J. Cole Unveils Tracklist For "Cole World: The Sideline Story," Features Jay-Z, Drake & More

Missy Elliott, Trey Songz and Drake also make appearances on his Roc Nation debut.

J. Cole has unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming album Cole World: The Sideline Story, dropping September 27th.

Finally nabbing a feature verse from Jay-Z on "Mr. Nice Watch," the Roc Nation rapper also taps Missy Elliott, Drake and Trey Songz for the project, which also features production from No I.D. on "Never Told."

Check the tracklist below. 

1. Intro
2. Dollar and a Dream III
3. Can’t Get Enough feat. Trey Songz
4. Lights Please
5. Interlude
6. Sideline Story
7. Mr. Nice Watch feat. Jay-Z
8. Cole World
9. In the Morning feat. Drake (prod. by L&X Music)
10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect feat. Missy Elliott
12. Never Told (prod. by No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God's Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up
17. Nothing Lasts Forever (Bonus)
18. Work Out  (Bonus)
19. Daddy's Little Girl (Bonus)

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  • marco

    i have never been more excited for an album to come out!!!!!

  • annon

    hes trying to tell a story with the album, and the songs will obviously fit, new or old.. don't talk shit before hearing the whole thing

  • cole world

    cant wait to hea the album, ikno this will be classic, an album that will never get old, with all the sik tracks hes done he could have put out 2 albums instead of doin all the mixtapes, and ikno he needs mixtapes 2 get people hyped n shit but still... intro simba relaxation before im gone who dat see world grown simba the autograph home for the holidays blow up heartache premeditated murder bring em in return of simba THAT WOULD BE A SIK ALBUM see what i did with the simba tracks.....lol

  • amazing

    Honestly j.cole is one of the most underrated rappers. regardless of everyone complaining that these songs are old, there amazing. On top of that if you actually listen to the lyrics to these songs you would know that his raps actually having meaning.



  • Lmao

    Yall are complaining about cole...i aint even guna mention the classics that had old tracks on em but what about kanyes album last year? he leaked everything like a month before...i already know cole's album will be good because just look at his mixtapes....i'm not going to assume its a classic but i believe itll be one of the best of the year.....cause people also gotta remember Big krit, evidence, 9th, and phonte are dropping that day....hip hop should get at least ONE certified classic on sept 27th...if there arent any some changes need to be made in hip hop lol because lets be honest underground/mainstream there havent been many classics over the past few years

  • Anonymous

    okk this guy made songs like (show me something,too deep for the intro,before im gone, and losing my balance).. im only 17 and dont know much about the throwbacks but if cole said he's not gonna disappoint then he wont. dollar and dream 3 haha i cant wait that's evolution and storytelling 9/27.

  • J Mitchell

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  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    A Missy Elliot feature was kinda random...where has she been?! Anyway, there's high expectations for this album obviously; hope it doesn't take the mainstream route

  • AAA

    Dollar and a Dream III will be one of the best

  • Not very Risky....

    He's made the album longer with songs we've already heard. Bullshit. He aint got no promo... he selling upwards of 100k. Ima download the shit for free word up. And dont blame Jay-z - this is 100% Cole's product... boring ass nigga! They make the money on the tours.

    • rukky

      hater alert illamtic had halftime and it dropped way before the album kid probably gna go buy soulja boys album

    • ^

      cosign all comments except the first one. also, upwards of 100k aint even aint even bad nowadays, especially considering a much more mainstream rapper big sean didnt even sell 100k first week. and theres 14 to 16 songs unheard depending if u have heard the leaks (ive held out), thats still just as long as most albums, longer than some (i.e. MBDTF)

    • Victoria Rice

      Fuck you faggot. You're hating on Cole droppin an album ,meanwhile you're probably not doing shit with your life. "You hate it before you played it, I already forgave ya".

    • Ladi

      College Dropout, Illmatic, and other debut albums all had mixtape songs. Go on listening to Soulja Boy, if you think he's boring, nigga

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent first album CERTIFIED... MANY OLD TRACKS... FOH

    • MAn

      MANYY hip hop classics had tracks we already heard.... Ready to die had shit from biggies demo, slim shady lp had shit from the slim shady ep, pharoahe monch had shit off desire from his mixtape, nas had halftime on illmatic tht came out 2 years before illmatic.....gotta know ur history it happens

  • JG3

    I'm somewhat disappointed in the tracklist. All the noise that was made over his debut and it has about 3 or 4 tracks were on mixtapes...C'mon man...I like J. Cole's material so this is far from hating. I can not say right now that I will buy his CD.

    • ^

      id almost rather have senseless haters complaining about this tracklist, how can everyone complain about3 or 4 songs already released? two were tape tracks, two were and r going to be singles, and one or two have leaked. depending on if youve heard the leaks or not, (i havent listened), thats 14 to 16 brand new j cole songs. thats the same length or longer length than many albums people dont make any sense

    • Ladi

      He's getting A+ reviews from people who went to the listening session. I'm def. buying.



    • hahaha

      comments like taylord bring a smile to my face. dont bother commenting again

    • slik

      so let me get this straight, you're hating on him cause he's not smiling in the cover? haha if your gay or a woman, cool, but if your a straight man, not any more you fucking homo hahaha

  • LLCoolJ92

    As a Cole fan, u can be upset about song that you heard before however we're all hyped up about a fucking tracklist. Thats when u know an Artist is dope. Ppl are comparing this to illmatic and College Dropout off of just the tracklist without hearing it. THATS CRAZY!!! Cole World

  • Ganjarelli

    Damn! I must be the only motherfucker here that actually liked that "Workout" track - love how he took some Paula Abdul and flipped that shit to a guy's perspective. "Lights Please" is dope, and it makes sense being on his album as a tribute (being the song that got him signed and all) For those who haven't heard it, it's probably a good fit, but to the rest of us it's just old. And hasn't "In The Morning" been done twice? On two different mixtapes? Once with Drake already? Glad "Lost Ones" made the cut, but what about "Return of Simba", "See it to Believe it" or "Disgusting"? I haven't heard these songs on other projects and I thought they were dope. Would love to have these included on the album as bonus tracks even. If you're gonna have shit on your debut people have already heard before, it only makes sense to put the good ones on there. Anybody else have similar thoughts? I say nix the intro, and the Drake and Trey Songz features, and put in the three tracks I mentioned above. Course I haven't heard the intro yet, might need to re-evaluate that "Workout" song..........

    • ^d

      i agree i liked work out a lot, tho it seems like a majority of the listeners dont. its a different and unique single, not some standard, predictable radio bull shit with a pop singer on the hook. while that may be good for sales, coles givin us something different... isnt that why we as cole fans like him?

    • Anonymous

      You're not. Work Out was a dope single.

  • Anonymous

    missy elliot really? like thats supposed to be some big feature, fat missy elliot, this niggas just straight dissapointing his fans who have been riding wit him since the come up.

  • Mike Meraz

    Wish it had somebody else on it besides Drake and Trey Songz but meh..those songs are actually dope! This track listing got me hyped. I'm glad he got Lights Please on there. Not a lot of people know about that track, surprisingly. I'm glad he got "Work Out" on the "BONUS" edition because that track is kinda half ass. But I should get the bonus edition if I take my ass all the way to Target on release day and cop the physical copy!! That's how you should get the bonus tracks! Not by sitting on you're ass and downloading it off Itunez! Who does that? Cole World bebAY!!!

    • ^

      lights please, in the morning, and cant get enough arent skippables to me either... i like work out but i like that less than the other three, and even if u dont like those 4 theres 15 others

    • AAA

      People are saying this is suppose to be a classic album, and expecting it to be. Dont be disappointed when its not. Its going to be a dope ass album, but its his first album. How many artists have their first album a classic except for Biggie Smalls?

    • slik

      exactly..those are not skips, new fans we'll be trippin over those songs and old fans will be reminded that the nigga they followed for so long finally made it

    • Anonymous

      maybe too you anonymous. But those songs aren't skippable to me or others. Classic album...I'm calling it!! Cole World.

    • Anonymous

      crazy how it got you hyped, we've waiting so long and theres four tracks that are skips, not the classic album that people have been expecting. (lights please, cant get enought, workout, in the morning, all skips)

  • Anonymous

    Mr. nice watch, really cole? what the fuck is that shit.

  • Anonymous

    I blame this on Jay z, Jayz shouldnt be a lable head cause as a lable head you should be helping the artist not focus on your own musical ambitions. If this was puffy lights please and in the morning would not be on this album work out sucks its the same songs as kanye as a label head how do you allow that. Its sad that J cole didnt get signed to another label i feel as long as he is with Jay z he'll never get the limelight he needs help with the decisions making of the album cause this is the first time making one u cant treat an album like a mixtape heres hoping album is hot big cole fan i know the songs will be hot

    • slik

      why do y'all want JayZ to help j. cole?? niggas there is no handouts in this game!! you want something you gotta take it, in the end Cole will have the satisfaction of saying I DID IT ON MY OWN WITH NO HELP FROM JayZ, BITCHES!!

    • Anonymous

      You're right man. From the outside looking in it seems Jay-Z has always only cared about Jay-Z. It kind of shocked me to read the article that mentioned Cole heard through third party that Jay-Z mentioned the album is a classic. He should be hearing that stuff from Jay himself. Majority of big mainstream artists have tried to put other people on and have a working hand in their projects start to finish from Puff, Dre, Pharrell, Em, Wayne, etc. Some reason it seems Jay thinks he is bigger than music. All this being said I hope the album does well. Cole has been on an honest grind and hope it pays off.

    • Anonymous

      yall on some b.s. Light's Please needs to be on the album not alot of people heard that. Work Out was a dope single. Can't Get Enough goes hard too. In The Morning is a classic track.

    • Anonymous

      I agree man i've been bumpin j cole for two years now, and i had so much hype for this kid like on some nas level shit, inspiring. Howeveve lights please is a good track but hella old, workout, in hte morning, cant get enough, all dissapointing and imo suck, they are all failed attempts at radio sucess, all skip tracks. this album better go harder than that soft shit he be puttin out.

  • marquese

    U niggas just don't kno cole said it would only make since 2put lights please on the album cause that's what got him signed that song is apart of his life it's special to him honestly I'm not mad @the song being on the album, but I do think in the morning shouldnt of been on it don't kno where it even fits on the album ad far as the theme, but I can't wait 4 the album, colworld no blanket!

    • Anonymous

      I feel you but still i dont think it should be on the album, what makes u special in hiphop is to keep making great songs dont piggyback of of other great or good songs in the morning sucks shouldn't even be on a mixtape work out he doing the same thing kanye already had that song it sounds the same plus that song sounds like it should be on a mixtape not an album dont get me wrong im the biggest j cole fan but not to happy as a fan right now a little disappointed

  • HyeongJun Park

    Hey cole where is who dat?

  • http://www.thissongslaps.com/2011/08/x-o-ft-kidd-upstairs/

    CPV2 droppin next week 9?6 first single posted above

  • Anonymous

    why the hell was missy a big secret. he just got people's hopes up thinking its lauryn hill. what is wrong with this dude. why does he try to make every small detail a big deal. this dude need a PR ASAP. he keeps ethering himself with shitty promotion

  • da1

    Now he can finally stop bitching about not getting that Jigga verse. NIce looking tracklisting, I bet the verses will be dope. I just can't believe he is still using songs that are several years old. Isn't lights please the song everyone already heard and the song that jay used to sign him with, you know back in 07. Oh well can't wait to hear the song with Jay.

    • Anonymous

      Illmatic has "Halftime" on it, which dropped two years before the album. And that's the greatest Hip Hop album ever made

    • Arrrooooooozzz

      Plenty of classic albums have re-used old tracks and plus he has 2 other bonus tracks so thats dope. And IMO i'd rather have in the morning on the album than work out

  • Anonymous

    in the morning and lights please? ehh....still, crazy excited for this album

  • EssenceOFHipHop

    #ThingsBetterThanTheCarterIV - Ugghh this track list. Just the list by itself, not the actual music. You Next Album Should Be "THA CARTER 2: PART II" Fuck this Simpleton MUZIK. Not Hating Just Real

  • asher1985

    its obvious the music buying public wants nothing to do with this guy....whats he gonna do in the first week? 50k? weezy all day, since you haters always wanna bring cole into a lil wayne article

    • uhhh

      @asher i respect your opinion you gotta right to have it, but have you heard all of these commentor's favorite rapper saying lil wayne is their favorite? didnt think so. if anything, a legend like nas would be your rappers favorite rapper, seeing he inspired the likes of drake, kendrick lamar, and about every other up and comer and many hip hop staple artists. and which artist is more similar to nas, j cole or lil wayne, who maybe puts out one or two songs a year with some meaning and a collection of random punchlines (many of them wack) that he calls "verses?" imma say j cole is.

    • asher1985

      yes record sale's indicate how talented and how well liked you are. why do you think your favorite rapper wants to be like lil wayne? oh and heres your proof faggot! http://www.billboard.com/#/news/lil-wayne-s-carter-iv-may-debut-at-no-1-1005332142.story

    • stupid fuck who tells lies


    • Rowan Vermeulen

      Like music sales actuallt mean anything. Selling albums = Promotion by the label. Except for a few cases ofcourse.

    • Anonymous

      actually nsync and backstreet boys were very talented.

    • ruffdraft

      "Numbers don't lie". By some of you dudes logic backstreet boys and Nsync are some of the most talented acts we have seen in music history. They sold like hotcakes casually doing 1.5 mill first week. Apparently they are dope.

    • Jay

      Ima just say this....Black thought and elzhi have been around for years and have a LOT of respect in hip hop...kendrick has 2 critically acclaimed albums/mixtapes and everyone wants to work with him....what im saying is wayne doesnt come out with quality music he dumbs down his lyrics a lott and to me talent is more important than sales...to each is own

    • Anonymous

      ashers gotta point but if your going purely on talent i say tech n9ne

    • asher1985

      what im saying is, more people like them and buy their records. which means they actually have a voice and are actually relevant. you think if i go to a mall and start asking people who elzhi or black thought is they will look at me with anything other than a blank stare? of course not. those guys are a couple of years from truly fading into obscurity. you can be the best rapper in the world but that does not guarantee that you should be rapping. if your just doing it for fun that's one thing but i known those guys you named would suck weey's left nut for a quarter of his album sales. but they know even if they tried to make a song like how to love it would not be excepted because of who they are. lil wayne is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper! trust me

    • asdf

      Numbers do not determine weather the album has quality content. Good first week sales usually only mean the album was hyped and the label put a lot of money into advertising the album. I do think that lil wayne's album is decent.. the features and beats are good.. but by arguing that an album is really good because it is commercial as fuck and sold a lot in its first week just makes you look like an idiot.

    • BOY

      NUMBERS DONT LIE??? so ur saying that since wayne and nicki are doing better numbers than Ghostface, Black thought, elzhi, or kendrick lamar they are BETTER??? man you are banned from hip hop lol FOH

    • ^

      that would be the incredibly, incredibly mainstream audience. much of that audience consists of ignorant 12 and 13 year olds. on a pure rap basis, cole is a better rapper. numbers dont lie if your making bull shit music and appeal to the popular culture, that doesnt make you a good rapper.

    • asher1985

      okay let me ask you this, your a jay-z fan right? i mean he did sign your favorite rapper as well as feature on his debut album. what did he say a few years back? men lie, women lie, numbers don't. tha carter 4 is on pace right now to sell between 700,000-850,000 i doubt you will see a rapper get close to touching that for the next couple of years! unless of course lil wayne drops tha carter 5 next year. my point being no i didn't think it was weak, and obviously a slot of other people or about 700,000 other people agree with me.

    • BOY

      Come on bruh even as a wayne fan you gotta admit that album was embarassing lol

  • Abshir Bile


  • ready to die ?

    missy thats so random probably one of the best songs on the album

  • Anonymous

    Lovin the very little features, all the classics do that. Ready to Die - 1 feature Illmatic - 1 feature Reasonable Doubt - 5 features Dope Dope Dope!!

    • Rowan Vermeulen

      Shows that Cole is one of those few artists that can actually make a tight album himself.

    • Anonymous

      Uh... THE CHRONIC? COLLEGE DROPOUT? ALL EYEZ ON ME? But you got a point. Less features make an album better most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    its funny how the people that were call everyone "haters" for saying workout sucked are now celebrating that its off the album. So now that's its off the album you admit it sucked...Dickriders are amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Why is there a year-old collab on this? We already got 'In The Morning' for free on 'Friday Night Lights'. Other than that, it looks exciting.

    • ^

      lights please, show me something, and several others could have a lot of radio play. work outs jsut different, non conforming bull shit. lyrically its radio friendly (dumbed down), but the beats not your standard same chord progression song, its different. i dont blame cole for being different or nt radio friendly thats why i like him.... hes real

    • Anonymous

      because he needed the drake feature due to his evident lack of ability to write radio friendly music.

    • Jay

      Well i think because he saw that work out didnt do the numbers he expected he replaced it with a more popular single (in the morning) which should of had more airplay.....i think that was smart cuz i definitely liked in the morning better i hated work out lol so instead he made it a bonus cut

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that hip hop websites don't leak his shit a week or so before his album releases. Especially the one with jay z.

    • Donny Dickshinski

      i haven't listened to lost ones or can't get enough yet.. it's not that hard not to, i don't wanna ruin it aha

    • Anonymous

      no shit I know they will i said I hope beacuse not many hip hop websites leak cant get enough and many took down lost ones like this one. thats what i meant jackass

    • Anonymous

      they leak everybody's album you moron. stop acting like j.cole is god.

    • Rival X Jordan

      you already know they are. But I'm going to force myself not to download. Have self control.

  • OK

    I think this will be just as good if not better than College Dropout....cuz cole is making most beats and although kanye was a better producer during his first album j cole is a better rapper

    • Anonymous

      stan alert. dont ever put j.cole and kanye west in the same sentence ever again.

    • OK

      Plus plenty of classic albums have re used old tracks like illmatic, slim shady lp even ready to die used old shit from his demo...theres def more than that so we'll see

    • OK

      Me personally i didnt think College Dropout was a classic thought it was great but not a classic....i thought Work out plan, slow jams and schoool spirit were corny...thats why i thought College Dropout was the best comparison cuz it WASNT perfect but still great

    • aarontodavis

      naw dnt go dat far..college dropout is one of da best rookie/classic albulms in hip-hop. I like Cole but since he put a couple songs dat we've heard b4,it wnt be as good as it shud've been.

    • meezy

      CD was a classic. and in order to top (or be) a classic an album has to be sonically perfect. so even if the raps are better but ther production is not, it wont be able to be on the same level

  • Anonymous

    Just looking at the tracklist makes me SO DAMN excited for his album. And hey, Work Out is a bonus track. :) Not that it was a horrible track anyway... but it would probably feel like a throwaway when it's compared to the other songs.

  • Anonymous

    shit looks dope..im glad they decided to leave workout off of it, they need to drop a video for that can't get enough joint already tho

  • JFranks

    I like every track we have heard so far. Really going to enjoy this album.

  • ilexx

    The tracklist looks ill and I am glad that it is a nice amount of tracks on this... For the people complaining about Lights Please and In The Morning and a few other leaks being on the album... U guys really need to chill. Lights Please was a classic and he obviously loves the song because it was on two of his mixtapes and now the album. That track got him signed and its great... His new fans will get to hear it and thats why he dropped it on the album. In the morning is a hit and I dont care what the f*ck anybody says about that, like Drake as a feat on it or not, the songs a hit. If u dont know maybe u should fuck a bitch to the song and u will have a different perspective. And the other songs that u have heard before such as lost ones and cheer up were leaks... u cant be mad that he put leaks on the album. They were obviously for the album so he kept em. Hating on the Missy tune is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Missy is ill as fuck and has been... I am willing to fucking bet that the Missy song ends up being some ppl's fav track. I think the tracklist looks like its gonna be solid and I know Cole put alot of time into sequencing the album which is something that really matters. I heard an interview where he was discussing where Work Out would go on the album because he didnt think it fit with the rest of the songs and bammmm he drops it as a bonus. He has put alot of thought and time into this album and I think its gonna make it one of the best debut albums (in terms of quality of the music) we have seen in a longtime.

  • SMh

    This album will be great...what you guys rather have corny work out on the tracklist than in the morning? FOH plus he has 2 more bonuses.. cant get enough and lost ones are dope as well as lights please....and so what he put old tracks rappers have been doing that for YEARS yall just too young and ignorant....halftime was old on illmatic, pharoahe monch had a bunch of mixtape tracks off Desire, and Kanye had a few old ones on College Dropout....how about eminem he put 2-3 slim shady ep tracks on the slim shady lp? yall dont know hip hop

  • Adr

    Anyone else notice that the drum beat for lost ones is almost exactly like lights please?

  • Adr

    No kendrick? What was up with that vid of cole and kendrick in the studio together?

  • DJ

    Take out "work out" then it's a good album track list.

  • DrPhiL

    lmao Missy Elliot ? fuckin random i hope its dope though but i'd rather have jay electronica on it rather than missy sorry =/

  • DrPhiL

    Take out in the morning (its old dont care how good it is the original is better w.o wack ass drake) lights please = classic but its from '09 i mean a part 2 wouldve been ok but really ? that songs old but 10 years from now if this album is a classic it wont really matter..

  • Anonymous

    yea i like this song the best though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOnBXss7IUw

  • observing

    you know why this isnt the tracklist ?? because temptation ft kendrick lamar isnt listed....... agreed?

  • Hip Hop Head

    People gotta stop trippin if he doesnt have Wale, Big Sean, or Kanye on the album. Or any of MMG. U cant have EVERY song with a feature. This album will only have FOUR features. Jay, Drake, Missy & Trey. Thats alright with me. Cole is usually better off on his own. Cole World! 9/27

  • colw world

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSk2ySmojTA 2:20 j. cole - nothing lasts forever its a guess, but listen closely to the voice at the start of the beat.......

  • R.C.

    stop hating!!! "work out' is not what we expected for the first single but neither was "diamonds from seirra leone' from kanye late registration album. point is it's different from everything else on the radio. which comes with being original. shit bangs in the whip might i add. "in the morning" is old but still better than most of the stuff out now, it's real chill...something to ride to with your girl. good song. beat is dope. "lights please" is a classic record period. shit that's classic never gets old. period. and he had a reason for puting it on there. "lost ones" is as real as it gets. whoever said it isnt album worthy is a fool. too many people can relate. classic song. cole's gonna have a classic people...just take the time to appreciate it and listen with your ears and the feeling you get when you hear the music. 9/27/11 the game will change. just wait.

  • mvc123

    This ain't the tracklist people trust me. You people get fooled all the time.

  • weswes

    what happened to a kendrick lamar ft??!! thats what i was really looking forward too.. mr nice watch leaked today. shit is niiice!! jigga stole this one!! classic hov..

  • 100

    It's obvious this dude CAN NOT produce hits very quickly and needs MORE time to learn his craft. That's not a diss because he's very talented otherwise he wouldn't be where he is. I think Jay knows that but niggas gotta' eat.

  • president carter

    disappointed. j. cole im not an artist but i do know that you shouldnt put your mixtape material thats already been released on an album. when fans go to buy your album or look for it they should be getting brand new material. thats what they look for anyways, right?

    • yupfsfs

      fact. when cole was saying there would be like 14 or 15 total songs on the album then i was a little upset about the lights please tho its a classic cole song and hit it in the morning joints but theres 19, jesus people need to stop bitching

    • sas

      theres 17 songs that havent been on a mixtape, and 13 to 15 (depending on if you listen to the leaks) havent been heard at all...thats still more than most peoples albums.

  • aarontodavis

    as a Cole fan, im kinda dissappointed in dis tracklist..Lights please is old as hell (like 3years), in the morning was already on the friday night lights mixtape(not a good song either),lost ones isnt good enough for an albulm and cheer up also leaked early. I hope the rest remaining songs r good but i dnt feel like dis will be a classic#hopeheprovesmewrong

  • J Cole

    Yo Jay? You couldnt just text me? You had to put me on blast in front of everybody? IM SOOOOOOO TIRED OF YOU NOT LETTING ME SHINE! ITS COLE'S WORLD! ITS COLE'S WOOOOOOORLD! *runs from computer crying with hands over face*

  • Jay-Z

    THE ROC IS IN THE BILDING! Waddup young Cole? Look son, take my name off that song. I aint even recorded my verse yet and you doing shit like this might make Hov never record that verse, ya dig? Get ya mind right and ya paper will follow...Holla, get it? I will kick in your day waving a .44. You know the real carter always had dreams of fucking an r&b bitch? Yours truly, Sean Carter-Knowles


    Light on the features...perfect.

  • apo

    This CD is going to be soo good! I mean some serious MC work...

  • The Game

    1. Lights Please: Old/Not good enough for an album 2. In the Mourning: Really Old (Came out a minute ago without the Drake verse) /Not good enough for an album 3. Lost Ones: Old/"Typical"track been done b4. Not good enough for an album 4.Can't Get Enough: Poor attempt at a commercial track. Not good enough for an album 5.Nobodys Perfect: Don't know what it sounds like but has Missy on it so its probably wack. Thats only 9 tracks to look forward to... Not including the bonus cuts or the Intro/Interlude. smh

  • Shay

    I hope this album isn't too "corpo". He is an MC and needs to be showcased that way. No rims, ice, clubs, chains, shorty's, oh, and Drake, listen up....NO SINGING!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  • John-Boy

    That shit he said on Lost Ones? God damn!!! I love when a rapper talks about something that real people actually go through. All that banging and bottle poppin and throwin hunnids in the air, all that shit is fake shit that no normal person actually. J. Cole spoke on a real ass subject that I'm sure real men will relate too.

  • Anonymous

    Its gonna be a Cole Fall!

  • Anonymous

    that lost ones track....wooooo that shhit real as hell. thas the kinda shit i'm lookin forward too nigga

  • Anonymous

    I still think he Jay-Z track should be called simba vs. mufasa haha but this albums gonna be dope

  • Chris Bashir !

    " My first album had no famous guest appearances the outcome, I'm was crowned the best Lyricist " Roger That Mr Cole !

  • gavo

    damn was hopin to finnally hear good son part 2

  • Anonymous

    no kendrick lamar?

  • FACT

    Yo Cole, you gotta Shoot a Video for "Light Please" , that track is just to Real ! PS : Scrape out the " In the Morning " track Featuring Drake from the "Friday Night Lights" Mixtape and put the one from " The Warm up " Mixtape ! Cos if the Illest track on this Album i.e " Light Please " has no features, then why the fuck would " In the Morning " have one ? O i get it, you gotta sell some units cos Drake made you hot so you had his Dick in your mouth all this while !

  • Blow

    I hope Jay blessed Cole with a nice verse. Looking forward to the album.

  • E

    I'm really surprised it has 19 tracks. Too excited for this album. I thought it was going to be 15 tracks long at the most. Eventhough I've heard lights please, in the morning, lost ones, cheer up, and obviously work out, there is still 14 songs that I will get to enjoy hearing for the first time on sept 27th. I haven't heard can't get enough because I'm not listening to anymore leaks, I wish I didn't listen to lost ones and cheer up, eventhough they are both incredible songs. His intros are so dope, it will be like a song to me. I played the shit out of the warm up and FNL intros. I can't listen to a J. Cole mixtape without listening to the intros, they are that good.

  • R.C.

    interesting tracklist...can't wait to hear the album. i think he reveiled the tracklist too early tho...now leakers will be all over this. also wondering why "can't get enough" is so early on in the tracklist. right before lights please.

  • Octavian Johnson

    Don't let me down Cole

  • gluvnast

    Before people start whining about the obvious, the reasons why "Lights Please" and "In the Morning" are on the album is because for one, "Lights Please" is his baby! It's the song that put him on and he wouldn't be in the position he's at now had it not been for that song, and secondly, he had amassed so many new listeners that haven't heard these songs before which were noted as fan favorites. For "In the Morning", it's one of his most popular songs and he features one of the most popular MC's in the game right now. Females that still haven't listened to FNL would swoon to this joint. It's a logical move. For all the older fans, and diehard fans, there's 19 tracks on this album (bonus cuts included), so regardless if you've heard several of the joints before, there's more than plenty that we haven't. Also, those older joints would be fully mastered and mixed for LP standards so the quality of those older tracks SHOULD be upgraded from what we heard a while back.

  • TdotFrog

    Damn, Cole, why u not include Return of Simba, or Premed Murder? Those were classics.

  • saint

    gonna be wack over-emotional pop rap. Will be checking out track 12, though cause No I.D. = dopeness every time.

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