50 Cent's Electronics Company SMS Audio Acquires KonoAudio

50 Cent's SMS Audio buys KonoAudio, plans on releasing three different types of headphones this fall.

Rapper turned entrepreneur 50 Cent continues to delve deeper into the electronics world with his newest company SMS Audio.

Complex.com reports that 50 Cent and his company SMS Audio have acquired headphone manufacturer KonoAudio. With this latest acquisition SMS Audio will now be releasing three different types of headphones including wired, wireless, and earbuds.

“I’m eager for my fans to hear my music the way it was intended – the way it was mastered in the studio,” said 50 Cent in a statement. “The acquisition of KonoAudio will enhance our ability to bring the absolute, highest-caliber audio products to the market.”

“I am excited to be part of the SMS Audio brand and believe in the forward-thinking nature and quality commitment of the company,” explained Brian Nohe, founder of KonoAudio. “KonoAudio has made significant investments in the areas of product development and branding resources and I am proud to bring that experience to SMS Audio. The businesses make a great combination.”

50 Cent joins a growing list of Hip Hop artists who have tried their luck at the electronics market; they include Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and more.

The SMS Audio headphones are expected to hit the market this fall.

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  • jr88

    im def getting them...dre headphones are cool but they are way too expensive,,,,50 has to put out better music than "im on it" shit was wack..... 50 needs to get personal with it.... look at the unemployment rate..he needs to put out that "hustlers ambition" type music..put out some inspirational music not that im on it bullshit

  • ItsTheTruth

    Obviously this dude is a smart business man. He'll put out a book, headphones, movies, whatever. But when it comes to selling records, that's all he knows is publicity. Dude will sit in a corner, blow the dust off his desk and think about what is gonna get his name out there. He'll think about who to sign (DJ pauly D), who to throw shots at, what to put out to promote his album (headphones), and all that...But u know whats last on his list for 'how to sell records'? Actually making good music!!! Eminem does his thing every time he gets in the booth. Keeps it real, raps about his life, and thats y his fans are still there, cuz Em aint change on them, so he still sells. 50 changing every record tryna keep up with the times instead of just doin him. Thats y he aint as relevant no more. How he go from 8x platinum to flop off his last album? You cant be consistent when you use a gimmick every time it comes to album promotion, the fans eventually get tired of the formula.

    • lol

      Eminem is a great lyricist, but it is very hard for me and other black people to relate to his music. This is why we all wonder how he sells so much cd's when black people are to broke to support their own let a lone a great but unrelatable white rapper. I wonder if black people were as devoted and bought a album from their favorite rapper 3 times would it boost their sells?

  • Pdubz

    "power of the dollar" is what got me into 50. Now his music is so far from that quality its ridiculous... I can almost say power of the dollar was o e of my fav of all time, it goes up there with the classics .

    • lol

      the problem is 50 is the same, and hip-hop music has changed. He is still tryna do the things that made him a hit way back when...those same tactics wont work these days blame kanye.

  • idntknow

    Headphone will not help your music 50 cent. its poor, very poor. lose 300 million and I think you need to be shot another 9 times to sell 10 million records!

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