it artists talk about how people come to them and offer them money to change their lyrics its not bullshit its serious man you need to think outside the box

  • Anonymous

    the sad thing is is that his album will be tight and us older heads will love it cause it has storylines and actual character besides the shit you hear nowadays.but it wont sell because that not what the illuminati has kids listening to now.

  • shane

    Wow four straight comments and no hater bullshit. i wonder who produced the songs he's talking about.

  • BIG


  • m.i.

    tell em x! let them lil mutherfuckers who nthng bout rap say ur irrelevant!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Its not a fucking game! one of the last few real raw lyricists out there man it's good to have him back.

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