Elzhi Speaks On The Legacy Of Slum Village

The former SV member explains that his mission is to "carry the torch" for Baatin and J. Dilla.

Though he parted ways with Slum Village after the release of last year’s Villa Manifesto, Elzhi still supports the legacy of the Detroit, Michigan group. Speaking with GWHH, he explained that he’s got a “crazy amount of love” for the legacy of the collective.

“I got a crazy amount of love for the legacy of Slum Village,” he said. "Like I say, Baatin, J. Dilla, come on man. Just to be a part of that whole equation was just incredible to me. It was amazing. I carry that to this day. I carry that love to this day. I do this for Baatin, I do this for J. Dilla.”

He pointed out how involved in music Dilla and Baatin were, and how he has to “carry that weight” on his back and spread their message.

“JD, he was doing Donuts on his hospital bed, really having love for the music. Baatin, God bless his soul, man. Until his last day on the planet, he was doing music. I feel like I gotta carry that weight and carry that torch for them, and basically excel and get that message out for them. That’s a couple of the reasons why I’m doing this.”

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  • Bowski

    @ Elmatic was cool I know we all are entitled to our own opinions, but your comment was borderline offensive bro (lol). I like Fash's joint too but El's joint was stepped up to the 4th power. Go listen to El's joint again & I promise your opinion will differ.

  • dockevoc

    slum village was fucking terrible

  • Anonymous

    Elzhi is the reason Im still listening to any hip hop made today. He makes me seek out rappers that are inspired by him to keep up the skill level required to rap. He truly embodies what It means to make Hip Hop today. No dick ride.

  • Elmatic was cool

    ...but it couldnt mess with Fashawns ode to Illmatic i think that one was better

    • Fawshawn>>>Elzhi!!??? WTF!

      Funny dude, seems like you didnt listen to elmatic. I will let you off, trolling is funny sometimes, especially in really clear situations.

    • G($)

      I respect your opinion man, but I just don't see how anyone could see it that way. Elmatic is better across the board.

    • Yeah

      Yeah, certainly El's tribute > Fashawn, and I'm a fan of dude, too. But it's not even really close in my opinion. Will Sessions (the band playing the joints for Elmatic) also do an incredible job with the live instrumentation. El obliterates every track, but then again I have honestly never heard a verse from him and said, "that was pretty weak".

    • jake

      COMPLETELY disagree. Fashawn is a good young emcee, but ELZHI is arguably the illest alive (in terms of how super dope he's been the last 5 years or so, plus he's been around almost 15 years). Elzhi put a much better spin on it with the 8 piece live band and LYRICALLY? Please basically no one can touch Elzhi, especially Fashawn (Boy Meets World was good not doubt). Fashawn himself said Elzhi's Elmatic was "amazing". "Wordplay wizard" "Syllable Scientist"

    • yodaddy01

      Props to Elzhi, I plan to purchase Elmatic. I already purchased "The Preface". Fashawn is cool too but he's just getting started. Give him some time and he'll do some more pretty cool things I bet.

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