DMX Talks Aaliyah, Naming His Daughter After Her

DMX reminisces about Aaliyah, as well as passing her name on.

It should come as no surprise that DMX continues to keep Aaliyah's name alive, as the multi-platinum rapper was known to be very close to the late R&B singer.

As such, X was interviewed on BET's 106 and Park, honoring the singer on the 10-year anniversary of her death.

When asked about his fondest memory of Aaliyah, DMX recalled, "It was one of the awards shows out in L.A. that we went to together. Me, her, and her brother, actually. Up until then, I had never went to any award show with anyone but my wife. I rented the convertible, Rolls Royce, and I just made the movie, you know? We had a good time."

Describing Aaliyah as talented and an "angel," X revealed a special tribute to the singer: the rapper named his youngest daughter Aaliyah.

"This is Aaliyah," said X, showing his daughter to fans. "That's how special she was to me."

"Know that you're named after an angel," added the Yonkers emcee, speaking to his daughter.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    Video was removed. Fuck BET. RIP Aaliyah. She was truly one in a million. Shoutout to DMX. I wish the best for you my g.

  • Nico 3

    Must make his wife feel real special to know X named a child he fathered with another woman after a dead woman he probably banged.

  • Habitat For Humanity

    X better have the baby strapped in the backseat extra tight with padding if he's going to be behind the wheel.

  • Anonymous

    I guess he couldn't name her crack so he said fuck it I'll name her Aaliyah

  • Adhurim Muriqi

    now that he is out of the prison,he will show the whole world that hes the best rapper



  • Anonymous

    is his baby with his wife? i had no idea he had a new kid is he still married

  • Anonymous

    Much love and support to DMX, guy is fresh out of jail and already has a new baby. lol. Can't wait 4 the album man, luvin the Ruff Ryder support in the background

  • thestreet


  • Anonymous

    dmx is da maaaaaannnnnnnn i really HATE haters who hate on X brainless type

  • ItsTheTruth

    Wait. You mean to tell me DMX (Who was obviously very close with this girl) was arrest EXACTLY 10 years after her death? I'm not one for conspiracies but that shit is crazy!!

    • Big Dan

      No disrespect, but you SHOULD be one for conspiracy if you are trying to suggest something here because you sound VERY crazy. What? you think the "conspirators" have Aaliyah's birthday in their database and they made sure to arrest DMX on that date (which, it was not the exact date by the way). You crazy. What should be mind blowing here is that as human beings, we are supposed to be evolving, yet DMX is still with the bum eesh ten years later. If their was a conspiracy, wouldn't they have gone for people much closer people.... Missy, Timbo, Ginuwine. R Kelly likes 'em song, so he was banging her when she was like 14, 15, Dame Dash was going out with her when she died. There are much bigger fries than loser DMX. I think she was in a movie with him, but basically, he was just someone else who's path crossed hers. No conspiracy there. The powers that be do not need to waste time with DMX, You just figure he'll OD one day, so why bother.

    • GlowStreet31

      DMX was arrested on the 24th of August and this happened on the 25th

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