Bun B To Be Honored With "Bun B Day" In Houston, Texas

The UGK member will be given his own day in the Southern city.

Houston, Texas’ Mayor Annise Parker is set to declare Tuesday, August 30th as “Bun B Day.”

During a public ceremony taking place at 1:30 p.m. at Houston’s City Hall, the 38-year-old will be honored with his own day for his contributions to both Hip Hop and the local community.

Bun, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, rose to prominence as one-half of UGK alongside Pimp C. He most recently released his third solo album, Trill O.G., last year.

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  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    don´t hate the player, hate the game. If the mayor honors the pimp, we should to. Happy Bun B-day, biatchezzzz haha

    • Anonymous

      Honor a pimp?? What you his groupie? hop off his dick son, He just a rapper with a college degree How the fuck is he pimpin??

  • yolaindanola

    Congrats on all of your accomplishments Bun you deserve this the trillest of tha trill. R those navy yeez's? ATF for life. RIP Pimp c

  • ComeOnNow

    nicki minaj principal for a day, r kelly leads a parade, now this dude gets his own day? His music and subject matter does not deserve to be honored with a 'day', regardless of what he does to 'help' his own community. Of course the simple minded readers here whose only criteria for being honored is a good beat don't know any better. He collabs with and cosigns for every poisonous artist out there, throws an occasional 'revolutionary' shot at the establishment or gives out a turkey for thankstaking, and we look the other way and ignore the big picture.

    • Comeonnow2

      Preach brother, I agree. I'm not saying anything is wrong with the music because it should be entertainment just that! But I have to agree with ya, honoring him with a "day" for being a rapper rapping about pimping, murdering, and showboating is not the way to build up a generation. Yeah like you said he throws a political or social bone ever album or two and we celebrate. And we wonder why we so far behind! SMH

    • Anonymous

      You know how these dumb niggas roll, they believe everything they see and read, this dude a fraud. Just as much as Rick Ross and the rest of these corny rappers claiming to be "thugs, pimps, trill, all that other shit" C'mon Houston Bun B?? for real?? If Philly did that with Beans it would be an outrage...

  • Anonymous

    Forreal. Bun B is straightup. He deserves his own day. But I think they should make Bun B Day "UGK Day" as well.

  • DR Jam

    I like Bun, the album was dope and all, but his own day? Dang!

  • Kendall Walters

    no one hates on bun b! He should have his own day! One of the best in the south!

  • Nathan

    Good Bun B deserves its he's the realest in the game and he keeps Texas on the map glad I got to see him live 3days ago

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