Game Says He's Got "Nothing But Love" For 50 Cent

Chuck Taylor says that even though he'll pop off at Fif, he respects the G-Unit leader.

Game has had a tumultuous relationship with 50 Cent over the past few years, flipping between beefing with him and wanting to reconcile. During a recent interview with Fuse, Chuck Taylor explained that he hoped to collaborate with Fif for The R.E.D. Album and that he’s got nothing but love for him.

“I recorded a couple of songs and I had him in mind. It’s nothing but love with him. I might shoot a shot or crack a joke here or there, but that was then,” he said.

He also spoke on his growth as an emcee over the years, explaining that his experience has made him a better lyricist.

“I’m more seasoned. I believe in myself and my pen, more confident. I think I’m at my peak, I’m on my best and I think with the R.E.D. Album, people are going to be able to notice it.”

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  • andre

    hi i went to come to new ykoy

  • remaste

    i can't wait till he releases a book

  • Hugh Jakov

    Dosier, bi-sexual and bi-polar.

  • Anonymous

    he should have nothing but love for 50 50 cent put him on and without 50 game wouldnt be where he is today

  • yoyo

    game is desperate obviously. He's trying to sell records and he knows hes not that good, judging by his character. He's scared. for real, skeered.

  • yoyo

    Game is the most hypocritical, contradicting artist in the game. he's not that good...he's just for show.

  • John-Boy

    Whenever a rapper talks about how greatly there lyrics have improved this usually means they went and found themselves a ghost writer. After listening to the RED album I can definetly put Game in this category. Word play is way to improved from LAX to RED album.

  • Annonymous

    I'm tired of this weak ass hypocrite Game keeps sayin one thing then doing the opposite. Man this guys trying REAL HARD to stay relevant at the cost of integrity

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    i think 50 should should forgive game and they should work together again, game could revive 50's buzz and maybe 50 can release his album finally

  • chuinker

    does anyone else get bored of hearing the same shit from this clown week in, week out???

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Great! New Game-News! And it has 50 in it! DX you guys are really up on things!

  • Nothing

    The Games music now, is weak. I stopped listening to his crap after the Documentary. 50 cent fell off after Get Rich or Dye Tryin'. The Game built his fan-base off of 50, because a bunch of little kids, digged his gangsta-style rap music. Me, personally. Thats my opinion. I personally think 50-cent is a much better performer then The Game. But, then again. Now on another note, both of these guys should shut up, and make up or do something. Non-of this bullshit dick sucking.

  • Anonymous

    I like Games music, but his bipolar act is getting old real quick. Listening to R.E.D, it's the same stuff I've heard before. Well, at least there is The Documentary...

  • Anonymous

    50 just needs to get the fuck over himself. thats his only problem. He thinks hes the god of hip-hop or something

  • Anonymous

    bipolar both game n 50 suck.. banks runs rings around both of em

  • B

    Funny how people stay on these comments bitching about game and other rappers. What the fuck are you doing? while you're hating on dude, he's making his money...Why dont yall grow up instead of talkin crap over comments

  • SNAKE! 50 worked with game five days MUST SEE VIDEO then game thought he was the man

  • Виктор Наумов


  • Bigfoot

    Why cant this nigga make his mind up already? I love the dude but he's acting like one great huge bi-polar ass mark,

  • Neazy

    Dude looks like LeBron in that video. LeBron GAMES!

  • Up North

    Next week he'll be talking shit about 50, and bigging up Hov. This dude can't be taken seriously for anything. It doesn't help that DX and every other interviewer around can't help but ask the same damn questions over and over again. How do you feel about 50, Jay-Z, etc. There's way better shit deserving attention than Game's personal feelings for the 100th time.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Funny how the tables have turned though. In 2009, 50 was way more relevant than he is now. He released BISD even though it flopped, but his name was still out there, especially with Eminem coming back into the game. Now interscope won't even release 50's album, dude has no buzz, and Game is about to have another #1 album. Maybe it's all about timing, or maybe fif just doesn't have it in him musically anymore cuz all I've heard from him recently is some pop bullshit. Not a fan of either, they both were and probly always will be gimmicky, but hey, the fans buy into it, and that's how the music sells. I'd rather support an artist like kendrick lamar, not some "red nation" rapper.

  • Anonymous

    i bet he's only saying this bcuz he's big right now and 50 Cent is wack

  • Anonymous

    just curious does anyone ever think that one day there will be an indian rapper in the game? like east indian not native american? like we got jay sean but he's pop. what about rap? I wanna hear your opinions.

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      @jake thanks lol

    • andrebugz

      What is the so caled Indian rapper gonna rap about ? Spicy Foods and how he hates Balck People ? lol !

    • Jake

      I like curry, lol.

    • Anonymous There is an Indian MC in that group. I like them a lot.

    • ItsTheTruth

      Define what you mean by "in the game"...On a record label? Major, Independent? Underground/mainstream? Or are you talking about just some Indian rapper who comes out of nowhere, blows up, and starts selling millions of records. Because whether we know it or not, I can guarantee you somewhere there is an Indian rapper that can write/spit bars better than 90% of "the game" right now but it wouldn't matter would it, because nobody knows of him.

  • Anonymous

    At this time game could help 50 wack ass career out he need it

    • Christopher Carter

      50 Cent=40 million sold WW Game=10 million sold ww Enough said...

    • flux

      50 career aint wack just cause he aint recording dont mean he aint making money and thats the only goal anyway...he stacking money higher than games house

  • Beatry Huston III

    Yo for real though, as much as he goes back and forth about how he feels about Fif and how Fif stays away from the situation, one thing is certain and that's that Game is at least making an effort to put the music first. Is a friendship really necessary for a collab? No, but it would be a good look for both. I think Fif would do good to just collab and try something...but to each their own.

  • Da1

    Turtle Dove ass niggah.


    I'm not surprised

  • Born in 86

    Isn't this the same Fucker that said he aint gonna chnage with Hip Hop no more ? He basically stataed he aint gonna try to be the best anymore, he is just gonna do him. Now he says he wants to be relevant and keep up with the Hot new Garbage that keeps " Cumming " ( yeah i meant Cumming) out !

  • andrebugz

    Ok this dude Bipoalrness is of tha hook !

  • jr88

    why do people make these guys out like they were best friends?..50 just signed him because dre didnt know what to do with him...50 molded him and gave him hits..thats it...he doent care about him...they made great music but thats all...

    • Tony Viera

      its right witought fif how we do is nothin equal for Hate it or Love it that actually was a fif song, if you notice this are the only game top ten hits how you love him now.....

    • Anonymous

      without 50 how we do wouldnt have been a hit

    • anonymous

      read dr. dre's bio... it's really good.. dre essentially made 50 put him in g-unit despite the fact that 50 didn't want to... Game got more beats on the documentary (many of which were originally for detox) than 50 got for Get Rich (only 3) so 50 began to grow jealous... Game and Dre were recording how we do when 50 came into the studio and knew he had to get on it..

  • jr88 is like flip flops all the time....why would 50 do a record with you when you would probably lay your verse last and diss him on the track and leak

  • lois

    This potatoes head bipolar stripper made fun of 50 Cent BISD and Lloyd Banks HFM2 numbers. Sorry Game, BISD is certified Gold and HFM2 is at 425,000 units. Hope you do those numbers too or shut the fuck up. 50 and Game joint collabo yes a real classic. GG-Unit 4Ever

  • Kendall Walters

    50 could use him and he could use 50.

  • Dewan

    Game is the Mitt Romney of hip-hop.

  • Rancid

    game has no beliefs, no religion (metaphorically), no morals, no value for a man 's word. that's why 50 and jay ignore him. He lives day to day based off his emotions. That's why people call him bi polar... because he has no spirituality... he'll just as soon diss your mother as write you a tribute song. Growing up we are told to stay away from men who have no religion. Because they have no future.

  • RED

    Game is real for wanting 2 squash the "beef" with 50

  • C that

    50 and GAME album >>>> watch the throne it's the album that could bring BOTH of their careers back to greater heights. it would be one of the biggest albums ever. settle the bullshit, make an album, make money, drop good music. game has been able to keep it cool with most the producers he works with, they could record the album and not even have to share the studio. it would still be an event. 50 gotta do it man.

  • anon

    more dickriding for the game, and more dickriding for hiphopdx. You morons seriously thought it was a good idea to let that asshole be a guest editor? Fucking stupid, lost any respect i had for this site.

  • hudes

    ya'll print this useless bullshit, knowing 50 wont do songs with game, and you guys won't make a news page for the fact that NAS and AZ are back in the fucking studio together son? here's proof AZ's twitter, quietAZmoney AZ: Weed, studio, and two of the illest prolific poets @Nas need I say more!

    • Anonymous

      word up son, i cant fucking wait bout time they made a joint been bout 6 years and nas is killing everything these days he is the g.o.a.t

    • anon

      thats the best news there is none of these cats seem to care i expect a nas AZ collab album to be even better than bad meets evil

  • okay

    so wait 2 days, he'll be on twitter saying "Fuck 50"

  • Anonymous

    How many times has he done this then dissed 50 a week later. why is this news. why do people still give this guy a microphone. unbelievable.

  • 50 Cent

    I got nothing but love for you too Game. Maybe later we can hook up, like old times. Nahmeen?

  • not a big fan of either of them

    but a 50 Game collab album would be crazy

  • Anonymous

    one word: bipolar

  • Anonymous

    when he startto name the features i took a quick nap and this must be old dre didnt produce on the album at all

  • Anonymous

    WWE in full effect....

    • Anonymous

      @ the 2nd anonymous response: I don't think he said anything about them killing each other. Leave those drugs alone. getting all sensitive lol

    • Anonymous

      You'll be dead prison if youre lucky. Smash that.

    • Anonymous

      what you want them to kill each other that would make you happy? people do get over shit when i sent your girl back after i smashed and you took her back i guess that was wwe also

  • Why Not Squash It?

    I respect Game for tryna squash the shit with 50. but 50 is too big-headed. But I can understand him. but still FOR THE FANS...they should reconcile. Plus they both have flopping careers now. It would help both of them

    • Christopher Carter

      50 Cent=40 million sold WW The Game=10 million sold WW Enough said...

    • Kendall Walters

      The game fucked up millions of dollar range company, its not something you say "Thats cool np"

    • Squash it for what?

      If The game was doing numbers he wouldnt even b talking about a reunion his career is over..Fif i doing his lat album with wack azz Jimmy and then its gonna pop off all over again

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