V-Nasty To Stop Using Using The N-Word

The White Girl Mob's most controversial member V-Nasty says she'll stop saying the n-word in her music

Although Kreayshawn's tiff with Rick Ross at the VMAs may have earned her White Girl Mob crew notoriety this past week, it was associate V-Nasty's unapologetic use of the n-word that may have gained the Cali collective the most amount of infamy. Now, in a surprising turn of events, V-Nasty says that she will now stop using the controversial word in her music as well as her daily life.

In a recent video from Persona Magazine, V-Nasty explained how being raised in an impoverished section of Oakland gave her the impression that it was okay to use the n-word. As she and her White Girl Mob partners gained a larger buzz, however, she quickly learned that people from outside the Bay weren't be so accepting of her use of the word.

"I'm even thinking about giving up [saying the n-word]," she said. "I'm not faking [when I say it]...It's diversity...It's crazy because I'll be with my partners doing my everyday thing, but now, everybody's making it known, like, 'Oh, she said the n-word and she's white.' Now, I'm seeing that it's different other places, so when I'm in the hood with my best friend...I shouldn't even being thinking about that shit. They the ones making me think about that shit, bruh. I wasn't raised off no colors or nothing, bruh...I ain't racist."

Fellow Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. also chimed in on the issue. Although he doesn't defend her use of the word, he says that he recognizes the racially neutral context in which she said it. He added that many people of different races in Oakland use the n-word in an affectionate manner, and that V-Nasty's detractors shouldn't be that naive in thinking that some people of other races from their respective hometowns aren't using the word in a non-racial manner as well.

"At the end of the day, if we're talking about abolishing this word, then that's something I can humble myself to. But if we're talking about who can say [it], then we've got a whole lot of fighting to do," he said. "Along today's line of activism...Whites, Mexicans, Latins, Filipinos, Samoans, anybody else says 'nigga' more than African-Americans do. You could be like this, 'You was at Sea World the other day? You see Seamu? That nigga Seamu is a fool'...where it's like, 'Oh, I'm racist for calling the whale a nigga?'"

He added, "What makes me mad is mothafuckas acting like it don't go on. We from Oakland, this shit goes on, like every corner we've got a Mexican on the corner like, 'Oh, what's up my nigga?'...The Afghan at the store, 'Oh my cousin, what's up my nigga?' Mothafuckas acting like this shit don't go on. This shit goes on on the regular...At the end of the day, [V-Nasty's] not a racist. It's up to us to show the difference because [she] ain't never left Oakland...[and she's] thinking this shit goes on in every hood."

This isn't the first time Fabby Davis, Jr. has spoken up for V-Nasty and the White Girl Mob. The Bay Area rapper also backed her up this past June, saying that not only does Oakland have a different racial environment, but that V-Nasty's street cred authenticates her usage of the word. 

The full video can be seen below.

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  • cherese

    who gives a damn. what we need to do is focus on the niggas bringing down our communities.

  • ?

    Hip hop loses more credibility. Goofy hipster white bitches rapping now? And these whores have enough fans to have fools talking about them on the web. FUCKING SAD.

  • reddyboy

    So is it OK for an Italian to say "nigga"? Can he say, "Cracker"? "Spic" "Chink"? Can a black say "Honky, as in"you pretty fly for a honky?"" or is it Ok for a black to call a white a "Whigger?" Can a Japanese person say, "Uncle Tom"? Can a white person call Herman Cain a "Step n' Fetch it?" Anybody 'round here heard of Lenny Bruce and his monologue on racial name calling , BTW?

  • Nam

    LOL who cares about oakland that aint no hood go down to Dallas Texas and try saying nig to a crowd of black folks and see what happens to your ass in the end of the day.

  • John

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  • Anti-Matter

    I don’t give a fuck if you are Asian, Non-Black Hispanic/Spanish, or Non-Black Arab or what ever other Non-Black bastardized race you are.. You do not have a right to say the N-Word because you don’t catch the hell that Black people receive in the world nor do you have to walk in our shoes on a daily basis. Non-Blacks always treat Black people bad/exploite Blacks and White people have a constant track record of practice racism/white supremacy and mistreating Black people. So if yo ass is not Black don’t ever feel too comfortable to be slinging the N bomb around like its all cool cuz many of us Blacks don’t play dat BS…

    • Anonymous

      Where in the U.S. constitution does it say any other race than blacks can say the n-word. I can say it if i want.

    • reddyboy

      So if I am 1/2 black, do I have 1/2 the right to use the word? Do I get 1/2 a beat down for saying it? You gonna be the one to declare how "black" a person is? You make no dam' sense.


      If you are Non-Black and I catch you using the N word I will 1st correct you & warn you only once, but after that its gonna be some problems that you don’t wanna see. Trust… If you Black and you use the N word around me I am very merciful but I will correct/warn you all the time, but most black folks dont use it around me cuz they know how I roll and they dont wanna hear me kick knowledge.

  • jay

    where im from- blacks call blacks nigga indians call indians nigga latinos call blacks nigga blacks call whites nigga and nobody cares. So why do people act all surprised when a white person starts using it?? Make up yur mind people!!! either the word is offensive or it isnt. either dont use it at all or expect everyone to toss it around

  • Phylicia Sampson

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  • LOL QQ

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  • lucifers goat



    I'm black I don't give a fuck the world's tough deal with it.

    • Anonymous

      If you got a problem with it talk to her not me smart ass I don't suck no ones dick.

    • The Truth

      No your a coon/uncle tom. A black person is not cool with It, unless contextual. There were videos flying around of her shouting angrily at a black person using the term. So in that context Its definitely not cool.

  • goose

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  • goose

    I just wanna know why everybody wanna be and/or act black? Until they get treated like they're black then its like, "Damn, this shit aint cool... How in the fuck yall do this shit ev---ry---damn---day!?" Yeah my nigga, even the balck man catches the wrath 2.. "BE YOURSELF!!!!!" Whodini ft Millie Jackson.

  • C

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    • frankie is a bitch ass fuck

      actually franki...e look the word in the dictionary - Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a. a black person. b. a member of any dark-skinned people. 2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, IGNORANT, etc. YOU go open a book you dumb fuck, i knew what the real meaning of nigger meant when i was a little kid, kill yourself faggot

    • Frankie

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  • Real Talk

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  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    what a dumb bitch... its different when a white person says the word nigga than a hispanic, or any other ethnicity thats not caucasian, cause the whites back in the days came with the word "nigger" which is racists towards blacks. blacks in the hip-hop industry back in the days, invented the word "nigga" as a positive term of callin blacks... nigger = negative, nigga = positive... BUT, blacks don't really get offended when someone thats not white says it, cause they, or their ancestors, didn't come up with the word "nigger", the whites did... even though the whites now has nuttin to do with usin "nigger", what makes it bad is that is their ancestors that uses it, so a black person wouldn't know if that perticular white person is brought up around racism in their fam... just had to explain it for those who don't understand the difference with a white person sayin it, and any other nationality sayin it... too much ignorance, i say fuck rasicm.

    • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

      Lmao... damn! Man this is online n e way so it ain't nuttin personal. I was just sayin my opinion in why is different when a white person says it. Now, if I been called a spic, fuck yea I'ma get offended, cause thats a negative term towards hispanics... u see hispanics callin each other "yo what up spic!!" haaaa... wtf?!? hell fuck nooo... u don't see blacks callin each other nigger, they say nigga... some of u guys r definitely slow as fuck.

    • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

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    • Richard Powell

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    • DL Dub

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    • Wetback

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  • wishworks

    at the end of the day NIGGA PLEASE, 400 + years will never be forgot, this is what fucks me up most about today's generation, no knowledge of self, if you had any, you would know that this is no term of endearment. And just because your friends wit black folks and you listen to hip hop , it does mean you can say this word, that some people still to this day still feel hatred when others people use it. JUST STOP

    • Jesus

      Calm the fuck down. You act like it happened to YOU, in YOUR lifetime. Thats what gets me most, so many people dont WANT to move on. They dont realise that they are only holding back from progressing and making things better. Jews have moved on more in 60 years than you'd have me believe black people have in 400. You make me want to pass you a tissue.

  • DJ_Frey

    Is it possible for someone to get her to stop rapping now as well?

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  • (. j) a v i e r

    You could be like this, 'You was at Sea World the other day? You see Seamu? That nigga Seamu is a fool'...where it's like, 'Oh, I'm racist for calling the whale a nigga?'" That was hilarious, lololol.

  • Anonymous

    Mistah Fab and the other people in that video have to be some of the most misguided people in America.

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  • The B

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Jake

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  • eltee87

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  • Anonymous

    this shouldn't have been a problem in the first place, a lot of white rappers have been raised in poverty among many african-americans, and they know not use that word

    • Anonymous

      Eminem was raised in Detroit and he never said nigga publicly im sure he says it to his friends like royce da 59 and all of them but he knows when not to say it

    • Hjay080

      What white rappers you talking about? Mac Miller, Kreayshawn, Machine Gun Kelly, Sam Adams etc. are all trustfund kids.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    White People are killing hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    why do niggas always count money on camera? And where's the boy with the bannana hat?

  • RIght On

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  • d

    Young people just take pleasure in saying vulgar words for no reason other than the fact that its vulgar. Sayin nigga in every day speech is like how evrybody says 'fuck' or 'shit' in regular conversation. Doesn't mean that the really mean what they're saying, they just say it to say it, which is really pretty stupid if you think about it.

  • tee-dogg

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  • Whateva People

    I'm black, and I don't know why I should care what V-Nasty is saying period. She's not racist, she may be stupid but she's not racist. Only insecure people get bent out of shape over this kind of bullshit. Let me know when she actually calls a brotha' a nigger then I MIGHT pay attention. But then again it's V-Nasty so remind me again why I should care.

  • @011781

    That bitch was raised around some straight up ratchett niggas, of course she's going to say the shit she grew up hearing and saying -- just like a person raised in the south is going to have an accent and say country ass shit. It's not like she just started speaking like some hood bitch out of nowhere and it's all a gimmick. She's a hot little bitch in that green fit though, by the way.

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  • Anonymous

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  • j. ambrose

    Man, fuck that bitch. What good is NOT using the word in your "music" if you continue to use it on open conversation? If you're going to be racist, be All The Way racist. Don't HALF-ass it. Moron.

  • Anonymous

    using using the n word? might wanna proofread your shit before posting

  • what?

    i know a lot of people that use the n word and are not black. a lot of islanders(samoan,tongans) rep that shit more then black people. black people dont say shit they scared of those big ass mother fuggers. i live in cali and that shit goes on all day in so cal.

    • what?

      im from karson piru im not bangin on hhdx just lettin you know

    • tee-dogg

      @What?..what part of cali you in? I'm in LA and hood dudes aint scared of nobody..now in long beach and carson there's a hand full of somoans and them other ones..but they live around and get a long with blacks..that's not the same as some little dumb ass white bitch sayin the N word because a couple of thirsty fools fucked the lil hoe..that bitch will get the brakes beat off her ass in LA sayin that shit..The Bay area is on some pimp/hyphy shit i guess..I dont know what the fuck Mista Fab is talking about..

    • what?

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    • Edubb

      That must be in Southern Cal. only let them big island muthafuckas come to a different part of the country talkin that nigga shit. Them big muathfuckas would get taught a lesson real quick!!

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    How is this news she shouldn't have been saying the word regardless but lets be real on the real reason she not saying it anymore. It isnt helping her sis career an it's fucking her up from touring wit her sis be real about shit we aint stupid. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success

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  • Edubb

    The word shouldn't be used at all by anyone period. With that said black people it starts with us because we have a tendency of using the word in public towards each other. When we use it on each other in public other races pick up on that and they think its cool to use that word. If we didn't use it in public towards each other then you wouldn't have silly white hoes like this idiot using the word and thinking its cool. It boils down to self awareness first, if our shit is not together how can you expect another race to respect us.

  • Dumb

    This b*tch is so dumb ! ANd she thinks she's a man WTF !

  • Anonymous

    The N-word is overused PERIOD , its something only white rappers can't say , ok but there are allota rappers puttin the cracker word in their sentences , like that isn't racist ? allota dudes are just hypocrites



    • AnthonyTheLittleWormBoy

      Knowledge is the key and a lot of people dont have knowledge of self. That is why there is so much ignorance being spread around by people like this v-nasty bitch.

    • cosign

      Most latinos are brainwashed to think white is better. Thats why they deny their blackness. They see those false white portraits of jesus and wrongly believe the son of God is white. It is all physcological. I had this one puerto rican dumbass on my job talking about he is not black he is puerto rican but he was straight up black looking he did not even looked mixed. what a tool that guy was. People need to study the history of their countries and islands and that will clear up what there heritage is.

  • RichFromNY

    The word doesn't have the same meaning to people under 30...they grew up hearing the word tossed around like it's nothing...black, white, asian or whatever...you can't get mad at people saying nigga if it's not used in the context of racism...not to mention that there are black people who use the word with the same venom as a racist...you can't tell me when you got 3 black dudes standing over another black dude screaming "fuck you nigga, you shit nigga, I'm gonna stomp you dead nigga" as they kick him the word isn't being used with the same level of hate as a racist uses it....hate is hate regardless of where it's coming from....as long as it's not being used to put someone down shouldn't really matter where it's coming from...

  • R.C.

    she knew she was wrong for that shit. but the label didnt care if she used it...says alot about them too. mistah fab's argument is true though. the argument of latino's saying it is true too but most latino's are of African descent. like when J.Lo said it, fat joe says it, nore, fab. but funny thing is they deny that their black sometimes. really nobody should use the word because the history that comes along with it. me myself i use the word daily so i cant really speak on others. and i'm african american and dominican. my mom hates the n word even though she's dominican...she still acknowledges that she's a BLACK woman.

  • bryan

    If ya dont want to hear the word Nigga...then stop using it in every rap song.Serisouly.I have zero problem with it. So is it wrong for a white person to sign the lyrics of their favorite artists? Is so,that artist should come out and say...:THIS MUSIC IS ONLY FOR BLACK PEOPLE,MY NIGGAS." But they dont cuz they wanna make money,soooo STFU if people use it cuz its in every song they listen to,NATURLLY your gonna repeat words you hear daily. DEAR LORD.Shit is soooo dumb.

  • someum for that

    i dont know who Fabby Davis, Jr is and i dont care, she can call this nigga, nigga all day if he want but when it come too me and my family listen to some record that white girl V-Nasty made calling out that word and getting paid off of it why dont you just brinig back slavery man, they use us then to make they money, now they trying to flip it around in 2011 and make, money again off of black people Help NO, i aint with it

  • chris

    It takes alot for someone to take a an objective view of their behavior, and than make changes based on their observation. I am not a fan of her music, but I do respect that she admitted her mistakes. It shows a level of maturity.

  • Hubert Jubberman

    How about we just lock her in a room with some 60's Black Panthers?

  • We are at War

    V-Nasty like a lot of "hood fellows" failed to realize those speakers/headphones magnify your knowledge or ignorance. Folk don't realize something is wrong until they shine in front of the masses. Traveling to other place besides the local liquor store helps though.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the Bay that music SUCKSSS makes the south look intellectual and shiz .rap juss sucks period... JETS > MUSIC INDUSTRY .BIG KRIT nice toooo

  • saint

    Is this news? Someone says that she won't say something anymore? What the fuck? I bet tomorrow when I come back they'll have an article: "Bitch says she'll shut the fuck up" and the day after that: "Nah she didn't"

  • M'Los Alexander

    We use towards each other everyday,so why get mad when others use it???

    • Anonymous

      nigger is very diffrent from nigga

    • Anonymous

      M'Los if that you pic it say it all you straight stupid. not to your history bro.

    • PayAttention

      you must have not paid attention in school, or ur just a dumb kid. do some research and learn about WHO owned slaves, and how white ppl called even asians, chinese niggers. if you weren't white, you were a nigger. plus the fact that it still exists today, so if one white person says it, its ok for the racist ppl to say it too...im not black, but im saying i would expect u to not get mad next time ur in the mall and the lady at footlocker calls u a nigger. wake up kid...it has historical relevance. it shits on hiphop as a whole in regards to historical relevance...think outside of music. wake up

  • Anonymous

    Don't stop saying the "N" word. I'm not going to stop saying it. NIGGA, NIGGER, NIGGUH

  • Anonymous

    the bitch got what she wanted.. attention.. i would NEVER have heard of her if not for this nonsense.. besides she cant rap, so why must we discuss her on a rap website?

  • Anonymous

    no 1 listens to her music anyways.. why does it matter what she says?

    • hiphophead

      VNASTY VNASTY V-NASTY..... Vagina Nasty you were not loved as a child... you don't have a Dad or mail figure to hold or protect you.. so you let niggas fuck you to make yourself feel better.. but deep down you feel worse... you arent laying anyone down... you dont have no choppas... yo u aint even have no friends... only people riden with you uses you.... maybe a brotha could respect your hustle if you werent so ignorant... you have to respect yourself before ANYONE will respect u...beeeeeeyotch!

    • Anonymous

      LOL vnasty, i would smash Vnasty and Kreayshawn

    • v-nasty

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    • MuddyDonut

      Not sure if serious...

    • BigBlackDirtyDude

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    • v-nasty


    • hiphophead

      VNASTY- you are a terriblt human being who doesnt feel good about herself... I bet you have no father and Daddy issues... very SAD.. I hope that you get some self esteem and start to feel good about yourself.. cuz your 15 minutes are UP!!!!!!!! NO-ONE on the West Coast is bumpen your music LMAO!!!!!

    • v-nasty


  • Anonymous

    Well if this rap thing doesn't work out, she certainly has a future as an internet troll.

  • Edi Kajmolli

    lol this bitch aint from oakland...

  • Anonymous

    These stupid ass mutherfuckers need to take a field trip to the deep south and they will know what the N word really means and how Afican Americans would react to it. It would not pretty for her little white ass.

  • DL Dub

    Once again I have to say that Mr. Fab means nothing to me. "Fabby" is his government name? Really Nigga? REALLY? The fuck makes you think I want to hear anything that you think is an intelligent argument to make Fabby? My guess is she probably stepped a pinky toe outside of her "hood" and it got smashed by somebody that heard her say nigga. And dont give me that bullshit "She didnt know it was wrong, she was raised on it." I was raised on the same hood movies she claims to have been raised on and yet somehow I knew it was wrong for white people to say nigga in any context. But whatever as long as she changes her tune, and fades back into obscurity I'm good.

  • Anonymous

    lets be real for a minute. The use of the word nigga should not even be the argument cause everybody uses it. The real issue is the fact that she thinks she is so down and knows the true struggle of black people, which she never will know. She wont know what its like to have your grandparents sit back and be called boy or girl, or have people snapping their fingers at them...she will never know the struggles of a true black person. And to anyone defending her use of that word is just as ignorant

    • Jermaine El Pistolero Nelson

      i agree with u,she's guilty of being a complete retard and the black people around her should of told her the magnitude of the word,not co-signed it....

  • Ganjarelli

    When I was thirteen, I used to skip school and hang out over a my homie Nate's house. He was the first person to introduce me to two great loves that still burn strong today. Hip-hop music and marijuana. We would chill, eatin coco-puffs and watchin cartoons gettin stoned of his dad's stash while I shoulda been in school. I got my shit back together eventually. Anyways, I think he loaned me The Chronic, (or may-be it was Doggystyle) I had to listen in secret so my parents didn't hear the lyrics and trip out. When I showed up one day for the usual routine and to return his CD, I greeted him at the door with the following. "What up, my nigga?" I promptly got socked in the mouth. We were still good friends after that, but he had to explain to me that it's just kind of a private word, I wasn't in the club, basically, and that I should just have the good decency not to use the word, on account of how some of my racist ancestors had done some fucked up shit, and that was his peoples way of turnin that negative shit around into something positive. I've respected my friends wishes over the years, and like someone pointed out about Chamillionaire, you don't really need to use the word, if you've got a large enough vocabulary, (cuz, homie, dude, bro, compadre) there are plenty of other options. I just don't understand how nobody told this chick the deal before now. P.S. : Nate, if you're reading this somehow, somewhere - What up homie? Hope things are goin good since I aint seen you in a minute. Please don't find me and punch me for my indiscretion above. I'll try to do it the least amount possible, aside from singing alone in the shower. Peace.

  • StupidIlluminatiRobot


  • Orlando Jay Brutus

    honestly shes run a the mil and whoever is producing for her is just using her and 15 mins of fame

  • Anonymous

    real talks me and my niggas bum rushed this bra and her CALIHOODRATS @ the park. We smashed the place and i jizzed right on her gap tooth mouth

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Just give her the dick, not the mic. Its useless to announce shit like this just to show she is not racist. Just dont use the word, bitch! Dont give interviews! And why is HipHopDX giving this bitch a platform for this bullshit? Just dont use the word, fuckers! Look at "Chamillionaire"; he can make albums without that word and can still get his point accross, fuckers! Fuck this bitch!

    • 905

      Hip-Hop is hypocritical at best. You got rap cats goin' around saying bitch, cracker, faggot, and whatever the fuck else. Meanwhile people are trippin' cause she says nigga. The fuck outta here. How can you be so "forward thinking" while at the same time bashing homosexuals. This worlds a trip.

    • Anonymous

      why are they giving her a platform you dumb fuck because they pay for ad space there on a major label sony's runs this site directly and indirectly haha

    • FatOdella

      Yeah you the guy who ate me out last night yo real name is Henry Mankins!!!! Come over right now you sweet sexy honey!!!!

  • LilBlackAsshole

    I outta fuck you up!!!!

  • DruggedOutBum

    Are you serious or is my ass being licked out right now.

  • UncleTom

    I like the fact that she uses that word!!! I turns me on when her sweet white ass uses that word. My white girls be like "NIGGA HIT THAT SHIT!!!! YOU BIG BLACK NIGGA YOU FUCKIN ME REAL GOOD"!!!! Now because she isnt using the word anymore I have to go back to jackin off!!! WHAT A FUCKIN WASTE!!!!!

    • Oneofthesexybitches

      Cant handle sweet black pussy I see!!! Yo worm probably to little anyway you stupid nasty perverted muthafucka!!!

  • Anonymous

    if your insecure and you hear the word you think someone is saying that i'am something less than human and maybe in the back of my mind i think i'am so i have have to fight. if your secure with yourself and know that your not something less than human and no where in your mind to you feel this way. what do you have to get unset or prove something to any one. a white person calling me nigga can't hurt me. yeah i'am nigga right i got a four year degree. i know about the history of my people. and whites claim to hate and they bake themselves. haha if being black so bad what do they tan. its only cover because they are the ones that are insecure. no where in my mind do i feel like i'am something less than human. you can't get to me with the word nigga.

  • Illy

    smh...shes so stupid its a shame

  • V-Nasty is God

    Nooo V-Nasty you let me down :( She is the arguably the realest rapper out right now. I said this before and I say it again, the way she depicts the struggle of growing up as a minority in a poverty stricken area in Oakland is amazing and her storytelling rivals that of Nas and Tupac. She is a true musical genius. I thought she would be the Rosa Parks of our generation. Raging against the machine that wants to oppress her language. Standing up for what she believes in. Breaking color and gender barriers that are the norm in Hip-Hop. If other people have a problem with using the word "nigga", fuck them. They do not have ownership over the word. Let those butthurt "niggas" sit in the corner, cut their wrists and cry themselves to sleep. We have freedom of speech, not freedom from speech. I just hope she can continue to be real with herself and not let these pessimists change who she is. Be the revolutionary that you are V-Nasty. Thank you. White Girl Mob or pay Officer Ricky's buffet tab.

    • Anonymous

      Or it's satire that completely blew over all your heads. Every person that replied to this post is a complete moron.

    • Anonymous

      This has to be a 12 year old white kid posting this type of nonsense cause these are the words of immaturity speaking here.

    • LaughinMan

      LMFAO yes it is !!!!!

    • Anonymous

      thissite is so funny

    • CussinMan

      You got to be muthafuckin jokin!!! How in the muthafuck you gonna come like that muthafucka!!! Im sick of soft batch bitch made bitch assholes like you!!! The minute a white bitch says something that she thinks is cool a ignorant muthafucka like you got some bullshit to say you muthafucka!!! I hope I find you one muthafuckin day and kick yo muthafuckin ass you stupid muthafucka!!!! Go suck dick and eat out pussy you muthafuckin punkass bitch!!!

    • Anonymous

      no he just didnt say she rivals nas & tupac. get off the crack rocks. you deserve to be shot for sayin that shit

  • joe5286

    stop saying cracker and white folks will stop saying nigger - that simple

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This dumb, fake, ignorant bitch probably got death threats, so she's claiming to have changed her tune..

    • BillyFatdaddy

      Your words are so true!!! Because I dont in Oakland that there that many brothas who would let this white no talent hoe pop off fly out the mouth like that!!

  • Villain

    Who gives a flyin fuck bdog, real talk, every damn race, color wuteva says nigga, i only see a damn kamotion wen a white person use it. what makes it "ok" for hispanics, asians, indians, and everyone else to use it. if your brought up in da hood and thats all u hear u gunna say it. its a dmn wrd get over it shit. like erryday i see some shit about someone thats nonblack said nigga! omg the end of the fuckin wrld bl52d, stfu n move on. if u sayin nigga 24/7 n some one hears u sayin it, if its so bad then the word shud be banned by everyone, but u knt because of freedom of speech. nobody stoppin peeps frm sayin "gwop, mic, spick, gook" all tht shit. im pretty sure if the grl was tryin to offend some shed go to a black person and say "you nigger" which klearly she aint wit her ugly ass. i see japs, chinese, fkin erryone allowed to say the nigga, its not like us blacks is kallin our homies "niggers" we sayin nigga big diff, but w.e haters gun hate, i live in southside i dnt gotta prob wit others sayin nigga as long as it aint nigger in a diss to my ass, then its kool wit me

  • 490717

    Rap is so lame this is actually considered news...SMH

  • Vado

    Double-standards are stupid. Rappers throw the word to much around in their music and naturally (majority of hip-hop listeners are white) listeners are going to interpret that it is perfectly fine to use the word. V-Nasty is an example of what a generation raised on hip-hop will speak like. That word was perfectly accepted in her day to day vernacular. If such behavior offends black people then they should stop saying nigga altogether. Otherwise, shut your fucking mouths and stop bitching about it.

  • Anonymous

    she'll only figure it out when someone bum rush the stage after she drop a "n" bomb. Shame on the people who let her say that shit and dont check her. she should know by now that she's white & shouldn't say that word. Not to say it's right if u black & sayin it, but she is white. and that's makes it 100 times worse

  • Anonymous

    thumbs up to my crackers and spicks in the house

  • jon

    MAN WHO GIVES A FUCK.if some ignorant white bitch wants to say nigga let her, but also let her deal with the reprocutions when people dont let that shit fly.rt

  • Anonymous

    Im Black. And black people critize everyone and every race. Let someone say anything about african americans that resembles racism and all hell breaks loose! We use the word so much that it dose not hold any weight. As far as Im concerned anyone can you the word nigga. I dont care who uses the word. When I say nigga, Im not talking about a race. I talking about a living being. Black people that have a problem with it is probably just as racists as the people they claim to be racist because they equate Nigga to a particular race of people and its not. Keep being stuck in the past and thats where you will remain. Its 2011!

    • im black

      i call my white girls snow bunnies my chinese girls pandas and my black girls jungle bunnies

    • Anonymous

      "im black" lol whatever you say buddy

    • Anonymous

      "Well i'm black also. It's not just black people who criticize, everyone & every race does so...Yeah hell breaks loose when someone says some racist shit about blacks. But not just blacks. Say somethin bad about a jewish person and its the same. That goes for arab muslums, and other races aswell...Yeah anyone can say the "n" word, but that doesnt mean they should. Its not like we've moved pass racism in America. They (non black racist) were using the word on the regular in the 60s, and again in the 90s. Don't forget that...It doesnt matter what context you use the word in, it still the "n" word...To say "black people who have a problem with it are just as racist as the people using it is baseless" so what your saing is that if i have a problem with somebody saying the "n" word im racist, #GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE. I guess that would make the black civil rights leaders racist then...In america it does equate to blacks because, we were the ones being called it...People dont need to get out the past, the need to never forget it. This is still america, Look @ hot people treat the president." How do you know how every, living, breathing, free-will-having, American feels towards our President? Have you walked a mile in everyone's shoes? I think not. Until you do, please, don't try to think you are any better than the next person. I've been homeless. I've slept under a bridge and ate at a homeless shelter. I've had to go a week without eating, and a month without a shower or bath. What the hell makes you have the ability to sit on your "moral" high horse? I think that if you think that her saying the word is racist, I think you completely refrain from ever using any racist word ever again, including nigga. If it's racist from white people, it's racist from black people, asian people, indian people, whoever. I doubt you'd be able to.

    • JG

      lmao i love how you guys start with "im black" and we're all just supposed to take your word because of that

    • Anonymous

      well put couldnt said better myself...

    • Anonymous

      **Look @ how people treat the president

    • Anonymous

      Well i'm black also. It's not just black people who criticize, everyone & every race does so...Yeah hell breaks loose when someone says some racist shit about blacks. But not just blacks. Say somethin bad about a jewish person and its the same. That goes for arab muslums, and other races aswell...Yeah anyone can say the "n" word, but that doesnt mean they should. Its not like we've moved pass racism in America. They (non black racist) were using the word on the regular in the 60s, and again in the 90s. Don't forget that...It doesnt matter what context you use the word in, it still the "n" word...To say "black people who have a problem with it are just as racist as the people using it is baseless" so what your saing is that if i have a problem with somebody saying the "n" word im racist, #GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE. I guess that would make the black civil rights leaders racist then...In america it does equate to blacks because, we were the ones being called it...People dont need to get out the past, the need to never forget it. This is still america, Look @ hot people treat the president.

    • Anonymous

      @baseless bull Fuck you Nigga!

    • Anonymous

      baseless bull

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a 13 year old White boy

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but i'm not gonna condemn V-Nasty to hell for using "Nigga" at all. Its thrown around way too much by EVERYBODY to be mad. Sorry.

  • mATT

    Empty word is 100 percent right..if any white man used the N word you would be lynched.,,I hate that word..i hate when blacks use it..it ranks number 1 as the ultimate worst word to use then cun*

  • mATT

    I Am white so that being said I am not a racist at all that being said no person period should ever use the word ni**er..That word was used towards slaves..it was a word that basically was the white man in America basically de meaning every African American...No black man or woman should ever use it..Why use it in rap, conversations, or in sentences..Were all much more educated then that..I am surprised African Americans use it when there ancestry suffered due to that word..In regards to these white girl rappers I cannot stand when white people talk, or act black..It looks and sounds terrible and it dic riding..Black people will accept you for you..I have so many black friends, my dads god father is African American we never once talked slang..We never said hey homey, hey ni&&a, hey son, you feel me, never..Every one of my black and PR friends accept me for me..I love hip hop but I dont sag my pants, do the crip dance, or try to do there moves..Saying that I find nothing wrong with pants sagging by the way..I respect the innovative ways they create...And that is it

    • DL Dub

      The reason that our ancestors continued to use it is the same reason v-nasty thought it was okay to say the word. It was all we knew. We got called nigga so much we thought it was the same as bein called "ey black guy". So by the time we realized how offensive it was, and it stopped being hey nigga girl, and turned into, "what are you doing NIGGER" we were already used to calling each other nigga. But we took the power of the word a long time ago.

    • EssenceOfHipHop

      Honestly if you are raised around certain crowds or communities, and that's all you know, I really dont have a problem with that. Its when a person intentionally tries to act a certain way, or portray certin racial steriotypes that they deem "COOL" for lack of a better word, is what gets me. Its insulting to me as a black person living in america...I could go on about this all day but, it's just not worth my time to blog about this on the internet, i rather do it in person... People need to stop trying to portray what they think is cool, and just be themselves. Its a diverse world we live in, dont try to be somthing your not. But if thats really you, then do you. Who am i to judge. Just dont be phony

  • Anonymous

    Its just rediculas how a group called "THE WHITE GIRL MOB" uses the n word. It shouldnt be acceptable in toays society. Regaurdless of the way they use it...P.s. Stop doing stories on these clowns, they shouldnt get free promotion for thier bafoonery.


    Personally, I made the decision a few years back to stop using the word. My problem is with people who say other people shouldn't or can't use the word b/c of what the word meant for black people in the past. If those people really understood what the word meant for black people then they wouldn't just oppose other people using the word, they would stop using it they self...

    • Anonymous

      You are 100% right. I try myself to stop using it, but its kinda hard when ur 24 & been using it for as long as u can remember. But yeah if we didnt use it amongst ourselves, it would aliviate the bs notion of "if you can say it, why cant i" , which never made sense to me in the first place btw.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    I can picture the next episode of Intervention on A&E, Millions suffer from addiction, most need help, V-nasty is addicted to the n-word. This is her story.


    These people are a bunch of uneducated dumb fucks. They are giving the bay area a bad (as in not good) name.

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

    V-Nasty > Lil Wayne

  • deziboy5150

    v-nasty reminds me of lil b. terrible in ere sense of tha wrd.

  • bizzalls

    Mann...VNasty is just a dumb, ignorant hoodrat..bottomline. There's nothin more to it. I saw T Money Bagz the other day on his Grind Time battle and he was sayin nigga. who knows...But the ironic/hilarious/retarded thing about V Nasty is the fact that she's in a group called "White Girl Mob" and she's sayin nigga. That's retarded..

  • Dub_Es

    anyone else feel like fab is sticking up for her just b/c he wants to hit that? and god knows why he would.

  • LOL

    Let's see here: They're all white; check They use the N word; check They refer to themselves as a "mob"; check These crackers seem alot like the KKK to me.

  • emptyword

    haha an empty ass word. if called somebody a nigga during the civil right era a black person would hit you or try to kill you and end up going to jail. you could come up on me today and call me nigga and wouldn't even so much shrug my shoulders haha its only insecure blacks that care about that word. but ever one is not educated or as sure of themselves as some people. i been around the world i'am 6.6 handsome and have degree under my belt and nigga haha what does that mean to me. i have done better than some whites.

  • Str82dapoint

    Honestly... this Vagina Nasty girl is just ignorant. If you don't understand the history/definition/impact of a certain word you say then you need to STFU. That's all this article reports... she realized that she's an ignorant idiot and the backlash told her to educate herself. Do I think she's learned from it? No... she just doesn't want to be hated and called a racist so she's backing off on the word. She still has a lot to learn and maybe when she realizes she isn't gonna be shit in Hip Hop after a year, she will try to hit the books and make something of her life.



    • RIP7

      And your white power slutty ass mother like this Balck power dick, u lame and u white trash too that smell like wet dog u cave man.

  • Anonymous

    i always knew this shit went on thats why i didn't give a fuck about her using it. that bay is a rough place i been there. i got my ass punched right in front of the police and they didn't even care they told me to go home haha. there are ass whipping taken place all through oakland every second its a shit hold and every body there is hard they have to be to survive in that jungle haha niggas dont exchange no words they just boxing or shooting. but you dont believe me take a little trip lol

  • kjhkj

    all yall nerd NIGGAS is wack bruh......all yall bitches shut the fuck up.......NIGGA

  • Sincere

    UNDERSTAND- If you are white , and you use that word, don't be surprised when you get your azz kicked. And any uncle tom azz who says its ok for her to use it, needs to get beat down worse then the white broad. Fools, we are falling so far behind because of idiots who actually debate whether or not its ok for some trailer trash to use it because she gets long stroked by a brother. They dont call her V-nasty for no reason.

  • Kashif Ilyas

    good. she sees sense.

  • Anonymous

    Dunno who this trick is but why does it seem there's way more wackness from the bay then talent?

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Accept her words and move on. She has great points. I never was offended by it. I understood it perfectly. Do I condone it? Nope. Am I offended by it? Not even. From what I've been told and understand, the hoods of Oakland are diverse. That's just a word. Heck we took the word "nigger" and flipped it to "nigga" as a term of endearment (sp) and to be mega descriptive of someone and even something. She's from the gutter as I understand it. Much ado about nothing really. But it's very good to see that she was humble in recognizing the right way to go about it and the proper thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    mistah fab just sounds like a fuckin retard. sea world? really? the fuck? dumb ass.

  • Nostradamus

    First time I heard of kreayshawn I thought to myself "this chick will have a porn out within a year or will get stomped the fuck out before then....or both"....So kreayshawns nude photos "leaked" and now this chick is changing her vocab. Looks like these fools are trying to stop my predictions from coming true.

  • Anonymous

    she needed to stop cause kreayshawn was getting shit for it when kreayshawn doesnt even say it..

  • F. Rap

    Good for her, she has enough sense to understand that there's alot of negativity (possibly getting your ass whipped in another city/state)associated w/ that word. She's white & can understand that. What's the excuse for your favorite mc's (i use that term loosely) using such a damaging word that really never highlights the rapper's lyrical "skill".. t.i.,t-pain,rickrawse,wally,trethetruth,bun-b.,snoop,n.w.a.,game,wacka,gucci,common,nas,theroots,blackstar,lil'brother,lox,watchthethrone, etc. are the main reason why non-blacks use the word so openly. You dumbass rappers don't seem to comprehend your influence on the world & how the world looks at blacks in america. Either these rappers mentioned are too lazy, scared, or just don't give a fuck to drop that word all together like v-nasty did. I personally think kanye & nem have a clause in their contracts to drop ex amount of n-words per album. You mean to tell me no one's progressive enough to stop using that word in their vocabulary ? Fuck that, these rappers are the enemy amongst others. Buisness owner's, whats the best way to subliminaly show that blacks in america ain't on shit. Play uncensored rap music in your pop-up shops, & local bodegas.

    • F. Rap

      @ anonymous, Im sayn non blacks as in people who physically would past for another race if they wanted to claim such. Why blacks always isolating themselves ? I don't thnk it's we isolate ourselves. I think we recognize the fact that no other group of people went through what we have been going through for the last 500yrs. The supreme court still honor's affirmative action, that says it all right there. I don't come across reports of latino's being hung in the last 2yrs (or ever) or reports of latino men being ran over in the south like they did that homeless black man this year, which got hardly no media attention. This is when we start to feel isolated & targeted because this isn't happening to no know other group of people. Only the most hated blacks of america. Are there latino's or any other group stepping up to help in our plight for human rights ? Lets hope so because I see everyone taking from the culture we developed in america & using their own spin & making madd $$$$$$ on what we put in motion. It seems like you have to dig & research to find out we're ALL from africa. It's not something I hear other races saying they're proud of or are trying to invest in & not colonize or takeover (china). All these jewels im dropping I don't feel like a nigga, nah mean ? I feel more like a god. You should'nt want to use that word I don't care how many rappers use it or how many blacks tells you it's cool, that was a long time ago yada yaada. Who wants to be a nigga, not me.

    • Anonymous

      Many Latinos have African blood, but they don't want to admit it. They only accept their African roots when it's convenient. Other times it's "I'm not black/African. I'm ."

    • Anonymous

      non Blacks? My Dude, Sorry to break it to you, but latinos HAVE AFRICAN BLOOD. I don't know why Blaks always isolating themselves, Yea, NIGGA is a derogatory term towards people of color, My Grandfather, Who was born and raised in PR, is as black as any other african american dude sayin we ain't allowed to say NIGGA, WE WERE SLAVES TOO NIGGA! WE ALL NIGGAS!! Not sayin its a cool word, but we all in the same boat right now.

  • Anonymous

    It's unacceptable for white people to use it. It's unacceptable for Hispanics to use it. It's unacceptable for Asians to use it. It's unacceptable for black people to use it. Don't fucking use the word.

    • what?

      where is black on the map why do we call black people black people i find it so funny that when you feel out a app its says black/african american

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you Nigga!

    • darryl b

      Hispanic is not a race....is a ethnicty meaning u come from a country that speaks spanish and Latino is not a race is a ethnicity aswell is just people that come from a country that speaks the language that comes from old language latin( like spanish, portugese, french ..ect) but within he countries there are whites, native indians, blacks or afro latinos & Asians u can be a blk hispanic u can be a white hispanic u can be a asian hispanic u can be indian hispanic Hatians & Brazilians are considered Latinos also... learn somethin fool

  • Anonymous

    Mister F.A.B is a coon and an idiot. V-Nasty trying to clear her name bc record lables aint trying to have their product tarnished before it blows up. Regardless, nobody will be checking out for her

  • cole world

    ya feel me........NO, whore

  • Anonymous

    man she officially fake now... if you gon be real wit it be 100 dont stop

  • Anonymous

    MMG checked the White Girl Mob at the VMA's

  • The funny guy

    How do you confuse an archeologist? Give him a use tampon and ask him which period it is from.

  • Anonymous

    that word was the only thing keeping them in the news, apart from the rick ross diss

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