Rick Ross Being Sued For Trademark Infringement Over "Teflon Don" Album Title

Ricky Rozay is in legal hot water for taking another rapper's name.

Last year, Rick Ross was forced to settle a trademark infringement lawsuit with former drug boss Ricky “Freeway” Ross, who claimed that the Miami rapper lifted his name. Now, the Maybach Music Group CEO is at the center of another trademark suit over the title of his popular 2010 album Teflon Don.

In a lawsuit filed on August 30, rapper Teflon Don (born Donald Askey Jr.) alleges that Ross, along with DJ Khaled, Universal Music Group, Slip-N-Slide Records, Def Jam Recordings and Maybach Music Group are all guilty of “trademark infringement, common-law trademark rights, trademark delusion, unfair competition, tortious interference and fraud and identity theft," for illegally using his name. Askey Jr. claims that back in 2007, before the release of Ross’ Teflon Don album, he was involved in projects with DJ Khaled who specifically called him out by name on the track “I Represent,” (Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 10) saying, “To my homie Teflon Don, we the best…”

He says that the content of Rick Ross’ music has hindered his potential success because it has sent mixed messages to his fan base. "It is almost belittling to me because the music he [Rick Ross] puts out is almost demeaning and the music that I put out is more positive," Askey said. "We have two different crowds and it is making me lose clientele based on the fact that they think that I am a negative rapper.” 

"I'm building a name, I'm building a brand and for someone to come with an album and an alias the name Teflon Don and they have big budgets to put behind it, it blocks me from progressing,” he added. “I was climbing the ladder and it feels like I went straight downhill and I don't feel like that's fair."

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  • Bk all day

    You sound like you hugging boss nuts you little squirrel

  • Bk all day

    Drug game dead lol you must be living in Alaska

  • Essdot

    Where Is The Like Button??

    • Bk all day

      The drug business is only a trillion dollar business and thats only in the u.s. Yeah it's dead alright you must your head in the sand .

  • Broward Fucking County

    First quarter, fuck John Gotti. He was a loudmouth fucking bum, and a shitty Don who brought unwanted attention on the Cosa Nostra's operations. That's why The Commission gave Sammy the Bull permission to snitch on his stupid ass. Second quarter, none of these rap niggas is a don. All they are is entertainers, glorifying a fantasy life they've never lived. Only a handful of rappers ever really made money in the street. The dope game died out in '99. You make more money on a 9 to 5 job than you do selling dope these days. Rozay needs to rap about being a fat herb former corrections officer, which is all he is. And this other clown... he just needs to kill himself.

    • Jadakiss88

      Either you and your homies was hustlin backwards, petty hustling, or just don't know how to hustle. The Dope game is about as dead as Jordan's sneaker line. Not to mention where I am from Bham, Al I gotta walk past four or five fiends every block so I don't know where you got that info homie. I wonder if you cats really be in the hood like ya'll claiming unless ya'll stay in the house all day. LOL!!! Young cats now a days.

    • Best

      Nigga unles you are moving tone from state too state or from country too country understand this the dope game is dead, nigga these day are making sneaker money, real not even. let it go

    • Anonymous

      You don't understand do you? There's such a thing called supply n demand and so long as there's that, the dope / drug game ain't gonna die. I'm not sayin I approve / disapprove, just sayin it how it is

    • Keni

      @ Jadakiss88 sorry son i am in the hood every day all night the dope game is dead let it go son, the 90's aint coming back, you do made more money on a 9 to 5.

    • Jadakiss88

      Wow...no disrespect but you sound like you are compensating for the fact you have a 9 to 5. Believe the dope game hasn't died out like pimpin ain't died. If you really think the dope game has died out you must live in Suburbia because the dope game is still going hard. Oversaturated market most definetly but died boy stop. Cats just learn from mistakes made by others and stay low key because the loudest one's are the dumbest one's.

    • Anonymous

      yo broward watch your mouth when it come to the great Telfon Don Gotti, you hear me, all rapper are fake we already know that

  • Crackshop

    rosay told Freeway name now he stole john gotti name

  • Crackshop

    Damn Freeway Rick Ross name now teflon don what a fake NOw John Teflon John Gotti

  • Crackshop

    Damn Freeway Rick Ross name now teflon don what a fake NOw John "Teflon John " Gotti

  • Truth Hurts

    Thats why the states is in trouble PPl sue for everything in the america,its seems like most ppl from that country can't make their own money so they are constantly trying get rich quick schemes. In Canada the courts wouldn't allow some of these cases to get started they'd laugh ppl are wasting to much time and money on stupid cases and putting themselves and the country in more debt.

  • Anonymous

    Making positive music with a name such as "Teflon Don" is such an oxymoron haha. Anyways, as long as this Teflon Don patented the name, then ya take Ross to court. Otherwise, you got a lost case "Teflon Don"...

  • Big Log

    THAT NAME shouldnt be use period for there was only ONE Telfon Don, and he is Gone, all these niggas trying to Live off John Gotti Name, dont have the Heart to do half of the things, the Police, FBI and the Mob's said he have done that case should be dismiss and nigga told to stop using that name

  • I.L.M

    All these niggas should paid John Gotti family the whole world know how is, was and will ever be the Gret Teflon Don, Biggie, Jay Z and Nas know who was the king of NYC street wasnt nothing of them and when it came to Beef that shit was getting cooked when it come to the Teflon DON, Niggas need to do their maths this aint a game or Gang niggas, its the MOB. niggas better ask

    • geminiman

      "I.L.M" probably dropped out of school in the third grade, or he IS a third grader. Damn, it's pathetic our young generation can't write for $*#t today. I agree, REPEAT K-12. Or hire a tutor so you can learn how to write. SMH

    • Anonymous


    • Ward

      Please redo school from grades 1 through 12 thankyou....

  • Anonymous

    Man there was only one Teflon Don he is death, John Gotti, no other person have the right to use that name Period, all these fake ass rapper running around try to be Hard, niggas John Gotti put in work, on these street of NYC, and kill to take whatever he wanted,and never spoke about it, The murders spoke for themself not like these bitch who cant handle beef when word come there way. to much nigga claiming something the are when they are not, rick ross correction office, John Gotti die in jail alone luck up 24/7 and still didnt talk

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA! Shark nigga,stop biting g.

  • R.Pgh

    1. your stealing your name from John Gotti 2. if you are in fact 'a positive rapper' why did you name yourself after a crime boss?

  • A

    ahahaa Every one tryner make money off Ross now he big in the game. SMH... MMG

  • lakey Jones

    is this dude serious?lol

  • JG

    Lol no one loves Rozay more than me, but the big nigga has some real copyright problems

  • Anonymous

    Just don't understand how he says he's making positive music with a name like Teflon Don.. which is borrowed from street guys.. come on son!

  • reEL Talk

    usually im hard to you people who dont respect lawsuits. but this guy is an idiot. Rick Ross is causing you to lose fans? come on, son.

  • JFranks

    I like how these rappers taking the name from john gotti...a guy who died of throat cancer in prison...real cool.

  • TBD

    I expect the car company to go after Ross next with him using their name for his record label ..... Their probably aren't getting a cent out of the residues from albums sold

  • the_truth

    Wait... before Ricky called himself RICK ROSS, his rap name was TEFLON DON... since like 1999.... What is this clown talking about? Ross aint stopping you from progressing.....

    • Bowski

      I was just saying the same thing. I guess this will be ANOTHER case Rick is gonna beat in court making that name almost "real life" since none of these bums can get any of these lawsuits against him to stick (lol). Crabs in the barrel asses (SMH)

  • This Is Pure Comedy...SMH

    what a stupid nigga (the one suing). he really think he stands a chance? HAHAHAHA if he wins, trust me I'll sue a super duper rich rapper claiming they stole my nickname too then :/

    • the_truth

      Freeways case was thrown out... not settled as reported in this article...

    • Uidiots

      he has legitimate change due to the settlement of freeways case. you'd also need to show proof you had the name first. If you just say things and file claims without actual intent you open yourself to counter suits. don't be an asshole

  • Anonymous

    lol this dude a lame


    i think john gotti kinda claimed it first, dudes.

  • bizo_17@hotmail.com

    lol some people are nuts like anybody can call themselves whatever they want haha who is stopping them you dont own a name no person does anyway, give your head a shake

  • Anonymous

    how bout both these idiots jacked John Gotti's name. what a retard.

  • Wooooow

    THIS GUY IS THE ONE SUING ROSS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYFYbawXvTo hes horrible. and not to hate, but what latter are you climbing with that fugazi DMX style you running with

  • Anonymous

    comes with the price of being a bawse like Ross. He'll handle it though...

  • mo

    Sending positive signals as a rapper while your name is teflon don ha!

  • Ricky Rozay the Bawse

    Man all these niggas tryin to go after Ross seein that these niggas fail gettin they careers off the ground. These broke ass niggas will do anything to try and make a quick buck. Rozay still on top of the game. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bk all day

    I didn't know officer Ricky was forced to settle with the real Rick Ross

  • Moses

    Damn, rappers will do anything to make money nowadays, this guy is just trying to make quick cash. “I was climbing the ladder and it feels like I went straight downhill and I don't feel like that's fair." NIGGA, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga stole the name teflon don anyways so what does it matter

  • Anonymous

    that what happens when you not original i guess

  • Anonymous

    charge it to the game fuck boy

  • Anonymous

    this case will be dismissed

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