Pitbull Responds To Lindsay Lohan's Lawsuit, Says He Wasn't Looking To Degrade Her Career

Rapper Pitbull reacts to lawsuit over the song "Give Me Everything,” says he was hoping to keep Lindsay Lohan relevant.

Rapper Pitbull has finally responded publicly to a lawsuit that was filed by actress Lindsay Lohan due to his song “Give Me Everything” earlier this week. Ne-Yo who also appears on the song and songwriter Afrojack are also being sued by the actress.

In the interview Pitbull, who says he once supported Lohan, revealed that he was shocked to the point of disbelief when he first heard about the lawsuit.

“I was very surprised when I found out about the lawsuit. To me it was very ironic to be honest with you. At first I read it and I was like ‘Nah, this gotta be a joke.’ Come to find out that it’s very realistic,” Pitbull explained. “But me being someone that supports Lindsay Lohan’s career where I’ve seen her go through everything she’s gone through. And everything that has to do with this record is so positive…When I mention Lindsay Lohan on the record it was really a positive message.”

The Miami rapper went on to explain that in the media his lyrics were misquoted. He then clarified what he was saying in the song.

“It’s funny cause the quote they have now is all wrong,” said Pitbull. “They’re like ‘hustlers move inside.’ I said, ‘Hustlers move in silence so I’m tip-toeing to keep going. I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.’ When I say ‘I got it locked up,’ if you play at the park, if you from the neighborhood. When they say ‘you got it locked,’ you got it locked up. That means you run that area.”

Later in the interview Pitbull shared that if anything he was hoping the song would keep the Hollywood star relevant.

“I didn’t look to defamate, degrade, or hurt someone’s career. Like I said, for me mentioning it on a number one record around the world I thought it would be helping someone’s career and also keeping them relevant,” the rapper explained. “We mention people’s names all the time. When it comes to I would say rapping it’s always about double meanings and metaphors and how you flip certain things.”

Planet Pit Exclusive: Pitbull speaks on Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit from Planet Pit on Vimeo.

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  • KDog

    anybody else think Pitbull looks like Dr. Evil in that picture?

  • Daniel Gregory

    Eminem has dissed Lindsey Lohan countless times, and they were actual full on Disses unllike pitbulls line about her, and yet Lindsey hasnt even addressed Eminem in any way shape or form. I'm guessing shes either afraid of Eminem or Eminems highly paid Lawyers.

  • ynnadeeb

    i hate pitbull, but gotta side wit him here. what a dumb bitch, ever heard of the first amendment? he can say whatever he wants without having to worry about being sued, and she's suing ne-yo and afrojack too who have nothing to do wit the line pitbull said. bitch jus wants money, get outta here lindsey lohan hasnt been relevant since like 2008

  • BrownJack

    You ain't got to lie to kick it Pitbull. He knows damn well he meant locked up like in the bing. That's kind of lame that he would try to flip it like that. Stick to your shit, Amendment 1 still applies to music.

  • William Rake

    he is one UGLY motherfucker. looks like a pitbull alright

  • Ron Nizamov

    lohans a little slut anyway. fuck her


    learn how to rap.....thank you that is all.

  • Scratch D Twiggs

    It took me a while to understand where he was coming from but I understand. He was trying to say "L.L." got hollywood on "lock"because everytime you turn around the media always got cameras in her face. She can't sneeze w/o some media person shoving a camera down her throat. Sometimes when say someone got something on lock you showing respect.

  • beautiful girl

    you guys are really stupid he hasnt got the right to talk about her like that even if she s drug addict or i dont know what else who is he to talk about her rappers they think they can say whatever they like she s right im100 pourcent with her like that next time nobody ll talk about her again

  • war22

    lol Eminem dissed her many times...she didnt say shit...Stat Qua did a song refering 2 her 2...

  • Anonymous

    but she did get locked up. There isn't any defamation, it's fact. Lindsay has turned into a joke.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    U scared bro?

  • kyle

    damn thats fucked up. stay strong pitbull i dont no whats gonna happen on this one. can u sue for that dumn shit. that bitch tryin to get back fuck outter here. it was probably her punk asss dad putttin that shit n her head.

  • Spyridon

    lol hes so full of shit... hes tryin to say "i got it locked up" is "on lock"... but he didnt say he has anything on lock. Besides, what does Lohan have on lock these days??? He said himself she needed help staying relevant... so how could she have anything on lock? He's obviously talking about her being locked up and just full of shit. The only people who'll believe that bullshit is people who dont know the terminology "on lock"... but sad enough once it moves to the courts they probably wont.

    • Pass me that blunt...

      you noticed that too? yea this dude tried to turn it around like "linsay Lohan got it locked" fuck out here dog lmao you know that her recent court issues is the only reason why she's still relevant. This dude is a clown, and the rest of them party fake ganksta swag kiddies the industry pumping like "they about something", they ain't shit... JUst a bunch of lame lying ass rappers.

  • Lakey J

    Of all people she want to come at Pitbull?cmon now.the media that's tarnishing her name everyday and she have the nerve to come at pitbull??

  • TokenReefer

    is it possible to go lower than Z-list.. damn lindsay you and your titties fell off

  • wanksta

    when this nigga came out wif lil jon he was on dat cuban miamim drug dealer crunk gangsta shit no he a cool nice pop guy wearing button ups and making songs for usa/european clubs nigga saw where the money at and moved away from that whole wanksta shit

  • pitbull


  • Problemz/Problems

    Pitbull being real bitch like copping pleas to appease that coke whore..Man the fuck up..all them songs for the bitches got your estrogen levels spiking..stand by your lyrics..you was all tough saying you would see Yeezy if he ever crashed your stage but you tiptoe around this slut? that's some real punk shit...

  • Anonymous

    Dude just say what you really meant...on the low though, regardless of what she is going thru and despite the system being pretty easy on her compared to shit we won't talk about right now, she is still relevant in Hollywood's eyes...even if the movies are low budget...gotta have a hoe somewhere in the script...

  • Osiel Salas

    Eminem has dissed this bitch many times on Relapse and why doesnt she grow a pair and Sue Eminem??? Dumbass Bitch knows that Ems Lawyers would murk her ass.

  • Anonymous

    this bitch ruined her own career now shes just suing because she hasnt done a movie in a while

  • Anonymous

    You didn't degrade her career sir. She already did that to herself...Hollywood skank...

  • bkstylz

    wow...she really sued dude over a line that was true?? Seems to me she is really desperate for money.

  • no no...

    pitbull's a bitch, you know that the lyric doesn't mean she runs the area, she hasn't been relevant for running anything since 2004, she went to jail months ago and that's what it means, stop being a fucking fag.

    • LOL...

      I was thinkin' that too...dude tryna make it sound positive rather than just keepin' it 100...ol' scary ass. Stand behind what you say and fight that shit in court...don't bitch up now. Lindsay was already a ho, but she even more of a ho though for suing a rapper for makin' a punchline...it's what rappers do. shit man.

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