Kreayshawn & Rick Ross Camps Confront Each Other At VMAs

After the "Gucci Gucci" rapstress fired shots at Rawse, they finally met at the award show last night.

Kreayshawn has been throwing shots in Rick Ross' direction over the past few months, rapping during a freestyle, "You tryna play me like a  boss / But you're faker than Rick Ross/ I'll fucking cut your dick off."

The two finally bumped into one another last night at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, and while the two kept their distance, tensions mounted between the camps.

In a video captured backstage, Ross stands afar while Kreayshawn is planted near the camera. Her manager, Stretch, exchanged heated words with a member of the Maybach Music Group crew, only to have the confrontation broken up and Stretch removed from the scene.

Watch the clip below.

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  • Anonymous

    u know, today's hip hop beef is about cowardice. Obviously no one's gonna body anyone in real life cause they'd go straight to jail, w/o collecting $200. But they're too worried to just flame on wax and put their careers on the line, as they should to keep it hip hop. So they're too scared to go full hood and end up in prison, like how they act, or go full hip hop and actually put themselves at risk by battling.

  • brandon

    I thought this video was dumb, till i read the comments. People need to start reading books again or some shit, the worlds just full of haters and retards, and im not supporting kreayshawn or rick ross when i say that.

  • pancho

    the last 5 seconds, what is that song?

  • Amanda

    kreayshawn is such an interesting artist. those that don't have respect for her should check out her live videos: sick performance

  • Anonymous

    officer rent a cop ricky anint hood

  • Anonymous

    someone's gettin arrested...not rick ross not news, what is news is jbird gettin all up in that ass

  • yo mama

    this "beef" is pretty embarrassing and not even worth arguing about, so why argue about it and take either Kreayshawn's or Rick Ross'side?? smh

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is the gayest shit to ever rap everyone knows ur a fat ass pussy ass bitch, this kreyshawn bitch is wack as hell to smh main stream rap is the gayest shit ever.

  • Goood Music Man

    Tha Boss Beefing with Chicks now. Sooft.



  • Lorander Moody

    Rick Ross & Kreayshawn? What is the world coming to...

  • Anonymous

    both them suck. im surprised that dumb bitch collabed with jay-z tho

  • Gary Rue

    JOkER. Swing if you have a problem , soft ass clowns. MTV haha

  • Anonymous

    What is kreayshawn camp who write this gay shit need to be shot

  • Alex Garcia

    Kreayshawn is horrible, nobody cares about her.

  • shhhhh

    No one should be talking about this. Its probably a publicity stunt arranged by a record label. This girl is terrible but a&rs know they can market her to hipsters and emo fairweather rap fans. Talkin about her means its working.

  • CaqNudg

    You guys should chill......yeah she's ridiculous, pretty bad and probably phony but the racism here is even more ridiculous. If you want to rap, try it...if you suck, stop. But it shouldn't matter if you're black, white, puerto rican, asian, native american etc. If you can flow then flow, and rap about whatever you know. Hate on Kreayshawn for being a bad rapper, not for being white...thats just ignorant.



  • Anonymous

    And who is this wanna be who? What? Did I miss something? Oh well... Must not of been important.. Leelee out- She looks like her pussy stinks!!

  • jholla4512

    and also we all knew rappers from the 90s didnt kill nobody like they said in there songs but alot of them had street cred and really lived that life or around that life like biggie was really a hustler like pac tried to be a hustler like even jay z tried to selling u know and if ne of them would of been found to be C.O's they probably wouldnt of lied about it jus said it was a job or they did it to make connects if u lie about the truth who knows how far u will lie about the lie

    • Anonymous

      jay-z tried? nah man he did it,_NJ.jpg

  • jholla4512

    I dont care he was a C.O its just that he lied about it thats all we know he is not a real dude but half rap is fake and full of liars as for her yah jus as ignorant as her for every time u go to talk about her u have to call out that she is a white bitch wow stoop to the level of those that u feel opress u regardless I dont see him running up on 50 or on jeezy when they was talkin bout him so to me that was a sucka move but then again alot of Ross fans probably will say he was checking her so she had it coming.

  • Ben Karlin

    kreayshawn is a white trash bitch who doesn't know to rap and it doesn't matter if ross was a cop or not, me makes good music and thats all people should care about

    • brandon

      except kreayshawn didnt use the n word at all in her music. You might not like her but a lot of peoples favorite artists do. Like snoop dogg, he actually thinks shes changing the game for girls. I mean overall rick ross is a fake and kreayshawn is a white girl from oakland, if you dont like either or your just to hate then wtf r u doin with your life. shit doesnt mean anything. Also im not a big fan of kreayshawns music, but i do support the fact that shes trying, same with rick ross, the mans made millions of studio rapper music.

    • Frank Eaton

      Kreayshawn is fucking annoying. Not to mention she's using a word that I don't even think black folks should use. Speaking of, why do ppl call each other "nigga"? it's fucking retarded. Ross owns this ghetto white trash hoe all day, she can't rap, she doesn't have real hair lol and my boy said he linked with her one night out in oakland, and said her pussy smelled like swamp ass, like she shit herself and it dripped down to her twat...bitch gets dogged by madddd ppl even in her crew....she's wack as fuck simple.

    • RideOutMusic

      i guess and at the same time grown men wearing zebra print stretchy pants, cant respect it you like what you like not hating but aint for me

  • NYC

    I'm glad Kraeyshawn recognizes that nobody likes her. I would stick my cock kreayshawn mouth,but only to shut her annoying ass up. THAT RACIST WHITE BITCH THAT YELLS OUT THE N-WORD!!!! ONE WORD... WIGGER!!!!!! I HATE WIGGERS. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF WIGGERS!! SO YOU GOT A BLACK DUDE RIDING FOR THE RACIST GIRL NOW??? I BET SHE CALLED HIM THE N-WORD THAT NIGHT TOO. SAD.

  • jayj

    Rick Ross shook by Kreayshawn.

  • mz

    Officer Ricky is going to approach her with handcuffs next time!

  • WhoDisBitch

    Why is this bitch even there in the 1st place? Not defending Ross, cuz he's def not on his A-game, but really who tha fuck is this bitch???

  • YUI

    fuck that white bitch i hope she dies,,,,,,ROZAY

  • Treyshawn

    lets be real. when it comes down to it Rozay is a selfish fat mac who spends his life chasing pleasures in all different sizes and forms. I don't got respect fo a nigga like dat.. #MMG = Bitchmade niggaz

    • Anonymous

      how can you call ross selfish do you know how much charity and community work this dude does. what are you basing this off of? please respond as to how he's selfish. I'm assuming you must know him personally to judge him on that level. again please respond how is he selfish..

    • Anonymous

      but you probably have no problem with a white gal using the n word right? pathetic...

  • LMMFAO!!

    Officer Ricky had to hire bigger security this time b/c he didn't want this to happen to his crew again... In case that ain't enough hear it from da horse's mouth..

  • rusty

    in a perfect world this confrontation would have resulted in the death of both of their careers

  • Thefirstbrokerapper

    Hello world im a broke rapper with no money artist always say they get money but im broke if you can jus please listen to this please

  • westwest

    rick ross is a little bitch. why the fuck is that fat ass picking a fight with a little white girl. He's officially if he haven't already been .... a pussy. Get the fuck outta here. What, 50 Cent to man for him to get after?

  • jr88

    i hate both of them but is she lying? he is fake and fat...why are people so emotional...theses are facts not opinions!!! he was a cop!!!!! a cop!!! shes speaking the truth...

  • nay

    the bich govt name is TASHA. seriously...smh...i can' take it. The "kreayshawn" stage name shit to ME should be an insult in and of itself to black folks. She couldn't just be an edgy non basic white rapper right? Had to have an "urban" name too...thafuckouttaherewitthatbullshit

  • Anonymous

    rick ross doesn't have the balls to confront a 100 pound whiter girl. this only further proves she was right

  • So tired of this bs

    Why is this dumb hoe even relevant

  • LOL @ these comments

    Aw man, thanks for laughs Trust niggas read this bulls**t, we don't believe these comment people. Is it OK since her and the team use n***a and are posing to call them leper cave bitches? LOL

  • Gemstar

    Who is this bitch and why should I care? Normally I'd get to Googlin but I've already wasted enough time typing this.

  • Fr33

    aint no beef they was pullin stunts and it aint black music its fukn music and be on the lookout Latino's finna take it over much love Kreayshawn if people aint hatin you doin something wrong and wtf bout Rick Ross he was a security guard at the prison all he did was tell stories he was told til he could rap about shit hes got now

    • DL Dub

      Puerto Ricans? I dont think they like to be called latinos...

    • Reason

      @4fun there where latinos in the bronx when hiphop was created n please dont speak on latino music because its in another language so u dont understand pun,immortal technique,cypress hill

    • 4fun

      LOL@ latinos taking over. No lie latinos are the wackest ethnicity at music. blacks>whites>arabs>latinos

    • LOL @ these comments

      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO F**k all that hating talk and security guard garbage. Niggas ain't feeling what she doing. She lucky it wasn't no gritty hood wolves there they woulda tore her and the entourage's head off. All you CSaH's Twitter her and tell her to chillout, she's digging a hole for herself! LOL

  • LOL @ these comments

    Who is racist? What do you see @ TMZ, ESPN, local newspaper sites, hiphopdx? More thug, ghetto, n****r comments than any white slurs! Do you see Blacks commenting on Country, Rock N Roll, Pop music sites about whites? Do you? I respect NahRight because they don't allow you little trolls in there to comment! LOL Who's really racist? I can tell more than 80% of the comments here are Caucasian people! Some even trying to type Blackanese! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • LOL @ these comments

    LOL! Look at all the Cap'n Save a Hoe? Why ain't Krey going after ke$ha? Biebs? Miley if she's so ghetto? LOL! Look at the comments going @ Ross! They want you to remember what he did so you can forget what she's doing! LOL

  • bsmeter

    That whole meeting was set up by Kreayshawn and Ross' publicists. That "beef" is as real as Ross' street credibility. Someone at the VMA engineered that whole thing. Kreayshawn is the worst thing to happen to black music ever. Everything about this bitch is fake. Who the fuck are her backers? The TIs? Just the other day I was on some non-hiphop site where I see an ad from some major corporation, I think Microsoft, with Kreayshawn as the model. WTF? Less than one year in the game, no album out, she's getting endorsement deals? At least eminem had bars and Dre's producers.

    • LOL @ these comments

      Cot damn, someone else sees it! This bitch got a million dollar deal outta nowhere! Acting ghetto! Only small fries think she's a big deal! Again, if she's so GHETTO, why ain't she going at the white suburb people! She posing, talking and taking shots at all the niggas! LOL

  • Matthew Swan

    I hope Rick Ross just eats her



    • Anonymous

      good point gemstar.. those peeps in the wwe are super athletic and they take a POUNDING!! (not in the ass, but then again..... giggity giggity..)

    • Gemstar

      Not a good comparison. WWE is scripted, not fake. Those licks 280 days out of the year are real.

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah like how NWA really did kill all those cops, and how biggie would rather shoot some officers before he catches an asthma attack, or when ice t actually killed cops. im all for rap dude, dont get me wrong, but if these rappers did what they fuckin rhymed? theyd all be in prison you dumb fuck. its like the wwe; its fake ass entertainment.

  • readdy2die

    I aint got drama wit none of them.. but i do hope they kill each other cuz i dont like either one of them lol

  • MBTM

    if biggie was still alive, both these clowns would be working at KFC

  • The fuck rick ross do to her?

    Stupid white bitch

  • Slruim

    Maybe they'll kill each other. My fingers crossed.

  • Milan Ray

    kreayshawn is sexy. ross is a fatboy. all i care about in this situation because in the larger term both dont mean shit

  • fuck em

    Fuck both of em, thats how i feel.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Black people need to get in control of their music. I don't think Black people understand the ramifications of a proliferation of white artists in the genre, for those who don't, just read up on what happened in Rock N Roll, a predominantly black genre in its beginning stages. Black people are minorities. Minorities are almost always at a disadvantage simply because they are not the majority. I think Black people who live in predominately black neighborhoods don't realize that white people comprise roughly 77% of the population and Blacks only 12%. Hip-Hop is black music, it was created by Black youth to express their culture and gradually it gained mainstream appeal. Rappers really need to stand up. The Black male needs to stand up. How are we going to stand by idly when individuals use terms that are offensive to our whole being. Who cares if Black people use the term "nigga" or not? What I don't understand is why would white people want to use the word anyway? In my opinion whites are free to use the word but if you call a black person a nigga and it results in violence it is on you. People have a right to choose what they want to be called and who can call them that. Black males need to step up and protect the very little that they do have. For Christ's sake how long are so many brothers going to be stupid and willingly let things happen to them and be taken from them?

    • Gemstar

      All of these comments are pointless including the original post.

    • LOL @ these comments

      you see anonymous getting mad? LOL they said rap is in English, so it can be said white people are taking it back! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      AMEN to that.

    • Anonymous

      dude, stfu. If you want to get technical, hip hop is a genre of music overwhelmingly delivered in the english language so u could make the same stupid argument that white artists are taking it back. Moral of this argument - KEEP YOUR BULLSHIT, RETARD, DUMBASS RACIAL BIAS OUT OF HIP HOP.

    • Anonymous


  • Rob Johnson

    Krea from sure she just has some goons around mad at a Rick Ross's fakeness...she really aint a bad not a fan but i have heard worse...Ross wants no part of this and Krea wants no part of this...but the goons around them...

    • Rob Johnson

      that was a weak freestyle...she doesnt seem hip hop at all...rhymes like a drunk fratboy lol...well shes better than Lil B ...imo..she'll be gone in a couple months anyway...get that new Currensy

    • Rob Johnson

      im just judging of the 1 song ive heard Gucci...not checking for anything else from her...she better than V nasty lol that aint sayin much...imma check the cosmic kev tho

    • Anonymous

      she really aint a bad rapper??? are you serious? you must be joking son, who have you been listening to? check out her cosmic kev freestyle, she is worse than soulja boy

  • Realerthanyou

    People all defending her. She wouldve been cool even after the first diss when she retracted the statement ol little lying ass. But nah, she decides to talk more. You interviewing all these people at the VMAs, you knew a nigga would run up! I can see her heart beating. Don't cry foul and act like a victim with that "nobody likes Kreayshawn" bullshit when shit hits the fan.

  • gimik313

    i think its funny yall are quick to call this girl a racist while your talking about white people. (pointed only to the biggots on this page)

    • Sabo

      Did u think it was funny when her artist v-nasty was using the n- word!!!???!talking bout bigotry !!.....but u choose to turn a blind eye to the fact that she supports racism hunh.... y'all white people ain't dumb jus like to play dumb when it's convenient hunh bigot????

  • tdawgwhoa

    Kreayshawn will have no back lash for this, considering that Rick Ross is fake and most of his fans are even faker.

    • imsofresh

      I know retarded people with brute strength that can whoop a real nigga ass. wtf does fake have to do with a real ass whoopin lil boy?


    Dude should of still held his ground on national television no matter how big the other guy was..go here for some good free music


    Dude should of still held his ground on national television..go here for some good free music

  • MosRhymes

    This is possibly the worst “beef” in the history of hip hop. This garbage makes Nelly v. KRS One looks like Jay Z v. Nas. Kreayshawn is terrible and an embarrassment to bay area hip hop. Rick Ross is a watered down Biggie small clone who is as authentic as a three dollar bill. How did Rozy have enough time to become a drug king pin when he was busying being a correctional officer?

  • JFranks

    Kreayshawn is the wackest chick out...oh never mind that her bitch V-Nasty. WORD TO THE WISE: Stay the HELL away from today's Oakland rappers.

    • JFranks

      "good shit" huh? take the "good out" and that is modern day oakland rap.

    • Seed

      Okay Milan...just keep telling yourself that Lil B, kreayshawn and all them is actually music...its wack and its killing hip hop "fagboy"

    • Anonymous

      on one hand you have guys like E-40, San Quinn, Ya Boy, Bad-N-Fluenz etc etc etc but on the other you hav kreayshawn, v-nasty and lil B (who is actually the worst thing in hip hop!) Its close, but i think ya boy means The Yay Area still has it.

    • Milan Ray

      fagboy you dont know shit about oakland rappers. on behalf of the bay area we dont need you're retarded ass listening to our good shit anyway fuckin square.

  • DR Jam

    That dude let himself get handle like a little kid. "STEP DOWN NOW, I'm not asking you!" Wut!? Anyway, that chick is not even a good MC, I honestly don't know if it's best for Rick Ross to respond and give her attention, or to simply ignore her. It sounds like that he's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

    • Anonymous

      men picking on little girls..that aint no real man...thats a punk

    • LOL @ these comments

      My question is, where was the gangsta V-nasty? I bet they told her narrow ass to stay home! LOL! They knew there were plenty of grown men there who ain't playing with these little girls! It's only these children who think it's all fun and entertainment.

  • NYC


  • NYC

    I'm glad Kraeyshawn recognizes that nobody likes her. I would stick my cock kreayshawn mouth,but only to shut her annoying ass up.

  • NYC


    • Anonymous

      i know your so insecure a white person use the u word and it just tears you apart. i know malcom x haha... i'am black and i dont give a fuck about n word to me its just a slang. whether white folks use it or not it ai't going put no money in my pocket.

  • Anonymous

    this kreayshawn girl is kesha level garbage.. hell i'll give justin bieber a nod over this bitch..

  • Debron


  • Broski Love

    i would whoop rick ross ass and his crew a alligator bait.

    • Imsofresh

      LOL you would whoop Ross? You better stop siting at that comp boy! Go to the gym, get your weight up! Im sure you'd get beat by Wale and his peoples hahahaha fake ass nigga you.

    • LOL @ these comments, where white people show up as anonymous and in blackface to comment! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    ross should jus kidnap her lil ass and have his crew run a train on the bitch lets see what she got to say after that!! bawse!

  • ah.

    Fucking ignorant little hipster douche bag playing hip hop. Right before it gets real they shut up.

  • LOL @ these comments

    Alotta Cap'n Save a Hoes on here! Now she's a poor lil white girl! LOL Tell her to STFU and make music and stop trying to take shots at people.

    • LOL @ comments

      Although I do agree, sometimes you gotta say something to stop the nonsense b4 it gets outta hand.

    • Anonymous

      It's just that Ross shouldn't waste his time and energy on the bitch, because she'll be forgotten, a year from now (hopefully).

  • tt

    Damn, i was hoping one of them would step on her and finally shut her annoying ass the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    this is like the battle of the fakes on one side we have an ex correctional officer pretending to be a cocaine moving drug boss on the other side we have a little white girl from the burbs who thinks she is hood cause she lived in oakland and knows a few drug dealers

  • LMMFAO!!!

    Officer Ricky had to hire bigger security this time b/c he didn't want this to happen to his crew again... In case that ain't enough hear it from da horse's mouth...

  • Frankie

    That white bitch is garbage she can eat my nut off the floor and feel grateful.

  • Get White People out of hip hop

    There are a few exceptions. But Kreashaun isn't one of them. 1. She is a woman. 2. She is white. Absolutely no place in hip-hop. Need to round her and Yelawolf up and send them the fuck back home. Her best friend V-nasty can eat a dick. If a white person ever calls me nigga in real life i'm going to try and cave their throat in. Rick ross had every reason to try and get at this lame bitch, I don't even fuck with Ross but i'll stick up for my nigga's before these stupid white people and that fake ass sellout nigga she was with. But white people know better than that.

    • TRUTH

      If you feel like whites don't belong in hiphop, maybe you should tell all these black artist TO NOT SIGN OR DO BUISNESS WITH THESE MAJOR LABELS...WHO ARE RUN BY MOSTLY WHITE PEOPLE..just sayin. Its deeper than rap

    • HEY


    • DL Dub

      While it's true not all white people belong in hip hop, it cannot be said that ALL white people should be secluded. What you're saying only spurs the racism fires even more. Yelawolf is definitely Hip Hop. Kreyshawn is not. That's like sayin All black people should stay out of politics

    • mark

      You really believe that shit you just said? You're just as racist as anybody else if you honestly believe that shit. Fuck Kreayshawn, who cares, she's whatever. V-Nasti can get stomped for all I care, I don't know who let that bitch talk. But your little belief that they suck ass is due to them being "white" and "female" is bullshit. They suck ass because they suck ass- point blank, period. I've never seen a good white female rapper, but I'm not gonna automatically say one can never exist ever JUST because they're white and female. You sound just like the white man back in the day, "No black man can be a teacher, no black man can get an education, no black man will ever be President..." Same ignorance based on superficial bullshit like appearance and heritage. You think you're sticking up for black people but that mentality only fuels the hatred that's fucking up the human race in the first place. So chill with the racism... AND the sexism.

    • GetRacistPussiesOffTheEarth

      Eminem is hip hop, bitch. Come find me and ill coach you on it, and ill even give you a try at caving in my throat before I decimate your entire pathetic life force with the power of racial harmony, discriminatory little cunt. Kreayshawn would eat your fucking soul.

  • jayout05

    last time i checked roos never said anything to her or abt her, so if u r bold enough to talk that hot stuff, get on youtube and clown a person then u need to be ready for some drama. u cant just keep taking shots at folks and expect nothing, ross may not be the killer but he got some special people on payroll, and i dont want to here anything about she is a female you talk it , you walk it. don't let your mouth write a check your ass cant cash,, simple old school rule.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He's a guy beefing with a woman. And thats not a problem with you clown. You all are gay as they come!

    • Anonymous

      Do you even know what beef is? This situation is not that. And no woman or man is excused from suffering the consequences of their words.

  • Anonymous

    Look at Kreashawn youtube views then look at Rick Ross views. Documentation beats conversation you herb!

  • Broski Love

    This is all done for album sales and hype. Rick Ross is a buster. The Game is also a buster for going after the little white girl. These mofo's aint seein nobody in the streets but wanna flex on a little white girl. smh @these mark tricks. I'd bitchslap Rick Ross and Jayceon and step back and be like "what yall clowns gonna do". they are entertainment and not street. they dont have what it takes to do what we do out here. fuck maybach music group and that buster rick ross.

    • LOL @ these comments

      Stop fronting, no Black street guy calls himself BROSKI! You're a white dude in blackface on a website! LOL!!!!

    • DL Dub

      I thought the Game was fighting Ras Kass in clubs all the time and winning? I think you have your facts mixed guy...

    • Joe G. Stacks

      yo wouldn't do shit clown ass nigga...REAL street niggaz don't be on the internet e-bangin...shush

  • Timothy Terry

    When you say shit out ur mouth, this is what happens.

  • DL Dub

    Haha, did you see this tiny bitch hiding behind her "manager"? What's funny is she wasnt talkin that shit when everybody was in front of her face, and as soon as her nigga was gone she was "irritated." Bitch was scared. No one likes you because you have no talent, and somehow you and your sister think you belong in this game when you dont. At least kreyshawn never forgets that she's white.

  • Chicasal

    kreayshawn might be the only rapper wacker than rick ross

  • krayshinahoe

    Yall Peep how she wanna be a lil gangster- Then BEFORE SHIT EVEN GETS SERIOUS "Its a lil too serious for her"- I Knew she was fake.

  • V-Nasty is God

    I said it before and i'll say it again, if V-Nasty and the rest of WGM was there, they would have had Rick Ross fake C.O. ass on hush mode. V-Nasty a real nigga who did time in prison, Rick Ross did time guarding prisons. He wouldn't have pulled that shit if she was there, nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      you are delusional if you think a couple of skinny little white bitches were gonna scare rick ross and his street goons

    • Anonymous

      She did time in county jail not prison...major difference. And tons of skanky white trash go to county jail on a regular basis. Didnt know you kids look up to people like that these days?

    • TRUTH


  • phokisman

    i know plenty of real street niggas that have had 9 to 5 but lefted it and turned to the streets,i agree that him lying about it was wrong,but he in the music game thats what matters is his music,anit nobody in hip-hop real except boosie,max b,c-murder and turk,cause they in jail with real life sentences,if half of these niggas did a thrid of the shit they talk about they'll be in their too.And far as that white BITCH go she should not even been there, how can someone with 1 mid level charted song be nominated for best new artist over establish artist,it cracks me up how they trying to push her as the rap lady gaga and white nicki manaj fukk outta here.

    • Anonymous

      Your an internet thug to.

    • phokisman

      U internet niggas crack me up,everybodies tuff and a thugs on from there computer,but were I'm from most of yall won't make it at all ,I'm from the hood the real hood and I don't get on here talking mad shit about how gangster I am,most of yall as fake as they are,judge yourself,first nigga

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross Fake no matter how many of his fake fans try to give him an excuse. He fake and everyone of his fans. POLICE!!!!!!

    • Phokisman

      my cuz was a CO for 2years got fired started selling dope,caught a 2nd degree murder charge now doin 8 years in House of Correction

    • King Billl

      were any of those 9-5s you speak of a job as CO, if not then your comment is irrelevant .

  • krayfish


  • krayfish

    Ross was lookin like a Boss- KRAYFISH got gang raped in to a fake set.

  • wow

    is it just me or is kreayshawn ugly as fuck?

    • bloody bastard

      Jar-Jar Binks

    • Doubl Negative

      I agree with your judgement regarding shorty's looks, but that's not the main reason I detest and loathe this broad and most modern rappers. The majority of rappers who've sprung up in the last ten years have been unbelievably abysmal, and that includes Rik Ross. The bench mark has been set for what rappers should be inspiring to release to listeners in 2011; W.A.R., Random Axe, Greneberg and Ap's Honky Kong. That last LP should be required listening to any sophisticated, urbane B-Boy as Ap's made an album that's not impenetrable to non-geeks and is edifying without bein' didactic. More of this type of hip-hop is needed, and less attenuated bullshit like Kreayshawn, Rick Ross, Wacka Flacka and the rest of those imbeciles.

    • HEYBRU


  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    Ross wouldn't do that to 50 or Jeezy i put that on everything........... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Tyrannical T



    SMH:Ross called security: Somebody tell me why we're accepting a cop into the HipHop community?

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I don't like either of them, but I want ross or someone to fuck her ass up and make her go away.. It's a shame they will give anyone a record deal these days as long as they have a fake image that some dumb kids will flock to... Then you have folks like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Tech Nine, Jean Grae and other dope mc's who don't get the shine they deserve... At least Nas is still doing good ish, but these clowns are getting more attention, so he won't get the record sales he deserves.....

    • Joe G. Stacks

      apparently NWA never listened to NWA or any real hip hop for that matter...kill yourself asswipe

    • Anonymous

      /\ You read those interview sessions from Beethoven, Thaikovsky, Mozart, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Elvis, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder too? They all said the same exact thing word for word almost. I think they worded it like this though "Maaaaaan, kill all that noise about how technical dis music shud be and shiiiiiiiit. It only bout sound, swag and money my nig. Ya dig? Holla front"

    • NWA

      STFU! music is about sound & swag. Its not abt being mysterious & lyrical like all those shitty artists u be calling

    • theCool

      We'd get along if you lived in the same stupid ass town as me homie.

  • JG3

    This lil chick done bit off more than she can chew. She's about to get her people pucked up (LOL) Dude should've never got that close to ole buddy...well he shouldn't be allowed to get that close. Does she realize that she'll never be able to perform in Florida...or anywhere close to Florida...WOW...

  • nuckinFutz

    Fuck a soap-opera... if I want to watch dumb ass entertainment ill hit up basketbarf wives...

  • info

    Yo, if that nigga Ric Ross was gangster like him and his crew claim they are, they would have bomd rush that click and handed her skinny tail too her, that how real gangster do.

    • 7Cities

      Real Hip Hop beef is: Pac vs Biggie, Jay-Z vs Nas, MC Shan vs KRS One, Easy E vs Dr Dre, LL Cool J vs Canibus Street Beef is when you hear people get kidnapped, tortured, extorted, killed... AND...if you guys are going to be stupid and commit crimes in front of cameras and in front of cops....i'm going to slam my chocolate shaft into your woman's pink crevice, and raise YOUR kids like they're mine! Have them dressing nice and walking around with respect, dignity & COMMON SENSE ...pip pip cheerio!

    • Anonymous

      To all You'll, Man real gangster dont care about nothing aint scared to go to jail or worry about camera rolling, yo you better check it son, nigga got beef soon as the see you it on, nigga even hitting your block with the police that how real G's do it

    • Tony

      You are an idiot. All these clowns wanna see folks fight over nothing. Complete idiots.

    • @7Cities

      You don't know reall hiphop beef

    • Really

      And then all of'em would be locked up with video evidence. That would've been stupid on there part. I see you're not too smart.

    • 7Cities

      * While cameras were rolling?...In a venue with THOUSANDS of witnesses? * thats how "real gangstas" do???...maybe you've never seen real gangstas!

  • Fuckyourethnicity

    Fuck your ethnicity, gender or weight. You talk shit about someone, then expect a retaliation. You FUCKING CLOWNS act like Ross is wrong for confronting this bitch? So what he was a probation officer... he's not responsible for dumb ignorant nigguz getting locked up. The dude went to college and got a decent job to feed his family. Then got a record deal to make millions entertaining YOU.... is that not the American Dream??

    • Tony

      You right. The cat had a damn job and all these clowns act like you actually have to be out thuggin to be a real cat. Cause a fool is in jail don't mean he hard. His dumb as just got caught.

    • NWA

      Nigga u speaking truth. fans can be harsh & confused

    • theCool

      You just summed up the reason music is fucking dead. Sales sales sale. Understand that I'm not disagreeing with what your saying. I'm saying that shit is fucking ridiculous and kids today are listening to that shit on the regular. Creating a bunch of nonsense and showing everyone that if they're fake enough, they'll get what they want. People fucking Suck, and mainstream music is the reason. Wheres the art in anything on the radio these days? Fuck an art form, that shit died with Pac and Biggie and the 80s killed rock n roll. 90% of all music today is a fucking sales pitch. Make that money. That's that. Pathetic.

    • Fuckyourethnicity

      It is ENTERTAINMENT, you really think these musicians live everything they sing or rap about? How gullible are you? You think Eminem lives all the nonsense he talks about? What about Taylor Swift and all those awful relationship songs? It's an art form and yes "art imitates life" but not necessarily the life of the artist. UNDERSTOOD??

    • 7Cities

      @ haa- i don't think that its an issue of him being fake, it was an issue of him lying and denying it! -how could Rozay keep the REAL Rick Ross locked up when the real Ross was in prison BEFORE rapper Rick Ross was a C.O.?? LMAO -and 98% of rappers are fake...Real gangstas don't rap and Good Rappers aint Gangsta!!! Benzino (real gangsta, WEAK rapper) Gucci Mane (real gangsta, ALMOST decent rapper) Trick Trick (real gangsta, weak rapper)...ect ect -MOST rappers do not live the live they project in music, so call ALL of them fake

    • HAA

      Ross didnt confront anybody, he sat in the back and watched things like he use to do at his old job in prison. And it's not that he worked as a correctional officer to feed his family. It's that he claims to be a drug dealer and a thug when he stole the name rick ross from one of the people he kept locked up. He's fake!

  • LOL

    stretch aka #willieLynch

  • 7Cities

    * FIRST: Rick Ross should not waste his time because he has proven himself to be talented (even if he was a C.O.) he held his own with Raekwon/Ghostface "Molases", Jay Z "Free Mason", Nas "Usual Suspects", Kanye "Devil In A New Dress", Jadakiss "Maybach Music 3", Ludacris "Southern Gangsta" Clipse "I'm Good" and many others...regardless of his background, he has talent and Kreayshawn is a suburban gimmick that MTV is going to use to get ratings...Rozay keep it moving, nothing to see here... SECOND: Stretch was talking reckless until the MMG goon rolled up on his ass, then he got loud again when the event staff came to break it up ("lower your voice, I'm NOT asking you!")!...Stretch=Fail

  • Klas

    I'm so sick of the fact that me being in Canada there is certain MTV footage that I cant see. Why not just make the content available? FUCK MTV

  • Brandon Murguia

    Bottom line: hip hop is about punches & bars, every day a rapper spits a Rick Ross punchline, nothing is off limits in hip-hop. And it's a good BAR, b/c everyone knows Ross was a C.O. for many years prior to rapping...plain n' simple. Confronting Kreyshawn is a very bad look for him, imo...

  • LOL

    stretch was talkin sh!t until the big dude from MMG ran up on him LOL tell that douchebag tr!ck 2keep her mouf closed

  • Eyes

    BIG Gorilla niggas. Especially the 2nd nigga that got on stage. DAMN!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now the media will make her a victim because the big black gangstas of rap are threatening the poor little innocent white girl. If anything happens to this chick at all every rapper better take cover because the media, cops, etc. are going to make a huge deal out of it. That dumb nigga Stretch is going to fuck around and get himself "stretched-out" from trying to defend this lil bitch!

  • The Mechanic

    He could have simply sent some of his female officers to Rodney King those klans-women. SMFH.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is like wwf... what a joke

  • Boi Black

    This chick was very smart, she started shit weeks before the VMA's knowing she was going to get confronted. Then stands by the camera so when this nigga acts up it's all on on camera. Then what it turns out to be a big black dude picking on a little white girl. WOW!!! Weak but smart. Ross dead that shit homey don't let them Chris brown you. Gucci ha ha WACK

  • yo

    watch out, Kreayshawn! Rick Ross is a very big and hungry man! and at your size, he'll definitely eat you whole!

  • Anonymous

    lmao Thats what you get for talking tough. Silly cracker, tricks are 4 kids!

  • Sin

    LOOOL ross was scared as fuck, all the way in the back not saying shit. Secondly, I don't like Kreayshawn, but she's not the one that says nigga, so people need to cut that shit out. Third, she was pulled off stage by a few people, she didn't "run off"

  • Rachael Misek

    That is really not that great of a diss, he shouldn't be to upset.

  • Anonymous

    I don't care what she did. Confronting a 90 pound white girl makes you look like a baffoon.

    • Anonymous

      So if a person confronts a 90 lb black girl you wouldn't have a problem with it. The bottom-line is if she's not ready for the shit that her mouth will get her into she should've never opened her fucking mouth. She better stick to making her stupid lil bullshit songs that white folk will act like is the hottest shit in the world and leave the tough talk to people who are actually tough!



    • HOOD MVP


    • MyName

      Kill yo self you weak ass mfer! Rick Ross and his camp are weak as hell for trying to jump hard over lyrics!

  • Anonymous

    How did they not get sucked into another universe, what with the black hole of talent and credibility that must have been created by them being in the same room?

  • ke sahn

    Working as a correctional officer don't make you a snitch, that's a good ass well paying job and all you do is babysit niggaz, since when does going to jail make you real? Its easy to go to jail. Working a nine to five and taking care of you and yours, now that's real.

    • MalcolmLittle

      It ain't the fact he was a C.O., it's the fact he lied about it til The Smoking Gun put his ass on front street, then he wanted to cop to it...which makes him all types of fake, phony, fraudulent and fugazi...

    • Phokisman

      i know plenty of real street niggas that have had 9 to 5 but lefted it and turned to the streets,i agree that him lying about it was wrong,but he in the music game thats what matters is his music,anit nobody in hip-hop real except boosie,max b,c-murder,turk,cause they in jail with real life sentences,if half of these niggas did a thrid of the shit they talk about they'll be in their too.

    • Al-B

      When did 30k become a well-paying job??? Not to knock that pay because in this job market anything is better than nothing, but call having to search another man's ass-crack & nuts, watch dudes fucking other dudes, be locked-up yourself for 8-12 hours a day, etc for 30k is nothing that most people would want to deal with for that kind of pay!!

    • Anonymous

      good thing 30 something k is the minimum wage, 20g won't even let you live a half decent life

    • Anonymous

      a good as well paying job?? his records are public and he was making like 20 gs a year

    • theCool

      It might not make him a snitch, but it makes him fake as hell. Like most in the game these days. Regardless both these too ain't shit. Music today is fucking tasteless. Nipsey Hussle is the realest dude I've seen on Mtv in the past 5 years excluding Tech N9ne, but he's been doin his thing for like 15 years.

  • Anonymous

    damn mtv pretty gay, wont let me watch that shit cause i dont live in the usa, oh well i doubt im missing much

  • whingemoanwhinge

    All this talk about how she said the N Bomb, how many times do you hear "white bitch". . . Black americans are the biggest whiners ever. It's 2011 for fuck sakes not 1965!

  • Anonymous

    Notice how Kreayshawn dipped out quick when her big black bodyguard was removed.

    • Anonymous

      Whether shes a female, 90lbs or whatever if you run your mouth about somebody expect the consequences that could come from it. And dont act like "oh, it was all just hella jokes and good times bro?" when confronted.

    • MyName

      Actually, she wasn't talking shit and she stayed posted up...she was escorted off the stage...we all know Rick Ross fat ass could take her out, but she was def. not bitched up

    • Abel Ruiz

      haha this foo, do you want her to fucken box him or what? ross handled this wrong. a diss song or an interview would have been better. but trying to run up on her, thats real boss like hahaha

    • G Louis Tracks

      don't they mad big then when their camp ain't around to back them they wanna get ghost.

    • anonymous

      She dipped out quick when her bodyguard was removed? Probably because she's a 100 pound girl. What the hell did you want to her to do? Shut the hell up.

  • green

    i hope ross smashes that snot nose little cunt, racist whack ass female rappers

  • Anonymous

    Ross gonna eat her tiny azz lol

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Rick Ross He used To A Snitch Fake Ass Dude!!

  • ItsLuRocK

    Shouldn't talk shit and he wouldn't have even probably looked her way. All them white girl mob bitches wanna talk shit and say nigga every other word...well shit happens. Deal with it.


    the thing is ross and 50 never been in the same building unlike him and the lil white girl so how can he confront him

    • Anonymous

      they been in the same building numerous times, he started the beef with 50 because he looked at him funny

  • Shone Jones

    First of all, fuck everybody in this feud. Second, this b1ich is a bad joke that somehow gets worse each time she makes an appearance. Inexplicable levels of wackness. Someone needs to stuff that ho in a garbage can and keep it moving. Third, Ross is an embarrassment and should have been taken out of the game years ago.

    • theCool

      Amen to that. Fuck Ross and Fuck that bitch. Everybody uses other celebrities in order to get their name in music media and somewhat boost their own shit. Ross use to be a Probation Officer from what I heard and I don't give a shit about this bitch. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't give a fuck. These two suck more dick than Elton John. (Not his music FYI, his actual dick sucking)

  • ilovewhitegirls

    god i love white women. they already lite skined. they esay pussy and give head all the time. she can get it

  • Chris Bashir

    She should go down on her Kness and give Rick Ruben Ross a Blow Job then just call it a day !

  • Anonymous

    Kreayshawn is a racist who exploits African American culture for her 14 minutes of fame. She supports VNasty! She is a redneck who calls herself "liberal" What a fake! She has no talent. She can't perform live! She sucks at it. All that hype for what? ONE song? Youtube popularity does not translate into commercial success! She is another Rebecca Black. Rick Ross, if I was you I would not even pay attention to her!

  • Anonymous

    the only person that ross is standing up to is a saw off little white woman that can get it hahah it goes to show you what type of faggot he is... he going at girls haha but when real niggas question his gangsta he says nothing. this should get him some cool points haha he is a gangsta now hahaha

  • David James Robinson

    Lmfao get ready for the fight of the century guys! Rick Ross vs. Kreayshawn! ding ding ding mothafucka!

  • V-Nasty is God

    Man Rick Ross fake ass lucky that V-Nasty and the rest of WGM wasn't there, they would have went straight ham on that bitch ass nigga. V-Nasty did time behind bars, Ross did time guarding those bars. Who's more real? All Ross ass would have done was call for backup lol. Studio gangsta.

  • Anonymous

    there's always one ignorant loud ass coon making a scene talking loud and making people uncomfortable. who the fuck raised the idiot stretch.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross is whats wrong with hip hop, he's a pop rapper and his lyrics are terrible. go listen to some gza or canibus

  • pap3rchazer

    lol at ross’ bodygaurd trying to gain some strips. but hold up, why didnt ross stall on 50 when he supposedly grilled him at the bet hip hop awards red carpet in 2008 when he was there ALL ALONE?!?! nobody is really hating on ross but the guys character is manufactured, if you listen to his interviews before he got exposed he’s always pushing that “im a d-boy this, real nigga that, gangsta talk” but after the failed beef with 50, in his interviews he never gives an introspect on his life n stopped the gangsta talk but cops out at “i just wanna make great music n thats why we in this business for”. thats BS, yes this is a business but music is deeper than that. people always call wayne a fake blood(which i think is tru) but he never lets that stop him from talkin about his personal life before rap. if ross is your fav artist thats cool but as a fan, ask yourself how much insight has your fav rapper gave you on his life other than from his music??? im getting tired of hip hop man

  • Anonymous

    just more proof that dark skinned men worship white women.

    • Anonymous

      To all my black people, I love all off you but ya'll are letting the "crackers" use the N word on us and letting them get away with but I guess they feel like if they buy rap music they can get away with anything SMH

    • Anonymous

      nope its vice versa

  • Anonymous

    grown ass man acting like a fucking baby

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe that this is a thing.

  • 905

    I hope she gets knocked the fuck god damn annoying.

  • Anonymous

    I would stick my cock kreayshawn mouth,but only to shut her annoying ass up.

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    Kreayshawn is a midget she better hope those niggas don't swing

  • LOL

    I'm glad Kraeyshawn recognizes that nobody likes her.

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