Game Publishes "The Making Of Game's 'The R.E.D. Album'" Book

Less than a week after releasing his fifth album, Game teamed with veteran music journalist Soren Baker to drop a book about the recording sessions.

Compton, California superstar rapper Game released his fifth solo works, The R.E.D. Album last Tuesday, August 23. Later last week, Game teamed with veteran music journalist Soren Baker to release a corresponding digital book, The Making of Game's "The R.E.D. Album"

Available on, with an iTunes and paperback release coming, the work features stories directing from Game, on working with the likes of Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Rick Ross and others.

This is Game's first book, and the latest 2011 work from Baker, who previously released books about Jay-Z and Tech N9ne.


  • cole world

    i dont give a fuk about this book.... YOU ARE ALL FUKIN FAGGOT BITCHES, all anyone ever talks about on this site is how many copies it will sell the 1st week etc, IT DOSENT FUKIN MATTER, if you like the album, you like it...if you dont like the album, you dont FUCK ALBUM SALES....stupid cunts

  • da1

    I heard this album will only sell 90-95,000 it's first week. Well it's definitely going to be less then 100,000. All of that trying to get publicity for his album for dissing rappers didn't help. Just walking is 50's shoes and it doesn't work for him anymore either. Clown ass nigga

  • anon

    and still no one cares.

  • hmm

    didn't has album only sell like 17,000 copies?

  • nice

    This was Games best album after the Doc IMO. Really liked this album alot and IMO is right behind Kendrick Lamras Section 80 as the best Hip Hop album of 2011 so far.

  • The Mechanic

    But why though? R.E.D. Album was nothing to write a book about. It won't even be remembered 5, 10, or 25 years from now.

  • HEAT

    @ addictive, you sound like a little groupie as bitch, if your a producer just do you, fuck you got to read a book for, just tat a butterfly on your face, and become a stripper, and a fake member of the bloods and you can be this forgot ass nigga.

  • plzz

    Chapter 1: The Documentary... 50 flew me over to his mansion, played me 7 of his bangers, he muted his vocals n tell me to rap over them flow for flow. THE END! Chapter 2.....

  • Anonymous

    this nigga STAYS on Jay's dick!!! jay made black album, game makes red album jay made the decoded, game does the same thing

    • Blazzizow

      LOL at your stupid ass. You know there was books by rappers BEFORE Jay-Z right? And Decoded is not even the same thing. As far as the title..really? KRS 1 - The Blueprint, Prince/Metallica - The Black Album, "I'm not a writer i'm a biter"..really duke? LMAO faggot ass nigga GTFOH.

  • andrebugz

    LoL Rappers now gotta put out an Album with a Book just to sell what they used to sell 7 - 10 years ago. Keep up the Hustle !

  • rex

    Game expanding his horizons once again...good look

  • HEAT

    Who gives a fuck about how the recording sessions!

    • dockevoc

      yeah they each made ONE track and both of them are gayer than a riding on a pink skateboard holding hands with a nigga...shoulda been called the P.I.N.K. album

    • addictive

      shut the fuck up u ignorant bitch , there are people out there who actually make this music not sittin in a site and bitchin all day from their mama's basement.... i am a producer and hell yeah i wanna know how the recording sessions went especially since there are legends like pharell and dre in this book...

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