DMX Brings Out Scarface At Concert In Houston, Texas

Both rappers, recently liberated from prison, graced the stage at Houston's House of Blues last night.

Recently released from jail himself, DMX brought out the freshly liberated Scarface during his second post-prison concert last night at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas. ‘Face, who stood by X’s side during a prayer, promised that he’ll be coming with some “real Geto Boys stuff in a minute.”

“We here. You cannot blame that on science, God did that,” said Scarface. “We gon’ come back with some real Geto Boys stuff in a minute. And we gon’ let DMX rap. I’ma leave y’all with that, but like I said, go see God before he come see you. Aight?”

During the show, X performed cuts like “What These Bitches Want” and “Party Up” while shirtless, jumping into the crowd to pass around a bottle of Hennessy.

Watch clips of Scarface and DMX below, and read a review of the concert at Houston Press.

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