Lil Boosie's Mom Speaks On His Incarceration, Blasts "Free Boosie" Concerts

Lil Boosie's mother updates his fans on his life in prison and says that Boosie's own labelmates have been profiting off his incarceration.

Lil Boosie's recent legal troubles have been an ongoing nightmare for the Baton Rogue rapper. His original incarceration for murder has since been compounded with charges of attempting to smuggle codeine into prison and reportedly making threats against East Baton Rouge's District Attorney. Now, Boosie's mother Connie Hatch speaks out her son's incarceration.

In an interview with The Poster Magazine earlier this month, Ms. Hatch spoke on her son's life on the inside. She that due to his recent infractions and number of other minor missteps, Boosie receives only one hour a day outside of his cell, and that he has been denied any contact with the outside world until this December.

“He’s always locked down," said Hatch. "For example, a three-way call – he’s locked down for that. And most inmates make three-way calls. He’s locked down for another inmate taking a picture of him – [the inmate] sent it to his girlfriend and the girlfriend put it on the Internet. Whether or not the other inmate was punished, I don’t know. But because of these two incidents Torrance has been locked down since June. From June until December. No telephone calls, no contact, no store. He’s locked up in the cell for 23 hours. The only time he comes out is one-hour a day."

Ms. Hatch also spoke on whether she's received any support from any of her son's numerous collaborators. She explains that the only rapper to come to her aid thus far has been Young Jeezy, who she says is in the process of trying to contact her son's attorney. She even added that Boosie's own labelmates Webbie, Foxx and Lil Phat have been profiting off his bid in the bing by hosting "Free Boosie" concerts, which falsely claim to contribute funds to the rapper's family.

"Not one rapper [has called], she explained. "The only person I have spoken with is Young Jeezy. I heard from him but he hasn’t done anything as of yet. But the rest of them, you hear from them, but when you call them, they know my number so they don’t respond. My child was not like that. He gave to everybody.”

She added, "Ever since Torrance has been in jail they have been giving 'Free Boosie Concerts.' We haven’t reaped any money from any 'Free Boosie Concerts.' Not any. Not even his children. They have people thinking that this concert is being sponsored to help Torrance. I contacted them about nine months ago and one of the guys told me it’s not true. But I found out because I received flyers from people in different states."

At the end of the day, Ms. Hatch maintains her son's innocence in the case. She claims that he's not the type of person to authorize anyone's murder, let alone pull the trigger himself. In the end, she says only God can judge him now.

“Torrance is not criminal material,” she said. “That’s just the type of person that he is. He’s not like that. He has a heart that you would not believe. You see all of these negative images but they never put the positive images out there. The [annual] Easter Bash, he’s very concerned about education, [he gave away bikes to boost attendance], it was very successful, sponsoring the Lil’ BREC [youth] football team."

She added, "You do not judge a person on lyrics, their color. When it’s time for God to come back, he’s going to judge us, not for our color, not for our character, it’s our heart. I don’t want them to put Torrance on a high pedal-stool but he will be treated fairly. If it takes the last breath of Ms. Hatch to stand up. It will.”

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  • mizzhoodindepentindepend

    Mutherfuckers don't no wat there even talking about on here she just want her son back home on these streets in finish wat he have gained out here in the world) just like i said once in ima say again free LIL BOOSIE BAD AZZ

  • Jasmine Stabler

    I really don't think Lil Boosie is guilty. iI think they is racist. They here the stuff Boosie raps about to try to use it against him. Atleast give him time to talk to his family. What if thats was your daddy, son, freind, or family member? How would you feel? Please Free Boosie. We need him. He raps about the truth and about life.Boosie no matter what i'm gone continue to pray for you and your family (especially them kids). Keep your head up. Everybody should be treated equally. Let this would have been a white man that did the same thang they say Boosie did, that man would have been out of jail. I bet George Zinnerman (what ever his name is) don't get no time for killing and incence black boy. They even let this man out on bond. But GOD is sitting high and looking low. He is doing everythang for an reason.Please Just FREE My Nigga Boosie. (atleast give him time to talk to his family)

  • Anonymous

    Ok....if he ain't getting nothing but one hr out his sell and cant contact nobody in the outside world how he smuggling codein in jail.

  • Anonymous

    free lil boosie nigga real is fuck an 1 time for my nigga jeezy for holdin it down for the rest of trill ent. yall sum hoes takin da mans money from his family u kno dam well boosie woulda held it down fa yall niggas if yall got in da pinn

  • anthony maclin

    lil boosie is a real nigga in i no he dint pull that trigger or send hits he talks about his life in i fell his vive free boosie his lil nigga dat he dnt no but well soon tony

  • Max

    Webbie is a bitch. I could tell from that first Bad Azz dvd that nig is fake as hell. He isn't thuggin whatsoever. Hope boosie put a hit on that dood.

  • M. Gladwell

    pedestal > pedal-stool

  • Nico 3

    He's implicated in several murder cases, so I don't give a shit if Boosie goes door to door and gives welfare mothers new diapers. As for those other rappers profiting off him... Why not? If Boosie was the main guy making the label most of the money, and now he's locked down, they have to do whatever to stay around.

  • Biọlá Giwa

    I hope he never gets out. L

    • trayja

      you fagot ass bitch he has a mother and kids that love him dont say you hope he doesnt get out his family needs him

    • Lucas

      Bitch Azz Ni99a ,I hope u Get Caught Slippin Once And u Get Murked ! or Some One ELs Does Some U Get Blame For It a Die There Ill Be The First One Sayin HAHAHA u hoe Ass Nigga Go Drop a Soap u Bitch

    • tm

      and I hope all the bad you guys are wishing on him happens to you too (you might like it)... Now I hope my wish comes true .. y'all don't even know the man be careful what you wish for a pole might be up your ass any second and I hope your not a guy wishing something like that cause that's a little gay don't you think ?

    • Anonymous

      I hope you get ass raped with a pole!

  • Anonymous

    i understand that you lived in a bad neighborhood and you had to kill people to survive but dont go bragging about it and keep hustling while your getting paid to make music hes a grown man act like it if your showing off all that money move your family away to an upscale neighborhood get them education instead of living in the same hood just so you can brag to people that you still run those streets. theres thousands of rappers living in the ghetto that need a record deal to take there family out of the hood and this man is just wasting his money of bling

    • tz

      i fell u but boosie did move his family out da hood if u looked at his dvd he live in the white neighborhood but boosie a real nigga i respect him

  • ComeOnNow

    May he rot in jail and his mother reflect on what a disappointing job she has done...Murderers get no sympathy

  • Anonymous

    Dude went to jail for weed, not not even selling weed, just blunts and pills and personal use. This is a crooked system and if they would give the man 10 years for weed then what do you think they would do if they had hearsay evidence about so old homicide....

    • Anonymous

      They gave him two years for possession, as part of a plea bargain. Because he was violating parole his sentence doubled. In addition to that, he is facing a murder charge. Also, he is a wack ass rapper, so who cares.

  • kuku

    damn, jeezy is truly a street nigga

  • tm Free lil boosie and help him out when he was free he helped many of family and friends and people he didn't even know are have to help so give him that same help and stop hating on him he never hated on no one also pray for him don't judge him aint none of you people on here God so keep your 1st grade ignorant comments to yourself ... pray with his mother and kids family and friends don't hate and pray against them and you people who know nothing about boosie are his family and music shouldn't even comment

    • tony

      man lil boosie innocent they locked him up cuz of shit they seen about him the thing is boosie let people no wat he went through in watt he's going thru in i fell his vive 100% boosie the truth free boosie

    • tm


    • Anonymous

      I agree, these mothafucka's are just mad that he was making mad money. They didn't wanna see a brother get it. He said he ain't do it. I don't know if he was proven guilty but fact is he coulda been framed etc. I mean who's to determine if witnesses statements are factual, anyone has the ability to lie. And those comments really are ig'nant

    • tm

      thank about what you just asked me how can I not pray for someone that was killed? when I have family that was killed by gun violence .. you people are missing the point my point is if a man or woman says he has nothing to with a crime who are we to say he is guilty none of us was there when the crime supposedly happened and we damn sure aint GOD theirs only one GOD and the people who are accusing him of murder has no prove all they have is song , hearsay , and a man whose doing 10 years for weed and which is bullshit and don't forget the gun was registered which makes it legal right ? o yeah don't forget boosie wasn't even a convicted felon SMH ... the reason why I support boosie is because I'm a fan of his music I admire how strong his mom and family has been threw the situation I admire how he has always gave back to his community .. The day i'll stop being a boosie fan is when someone proves that boosie has something to do with the killings are he was the gun man until then everyone should leave him and his family alone and the family who last their love ones and let god and the court handle it ... no one on here can disagree with me cause I haven't said anything wrong if boosie was or family member we wouldn't want anyone to talk bad about him so why are people talking bad about him and judging ... on god can judge us .. so next time u don't have to ask me am i praying for the victims of course i am my family has been threw it too ..maybe you should ask the rest of these folks on here that question

    • TRUTH

      are you praying for the victims that he susposedly had killed also? Just sayin...we BOTH don't know if he is guilty or innocent but...still

  • Anonymous

    This lady just want money for his illegal azz

    • Mizzhood independepentindependen

      people just stop saying things bad shit on here then one min saying some good thats just fact as hell in she not trying get no money shes trying too get money for her son so he have support while hes locked up FREE LIL BOOSIE BAD AZZ

    • tm

      no she wants help for her son and she deserves help lil boosie and his mom has done so much for people and their community (do research)they deserve help


    s/o to jeezy for keeping it trill with boosie its some dumb ass comments on this article like i said yall take this music shit to serious

  • asher1985

    no wonder boosie keeps breaking the law, he was raised by a wack job! since when is it another rappers responsibility to take care of someone's mom? you wanna be taken care of? go get a job! why should they help her out? this is america! maybe it would be nice of them to help her out, but by no means are they under obligation to do so

    • tm

      smh why are you people still debating with me just admit your wrong for calling the lady a wack job if it was your mother or grandmother you wouldn't want anyone one to speak of them in that way and the way your talking is like you know he committed murder like you seen him do it just shut up let GOD and the court handle it and stop judging people that hasn't judged you respect the mans mom just like you would want someone to disrespect yours don't disrespect him and stop debating with me all my comments shouldn't be debated cause I haven't said anything wrong ... when have you ever seen are heard his mother say they owe him ? all she is saying is they should want to support a friend that has been there for them why is that so hard for you idiots to understand and how you know they dont owe his you dont know what they might owe him ... as for my mother she passed away but if she was living she would stand by me just like ms hatch is doing for her son and it would still be idiots like you judging me when you dont even know me (EXAMPLE)... and you cant love the mans music when your calling the mans mom a wack job that doesn't go together (like boosie say either you love me are you don't).. and If you was in lil boosie situation your attitude towards the situation would be totally different and your family would be asking for help to .. the man needs help the feds took all his music and put blocks on all his accounts what do you expect him to do sit in jail and not do shit (Would that make you happy ?please don't answer the question cause i already know the answer)what do you expect his mom not to ask for help for her just to sit there and know her son needs her help ? im done debating just quit name calling 1st graders do that and judging cause you damn sure aint perfect and you damn sure aint God ,, and i never said friends wont turn their backs all im saying they shouldn't so whats your point im done debating .. and your fucking right if that was my mother, brother or sister I would not be singing the same tune !!! and if lil boosie are his mother aint harm your family shut up and if you don't know the family thats accusing boosie shut up but it was pointless for you to even say that because once again how do we know he killed someone until the court and you perfect judging holy people prove he did it its still free boosie Im still going to buy the free boosie shirts and I hope the man comes home to his kids and family and real friends I know he's going to make a nice track for you haters who spoke about his family and him FREE BOOSIE shut up and go order your free boosie shirt since you so call love his music and support his daughter music the funds will go to his case if u love the mans music don't judge him or his man cause there all connected im done debating and yall should stop debating with me cause I haven't said nothing wrong all I said is be your brothers keeper support ms hatch , boosie and his kids and let "God" judge him and let the courts handle it

    • asher1985

      because she wants money for just simply being a mother aka looking for a handout. nobody owes her a damn thing! and secondly once you commit murder that throws loyalty out of the window! i bet if he had murdered your mother or your brother or sister you would not be singing the same tune! i love his music, but loyalty only goes so far. nobody on that record label is blood related and friends will a lot of times turn their backs on you. especially when the crime is so severe

    • tm

      who are you tell me not to comment on a website that's not even yours smh ... @truth thats the whole point im trying to make boosie says he had nothing to do with it so blame the hitman not him DONT YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT ? talk bad about the hit man not boosie and you damn right I feel bad for the people that died I have family that has died over gun violence why the hell wouldn't I feel bad ... Now back to the idiot whats your point man all I said is the hatch family expects help just like they gave help to them what does your comment have to do with mine you idiot ... and yeah they are you using his his name for all the wrong reason that why boosie asked his mom to stop calling them .. your comment has nothing to do with mine @shane im glad i came back on here I knew a idiot like you would have something to say

    • tm

      who are you tell me not to comment on a website that's not yours smh ... @truth thats the whole point im trying to make boosie says he had nothing to do with it so blame the hitman not him DONT YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT ? talk bad about the hit man not boosie and you damn right I feel bad for the people that died I have family that has died over gun violence why the hell wouldn't I feel bad ... Now back to the idiot whats your point man all I said is the hatch family expects help just like they gave help to them what does your comment have to do with mine you idiot ... and yeah they are you using his his name for all the wrong reason that why boosie asked his mom to calling them .. your comment has nothing to do with mine @shane im glad i came back on here I knew a idiot like you would have something to say

    • TRUTH

      @tm....I hope you are this passonate about seeking help for the familys that lost there loved ones from hitmen...susposedly set up by boosie...just sayin...I hope you are just as consistent...there are some men 6 feet deep possibly cause of this dude..and i;m sure they had children and mothers to

    • shane

      Dude honestly its sad how stupid you are. Those rappers are making money saying the concert goes to help him and their taking the money. They're exploiting a guys name who's in prison(cough-ross-cough)and thats some bitch shit. Next time you think about commenting on this site dont.

    • tm

      how is she a wack job smh? his mother wants them to help him just like he helped them .. Have you ever heard of the word loyalty or being your brothers keeper threw good an bad times .. shes staying strong for her son and praying for her son thats what real mothers do .. FREE LIL BOOSIE


    I mean what does she want? All the rappers to get together and sing "we are the world" for this dude? This dude got murder chargers..drug charges pending. The feds are investigating this cat...rappers don't wanna touch this dude with a ten foot pole. Les THEY start getting investigated. I don't know if he is guilty or innocent..but they MUST have some SUBSTANTIAL evidence on this dude to keep him this long. So many mothers don't wanna face the fact that they child may be fucked up. She might be the type of mother when the teacher called home and told her her son was acting up in class, rather than considering it may be true she immediately cusses the teacher out. Alot of mothers don't wanna face the truth..YOUR SON IS FUCKED UP....they live in denial.

    • tm

      dude everything your telling me I already know all im saying is if you are really your brothers keeper you will be their for him no matter if your benefiting or not I know to many people that's in the system right now and I support them as much as I can your preaching to someone who already knows the word you should be trying to preach to all these boosie haters on here like boosie said "How can you hate a man you never met" all these internet gangsters and haters is who you should be preaching to not me my whole point is lend a helping hand to your brother and remain loyal and not judge someone you never met

    • TRUTH

      yeah but have you ever heard that when you get locked find out who really loves you? You ever heard when you go to jail how so called friends dissapear? Or do you really think these niggaz in the record buisnes are TRULY FRIENDS? NO...they feed off of each others momentum to create money and buisness oppurtunitys. That is it! THAT IS THE HARSH REALITY OF LIFE. So with that said..I will quote the great Bobby Womack..."NOBODY WANTS YOU WHEN YOU ARE DOWN AND OUT". And you can't be anymore down and out then Boosie is right now. Nobody can benefit from fuckin with him right now...he is toxic...harsh? yes..but thats the reality of life. And further more niggaz need to quit trying to be true and loyal to the "streets" becuase the "streets" ain't true and loyal to you. TUPAC BROKE THE GAME DOWN THE BEST "See you got some niggas on your side That say they're your friends But in real life they your enemies And then you got some mutha-fuckas that say they your enemies But in real life they eyes is on your money See the enemies will say they true But in real life those niggas will be the snitches Its a dirty game y'all Y'all got ta be careful about who you fuck with and who you don't fuck with Cause the shit get wild y'all Keep your mind on your riches, Baby Keep your mind on your riches"

    • tm

      his mother wants them to help him just like he helped them .. Have you ever heard of the word loyalty or being your brothers keeper threw good an bad times .. shes staying strong for her son and praying for her son thats what real mothers do .. FREE LIL BOOSIE

  • jay

    Where this niccas father at? These mf Mamma's boys always got they're mamas speakin for them and shit. Black men, lets get our shit together...

    • tm

      evidently I know more then you losers and I dont spend my time hating like you losers and talking about a mans family and kids and playing God and judging random people .. also of course I know something about boosie I was following his music path way before his dvds and albums im a fan and i'll remain a fan and i will never hate on one

    • tm

      dumb ass apparently you know nothing about lil boosie because if you did you would know his father passed away along time ago .. I have no clue why people who know nothing about boosie always has something to say about him and his family

  • Justice System

    All you niggas sounds dumb.brainwashed you love when the SYSTEM fuckS over a other nigga..when they been killing your people for years...look in the mirror u a slave to MONEY nuts to stand up for you community or to cool..ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE U..BUT YALL MAKING FOOLS OUT OF BLACK PEOPLE BY NOT STANDING TOGETHER..FUCK RAP MUSIC..THIS SHIT REAL OUT HERE

    • TRUTH

      You should be telling that to Boosie...since you for black unity...HE MAY BE GUILTY OF ORCHESTRATING HITS ON OTHER BLACK MEN. I'm sick of blacks killing blacks over the dumbest shit!. IT IS NOT ALL THE WHITE MANS FAULT. Check youtube and see how many blacks are fighting each other on video. Theyre ain't a white man in sight. We need to clean OUR OWN HOUSE. Start taking responsibility for OUR OWN ACTIONS.

  • Stupido

    When keeping it real goes wrong..".......he should have been smuggling copies of chapelle show innthat motherfucker maybe he would have done a few thing differently

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    Sorry Mom but your son is a Dumb Azzz!!!! Really y do anyone whose link to 6!!,I repeat 6!! Murders to be freed. Honestly he deserves the death penalty. I knw I'm defiantly gonna hav have who disagree but C'mon rlly it makes no sense he's jail for a Gun charge, then that got extended when he tried to smuggle Codeine Syrup in prison then he threaten some CO's @ the prison where he resides. HE DESERVES WHAT COMING TO HIM!!!!! GIVE HIM THE DAMN CHAIR. No matter what anyone say he's linked to 6 Murders if this was someone else he'll be a serial killer. Black People STFU N Wake Up He deserve to die.

  • ThePrincipal

    Actually, Torrence went to jail for smuggling drugs into prison and an accessory to murder. It's funny when people go to jail they feel like that they're supposed to receive special treatment in prison. No. You're doing time just like any other human being that has done illegal felonies. Boosie always talking about how and who he killed. I guess he'll be doing his "Murder Man Dance" for one hour when he's allowed.

  • Anonymous

    Dude went to jail for weed, not not even selling weed, just blunts and pills and personal use. This is a crooked system and if they would give the man 10 years for weed then what do you think they would do if they had hearsay evidence about so old homicide.

  • Anonymous

    Dude went to jail for weed, not not even selling weed, just blunts and pills and personal use. This isn't a crooked system and if they would give the man 10 years for weed then what do you think they would do if they had hearsay evidence about so old homicide.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Fake jewelry and fades. That deserves a jail sentence right there. Oh the real... I don't know what to make of this. Sad thing about it, it sounds like his moms is in denial. And truthfully, the labelmates really don't owe him ish. They gotta get paid. So if it's a "Free Boosie" (which is just utterly stupid in the first) concert and they get paid from it...they're doing the concert. If niggas wanna pay money for a "Free Boosie" concert, then that's on all the idiots. It's cool that Jeezy has talked to you, but in reality nothing is owed to you. No one owes you ish. Oh well. Hopefully he didn't do the things which he's charged and he gets out soon. If not, then you gotta do the time. Simple as that. I have heard that Louisana system is a mug. But what's the best way not to get locked up? DON'T BREAK THE LAW!!! (Jordan shrug)

  • Ja'Dayi

    There is allot of negativity out there right now. I have been very close to Torrance for awhile and I visit him twice monthly. The side of him the media is portraying him to be is a side I haven't seen. I've only seen the kind, caring, compassionate and crazy side (in a fun way); he has a heart of gold! He writes letters atleast twice a week and handmade cards, this is the side I know. Webbie is in communication when it comes to Torrance and he keeps money on his books, the thing is, they've been friends forever and not even this can mess that up. All I can do is pray for God's Will and hope he returns home soon. It's heard seeing in such an awful place, but God knows best. I don't expect any of you to understand the love and support I have for him, all I have is prayer and faith right now......God willing, we come!

  • Anonymous

    dont do the crime if you cant do the time, and it just like niggas to alway try and find a way to make money off a nigga faults and dont show suppose when a nigga is lockup only when he is around to give hand out, that that, stay withself for self

  • jrboy225

    all yall nigahs fake as a motherfucker, the system in louisians aint tha truth. i hear alot about about boo bein a rat, but he is on amurder charge because of a fake ass rat. no evidence just da word of mouth of a youngsta. if you was from baton rouge you would be like fuck da police and the court system. so by you sayin fuck his situation, you aint real, so kill yourself. PUSSY NIGAHS

  • feddy.bitch

    free badazz fuck all yall pussy ass fuck boys who soulja hatin on shawty man werd

  • Truth hurts

    F*ck that nicca..nobody associates with failures..he was a walking stereotype.

  • Anonymous

    she shouldnt be looking for handouts but if they using that man name then they should if not compensated. moms need to cut it out with the he not jail material. he been going to jail

    • Anonymous

      real talk IcYuNvME

    • IcYuNvME

      I personally think Connie Hatch is in denial along with many others supporting this "little boy" in his wrong doing! A true man would never handle himself so wrecklessly knowing he has so many children that depend on him! Everyone wants to "scream" that Torrance is a victim....are you serious? He tried to smuggle drugs into a penal institute not once, but twice....let me guess, "it's a set-up", right? Please!!!! He hasn't taken one minute of his incarceration seriously and someone is suppose to have pity and step up and help? That is utterly BS! Absolutely no one in their right mind, past business aquaintancea/boys or not, will allow that negative light to be shed upon them! No one owe's Torrance anything!! Connie wants people to look at the so called positive he's brought to the urban communities ..... Well did it ever occur to you there is a side of your son that you've never seen? Well the streets and his aquaintances have seen it! You don't ever need to think that any case against Torrance is a weak case because once the FBI steps in, there is validity to everything...the guess work is over! FBI does not operate on hearsay! As far as the guys giving the concerts using his name....I've seen the flyers, they state "Free Boosie"! There isn't any notation that all or a portion of the proceeds will go to his defense fund! "Free Boosie" just means they're "shouting out" to him! Get it together, they do not owe Boosie anything, not even respect! Another inmate took his picture and sent it to his girlfriend....really....joke of the day! You can clearly see he took the picture of himself but yet again, this is his problem....his mother making excuses for him and then trying to pull the race card!! Torrance isn't incarcerated because he's of color, he's incarcerated because he thinks he's above the law! While I wish no ill will on anyone, there comes a time in life when you have to accept responsibility of your wreckless actions and deal with the consequences; it's called being a man!

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that...Jail sucks...Who wouldve thought?

  • Anonymous

    fact is, no mom is ever going to talk dirty on their child. but i believe this dude deserves all he gets. we need to stop killing each other...

  • what

  • casey j

    dumb niggas doing dumb shit

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