Jay-Z Already Recording New Music, Says No I.D.

The recently appointed EVP of A&R at Def Jam says that Hov is already working on new material.

Though he just released his collaborative album Watch the Throne with Kanye West, Jay-Z is already recording new music. According to producer No I.D., Hov has "started again" on laying down fresh material, but that he's unclear if it's for a new album.

"Jay has started again," he told Billboard.com's The Juice. "He played me a couple of things. I gave him some music while we were at the 'Watch the Throne' sessions. But with Jay, you never know what he's really doing, thinking, planning until it's really done… I'm sure he'll make a decision one day to make an album very quickly, like he usually does. He's one of the best, period. I think he's at a place where he has visions of what he wants to do, and it's not really dependent on any of us. It's dependent on his vision and he's gonna do it, [and] hopefully I'll be involved."

No I.D., who was recently appointed EVP of A&R at Def Jam Recordings, also spoke on his upcoming work for Nas' and Common's albums, the latter of which he is producing in its entirety. "We're really trying to revive a certain part of hip-hop that seems to be fading out," he said. "They're gonna be full bodies of work that are really dedicated to the fan base. I think [Nas' new single] 'Nasty' and 'Ghetto Dreams' are just the cusp of what they have on their albums."

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  • Nathaniel James Mccoy Jr.

    no id. Im glad he is getting back into this shit. hell yeah

  • drPHiiiiL

    i hope DOOM gets a instrumental or atleast a verse on Nas' album because Nas was looking forward to him being on the NIGGER album but that never happened......

    • Anonymous

      doom doesnt make any new beats... He will give nas old crap like he did with ghost...i would rather him not "work" with doom.

  • Anonymous

    jay z is wack. BASEDGOD > GAY Z

  • Anonymous

    business is business with Jay-Z not surprised with this at all. watch this shit with Jay talking about how No ID and Swizz are his favourite producers. what about Ye and Just Blaze Jay? FOH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAy9_91ByAo

  • Anonymous

    Fuck jay z you been on my dick nigga!

  • Anonymous

    good i feel a solo is coming soon

  • CK2K

    You fucking Jay-Z nut-hugging stans crack me the hell up. You come up with any excuse in the book why he is "king of rap" and how every album he releases is a certified "classic." "Classic" is a term that was used rarely back in the day years after an album has been released, then hip hop magazines like the Source would revisit that album and give it its classic status. Now you guys are naming albums "classic" 2 mins after you download the joint on itunes. GTFOH! As far as bringing Nas up in every Jay-Z conversation, quit doing that! Just stop that shit because both these rappers exist on 2 different planes in hip hop. Nas is more street, poetic, and raps to the "listeners." Jay-Z is more mainstream, flashy, and raps to the "viewers." And to the guy who saaid Nas has dumbed down since Stillmatic...WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You haven't heard Godson, Untitled, or even his new joints "nasty" and the outr on the Carter 4? Nas is hungry, the guy stays spitting crazy shit. Talking about dumbed down, Jay is the one you should be talking about being dumbed down. He even admitted it in The Black Album, sold his skill for $$$. No hate towards that, because I really liked Jay a lot from 96-2001 but since then his lyrics have been repetitive and boring talking about shit me or anyone on this site can't relate to. So stop comparing Jay-z to Brett Favre or Michael Jordan because that shit sounds pathetic as fuck. And quit listening to everything the media outlets tell you, make your own decisions on whats good. Someone once said that Nas had 2 classics, illmatic and Stillmatic and said nastradamous was garbage. Quit buying into that bullshit, aside from a few tracks #12-14 on that album which were pretty mainstream, #1-11 are raw as fuck! Nas dropped some crazy intelligent rhymes on that album and you guys just let that fly over your heads. All im saying is to check that shit out before repeating what someone else says just to make yourself sound like you know what you are talking about. nas and jay are both great as artists, I feel that Nas is better as an artist and thats my opinion from listening and not buying into album sales, business moves, swag, and all the other bullshit the media hyped up to be the determining factor of who is the greatest and who is not. elevate your minds people

    • Truth

      Y'all need to stop being so passionate of something that IS NO MORE THAN OPINION. Stop arguing your opinion as if it is FACT. The only thing that is fact is that Jay-z and Nas have impacted hip hop greatly with their music...and they have influenced many of artist to come after them. THEY ARE BOTH ICONIC. Quit being so mad that Jay-z has FANS and vice versa....

    • Anonymous

      oh shut up...eat a dick, and what else? ummm...yeah, that's it

    • Anonymous

      why can't u just admit that they are both good at what they do maybe one appeals to u more than the other who cares it doesn't even matter i listen to them both

    • darktwistedjojo

      cool story bro

    • Anonymous

      @CK2K: Even though I dislike Nas and Jay for reasons I will not get into, but you made some valid points. I have to agree that the nastrdamus album was better than people said it was and if I had to pick between the 2 I would have to go with Nas. Great post but I doubt people took time to read through it all.


      I agree with most of what you said but Nastradamous was hot garbage.He didn't have a lot of good RECORDS on that album but as always he had a lot of great lyrics. As far as who's the better artist between him and Jay-Z I have to go with Hov. His ability to create good/hit music experimenting with different sounds and genres and still being able to make street music. Nas's body of work can't stand up to his. Though I give Nas the edge on pure lyricism.

    • Anonymus

      ^^Next time I wanna read an essay, imma take another english class in college. fuck outta here!

    • A-Wax

      ^^^that's the problem with you teenagers these days. You don't take time to read shit at all!

    • Anonymous

      i read the first 5 words then quit. I dont even know if i agree with you all i know i that you wrote a FUCKING ESSAY. Get outa here

  • s-dog

    who care's about Jay-Z? I just wanna here that Nas album. Especially if he's producing some it. He always is consistent with dope beats and we all know the formula: Nas + dope beat = magic

  • The Funny Guy

    A skeleton walks into a bar and says 'Give me a beer and a mop.'

  • robbie

    i lost cause i spelled whole wrong and their.. lol my bad. shit i need to work on using spell check

  • robbie

    farve aint no winner, jay been winning his hwole damn career, leave that man alone, he aint pressured to prove nothing to noone , shit just comes naturally and he lives what the fuck he spits. bottom line, nigga never got soned by noone, business been on point since day one building an empire that niggas will go to therir graves and despise while he continues to be a legend regardless. jay-z got at nas and nas got back on point with still matic, since then nas been dumbed down and silenced, nigga jay even cut dude a check and signed him to spark his career back up and it still aint help. nas's classics are illmatic, it was written and still matic, streets diciple was dope but was over looked even with being a double cd.

  • Anonymous

    No ID a straight up Hip Hop Hall of Famer.

  • Joseph Jermaine James

    http://www.reverbnationcom/j3akajthrizzle im rank #7 in new orleans #FWM

  • Andrew Brisport

    hes gonna be talking about his seed on this album

  • CheeseHead

    Greg Jennings bring it home like Jay never did.

  • VinceLombardiTrophy

    Game, AKA Mr. Chuck Taylor, and Mr. Chuck Woodson are in the studio cooking up a classic.

  • GreenAndYellow

    Beyonce been cheating on Jay with Clay Matthews since dude was a junior at college.

  • LambeauLeap

    Aaron Rodgers would murk Jay Z lyrucally.

  • GoPackersGo

    Jay ain't win no superbowls.

  • GBPackersFan

    Favre way richer than JZ and it's all cash. Jay's shit all tied up in investments. Favre the real king o NY like BIG was.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so jays busy. Kanye now you have NO EXCUSE not to work on that CRS album. No BS this time!!!

  • Anonymous

    No ID on the track let the story begin!

  • Anonymous

    Niggas is stupid, just like Jay-Z lite a fire under Nas and force Nas to hit the studio and make good sounds again, that just what the Game and lil wyane did to Jay Z, watch this nigga come back like he first come out. harder and better than ever.

  • Antoine Peoples

    Im glad to hear Common's album will be a WHOLE and complete album instead of the piece meal stuff that we've been getting from rappers. A rapper and his producer working on a single vision. We dont get that nearly enough. Instead its noise thats all over the place and incoherent like The Carter 4 and to a lesser extent Watch the Thrown

  • if you saw money laying on .

    what you pick it up or say naw I got enough I think as long as Jay can come out sell 2 mil record and do 30 plus arenas after each album I say why stop.

  • Anonymous


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