Cormega Talks Visiting Haiti

Mega details the harsh conditions he witnessed on his visit to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Cormega visited Haiti in June 2010 to do charity work after an earthquake devastated the nation, the infrastructure of which was ill-equipped to withstand the natural disaster.

In a recent discussion, Mega detailed the living conditions he witnessed during the trip. “I seen people living in conditions that would make the worst projects over here look like condos. I seen people taking showers with bottles of water similar to this pouring over them. I seen roads that were so damaged, that they don’t even know what a pothole is, everything is a pothole."

But physical conditions were not the only thing that got the Queensbridge emcee's attention. "But, one of the things that stuck out that I really seen was I seen myself. Because at the end of the day, the problem with a lot of colored people in America is the separatism of each other. At the end of the day, the only difference between us and the Haitians is that their ancestors were dropped off over there, and my ancestors were dropped off over here. So the problem with us in America is that a lot of brothers over here separate ourselves from other people's causes and other people's problems, when, in reality, it's all of our problems.”

As previously reported, Mega will be dropping a tribute track for Haiti, "I Made a Difference," featuring, General Steele, Lil Fame, Redman, and Maya Azucena. All proceeds from the sales of the song will be donated to Haitian Relief Organization.

Watch the discussion below:

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  • Terrell Ahmed


  • Anonymous

    Is like this hip hop shit was made to address the issues of the oppressed..seems when they(rappers) get rich, they completely forget how they made it, where they came from, and what their duty is once you reach as certain level of success. Respect to cormega for keeping up with reality and speaking the truth

  • daddy01

    props to Cormega, Immortal Technique, Styles P and many more who were helping Haiti. It is sad how people claim "Hip-Hop is dead" and criticize this site for irrelevant articles but yet barely anyone reads to the articles that actually pertain to Hip-Hop.

  • Jonathan J-Ronin Marvin

    Mega is a real dude!! A lot of rappers don't care about people suffering around the world. They only care about spending money in the strip club and wearing overpriced clothes and jewlery. peace to all the mcs on the track "We Made a Difference!!" Hip Hop as a culture needs to stand up and show the world we can do a lot more then party!

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