Phonte Speaks On Drake Dedicating His BMI Award To Him

Drizzy named Phontigallo as one of his inspirations, but Phonte says a collaboration in the near future isn't likely.

During his acceptance speech for Songwriter of the Year at the BMI Urban Awards this past weekend, Drake thanked Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Phonte for inspiring him. Speaking with The Source, Phontigallo spoke on being named by the Young Money rapper, explaining that he’d like to collaborate for Take Care but can't seem to link with the rapper.

“To my knowledge, it’s not happening. We’ve made contact with each other but all of my attempts to make something real happen have led to a dead end,” he said. “I saw that he dedicated his BMI award to me and while that was a very noble and thoughtful gesture, I’d much rather he had dedicated himself to finishing a verse for one of me and 9th’s songs. That, to me, seems like a more tangible way of showing gratitude. But with that said, I’m still a fan and I think he’s an incredibly talented artist. When Take Care drops, he’s got my money.”

Phonte is currently gearing up for the release of his solo debut, Charity Starts at Home, releasing September 27th.

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  • drphil

    So Drake worked with good rappers just to get hip hop heads to be like " yo i can fucks with drakes music he worked with *insert real hip hop artist here* " wow if anything i wouldnt have worked with eLZhi that niggas tooooo fuckin nice he'd shit on drake so bad he'd be the worst rapper on a bad day, if i was drake fuck real hip hop artists lol(i mean i love eLZhi he's one of my favorite rappers ) but its DRAKE! he might as well work with Hannah Montana at this point that niggas straight soft n wack

  • Christopher English

    Lol. Some of you dudes are so emotional you'd think you were females. What's wrong with Phonte getting a co-sign from Drake and wanting a verse from him. The fact the he even mentioned Phonte has opened up a whole new world of fans for him. People that didn't even know who Phonte was might do some research to see who he is. Jay did the same cosign for Talib Kweli. And honestly, all you dudes who all over twitter and facbook trying to promote your free little mixtapes… you're trying to tell me that if Drake gave you a shout out… whether you liked him as a rapper or not… that you wouldn't have something positive to say about him? Really? If that's the case then you're probably a fool who'll wind up working in Mc Donalds till you're 65.

    • drphil

      hasnt Phonte been out way longer than drake, lol its funny seeing a newer rapper cosigning a veteran like j. cole signing Jay-Z instead of jay singing j cole lol

  • R. Grice

    This was Long past due. Basically Drizzy was giving credit to the man who he patterned his rhyme scheme and flow after. When people would say Kanye I would let them listen to little brother and there mouths dropped.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga take that shit in stride. Why shit gotta be about some business? he aint have to say shit about Phonte. I know you got the grammy nod and everything but dang u cant appreciate sum shit witout looking salty nigga? damn this industry i dont want no part of man when i see shit like that.

  • John Book

    I like how people who have commented so far based their opinions on an artist's "status". It's a popularity contest? Get out of that high school mentality and make some real world moves. I may not be a Drake fan, but at least he's doing he's doing to make things happen, same for Phonte.

  • iddle1

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say most of these Drake fans never heard Phonte. Do me a favor and go listen to 'the listenin' 'the minstrel show' 'get back' 'chittlin circuit' and 'foreign exchange' and then come back with some hip hop knowledge

  • Anonymous jbird

  • Drake One

    If it wasnt for Dwele, there wouldnt be a Drizzy, thats my word!!! haha...and I believe Dwele did work with Drake on a old track with 9th and Tay!! And Dwele was out way before!!! You know Drake was feelin Dwele peep the styles, listen to Rize and then here Drakes albums hahaa!

  • Drake One

    Man on the real "Drizzy", needs to thank everyone that even gave him a shot at the spot light, if it wasnt for phonte and 9th wonder he wouldnt of started of getting his fame like that one song "but u got a man", Drake and Nicki are a bunch of fakers trying to rape this cash cow, by acting like tribe, little brother and act like they true hip hop heads...but u know damn well they aint down with the "real" hip hop crowd...Drake needs to thank them, not say he's an inspiration and come on 'Tay, you know whats up, u dont need Drake to gets respect you already got us "real" hip hop heads respect...and thats my word...You and Elzhi have done sum sick shit and are true emcees, not just sum bubble gum emcee that uses r&b and rap to sell records like "Drizzy" Phontigallo gots my money when ur record drops, yo tay use limewire for Drakes album, cause I aint spendin on it, I'll spend my album comes out...and iam the Original Dee....and a real native tonque head...

  • whowho

    This dude is a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Really Phonte? A fan? Man, this reminds me when Vado was like "I want to work with Bieber." first off, I highly doubt Drake is a fan, he just says that shit bc he wants the real hiphop heads to be like "damn, Drake cool." Na man, I aint buying it

    • @Anonymous I agree

      He only did that song with elzhi and phonte to get some hiphop looks he has no intentions of ever collaborateing with them again but the end of the day PHONTE WILLhave the better career in the long run.

    • shane

      Vado said he wants to work with beiber lmfao. Sounds like present day rappers but still kinda wish i didn't just read that. That b too funny a song to listen to tho if vado was on the same type of shit he's normaly on.

  • Anonymous

    Wow these kids have a fucked up view of this industry, no wonder its gone to shit!

  • bill bigsby

    nice work much respect good

  • Truthenola

    He dont need a co-sign from Drake thats why ,. if you think about it,. these dudes are pure hip hop artists i hate 9th for his comment bout WTT , but if you gonna stand on your own then thats what you gonna do, Drake was workign with 9th wonder and im thinking they have shelved trax

    • Elzhi

      Ok here's a sick one: Sorry junior, I already ruined ya ‘Cause you ain’t even alive, paparazzi pursuin’ ya Sins of a father make yo’ life ten times harder I just wanna take ya to a barber Bondin’ on charters, all the shit that I never did Teach ya good values, so you cherish it Took me 26 years to find my path My only job is cuttin’ the time in half So at 13 we’ll have our first drink together Black bar mitzvahs, mazel tov, mogul talk Look a man dead in his eyes So he know you talk truth when you speak it, give your word, keep it And if the day comes I only see him on the weekend I just pray we was in love on the night that we conceived him Promise to never leave him even if his mama tweakin’ Cause my dad left me and I promise never repeat him Never repeat him, never repeat him Or did u just wanna hate?

    • Reel Talk

      Wow. I think this was the dumbest thing I've read all year. This dude said he "hates 9th Wonder for what he said about WTT" but all 9th said is that "It wasn't for him". WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

    • Anonymous

      why WTT was pure garbage n before you dispute it post a single sick verse from that album...i wont wait coz there isnt one

    • Wtf?

      Why do you hate the man for having an opinion? If your mother thought it was trash, would you hate her too? Smh.

  • bill bigsby

    nice work much respect

  • ZeN

    LMAO he just wants to make some money of Drake. Please do a verse for me...please...haha what a bitch

  • bebo689

    Honest answer. Not what I thought he'd say when I clicked on the article but I can respect how he feels about it.

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