GLAAD Lashes Out At MTV For Awarding Tyler, The Creator At 2011 VMAs

The gay rights organization says that MTV should be more responsible in educating the masses.

GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has issued a statement addressing Tyler, The Creator’s recent win for Best New Artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

The organization claims that MTV should be more responsible in educating viewers on the homophobic slurs and misogynistic lyrics found in contemporary music.

“Rather than providing simply a larger platform, MTV and other networks should educate viewers about why anti-gay and misogynistic language has no place in the music industry today,” said Senior Director of Programs, Herndon Graddick. “Given Tyler’s history of such remarks, viewers and potential sponsors should refrain from honoring homophobia and in the future look to a more deserving artist.”

Back in July, a number of women’s rights and LGBT organizations in Chicago, Illinois protested Odd Future’s performance at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

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  • Yogi

    They will correct that issue asap. That's half their viewership right there.

  • Anonymous

    i love tyler and this junk had me laughin the hardest

  • Anonymous

    its music ya dumb fucks!

  • Moasset Duce Rodriguez

    ouch lol

  • saint

    I hate gays, gangbangers and fucking jerkers/ unless it's gay gangbangers that's fucking jerking/ how's that homophobic. faggots

  • DL Dub

    GLAAD is fuckin more annoying than 5 baby mothers. Not that they would know anything about that HEYOOOO. No but seriously, this shit has got to stop. It wasnt about them, and that's what they're mad about. Muh fuckas gave them Glee and now they all uppity and shit. Sit yo gay asses down, we dont give a fuck about you. And we're not supposed to

  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    So I can talk about bitches, cocaine, murder and criminal activities on the regular, but i can't say anything about homosexuals. GLAAD needs to sit the fuck down. I have love for the gay community, but I can gladly say that GLAAD is a bunch of fags.

  • Anonymous

    glaad needs to sit down for two reasons: 1) the best new artist award is voted on by the fans. 2)their gonna seriously lash out at the mtv awards when the center piece of the entire show was lady gaga dressed as a man? really??!! sit down...

  • aarontodavis

    the only thing gay about tyler the creator is his music cuz it sux..dey gotta good fan base but it dnt mean dey can spit or have meaningful music. He tries to diss Bruno Mars cuz B.o.B ripped him into shreads & he aint responded sense.Im pretty sure if Bruno Mars made a singing or tried to rap and dissed these clowns he cud. Idk dey h8in I guess its cuz dey'll nvr have a platinum selling cd

  • SupaDupa

    I could get over the bum sex, but do gays have to fucking complain about EVERYTHING. FUCK! everybody else, regardless of race, gender or whatever can take a fucking insult every once in a while. What makes gays so important

  • Alex Mendoza

    shut the fuck up and get over it.

  • qukid

    i'm gay (yeah i said it) and i think tyler the creator's the shit. his music and LYRICS kick ass are funny and entertaining and he totally deserves the award. GLAAD doesn't respect art or free speech and GLAAD definitely does NOT represent me. don't think all homosexuals are like this, people. we dont all have lisps and wear tight jeans either.

    • Doubl Negative

      @Tdott, toatally with homie regarding this gay dude. Just goes to show the way you eliminate homophobia in society is to have more open-minded, rational gay people like this dude. Bein' indignant about every little cavalier, innocuous comment shows most gays have no intention of joinin' regular society and will always remain pariahs. Minorities assimilate into normal society by excepting the status-quo - if gays can't deal with the reality that most people find their lifestyle unsavoury, they should form their own island. Salute to the sensible gay brother above me though, first homosexual to comment on this site without a chip on his shoulder.

    • TdotFrog

      First gay guy I can honestly say I can have a beer with (no homo). Cheers and good post.

    • qukid

      and btw, i'm reading that many of you think people in the gay rights movement think ALL gays equate gay rights to black civil rights... hELLL no, i don't. black rights to me will ALWAYS be more important, and i'm not even black. there's a MAJOR difference between my right to ram my dick in someone's ass and your right to vote or drink out of the same fountain I can.

  • Anonymous

    didnt eminem already make it ok to say fag he will just do a song with elton john or that jitter bug guy and it will be all cool gettin all up in that ass until someone signs me and then im gettin all up in that ass and cummin

  • Fado

    GLAAD needs to realize they dont get to decide if any words they use have "no place in the music industry today", if you don't like it dont listen. Most hiphop fans dont care about the gay community. Its hypocritical to be gay and have the "let me live my life the way I want even if you dont understand it" attitude then point the finger at Tyler and MTV and say this is what you should do and dont play this or that it has "no place" obviously it fucking does if he has gotten to the point of success he is at now, but GLAAD doesnt understand that...just like they complain people dont understand them...faggit has a different meaning in the context of hiphop but they ignore that fact, oh well.

  • Hey Yea

    I'm assuming it was either before or after this statement that applauded MTV for giving Lady Gaga the national spotlight to promote awareness for the GLAAD cause. I might be wrong.

  • Unknown

    What a bunch of fags and I mean that in the asshole way.

  • And the funny shit is you know my otha bitch

    "If you could take a fuckin dick you could take a joke" - Immortal Technique

  • toaddds

    their is a LESBIAN in ofwgkta her name is syd the kid. golf wang. freee eaarlll!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yea let's support rich young lil faggots fuck that Earl ain't in jail he's prolly somewhere nicer then the nicest house u ever slept in. I swear the people these kids support is funny as fuck.

  • Michael Niemczyk

    One look at ANY of MTV's program will tell you they're not in the business of educating anyone. And it's not MTV's responsibility to.

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up GLAAD. You've been doing this for years and NO ONE GIVES A FLYING PIECE OF SHIT. Stop trying to publicize yourselfs and focus on real offenders and not those who just express it through music. No one thinks that "fag" is the same thing as a gay person. Get real.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (enters the stage) (ahem) Dear GLAAD, Shut your gay asses up. Sincerely, Me This group of idiots are just annoying just from the simple fact they have it in their heads that everyone is supposed to cater to them. Doesn't work that way. People don't have a problem with homosexuality; people have a problem when it's thrusted in our everyday lives to the point where it gets to be invading. If one chooses to be gay, then cool. That's on you, pimp. I need not know of anything let alone would I care. But the issue comes when it's thrust to the point where it's just calling and screaming for attention. Here's a deeper than rap question: Do I go on and on screaming about a heterosexual movement at a gay club? Do I thrust myself upon a gay parade? Hell no and hell no. Once again, what does my heterosexuality have to do with your life? You all are gay ass people. No offense of course. LOL But that's the whole entire point: God gives you the free will to do and be anything. Yet, we don't have to cater to anything but we are called to be right in the first place by Him. Can Tyler say some outrageous material that disses gay people and blasphemes God? Sure can... but the brother better realize there's a price to pay for that stuff. Does he know better? He's knowledgeable of God just cause of the fact there's Bible's and he even recognizes Jesus' existence. And that's stubborness. So once again, GLAAD needs to get off of their high horses, leave everyone alone, stop this putelent ass behavior with fighting for a cause when the premise is very much so wrong, and stop being so damn stubborn and nonsensical with this shit. It's sickening, annoying, and friggin stupid. Stupid is forever but ignorance can be fixed. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. These cats are well aware, thus what makes them stubborn. Stupid muthafuckas. (walks from stage)

    • qukid

      no one chooses to be gay

    • N/A

      @Ridic, Atheists are just as bad as over the top Christians. A rather large number of atheists go as far as to insult your intelligence, where as the "bible thumpers" are intrusive and annoying. Personally, I do believe in "Mr. Big Guns Upstairs" but...I don't trust the church (due to bias interpretations and the system of hiarchy created within it) and it's also not my job to "convert". As far as I'm concerned, it's a dead issue on both sides because you have to die to find out.

    • 100%

      dont know why but i read your whole letter or comment and that says it all real recognize real

    • Ridic

      Dude he's an atheist, I don't think he gives a flying fuck about what your magician God says, nor does he give a damn about divine retribution for slandering him. SMH. Jesus freaks are the same way annoying the shit out of us and trying to shove their religion down our throats. Just like GLAAD huh? Guess what? We don't buy it!! In the words of Tyler the Creator: "Fuck your religion."

  • slizy

    In some Kanye West glasses screaming out FUCK FAGGOTS!!!

  • Golfwang

    Ok so I was waiting to hear something like this since he pretty much is the most offensive figure in hip hop, but it is also the epitome of free speech. I find it hilarious that the "fag haters" in the previous comments all (aside from sounding like total morons) site the ungodliness of homosexuality. To you my friends, please note that TC also thinks very low of all religion, with the opening lines of this song being "Jesus called and said he's sick of the disses, I told him to quit bitching this isn't a f****** hotline". I love that most people who comment on these pages probs don't even listen to the music, just have uneducated - borderline fascist perspectives that do nothing but make them look foolish themselves. On the note of the video, it was amazing, creative and fresh - so look at the art of it and stop trying to make it something less. -Golf Wang

  • Anonymous

    Kreayshawn and her little posse say nigga in their songs but you dont see the NAACP all over MTV for that. Tyler's a gimmick, he admitted that himself, so GLAAD can fall back. Besides, Tyler doesn't hate gays; he hates Bruno Mars, who just so happens to have gay mannerisms.

  • Doubl Negative

    I'll never condone or support gay's rights until they stop extrapolatin' and juxtapose their cause with ours (Black people). It's incredibly offensive and exasperating to hear these people constantly try to mitigate their lifestyles by using Black arguments and weakens their own defence if they can't come up with stand-alone points as to why they feel persecuted. I've only heard a couple of Tyler's joints and I was impressed, I certainly didn't find anything he said to be offensive. If we go down the route of prohibitin' any art deemed to be un-PC and derogatory, we'll lose anti-Semite Wagner's work, James Ellroy's thought-provocative novels and most of Quentin Tarantino and Scorsese's films. We as Black people support and enjoy films like Reservoir Dogs/GoodFellas which are littered with racial epithets and and don't bitch and complain; GLAAD should extend our community the same courtesy.

    • qukid

      i understand your frustration with GLAAD but please don't confuse glad with ALL homosexuals and their rights.

    • Anonymous

      There is a major difference between condemning someone's attitude and censorship. Also, violence against people just for being gay is a pretty good indicator that gay people aren't riding Black's coattails. Finally, Tyler is pretty damn disappointed if you didn't find his stuff offensive. Other than a distinctive voice, trolling with rape jokes and homophobia is all he has going for him.

  • Anonymous

    Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation?? So this is a group of gay ppl who started an alliance just to stop defamation? I'm confused, don't they have real jobs or sumthing they should be at? I guess they don't have any kids so that free's up sum time.

  • do it now!!!!!!!

    i hope a gang of GLAAD members ambush tyler and fuck his dirty ass witta 15 inch spiked club not that im for gay rights or any thing i just think the look on his face would be funny

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry but what the hell does that shit have to do with his award? Tyler's a fuckin fag in my opinion with them skinny jeans n such so I don't know why he running his mouth dissing em anyway. But at the same time why are these folks so sensitive? SMFH

  • Anonymous

    jesus fuck christ. why do these cunts consistently try to tell people they have never met what they can or cant say land of the free? yeah right

  • Ikem

    There is a Lesbian in the group right? kk

    • David Duke

      I would really like to hang a nigger from a tree like back in the day. Don't worry, this isn't racist. Herman Cain is also a Republican.

  • Ozep

    Didn't the same shit happen to eminem before he even got many awards at these types of show? History repeats itself once again when it comes to homephobia and hip-hop. These days most rappers really don't give a fuck about homosexuality just don't flaunt it or shove it down our throats. I'm sure if you were to interview DJ Syd,who we all know is openly lesbian,she would stick up for tyler and tell GLAAD to go fuck themself. If the last 10-15 years has taught anything MTV is the last place you to learn morals much less music videos.

    • Norman

      ozep-youd like a big cock shoved down your throat huh faggot? they say those who hate gays are gay...come out, dude-its 2011

  • timmy

    all faggots can roast in hell with Lil B's homo ass. Touchy ass fags are too sensitive, go eat a dick GOLF WANG 666

    • Norman

      you suck teh dick, huh timmy? you and your dad butt fuck next to your sister gettign eaten out by a lesbian, huh? its cool, dawg-come out-we will welcome you

  • The Anti-Bullshyt Theory

    I dont know about ya'll, but HIP HOP culture was NOT founded on the ideals and/or acceptance of homosexulity. So why should it even be accepted??? You cant equate homosexual rights to the struggle of Black civil rights. That in itself would mean degrading the black community and seriously deluting the efforts that were made... and STILL being made. Homosexuality is wrong no matter how you want to reason it morally. And not only does it go against Gods law (to which the world deems as foolish), but also against the natural laws of human selection. Homosexuality is being forced down the throat of society by corporate controlled media. And the more society embraces this abomination only shows not only how twisted our society is, but also demonstrates how far many have blatantly disregarded God period.

    • you must be joking

      Just because hip-hop wasn't founded on those ideals doesn't mean it can't change. Example, this nation was founded on the ideals that slavery was acceptable. But that changed, didn't it? Hip-Hop isn't all breakdancing and ganster rap because things CHANGE in order to adapt to the times. I respect your faith but religion doesn't justify ignorance.Also, what "God" law are you referring to? And what does natural selection have to do with the morality of homosexuality? Please don't throw in complex ideas together without proper knowledge of them in order to make your argument seem legit.

  • kaffir

    glaad z really stupid, i d nt think tyler z homophobic as he has a gay chic in his group, as usual hate wthout research

  • Ron Nizamov

    fuck those faggots. Tyler deserved it!

    • Norman

      eat shit you uneducated, redneck bigot-gay equality is coming and you and your dipshit twisted homophobic views cant stop it-youre gay huh? you like the dick? that why you so hateful? typical bachwards piece of garbage living in a tariler-too scared to come out...too bad, buddy

  • Anonymous

    see this is what happens when you let fags walk the fuckin street like its okay. why the hell is it okay to be gay i dont care about having a right to chose what you wanna be. there should be no place in society for that shit what about the people who dont want there children seeing that shit. where are their rights i know i dont want that gay shit around my kids and they dont either its not hate its morals. i think its against gods will and gay people have something wrong with them. its disgusting and they should not have all these rights or its just gonna get worse. its not supposed to be that way gay people cant have children and they shouldnt be allowed to either. now they got say in everything cause we let em. they need to go to a gay island and live away cause im never gonna give em respect.

    • asher1985

      there is probably a more professional and Christian like way to say what you just said. but i agree with you 100% we have enabled them and it has gotten way out of control. it has to stop. if they want rights they should go to their own island.

    • Norman

      coward-posting anonymously-you dont liek teh blacks either huh? backwards, redneck bigot-die off ok?

    • mbongeni

      Hey dude come to my country Zimbabwe its illegl.. If you are caught for being gay you face no less than 10 years in jail!! real talk google it if you think im lying

  • Anonymous


  • ...........

    ....honestly its not like he got the "Fag Hater" moon-man...people need to look in the mirror and see that they always stereotype our music...there are 10x more homophobes in the country music scene and nobody says shit about them...point noted

  • tyler

    fuck GLAAD. this just makes people like me like odd future more, because GLAAD is annoying as fuck

  • Anonymous

    They sayin all of this but they got a gay chic in the group

  • BraveHeart

    GLADD needs to just do what it do best... shut the fuck up and eat a dick

  • R.Pgh

    I'm not a Tyler fan, but GLAAD needs to chill the fuck out. 'there is no place in music for homophobic lyrics'. It's called free speech. You may not agree with it, but it's his right as an American citizen to say whatever the fuck he wants. Just like it's your right to protest him and scream from a mountain that you don't like him. Besides, since when has MTV been a moral fucking compass? They award TV shows to teenage girls who get pregnant, their biggest hit is a bunch of douche-bags who are borderline alcoholics and womanizers, and they have an award show for videos they won't even play. Lighten the fuck up.

  • undadogg

    First of all, you GLAAD people are bitching to MTV for Tyler getting a VMA that the PUBLIC voted for??? Find better things to do than bitch and moan about every recording artist that you don't agree with. The world does not and should not revolve around you!!!

  • Sam

    this is kinda ironic since the DJ Syd is a lesbian and nobodys sure yet if Mike G is gay or not.

  • Phil House

    fuck tyler hes an overrated tool and fuck glaad members find something better to do with your time then pretesting every fuckin lil rapper and concert cause they use the word faggot or homo or whatever get the fuck over it more important things in this world then cryin over that shit

  • joe_bevis

    Tyler is a homophobe? That's news to me, but I bet a lot of rappers are anyway. Its a damn shame but still it is what it is.

  • GLAAD Member

    Fuck Tyler the creator. He hurt our feelings and he has to pay for it. Nobody insults us gay people and gets away with it! We're gonna protest your concerts for the rest of our lives! Bet you're scared huh pussy? I'm making my protest sign right now. Just you wait bitch. I'm gonna protest the shit out of you.

    • undadogg

      See, that's the problem with GLAAD and the LGBT community as a whole. They're so busy worrying about their rights and being offended by music lyrics that they totally disregard the rights of others. I mean, seriously, have you ever heard of the Bill of Rights, more specifically the 1st Amendment??

    • kaffir

      gay fag shut the f up!!!!!!

    • Phil House

      chill out homo

  • Sensaye252

    The irony of it is that them niggas ARE gay.

  • Kris Goosby

    Lol heha yea how lame on glaad's part. So irrelevant.

  • Rick

    GLAAD, you're acting like a bunch of bitches- ODogg voice.

  • cccccccccc

    wow if u dont like the music then dont listen to it and stop giving it life by putting it on blast...

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