Tech N9ne Talks Lil Wayne's "Wish,” Eminem's "Fear” And Your "Preference”

Exclusive: The king of independent Hip Hop discusses his much-discussed Carter IV showing and refutes fans reasoning for why a union with Slim Shady has yet to materialize.

Ten years ago next month, the never-ending debate began over whether or not Eminem really did murder Jay-Z on his own shit, as Nas would stingingly surmise a few months later on “Ether” regarding the first, and last, released collaboration between Hov and Em, “Renegade.” The beginning of that now decade-old debate commenced the now commonplace practice of Hip Hop heads worldwide debating which artist “won” with their respective appearance on any given collaboration or posse cut.     

On Monday (August 29th), Tech N9ne spoke to HipHopDX on the heels of his arguable “Renegade”-ing of the three-part posse cut "Interlude" included on Lil Wayne’s just-released Tha Carter IV. The Strange Music founder revealed the concern he now has that his peers may not want to collaborate with him – ironically during a brief break from writing for his own latest collabos project, Welcome to Strangeland, which Tech plans to release on his birthday, November 8th. In addition to addressing fan feedback from the “Interlude” he reveals was written in part while he was half-asleep, Tech talks about his fear that fame could prevent him from eating barbeque in public and explains why fear is playing no role in preventing a collaboration between he and the guy who inadvertently set off a decade’s worth of fruitless forum debates.   

HipHopDX: How did it come to be that you ended up on “Interlude?”         

Tech N9ne: [Lil] Wayne was in jail, and Funkmaster Flex interviewed him. I never met Wayne before in my life – never been face-to-face with him or nothing. And he said out of the blue – or out of the red in our case – “I’d like to work with Andre 3000 and my man, Tech N9ne.” Whoa. Floored me. I’m like, Damn, I ain’t even know he knew who I was. So from that came to me coming up to New York to do my press week, like I usually do with Shade 45, XM Radio and everybody, make all my rounds. And, the O.G.’s hooked it up for me to go visit him up in Rikers [Island]. I talked to him for three hours up at Rikers, and he said, “When I get out, it’s on.” 

So when he got out, he was down in [Miami], Florida. And Mack Maine and them hit us late at night one night, on a Tuesday night. And [he] said, “Yeah, Wayne’s ready, man. Whenever y’all can get down here …” And we got on a plane that same – like, six o’clock in the morning, something like that. Got down there, we walked in the studio, he was recording a song, a beautiful song that’s still on the album by him and John Legend called “So Special.” He was recording it when I walked in. I was like, “What’s up, nigga?” He was like, “What’s up, Tech? What’s crackin’?” And he played me the [“Interlude”] joint when he came out [the booth], and he already had his verse on it. And [I heard the beat] like, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. I’m like, Aw yeah, it’s that bangin’-ass shit. We just [gonna be] rhymin’, rhymin’. So, he gave me the beat and I wrote it. I fell asleep – [after] my first four bars I fell asleep …. So, I woke up and I said, “Travis, man, I can’t fuckin’ finish this right now” – Travis is my business partner. He went with me. It was the Super Bowl time, so everybody was at the Super Bowl [in Arlington, Texas]. … I said, “Can I come back tomorrow and do it?” And Wayne and them was like, “Yeah, yeah, we’ll be here. We ain’t leaving [for] the Super Bowl for another day or so.” I was like, “Cool.” So I woke up that [next] morning, wrote the rest of it, boom, went to go record it at 10:30 at night. Murdered it. I had no idea if it was gonna make it on the album ….

They actually told me when [Lil Wayne] was just here in Kansas City last weekend that Andre 3000 was on it. And I’m a big Outkast fan, so you know I was floored. They told me and I just looked up to the ceiling like, “Thank you, Jesus.” And [then] I was [thinking] like, I hadn’t heard it since he had the wish to work with me and Andre. So, he got his wish. I gave him his wish. I did the song, and I did my best on it too. And … he put Andre on it. And I’m like, “That’s so beautiful, man.” Because, he didn’t have to do that for me. He ain’t have to do that to get the people that don’t really know Tech N9ne to listen to that like, “Andre’s on it. Oh! Who the hell is that nigga rippin’ on it?” And Wayne put me out there like that, and I got love for him. I got love for him even if he didn’t do that, but that’s such a big, beautiful move, man. I’m wit’ him, all day.                   

DX: Any thoughts on folks saying you stole the show on Carter IV?

Tech N9ne: Nah, man, I just think the people have they preference. And, I had a lot of words – [Starts rapping part of his verse] I’m like, I’m really goin’. [Laughs] That’s what I do; I’m a chopper. That ain’t all I do, but that’s one thing I can do. I’m known for doing it. I hate doing it, [Laughs], I hate writing the fast shit, but that’s how people got to know me, when I did the Gang Related soundtrack in ’98 …. So when people ask me to do a song, that’s pretty much what they get. So when Wayne played me the beat, it was moving slow … [and] I had to be in the middle of it, so that’s what it required. When it requires it, I’ll go in. And people are saying that I stole the show – That’s flattering, next to Andre 3000, ‘cause I’m a big, huge fan. I love Andre’s part. I’m still trying to decipher the words he’s saying, like what he’s talking about, ‘cause it always means something. “Everybody’s always talkin’ about the light ones, but tonight we’re gonna do it for the dark ones.” I was like, Okay, he like brown skin bitches. [Laughs] I mean, I love brown skin bitches, I love light skin bitches, I love white bitches, I love Asian bitches, but tonight we’re gonna do it, do it for the dark ones. Andre, I’m all wit’chu. [Laughs]  

DX: What about on the “Outro” though, with Bun B and Nas - I think Busta Rhymes gave you a run for your money ….

Tech N9ne: Oh my God! Busta will always give me a run for my money. That’s my brother though, we on the same team, I ain’t trippin’. That’s one of my shooters, and I’m one of his shooters. I’ll bust for him; he’ll bust for me. … And he murdered it, once again. Busta showin’ his ass. He showed his ass on my album, [All 6’s And 7’s]. I called him and politely said, “Nigga, fuck that! How you gon’ kill me on my album? Don’t do me like that.” [Laughs] It’s wonderful, ‘cause can’t nobody really kill me. Busta’s a muthafuckin’ monster and he’s on my team, so whenever I hear him spit I’m laughing and jumping and clapping … not hating.

DX: “It’s gettin’ all the people knowin’ that Strange in the game.” Thoughts on possibly recruiting two million new Technicians from Carter IV sales?  

Tech N9ne: Uh … I never had that happen to me, so in my world – I don’t do songs with niggas just ‘cause [of] their name, or to gain their fans. But if I do get their fans, it’s a wonderful thing, because worldwide domination is what I’m reaching for. And I’ve been shooting for the stars ever since - down here in the underground, shooting for the stars. Now I’m right here with the stars. I’m gonna shoot past the stars sooner than later into God status. I have a high expectation, [and] God status is awfully high. That’s above the stars. So we’re still shooting. And, I don’t mind people catching on and latching on. That’s what my quest is for: to get everybody around the world. This is global domination. So it’s like, if two million people or more get turned on to Tech N9ne, it’s not written in blood that they’re gonna buy my album. That ain’t why Wayne put me on the album I don’t think. And that ain’t why I put Wayne on my album. We put each other on our albums because we respect each other as emcees. And it’s like, if something like that beautiful happens for me, praise the Lord, but I’m not bankin’ on it. I built this shit in Kansas City with my partner, Travis O’Guin, [and] with previous partners when I was younger. We built this shit up to what it is right now, and Travis O’Guin got it to where it’s massive. And we’re gonna [keep growing] it. And people like Wayne they help us grow it, out of the love in their hearts. So I’m forever indebted, ‘cause he didn’t have to do that.       

DX: Any plans at all to do a video for “Food?”

Tech N9ne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re talking about it, because all the deejays are sending the reports back like, “'Food’ is the one.” And we’re like, “Well, yeah, [but] we wanna do ‘Worldwide Choppers’  with Busta and Twista and Yelawolf.” And they like, “Yeah, that one’s good too, but ‘Food’ is the one.” … I didn’t make “Food” for the radio. That’s why I named it “Fuck Food.” And it’s like, the deejays are playing it. They playing it at every club now I go to. So it’s like, Wow, that’s what they wanted, huh? They wanted the crazy, vampire sexual music. That’s what they wanted? They didn’t want “He’s A Mental Giant?” “He’s A Mental Giant” let everybody know I can rap – if they didn’t know it. So, what they want is the sex-fueled music. That’s cool, ‘cause I’m a Scorpio male. I love sex …. But, getting single rights for shit like that is harder than people think. We haven’t tried [yet], but we’re gonna see. But that ain’t why I did that song. They say, “You got two of the biggest niggas on there, T-Pain and Wayne, and you ain’t put it [out]. And you gonna put ‘em on a song called ‘Fuck Food?’” You damn right! Nigga, this is Strangeland. I’m bringing these niggas into my world. That’s what we do; we fuck bitches in my land. [Laughs] That’s what I had on my mind, and I’m like, I know these niggas can talk about pussy, let’s go! [Laughs] The gal sho’ look like fuck food to me. Like, yeah, she’s really somebody I’d eat alive. She’s beautiful. … Now they wanna play it on the radio. [Laughs] What’s that gon’ tell your kids? [Laughs]  

DX: I gotta close out by asking the requisite question: just if there have been any more Wayne/N9ne mergers since “Interlude?”

Tech N9ne: Yeah, we just merged at Strange Music to eat barbeque. ‘Cause Wayne can’t go to restaurants, people will bother him to death. And, it made me think like, Damn, am I gonna have that problem? ‘Cause I love to go out to eat. I still go out to eat, but I take pictures with all the cooks and the waiters and waitresses. I do that already. I’m doing that right now. That’s the stage I’m at right now. The cooks come out and say, “How was the food? Can I have a picture?” The waitresses are like, “I don’t wanna bother you while you’re eating, but I need a picture.” The owner of the muthafuckin’ place – I’ll be at The Capital Grille and the manager is like, “Let me get a picture, Tech.” I’m wit’ it; that’s where I’m at right now. But is it gonna get so bad that we have to bring Jack Stack Barbeque, have them cater it at Strange Music [all the time]? Luckily, we have a big enough spot that we can do that. And we had them bring that whole shit up: fire-kissed wings. Wayne and them done already had Gates [Barbeque] the night before with Keri Hilson, so we got them Jack Stack. … So that’s when we merged, and we kicked it for some hours. The whole Young Money clique was there kickin’ it like donkeys – not everybody, not Drake, and Nicki Minaj, they were gone. But, Mack Maine was there … It was like, everybody was there, dude. It was wonderful. We took the niggas to go play basketball. So that was the last merger we had. We merged, and we ate, and we kicked it, and we played music, and he played me that shit with Andre 3000. And I was like, “Goddamn.” That’s when they told me, “Don’t tell nobody.” So I been knowing for like a week and I ain’t tell nobody. It was a surprise. It was a surprise for me, for him to even put me on it like that, that he respected the lyrics so much to put me next to somebody great like that. It lets me know what he think about me, and that’s a wonderful thing ‘cause that’s what I think about him.    

So, you been reading that a lot of people are saying that I stole the show, huh?              

DX: Yeah.   

Tech N9ne: It’s crazy. It’s kinda embarrassing. Like, that’s cool to say that, but my fans, man, they treacherous like, “Aw, Wayne didn’t even wanna get on the song wit’chu.” And I’m like, Nah, it ain’t like that. He just put the song up in threes. And he’s already on it; he’s the first one on there. It’s a wonderful thing. I just don’t want muthafuckas to make niggas not wanna work with me. Like, “Aw, Tech N9ne murdered all you niggas!” You gonna always get that in Hip Hop, ‘cause it’s competitive and all that kinda shit. But it’s like, Damn, I don’t want muthafuckas to not wanna work with me. ‘Cause I’ma spit no matter what. I’ma do what the track requires.

DX: Yeah, that’s what I heard about the Eminem thing, that supposedly he shunned you out of fear.

Tech N9ne: Nah, I don’t think he’s fearful, man. That nigga’s damn-near like the best rapper out here, when it comes to technique, technical rhyming, wordplay and shit like that. [So] I’m like, Goddamn, I don’t think that. I don’t think that personally, I just think it’s a thing that niggas didn’t have time. Those muthafuckas was busy and time didn’t permit. We work quick, nigga. Muthafuckas send me a beat, you might have it back the next day, or the same night. I’m on it if I’m in the studio. But some muthafuckas got shit to do. Paul Rosenberg said they couldn’t do it within a month’s time. And, the mastering date was in two weeks, [so] I’m like, “Damn, sorry, I called too late.” I just put it on that. But the fans gonna make it sound like, Aw, he don’t wanna rap wit’ Tech. Why he ain’t never rapped wit’ Tech? It’s like, he ain’t gotta give a fuck about Tech N9ne. Who the fuck is Tech N9ne? We did a song [way back] in ’99, [“The Anthem”]. He got homies he gotta put out [right now]. Why he gonna help some other muthafuckin’ nigga? Much love to Wayne for doing what he did, ‘cause he didn’t have to do that. But, some muthafuckas, they gotta do they people first. I don’t think Em scared of no muthafuckin’ lyricists. He is the lyricist.



  • craig

    i think all y'all do is just sing along to em's recovery and not actually listen to what he's saying...he actually dissed quite a few rappers on that cd not to mention the track "forever", that diss was crazy! That's what you call subliminal diss tracks...Tech n9ne is one of my top artist, i listened to tech and em since 3rd maybe 4th grade..yea there are other artist i can mention that's on top but this thought of mine is already getting to long...btw tech, please do a video on "worldwide choppers" that would be sick...should do a side feature with busta on "how we roll" from the fast five soundtrack, buss went hard on that and i know you can pull that off. Fuck Food was pretty dope even though im not a fan of wayne much but, he did a decent job on this one minus his worn out metaphors -_-..i think my comment is getting out of order here so ill end this

  • theCool

    Tech motherfucking N9ne. Ya'll get it now? This man is humble, independent, and passionate as fuck about what he does. He's recognized by Wayne and sends love back, even though most of us fans were a little weary about it in the first place. Dude goes as far as to say Eminem is damn near the best out here right now. Tech man you ARE the best out here right now. But that's my KOD right there, just giving love to people and staying real "Everybody wanna be killa but not for real-about the method of makin money, you gotta get the milla, by doin it like I do it, do the work and believe in it, when you do it to the fullest ain't no problem achieving it." Crybaby- Tech N9ne STRANGE

  • shady83

    Em is not scared to do a song wit Tech, da thing about Em is he sticks to his schedual nd if he has time to collaborate or watever he'll do it in his free time!

  • Bador Al-Qurashi

    Tech N9ne The Hardest in this circle! Tech! Tech! N9ne! N9ne! Im Lovin It!

  • L0S

    " Nah, I don’t think he’s fearful, man. That nigga’s damn-near like the best rapper out here, when it comes to technique, technical rhyming, wordplay and shit like that. I don’t think Em scared of no muthafuckin’ lyricists. He is the lyricist." -Tech N9ne Add Tech to the list of dope ass emcees who recognize Em's skill level and brilliance on the mic!

  • Ron

    Eminem is at a whole other level than people now a days. Even you people who say he's "sold out". Recovery is better than anything put out these days. Id rather listen to 25 to life than any other rap put out there. Eminem always has a motive in his songs. Never out to be mainstream

  • Osiel Salas

    Yeah em murdered jay on renegade. Jay is even getting murdered by kanye these days.

  • Anonymous MR CEE goes in on 50!!!

  • Anonymous MR CEE goes in on 50

  • 3 headed monstah

    lets make this clear .. eminem been my fav mc .. lyricist mc since he came out.. i got mad respect for tech n9ne cuz he never comes with wacc shit .. he is one of the consistant rappers to date .. but if ur get all the lyricest thats killing now, from busta, n9ne, kwalib, nas, hov, royce, black thought, jay electronica, cube, safir, xzibit, canibitch, andre 3stacks, crooked i(my second best lyricist), and on and on and on .. you still not fucking with eminem.. he is close to god(krs 1) when it comes to wordplay, style, spunk, and deliverance... hands down .. but respect to all the rest but em is to me the best, than crooked..

  • Wisdom Body

    Umm Nas had the dopest flow by far

  • Anonymous

    No mention of the verse From nas? That was my favourite verse of them all, followed by tech then Andre. I would rather hear a nas and tech collaboration right now. Nas is spitting pure fire right now. No offense to eminem, he was a beast back in the day and he is still good now, he just doesn't paint a picture in my mind like he used to and his wordplay has got pretty corny. It would be good to see eminem try to keep up with the chopper though.

  • yup

    all u fuckin eminem haters on here act like u kno everything about rap on these comments... funny how when any real rap lyricists talks about him tho they ALL say hes a beast and ''the lyricist"

    • Anonymous

      Tech wouldn't say anything bad about anybody anyway if they didn't do anything wrong to him. Plus going attacking eminem is a bad idea, not because of his skills but because he is the most popular rapper out and his fans no matter if he wins or loses the beef won't listen to the guy who went against him.

  • Anonymous

    I'll say this. I give a fuck about how technically proficient you are. There's more to rap than that. You have to be a complete package. Skill, charisma, subject matter, voice. I think Em has fallen off A LOT but I'd rather listen to Em than Tech 9 any day.

  • JaceShadoe

    dream collabs: EM+Nas Tech+Em

  • D90

    why yall hatin on Em? shady was and still his a beast... so dont act like it would be impossible for him to go in wit tech

  • Octavian Johnson

    Sorry Tech but you really did kill Wayne lol

  • Alan Singleton

    The Anthem was dope, Tech should have been on The Marshall Mathers LP, that shit woulda been dope....he shoulda been on Relapse too

  • Emery Patrick Pigg

    Em and Tech on a Seven beat would be dope. Don't sleep on Seven Summers. WHITE BOY SEVEN! Aahahaha

  • Emery Patrick Pigg

    Tech N9ne: Killin rappers in his sleep.

  • Peter Francis Schneider

    Tech N9ne is corny as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Tech, Em is a basic poor mans chino xl that was fortunate pac died and dre needed some one to rejuvenate his career-don't give props to folk that u could, can and have buried. all respect is due but Em is boring



  • The hood

    we need Eminem Ft Nas Ft Tech n9ne (producer : Dr.Dre ) The best of the best

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Whats d skinny white bitch doing on DX ?

    • Peter Francis Schneider

      Dr. Dre's career has long been over. His production is almost as bad as his rapping these days.

    • Stephanie Marcelli

      Eminem is as good as he was before , even better actually . Each album he gets better . Whether he said he feels like Relapse and Refill weren't as good , I still think the lyrical content was on point , it didn't seem to me like he put any less effort into it then he did in other album . Eminem's verse topped ja-z's entire album . Eminem can murder a rapper without even trying . Itd be cool to see Eminem do a song with nas , I think it was sick that him and TI did a song because him and TI both talk about the truth . As far as Eminem and TI's level , Eminem of coarse is on a much higher level than TI , and I think TI knows it but it doesn't seem like he minds . In "All She Wrote" it didn't seem like TI was trying to top Eminem .

    • Anonymous

      maybe thats true.. but are u telling me that wouldnt still be a sick as f*ck song? who cares who bodies who itd be dope for hiphop! not dre recording though.. could take a while :P

    • Anonymous

      Em would get bodied. hes not wack just not that good anymore

  • Jeffery Joseph

    Did Tech N9ne just call Eminem the best rapper out here?

    • Anonymous

      idk if he feels he would murder him, but he probably doesn't think he is amazing though. He seemed super enthusiastic about his love for Andre though. Seemed to just really say something that wouldn't annoy people when he was questioned about eminem though. Didn't really seem enthusiastic about how good eminem is.

    • Anonymous

      No he did not. He said he's damn NEAR the best. He obviously feels he would murder Eminem.

    • Vegard Møller


  • Anonymous

    This nigga just raps fast, Only dope song on the album was Mental Giant.

  • udeaf?

    @okthen go check the lyrics son. They both go in lyrically, but Em's shit was just a bit more complete and better structured.

  • Hell Yeah

    Damn, Sway & King Tech's anthem in 99... That was some lethal shit

  • mz

    Got to respect Tech N9ne. He could of made some stupid club jam with Wayne and T-Pain, but chose to do some crazy dark shit. He put music and his fans first over money there.

  • royce

    ill would love to hear Eminem feat Tech N9ne on a Premo beat...although it aint their style

    • Tim Wilkens

      IDK man, listen to a track like Ego Trippin off Bad Season, that beat is Premo-ish. I think tech can rock any beat, and I know he'd kill it with premiere!

  • DL Dub

    The truth is that Mr. Yates MURDERED that track so bad that anything Wayne probably wrote to that track was trash in comparison. The album is garbage anyway, but what Tech did on Interlude, and the cleaning up Three Stacks did clearly showed Wayne's weakness as a rapper. I think an Em and Tech track would take over the world

  • Mylie

    he needs to stay away fom wayne hes giving him props like hes a great MC smh. Tech needs to mess with good artists. pisses me off cuz im a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Face it dickriders, Em killed Jay on Renegade and will still do if they collaborate again. Em murdered almost every single track that features him Royce Regenegade Verse>>>>>>Jay's own !

    • Anonymous

      It's perspective people. They both went at it at different angles. One of hova's most quoted lines comes from that song and I'm sure a whole lot of people prefer Jay z to em on it.

    • bunb

      To okthen: Look at it yourself idiot. There's no fucking weird fantasy shit. Then you should watch: Tell me who performs better

    • 2da9thPwr

      Lets be real, Tech 9 is a humble guy, I respect that. He's got a lot of respect for Em, I admire that. Yes, Eminem did murder Jay on his own shit, Nas said that line for a reason. Jay is good but in terms of rhyme patterns and cadence, Em is(was) way out there.

    • okthen

      you calling people dik riders and you the main one sucking eminems dick. this is a tech 9 article and tech9>feminem. Jayz verse on renegade>slim gaydy. What was feminem talkin about on renegade waving pistols at christians and all types of weird fantasy shit. What was hov talking about on renegade hustling and feeding his family. moist the 5'9 should not even be said in the same sentence as hov. Now any eminem stan tell me exactly(specifically) what liricks eminem said on renegade that was so much better than jz's verse because i doubt you stans are even rating shit on actual liricks

    • bkstylz

      Don't think so homie. Both of them went in on that track. If you prefer Em's style then so be it. But Jay killed that track all the same.

  • Onewishlist

    The realist Tech 9 song

  • blzd

    this jason kid is riding waynes dick so hard lol ok we get your point you like wayne but why you riding his dick so hard online like he packing your shit every night?

    • Anonymous

      idk, I'm a Wayne fan but fucking hell it's as if he can do no wrong with that guy. Carter 4 was my favourite album out of mainstream this year so far but wayne wasn't phenomenal through the album and the best verses were from nas and tech

  • Andre Cooper

    And as expected the hate comes as soon as tech get's a lil mainstream love smmfh...... He does one lil interlude and the flood gates from hate open!!!!! Trust me when j.cole album drops it will be the same thing over again. This site is full of dickriders and fake co-signers. I try to post things with balance but being on this site it ain't happening. Y'all can have this dumb shit.

    • Anonymous

      That's because Curren$y was ghostwriting Wayne's shit from 05-07. All of it, his most acclaimed mixtape material, Tha Carter II, the stuff discussed amongst his best work. He's putting out just as much shit under his own name now as he was as Wayne's writer. Curren$y is prolific as fuck, his work ethic is superhuman.

    • Porsing

      There was a time when Wayne was easily among the elite (05-07), so he's not over rated, people just want that quality back, a lot like Em really.

    • Anonymous

      your mssing the point the hate for Wayne is justified and its for a great reasons. hes overrated beyond anything.

  • Anonymous

    fAKE ASS FANS ON DX. Yawl scream you love Tech 9 all day but I bet you this article or one of his singles will never get over 200 comments or hits.

  • Anonymous

    hey man props for wayne for being a real dude, like thats love for hip hop right there. I bought the album and yall should to, and this comes from somebody hating on how to love track. I dont like autotuned wayne, i like the mc wayne his spits poems.

    • Anonymous

      I like Wayne and I'm not going to paraphrase that before I say it. I give a fuck about what someone else thinks.

  • True talk Tech

    Look man you all can hate Wayne all day, the boy is one of the best rappers to ever do it. Everything he does IS NOT nice like ANY rapper but to be a "real" hip-hop fan and shit on dudes skill level is disingenuous bullshit. What Tech said about Em is true he is one of the most technically gifted MCs ever. Fast rap doesn't equal good rap.

    • Pmingo

      Wayne can spit, better than most, I just think he's lost his motivation and only really cares about money right now, his tapes/album between 05 and 08 (Except Ded 3) were all pretty amazing.

    • Mylie

      no hes NOT one o the best hes dosn't have a classic and hes inconsistent as hell. the fact you even said that is an insult to real MC's whp can actuallu spit. stfu and sit down.

    • Cealix

      jkfldjklafjkdls @ real shit... DAMN, BRO.

    • Real Shit

      Man I fell retarded for tha carter 4 being the 1st time I heard tech 9ne

  • Anonymous

    Eminem would get his ass chewed the fuck up right now.

    • .......

      stop being a drone, he would get tore up. not saying em is wack

    • Fado

      Its one thing to say you think tech's verse would be better then Em's but saying Eminem would "get his ass tore up" meaning completely destroyed and embarrassed instantly lets me know you don't know what your talking about. Is Eminem as good as he was in the start? No. Then again hes at a different place in life he had more rage back then. If you think he completely lost it listen too Eminem ft.Obie trice- Emulate. If Em got on a track with tech he would step his game up trust me.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck what you saying Eminem WILL get his ass tore up. He don't got it like that no more.

    • boo boo cheese

      man u a childish ass nigga, dont kno shit about wats really goin on, shit, i aint gon lie but eminems wanna the hardest niggas in the business, been that shit for 10 years now, goes the same for jay-z, nas, all them niggas, u feelin me, it aint no competition, its just good music, listen to it homie, respect it, even if u dont like it, damn tho

  • Anonymous

    Rapping fast does not make you the best. It makes u the fastest

    • Anonymous

      no hes not listen to the words not the flow

    • Kort

      But in all fairness Ed, Busta is pretty poor lyrically most of the time, he is completely flow-based.

    • Special Ed

      You may be right, but intricate rhyming patterns are what Tech is good at... He just doesn't rap fast... His metaphors and wordplay that he displays while rapping fast are just amazing... Just listen to 'B Boy' and 'In the trunk' off of K.O.D... Busta showed the same on 'Worldwide Choppers'... He wasn't just rhyming fast... He was switching in up and killing it while doing it...

  • Anonymous

    it don't mean that he bright Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write

  • Anonymous

    Can't y'all, see that he's fake, the rap version of TD jakes Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes Won't break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes And this is with whom you want to place your faith?

  • jr88

    tech and a shady colab would be epic....wayne and tech doesnt excite me cause tech writes waynes

  • South_Africa

    Well am still waiting for an Em & Nas official collabo...lets hear who murders who there

  • Jason Cook

    Tech n9ne is way better then wayne. Wayne isn't even that bad but man he has to be the most over rated rapper ever if i ever seen one. I can name you soo many rappers better then wayne but I don't have the typing space. All wayne does uses is punchlines, fuckin should been a comic. who can't for Strangeland fuck yeah! Nov. 8th and we barley even heard about it unlike mainstream where they release a single a year before the actual album comes out.

  • H4ZE

    i might get some grief for this but i wanna see a em/tech/50 collabo with krizz on the hook. 2 shady and 2 strange artists on a track. fif aint what he used to be but i still believe in the dude lol

  • Jay and Em are gay

    id rather listen to wayne. anyone else is under.

  • Brent

    Jason = Troll. Dont feed him. Trolls never make any sense, they're just trying to piss you off because they have nothing better to do.

  • rukky

    em the greatest out their right now tech even realizes it

    • Anonymous

      Is that really saying anything? Pretty much everyone on the radio is wack. And that includes artists from other genres.

  • Anonymous

    Wait... didn't Jay and Em collab on Syllables?

  • Tha fuck?

    I will never understand Wayne fans. They diss everybody and their just speaking their opinion, but whenever says something bad about Wayne it's instantly hating. Fuck you jason. I bet if i said wayne was garbage you'd call me a hater, but it's pretty evident that you're the real fucking hater. Piss off.

    • Anonymous

      its hard to have any sympathy for "us lil wayne fans" when there are millions upon millions of you in the world, and while you may know hiphop, the majority don't know shit about the genre.

    • murdermitten

      hahaha u fuckin douche... "us lil wayne fans"... hahaha like ur some different race or some shit go shit in your hand

    • jason

      I wasn't trying to change anyone's mind on Wayne, dumbass. Are you that stupid that you completely missed the point of my post? Re-read it again, you slow ass piece of shit

    • Vincent Zarate

      Jason shut the fuck up. u didn't change anyones mind. we still think waynes trash and his fans are mentally retarded.

    • jason

      Yes, that's right I AM hating, I'm hating on purpose to prove a point. And the fact that you guys are getting mad over it PROVES my point. Us Lil Wayne fans deal with the same crap on a DAILY basis, over and over and over. You guys can't even handle a little bit of hate coming from 1 person, imagine what Lil Wayne fans have to go through seeing it all the time from everyone? Do you see my point?

    • jason

      I'm actually giving you haters a taste of your OWN medicine. Doesn't feel too good does it?

  • young chizzle

    i like tech i cant listen to him i just cant vibe to all that non stop rapping shit but i like the dude he speak like a real nigga should

  • LukeSoup12

    Right I thought I must have been readin that shit wrong. But damn I wouldn't metion top 5 rappers without putting Crooked I in there that man has Eminem re-writing his verses after he hear's Crooked's.

  • Rcw

    EVERY dope rapper ever says Eminem is the shit, please give this man respect as his peers do. He's is the most technically and lyrically skilled rapper ever. Only thing he's lacking is a cool black Man's voice. He is the Best Rapper's as far as skill and lyric's go...ever, no order. Eminem Nas Tech 9 Chino XL Pharaoh Monch.

    • Anonymous

      Rakim Master ace Kool G Rap Scarface They all credit Em too!!!

    • God

      Pac and Biggie are dead. Get off their dick and come back to reality...If you like their sheit then go fuck off listening to their sheit. dont comment here

    • Anonymous

      Chino XL doesn't -- in my opinion -- deserve a spot on that list because his flow is gabbage. Good lyrics + shitty flow + shitty beats doesn't equal great emcee.

    • Anonymous

      Missing Pac Biggie and Pun from that list. Not to take anything away from anyone on that list, they are all incredible.

    • IceWalker

      Chino XL????? Go jump off a bridge

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Thank you Luke for dropping a nuke on that chuckle head below you. Everyone is entitled to their opionion. But that dude's thinking cap is loose. Tech iz a beast. And he's humble. Lil Wayne has cool tunes. But He's not Tech bro. Tech is a master.

  • Anonymous

    Busta give you a run for the money? Yo HipHopDX... What about NAS? Nas will make you broke forreal

    • Andre Cooper

      Go and suk on nas's dick dick rider....You just mad because you know tech had the best verse on that song. And to be honest it was a average nas verse. I have heard nas body bagged many other tracks worst. Stop swinging from his nutsacks.

  • LukeSoup12

    Tech N9ne wack? GTFO. Lil Wayne is 5 times the rapper? lol wow do your homework you stupid motherfucker. You don't even know what hip hop is. Tech's flow is fuckin insane no one else can even come close. His lyrics are sick too. He choses not to be famous. He could conform like these other kats but he choses to do what he loves how he wants to.

    • LukeSoup12

      I've known who he was for a while. I meant he chose not to sell out like Wayne. Why don't you go listen to How to love on repeat and Jerk off to Young Money posters you faggot.

    • ilexx

      @Jason u are a cunt.... He didnt use a radio formula with Fuck Food and if u read the interview u would have read when he said he had no intentions of putting it on the radio. The lyrics have no shortage of curses, I mean the damn songs name is "Fuck Food". Plus the format of the song, being the way T-Pain did the hook and the length of the verses and all ARE NOT RADIO FORMAT! If u understood Hip Hop or music in general for that matter you would understand that. @Vincent doing a song with Lil Wayne WILL aid in you becoming more famous. Tech knows this all too well because just the news that Wayne wanted to work with Tech got Tech that much more fans. His release 'All 6's and 7's" was his most successful album (commercially at least) and the Wayne feature and all the Wayne talk has certainly aided in that. Also ask Drizzy if a Wayne feature (or a couple) didnt make him famous in the Hip Hop arena lol

    • jason

      Now you're backtracking and making shit up, T-Pain never said he wanted to do a song with Tech N9ne. You've been completely ruined. The same shit you said about Wayne directly applies to Tech N9ne. You just don't want to admit it.

    • Vincent Zarate

      hahahhaha shut the fuck up. its Tech featuring 2 dudes that WANTED to do a song with him. and like he just said in the interview he never intended on putting that on the radio. i don't get how trolls get joy out of acting like stupid pussies. done.

    • jason

      Now you just dug a hole for yourself you can't climb out of. The old fashioned way? Um, did you hear "Fuck Food"? With T-PAIN of all people singing the chorus? That's the definition of using the "radio/mainstream formula" What a retard. By the way, Tech N9ne isn't in the Top 100 most talented rappers ever.

    • Vincent Zarate

      @Jason u cunt, doing a song wit wayne doesn't make u famous. he did it the old fashioned way--the way rappers did it in the golden era of hip hop, with something new and original, not by using the radio/mainstream formula. i don't give a shit what kinda trash you choose to listen to, but stop hating on arguably the most talented rapper ever, u just look fucking stupid to everyone.

    • jason

      He chose not to be famous? Newsflash: He's already becoming famous, you idiot. He already did a few songs with Wayne, that shows he wants to be famous.

  • whittz

    tech n9ne, em, and andre 3000. shit on everyone else. sorry about it. how can yall wayne fans defend shit when he puts out garabage like "how to love". and thats only one arguement to make about that fake bastard. oh and hes notorious for coppin Ghillie Da Kids lyrics all the time

    • jason

      How To Love was a very well-executed song for what it's supposed to be, which is a song girls can relate to.

  • jason

    Tech N9ne is fucking WACK. Dude just rhymes random words to make his flow seem good. He ain't never saying shit in his songs. None of his songs have any substance or replay value. He's a HORRIBLE lyricist who just raps fast. Big fucking deal. Lil Wayne 5x the MC Tech N9ne is. This is nondebatable. Tech N9ne is irrelvant and always will be.

    • jason

      Why you guys getting so mad for? LOL, you faggots talk shit daily about Lil Wayne, but as soon as someone hates on YOUR guy, you get angry. Just giving you cunts a taste of your own medicine.

    • Anonymous

      stupid troll you don't listen there for you do not understand. everything he says means something, i guess your little brain just can't put it together.

    • Technician

      I truly feel sorry for you and your taste in music. Just because he uses vocab and metaphors that your little fuckin brain can't comprehend you automatically think he's whack. It's all good tho.. I think soulja and lil b are comin out with some new shit so make sure you cop that homie.

    • Anonymous

      you sure you didn't mix those two names up because i'm pretty sure i've heard a lot more songs with concepts from tech since he actually writes shit. Pretty confident wayne is the one that just rhymes words together for the sake of a flow. Either that or your just that much of a wayne stan

    • Fuck you!

      I want to kill you jason. not becuase you don't like Tech N9ne. Only because you're an ignorant douche that the world could do without. I could probably win a noble peace prize for erasing your stupid ass from existence. Go die in a fire.

  • Anonymous

    A Tech N9ne and Eminem Track would put every rapper to shame.

  • Batow

    One thing I learned from this interview: Tech N9ne loves the word "nigga"

  • trooth

    this nigga should thank god for Bone Thugs n Harmony....

  • Jaron Ikner

    um. eminem and jay collabed on " Syllables" you're dumb

  • Jason

    Tech N9ne is a bitch and a biter. He stole Wayne's idea to make a rock album and you Tech N9ne dickriders suck his dick like there's no tomorrow. He's not relevant and he will never be relevant. He's a garbage broke juggalo bitch. Fuck the Wayne haters.

    • Anonymous

      Jason the difference is one is a sellout who mumbles over beats and deserves hate. I get what you're saying but...

    • jason

      All your responses proved my point. You guys were being tested, and you failed. The hate I'm giving Tech N9ne is multiplied by 100 when it comes to Wayne. Next time you hate on Wayne, just remember this feeling you have when someone else hated on YOUR guy

    • gimik313

      tech was supposed to do kabosh years ago but critical bill fell through. now they got mayday so now tech didnt steal that

    • r

      Why the fucks this jason bitch goin on every post ridin waynes nuts. Get a life, defendin him like he's family oor u want a deal or some shit ha shut the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      lol tech came up with the rock album idea years before wayne hes just never had the time to do it. hes touring half the year and writing an album the other half. and a rock album takes more time to do.

    • GdaMost

      I'm gonna reply to Jason without cursing but you got to be a no rap history idiot to think Tech stole rock from your jesus lil wayne. Tech has been ahead of his time for 10years now and has always used rock samples and influence in his beats as well as this new music called Dub...Go get Angellic by Tech and then talk. Rap goes back since the 90's peanut...and Rock has been an influence in rap since Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys. You got to be a similac child or crack baby to make a hatng statement on Tech like that. Plus your Jesus Lil Wayne is a fan of Tech9 and seeked him out on a record, so what does that tell you.. Last thing i wanna leave on this dude is this. Lil Wayne couldnt piss in the same lake with Tech because Tech would destroy him with one verse. He is a Moster/Jedimaster when it comes to lyrics. Only comp might be Eminem(maybe), Twista, Busta, that's damn near it.. Get a bar of that worldwide choppers on Tech's 6,7,8's and shoot yoursel....Rookie.

    • Tarek

      Jason, you don't know shit about tech n9ne. He has planned to make a KABOSH Album since his Everready album which was released in 2006. You don't know anything about Tech N9ne. You want to hear lyrics, listen to the Calm before the storm or Anghellic by Tech, regardless. it doesn't even matter what i say to you cause you will never understand which sucks for you because you are truly missing out. And lyrics aren't always everything, its delivery and lyrically, Tech is one of the best, and he also raps slow you just don't know enough. Open your mind buddy, your talking to the guy that has over 700 Lil Wayne tracks

    • Evil Lil Wayne

      With this dark hadou consuming my chi, I no longer need fans like you! Be gone you weakling!

    • Anonymous

      ...can't we just like both? Tech has always wanted to do a rock album it has nothing to do with Wayne. And I have a feeling you'll start seeing Tech out more just wait and see. Not hate.

    • Anonymous

      stop your mouth flappin. Tech has ALWAYS had rock influence in his music. and no one whos the most successful independent rapper in the world is broke fool. Your just butthurt that Tech fans think Wayne sucks.

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