Royce Da 5'9 Updates On Slaughterhouse LP, Speaks On Origins Of Bad Meets Evil

Nickel Nine says that more than 20 songs have been recorded for his supergroup's Shady Records debut.

Royce Da 5'9 recently spoke on Slaughterhouse's upcoming Shady Records debut, explaining that the group is nearing the completion of the LP. During an interview with The Detroit Free Press, Nickel Nine revealed that he, Joe Budden, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz have laid down more than 20 songs and that they're close to crossing the finish line.

"I can't really give too many details about that, because I don't really know what we're using," he said. "But we've been in with a lot of big-time producers. But I think after one or two more trips we'll have more of an idea what songs we're using. ... We've got over 20 songs done already and we're probably only gonna use probably 13. So we're in a good place with that album."

He also spoke on how "I'm On Everything" was originally intended for his latest solo release Success is Certain. After recording the cut, he brought the track to Eminem and laid down verses, which snowballed into the duo working on Bad Meets Evil's recent EP, Hell the Sequel.

"With the song 'I'm On Everything' -- I originally started that for 'Success Is Certain.' I wanted Marshall to get on there and just rhyme a verse, so I took it to him and asked him if he would get on it. He took it home and wrote to it and laid a verse to it. The song still seemed kind of short, so we agreed that we'd go in and do a third verse together, we'd split a third verse. We basically ended up in there and going back and forth, kept passing words back and forth to each other. We felt like we were doing a crossword puzzle and it was real fun.

"That's kinda like what spawned us doing more work and that ended up turning into the project, what you know as 'Hell: The Sequel.' But we didn't start off, like, 'Yo, let's go in and do an EP.' It was like, we looked up and we had four or five songs, because we just agreed that anytime we had stuff at that time we would just work with each other. That one song sparked the whole project."

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  • G MON

    Sick, SlaughterHouse is dope, still got tracks hanging around my Ipod from thier last CD. Thats how u know, when you can listen to the same songs for years and they are still sick everytime .. Sound off, cuckoo, not tonight, microphone, rain drops .. all fuckin dope songs and even the mixtape they dropped was sick

  • SH

    listen up guys...all the fuckin hate comes from kids...Slaughterhouse is for grown ppl who still like hiphop...they hate cuz they dont understand REALNESS,they think Young Money and OF are real..they live in a fake world...period...What happend to the phrase "Keep it real" ??

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    SLAUGTHERHOOOOUUUUSSSE!!!!! Hope the energy does not get cut down to a minimum, these guys deserve success. What they let out on mixtapes etc the last years was real good shit for the ears. Eminem should stay off that album, cause he yells more than he rhymes these days. Sounds like someone is standing on his balls.

  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    if u are not a slaughterhouse fan... at lease admit that they got skills.. and if u disagree then you dont know whats good music...

  • Ganjarelli

    Every one of you fuckin haters can eat a dick, you ignorant ass faggots. Talkin shit shows how stupid you are. I always wonder why only a small percentage get the deep lyrics that some of these lyrical dudes use. I listened to that How to Love shit. #8 and climbing? I mean, I'm not gonna hate on Wayne, he got his own flow, and the acoustics are awesome, but that shit is mad simple repetative. Don't hate if you're too dumb too keep up with the flow, fags probably hatin on Tech N9ne as well, just cause it takes you a while to disect and examine some of the rhymes these guys use. Crooked I and Joell are at the top of their game (Crook personally gets my vote for runner up GOAT status, he has some of the most meticulously crafted bars I've ever heard) the wordplay is on another level. Royce got that mad flow, I cant really compare to the others, but he's still a fuckin beast. Even Joe Budden has made great shit, although I prefer his solo efforts to his work in the group. Blood on the Wall, Exxxes, Downfall, Hello Expectations and Pray For Me are just a few of my favorites. Joey is the kind of rapper that speaks to your feelings, then gets labeled emo by more hatin bitches that probably didn't get enough hugs from their parents. And one last thing. If the best insult you can come up with is removing the S from the band name the laughs on you. Now that must take a fairly low IQ. "I learned awhile ago to hide power from you, I should just put it in a book, You illiterate parasites, I'll kill you everytime Throw a nigga body round the room, Have a nigga lookin like Jamirouquai," - Royce Da 5'9"

  • acedawon

    Im really happy for SH. If they got to do a song with and R&B or pop star so be it. it wont be a sellout move but them dumbing down there lyrics in the process of doing it will. Remember Rapping is a Job or did you forget people. They got to eat and make money. Not every Rapper that is super lyrical wants to be poor and just relying on tours, they want to make it and have radio hits with out selling out. But thats not always the case.

    • Anonymous

      Cina listen to Loud Noises 2.0 boys and session one. Slaughterhouse is even better on Shady.

    • Cinavenom

      I have always loved SH but I am affraid that them signing with shady is bad news. I just hope they don't start make the same corny ass music that Em makes.

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing how ignorant you people are. Or maybe you're just trolling. Your loss tho, looking forward to this album, Slaughterhouse over dope production sounds amazing. Btw, it's been stated multiple times that this album will be more introspective. And to those who say they can't write songs... you can't be listening to the same shit I am. FOH

  • Neck Tattoo

    Royce is technique without substance or charisma; I'd almost say he's the weak like in LAUGHTERHOUSE except Joell is even worse, maybe the worst whining VOICE in hip-hop 2011.

  • Aim80

    SLAUGHTERHOUUUUSE!!! I'm just stoked that Crooked I is finally gonna get the exposure he needs and deserves. I've been saying he's the best in the West since '98 (when i first heard him, I'm sure he's been ill longer than that though). All these wack ass rappers that are ruling the airwaves and video shows right now (and have been for the last decade) better cover their heads, Shady Records as a whole is about to shit alllll over 'em! Killuminati is here, yea.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna be incredible can't wait. Oh and all the people (or rather the one person) attacking them for being battle rappers... first off they said they'd be more meaningful and creative on this.. second off whats wrong with battle rap?

    • Anonymous

      Like i said they're going to take a more creative and meaningful approach this time.

    • Anonymous

      Battle rap is pure formula, if you've heard it once you've heard it 1000x and if you like that... okay, jerking off for the 1000th time is about as fun as the first but so what, we're not pretending you are king of jerkoffs either, let alone trying to sell it as "real" anything. LAUGHTERHOUSE are real desperate to convince you battle rap nerds you're having fun, I'll grant them that.

  • Anonymous

    Miles Davis, Malcolm X, Langston Hughes and Gil-Scott Heron had how many neck tattoos, combined? Royce Da' 59 IQ says... huh?

  • jaceshadoe

    glad to hear. first album was dope as fuck.......but needed some more pro.produders on it.........hope album has more then 13 tracks thou. SHADYHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!best lyricist n the game!

  • anon

    20 songs? 20 songs worth of shit.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for the album, good year in hip hop so many good albums that came out. 2000-2010 worst decade in hip hop

  • stephan

    All the people here saying laughterhouse are probably lil wayne fans.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Royce Da 59 IQ has very impressive neck tattoos... Q: how come so few people, as usual, bought his dogshit solo?

    • Doug Nichols

      When's the last time an artist not named Tech N9ne released an album independently and pushed major units? Selling albums has a lot more to do with marketing, distribution, and exposure, then it does with the actual music.

  • David Ruffin


  • David Ruffin

    Nice that Em lets the House Negro speak-- I couldn't even see the puppet strings this time, nice. LAUGHTERHOUSE are straight trash, however: four retards who can't write a song to save their battle rap nerd asses.

    • LiQuid

      Don't forget to go to bed before 8pm little boy, and I dont want to LISTEN to any of your mainstream hip pop bullshit! you hear! Now obey your mom or no breast milk for you tonight!

    • justb94

      you really have NO FUCKING CLUE about anything if you haven't listened to at least ONE Joe Budden Mood Music Volumes...end of story

    • David Ruffin Gets BUTT-FUCKED

      David Ruffin, Take your Carter IV Album and shove it right up your ass you mainstream junkie.Have a nice Day!!!!!!!!

  • 7Cities

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!! -they should get as much publicity and marketing out of this Shady deal...THEN go back to an indie label to get more money and make music for thier core -most "hip-hop" fans are too stoopid for SlaughterHouse (Lupe, Elzhi, Jay Elec, Kendrick Lamar, ect) they don't rap about selling drugs, materialism and violence in EVERY song

  • Anonymous

    I love slaughterhouse real hip hop, real lyricism man too many pop rappers out there nowadays. one crooked i song has more lyrical content than an entire rick ross album, real talk!

    • Anonymous

      T.I. and Young jeezy can outdo rick ross

    • Kendall Walters

      or Bun B

    • vg

      i agree Ross can spit, on the Free Mason I thought he was basic with his Lyrics and then read them and was impressed

    • 7Cities

      I agree, for a "mainstream" rapper who gets radio play, Rick Ross is among the nicest dudes from down South and overall in the game...he makes dumbed-down songs to get his money, BUT he has held his own with: Nas, Jay-Z, Raekwon, Styles P, Wale, Jadakiss and other respected MCs! Ludacris probably the only Southern mainstream dude that can outflow Rozay...(shouts to: Killer Mike, Little Brother, Big Boi, Jay Electronica, Dre 3000, Nappy Roots, J. Cole, Clipse) for being Southern MCs

    • Anonymous

      why would u say a Rick Ross album, hes not a bad lyricist. Could have said Gucci or Waka Fuk-tard

  • Eddy

    In this age of blandness and un-originality it's difficult to make a large album that holds the listener all the way through (Take R.E.D. as the latest example). Around 15 tracks is perfect I think, especially for a group who tend to stay away from stories/emotion etc (Sadly), but hopefully that will change.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ thats true they also gave you a hint when they came out with "rain drops"

    • b

      Actually, Crook said they would have deeper/more emotional/conceptual songs instead of the usual braggadocio raps. Also, dont forget its gonna be about 4 or more guys on each track rappings, then factor in hooks and you easily got tracks reaching 5+min. So 13 tracks at at least 4min is an average length album.

  • war22

    hope the album will have more then 18 songs on it ...

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