Jay-Z & Kanye West Revealed As Surprise Performers At MTV VMAs

Hov and 'Ye join the lineup that includes Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have been revealed as surprise performers at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards.

According to E! Online, Hov and ‘Ye will grace the stage at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The Watch the Throne duo joins a lineup that already includes Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Adele and more. The evening will also feature a tribute to Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse.

The awards will be broadcast live tonight at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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  • Crash2k12

    Its a creative song. I give Jay that. The performance was aight. Simple at least it wasnt no dark shit going on.pyramids and all that shit. Wats up wit certain artist thankin God and the crowd booin..

  • Anonymous


  • rn506

    If it's been revealed, then how it is a secret?

  • cripnation

    Fucking idiots , number one pun didn't smash shit on Jay-Z, stop believing everything you read nigga, number two when pac came at Hov, There was a response record put out, they were playing it out in philly on power 99, but pac got murdered and Hov pulled the record....as far as this line up goes, they pulled this off at the last minute as only Hov can do, oh yeah , and he can stop yo shit too...oh and to fake grown ass blood lil weezy, dont ever fix your mouth to say you anything next to great when you have ghost writers..and thats a known fact..

  • Real Question

    So... If Weezy and Drake got into a bar fight with Jay and Yeezy... Who would win? No weapons, just fists... Or hands since you know Yey and Drake would be slappin!

  • Anonymous

    I am excited about this shit! Jay and Wayne going at it. Yo, neither one is going to do shit but it will make for some akward moments. Royce and Em doing it up too? Hell yeah. Blaze (Comment Below) said Jay and Yey supposed to being doing "Lift off"... Wackest song on the whole fucking album. Wayne supposed to be doing "How to Love?" Wackest song on the whole fucking album... At least Wayne will follow up with "She Will"... We will see, hopefully they have some last minute changes in the line up and do something remotely hard, but I doubt it since it's MTV.

  • Jerrell James

    .....So much for the surprise



    • dfgd

      Carter 4 aka The Wayne album where he got killed by his features on every track? WTT and Carter 4 were disappointing to different extents but WTT > C4. c'mon son, hop off wayne's dick and smell the roses.

  • JFranks

    So...they are honoring a singer who is dead and a singer who's career is dead.

  • 614daCity

    I hope Jay-Z does to Wayne what he did to Prodigy at Summerjam, and puts up a picture Wayne & Birdman kissing

  • lokixximo

    I heard Lil Gayne is performing how to love with Baby in the Hook, Drake and tyga booty shakin in the front and dj khale in the ones and two's drinkin four lokos we the best i dont care young money is over rated

    • Anonymous

      atleast lil weasal

    • WOW

      lil Gayne? are u serious? smh u couldnt come up with anything better faggot? lil layme is better, but since u dont have the IQ to think of something as complex i wont get mad. it's not your fault you're mentally retarded. Faggot.

  • Blaze

    For all the idiots thinkin they changed their minds cuz of what Wayne said they were all scheduled to perform they performing "lift off" With beyonce weezy performing "how to love" and "she will" I got the whole list it came out a few days ago Bruno mars suppose to perform with eminem and Royce and it saids possibly performing with jay-z and Kanye which I dont get.. It also saids Britney spears is performing "toxic" "baby one more time" "I'm a slave 4 you" and some song from circus Britney spears got the longest performance .. My whole point is everything was already set up you guys have to stop making things up maybe they might say something bout it or change a line but it was all planned

    • Blaze

      im not singling ppl out you feel me and that's a good question but I was referring to the people on here that are speculating and over hyping things I'm surprised the site didn't know

    • Anonymous

      nice info but if people didnt know how can you call them idiots?

  • lokixximo

    ya'll niggas think cuz Hov is a millionare he dont have heart, Lil Gayne talkin bout kidnappin Beyonce is straight disrespect dont be surprise look wat Jay did to Lance "Un" Rivera unexpected

    • Anonymous

      no jay took the blame because he did it un sued jay for half a mil you think un dont know who stabbed him.he after that money.if you just want to say nas won thats cool but what did it do to jay-z career? nothing,so i can see why jay wont bother with another battle its a waste of time if you call nas the goat why should he waste his time with game wayne or any other rapper

    • Anonymous

      "and your man stabbed Un and made you take the blame.." nas spits truth.. you just gotta look for it..

    • qboro

      that was some goodfellas shit

    • cmon son

      if that aint real i dont know what is lmao

    • Anonymous

      DAMN totally forgot about thats shit jay stabbed him in the back with a steak knife shit was stuck in his back hhaah that was for leaking his album

  • itsacoleworld

    HOV and Weezy in the same building, hope this blood puussy don't pull nothin

  • Anonymous

    how is this a surprise?

  • Vanno Davis

    i now have a reason to watch the vmas

  • Phazon

    I most def expect some shots 2 b fired from the throne n from weezy, hip hop theater at its finest, record sales record sales record sales, remember that people, this shit is not real!

    • jake

      at least lil wayne isn't real. malibu prep kid turned blood...hahahahaha hilarious lil wayne has gotta be the fakest rapper ever..his career seriously reminds me of wrestling. lil wayne is good at entertaining people but its all just material, hollywood bullshit he talks about.


    Jay-B could also be planning to do a SummerJam Takeover:A Freestyle diss?A sneak attack?Possibly:

  • Anonymous

    surprise performance!!! why now if they didnt intend to perform???

  • Jason

    Hov is a bitch. Wayne is gonna fuck him up when he sees him. Teach these fake New York wankas how real thugs from the South do it. New York rappers are all TALK. Jay-Z is a faggot.

    • @Kapdiva

      its not that i dont believe you but do u think u could get me a reference to what your saying cause i always speculated on that but never had any evidence

    • Kill yourself

      The South brought us Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and OJ da Juiceman New York ALONE brought us Nas, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Cannibus, Krs-One, Public Enemy and much MUCH more. Fuck your Southern Shit. NY invented the shit you listen to.

    • KapDiva

      lil wayne ain't from the south. we don't claim him anymore, because he sucks too much east coast dick. we hate that he gives new york and the east coast sooooooo many props and doesn't show louisiana no love. cash money was promoted why white executives, to take no limit records and master p out of the game, because no limit represented black power and knowledge. cash money is a minstrel show and lil wayne is part of it.

    • ATL's My Life

      Lil Wayne is not a real blood. Nigga would probably bleed to death if you bumped him too hard.

    • thaeh

      your a bitch lmao

  • Anonymous

    hmm lets see how this gonna go

  • Anonymous

    gay-z vs lil gayne


    Wayne is not a real gangster:He'll see Jay and run the other way:Us Brooklyn niggas don't take mess from ANYBODY:And while i continue to say Jay-B is well past his prime, he's still from Brooklyn and that in itself should put fear in fake niggas: (But course this thing won't get physical) Only time Wayne squeezed off the hammer, he was shooting himself:LoL:What a joke on and off wax: Lady GaGa $90m in 1 year:She'll be the headliner tonight no doubt:She's the biggest star there and the least talented star there as well:

  • lokixximo

    I Hope Hov slap the shit out of Lil Gayne at the Awards

    • yooo

      jay z doesnt slap muthafuckas he stabs them..just ask lance "un" rivera

    • jake

      battle rap is cool and all but only when legitimate shots are taken..not "i got baby money lets see if you got that save yo lady money" or whatever shit. if wayne wanted to say something about beyonce he shoulda said something real and actually offensive like the eminem ja beef or something like that where it got personal. or just don't do it at all. cuz lil waynes line seriously sounds like some shit that would come out of al pacinos mouth forgetting he isn't playing the role of tony montana anymore lol and im still not certain jay ever took a shot with his baby money line...maybe "baby" is just ignorant and arrogant to think jay z actually gives a fuck about his money. lil wayne and jay z have done collabs shortly before this you woulda thought they were friends.

    • J-tank

      Imma say it like pac did, FUCK JAY-Z!!! what a fuckin ass clown.

    • ?/

      when has jay z slapped anyone, u gettin caught up in the hype too much, dont forget big pun smashed a bottle on jay head & went around untouched


      Jay-B is suit & tie but he could definitely slap Wayne but Wayne won't be anywhere near Jay:Wayne's security will be tight:Wayne just might even cancel his performance:

    • stupidassisafaggot

      stupid ass is a faggot

    • stupid ass

      Hey dipshit Hov would never slap Wayne. Shit is a battle on mics, these niggas aint real thugs goin around smackin each other around. If you think that shit would happen you been watchin too many hood movies niggas. BTW Lil Wayne is a pussy.

    • dbdabd

      Yea sure that'll happen lol, them niggas aint about poppin off, expect a bunch of subliminal lines thrown back n forth lol

  • The_R_

    I guess it ain't a surprise anymore

  • Anonymous

    would anybody like some HAM ?

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