Mavado Signs To DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group

The Jamaican musician is the latest to join the house that Khaled built.

Mavado took to the New York City, New York airwaves earlier today to announce his signing to DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group. Speaking with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, the Jamaican singer appeared to break the news, with the Miami, Florida DJ hopping on the phone to make the announcement.

“That’s right, New York City! Mavado is officially signed to We The Best Music Group," exclaimed Khaled. Mavado’s part of the family, part of the brand. It’s about to be an expansion to the movement. It’s going to be a movie, you feel me? I’m really excited about this because my roots and where I come from, I’ve known Mavado since before he was Mavado. Mavado always puts great music out, and I just want to add more to it, add some steroids to it.”

Listen to the audio stream below, courtesy of

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  • mustapha ibrahim kamara

    hope we all are the best

  • mustapha ibrahim kamara

    ooh yes and glad to be friend of the best click in the world and am in Freetown Sierra Leone. DONS CRAK is my Click, while am da 5 star leading the click and we will like to be friends with u guys.with love

  • Corey Steir

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  • WeTheWorst

    Khaled can't even bring his own s*** to the masses.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, that's real dope. This cat is my favorite reggae artist and even tho I'm not down with Khaled like that, Ace hood is in that group n he still making some nice songs so Mavado can do the same. Yea I wanna see how it turns out anyway, maybe they'll do some great collabos.

  • i used to like you but..

    cant fuck wit that shit khalad does, fuck him and we the worst poopy soup... mavado you just shat on your on career.

  • Anonymous

    Khaleds from Jamaica now? He went to high school in orlando.

  • tah

    Good, bring that reggae vibe to the masses. Movado should be one of the main big dog artist's in the world, and beating Elvis in sound scan numbers...Bring real music to the world center stage and out with Lady Gaga

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