Wale Talks Rick Ross, Interscope, Positive Feedback From Jay-Z

Wale explains why his new boss is brilliant, Interscope's missteps, and what Hov told him.

Wale continues to be the subject of much debate, as the socially-conscious emcee signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. In an interview on NBC's Nitecap, however, Wale defended his alignment with Ross.

"That dude is a genius," said Wale of the Bawse. "I don't care what anybody say. That's my brother. He's a genius. I've seen him work from the business side, I've seen him work on the street side. People don't know Ross, man. They think, 'Oh, C.O.' I know C.O.s, dog. The dude's gettin' the money doing that other thing. I know that! We come from that. I'm not by any means a trap dude, but I know that. My best friend doin' six, got six left to do."

"That's what the most important thing is. Someone that you can look them in the eye and say, 'I put my heart and soul into this album. I want you to put it out - as is.' I never had that luxury," said Wale, referring to creative differences with the management at Interscope records. "With my previous situation, people wanted the luxury to say, 'But you didn't do this, but you didn't do that.' ...They tell me ten things, and I do nine of them, and when their plan didn't work, they blame it on the one thing I didn't do."

Regardless of past difficulties, words from Jay-Z helped "I was with Jay - I hate to name-drop, but I wanna show my man some love - he mentioned 'Gunplay,' 'I like what "Gunplay" doin'.' That...stuff like that makes me...we winning!"

Watch the interview below:

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  • Mk

    Ross might be undercover. Thats how stupid you dudes are. Ima say it one more time, ROSS MIGHT BE UNDERCOVER. South niggas get exposed and its like its swept under the rug. CO's, snitches, bitches... all types of shit. Wale used to be an artistic integrity nigga. U'll cosign any nigga who's putting money in ya pocket. So how is that real ?

  • FromDat202

    Wale doing his thing. Can't wait for the new album to drop 'cause the mixtape is just a warm up of what's to come. The brother really pouring his heart out on tracks. The debut was kool, but #2 is gonna be the one to take him to the next level. Signing with MMG gave him the freedom to do him.

  • SC

    I don't know why so many people hatin on Wale. He's exactly what hip hop needs right now- someone who's passionate about not only his music but the entire hip hop culture and not just another rapper who's only in it to get rich and famous.

  • jr88

    nobody is hating on ross just cause he was a c.o. and getting money...he had to feed his family...but when you say fuck the police and act like a mobster, when you were the police locking up real dudes is just shameful.....if he was himself like kanye or drake he would probably sell more records

    • dfrance

      Since when is being a CO the same as being a police officer? COs don't lock anyone up, they just try to keep them in line once they're already in jail.

    • mahad

      "when you were the police locking up real dudes is just shameful" really? real dudes? u mean gangbangers and drug dealers"? wife beaters? criminals? COME ON SON

  • Ricky Rozay the Boss

    Wale recognize real. Niggas be hatin on Ross for havin a job but the nigga was gettin paper. The same niggas hatin on Ross just hatin cuz he got paper. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KapDiva

      people don't understand that alot of correctional officers are drug dealers on the low. it's a few of them making six figures slanging drugs and other illegal shit, while collecting that legit check from the jail. i'm glad ross is smart enough to not admit to being a dirty officer and the people he delt with aren't snitches. he could still do jail time if it's proven that he was a dirty officer.

  • DFrance

    Why are people so put off by someone thats sure of themselves? Are you insecure? Wale knows he talented and has no problem letting anyone who will listen know and I respect that. I don't know how you can call your self a fan of hip hop and not respect this dudes mics skills and his grind. He puts out a lot of songs and they're of quality. Don't let your perception of his attitude affect the way you hear his music.

  • Anonymous

    as much as i dont want to like wale , for some reason I do..i think i like his raps,you can hear the freshness, the hunger in his rhymes...he just needs to pump his breaks alittle, and be less 'cock-sure of him self...

  • drphil

    lol wale looks nigeran as FUCK hahaha he dont fit with MMG he seems like a cool dude tho

  • jr88

    wale is cool but idk why he cosigning ross...he is a rapper created by the machine... get a black man,check...make sure he has tattos,check...make sure he lives in a bad neighborhood,check..and make sure he can rhyme just enough that we can call him a rapper,check..thats what rick ross is.....a product.....they just didnt know he was locking up real gangsters..lol....i just wish he wasnt playing dress up all the time acting like a thug..be yourself ross!!!!!

    • DFrance

      While I do think its lame that Ross denied the whole CO thing, I don't think being a Co means you're not a thug. At the end of the day, its a job like any other job. A CO is not a police officer, he wasn't working a beat fighting crime, he just walked the prison yard. If he was smart, he could have admitted it and just played it off like he needed the check and that was before he got the coke connect. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Wale is a big superstar

  • Marcus

    I went to college with Wale...yall can hate all yall want...but he aint neva change...thats the same guy I knew from back in 05-06 when he was broke...he a real dude...but people would rather gravitate towards all these fake wwf character ass rappers...




    Wale shut the fuck up, money turn u in to a pussy hole and ross dont sell no records genius

  • Damn...

    I dont understand why these hatin niggas comment.....why cant motherfuckers give someone credit who actually put their heart in their music?

  • Ever since

    Rick Ross signed this dude his arrogance has been on 25 I hope he has the album to back it up.. someone get a saftey pin and let some air out of his balloon head.

  • Anonymous

    wale - bait = hit... i was jammin dat ho in my head while in the shower

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