Common Says "The Dreamer, The Believer" Will Be "Positive Hip Hop"

Common Sense explains that he's looking to artists like Rakim and KRS-One for inspiration on his next LP.

Common is currently at work with No I.D. for his upcoming Warner Bros. Records debut, The Dreamer, The Believer, due November 22nd. In preparation for the album's release, Com spoke with The BoomBox about how the LP is taking shape and that he and No I.D. are crafting "positive Hip Hop."

"It's going to be positive hip-hop. Hip-hop that can really generate good spirit, the spirit of the music and just good energy," he said. "I'm excited about the album ['The Dreamer, The Believer']. I feel blessed that I got to work with No I.D. I'm enthused to do hip-hop, which is something that I have to do when I feel it."

The Chicago, Illinois native also explained that he's trying to channel the sentiment of veteran rappers like KRS-One and Rakim.

"It's the spirit and energy of hip-hop that made you just enjoy it and love the music and not feel like, 'Man, is this gonna sell?' or 'I sold this many.' It's stuff that made you feel something, it's stuff that you can use that inspired your life. I think about hip-hop like Brand Nubian and KRS-One and N.W.A. and Rakim, that stuff inspired my life. Those things really shaped who I am."

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  • gary lusterby

    Im a big fan of positive of Common and positive hip hop, cool with some battle shit to but it all sounds the same This cat is cool and seems to have some roots but doesnt have a lot out.

  • Anonymous


  • Who cares

    This mother fucker is boring as fuck and raps over bland beats. Just stop.

  • The MG

    I can feel that this is definitely going to be better than UMC. "Ghetto Dreams" is sick so I can't wait to hear the rest.

  • L-Boogie

    Can't wait definitely looking forward to this album!

  • Trisha Stanton

    search KWESTRO on Facebook

  • Tarik Tannir

    ........ ......... ...........HIV Positive?...........

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys see a pattern with Common's albums. He's going to put out some real hip hop records for like 2-3 staright. Than when hes comfortable he experiments.When he experiments it sucks than he goes back to what he does best. Check out the first 3 albums all real hip hop. Than electric circus. That album sucked he refocused and he made Be and Finding Forever. Relax his last album suck this is going to be banging. Plus No I.D is producing the whole thing. What happen when No. ID produced a whole Common record? Resurrection!

    • Mhlengi

      I agree with Eddie to some extent. Electric Circus was a dope album except where he was singing shit (I still dont get what he was thinking)! UMC failed to grab my attention. I have bought all his work since One Day... but UMC was just too damn much for me. Like Water for Chocolate was his best in my opinion! That shit was raw as fuck!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yes his 5th and 8th albums were...different. (mostly gay). i gotta say though i gave umc some spins, hate me i dont give a fuck i semi enjoyed that shit. and electric circus had some decent dilla work on there. especially that soul power track. so dont go with a cliche opinion without knowing the facts, its not really a pattern yet.

  • Devin Williams

    I just hope its better than that last bullshit album

  • DJJJ

    Thank god for Common. Glad to hear he is looking to KRS and Rakim for inspiration too. I NEED THIS ALBUM! Positivity is what hip-hop is all about.

  • Slruim

    Positive? Fuck that. Just go all out and make music about bitches like Ghetto Dreams.

  • Bring back that....

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  • Anonymous

    Lonnie is Spanish for asshole; this fuck should stick to "acting" hah hah, how's that career doing shithead?

    • EddieMurrrphy

      now who's put themselves in the over the top venting stalker like position. two paragraphs is enuff homie, lets leave it alone. look at how YOU look....and i guess i'll call you a faggot to stir shit up and piss that simple mind off. facebook faggot

    • Severe Thebeneficent REALLY know alot about com...but you seem to hate him with a passion...why? he owe u bread? fronted on a guest verse? Do you know how that makes YOU look? I just dont get do you follow niggas around to talk shit about them? Thats like that TO video floating around online, dude callin TO all kinda bitch nigga etc all for an autograph!! u kidding me!?! same type shit with this guy... Wont catch me following weezy drake and the rest of em around to run my mouth...hiding while I talk tough...

    • Severe Thebeneficent

      Only an idiot who has no connection to real struggle would find a joke in what he sayin...should be zero comments man like seriously...then again this IS the internet where the spineless of all cowards meet up to run their mouths...

  • Jacob Lopez

    Well hurry up with it Com !

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Someone has to bring back the boom bap. I'm hoping it's Common.

    • Anonymous

      Believe the dream-- you can and SHOULD wait, this douchebag will bring NOTHING to the table except maybe Punch Drunk Love Part 2?

  • jj

    yes we need more positive hiphop

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck was Common's last album if not positive? positively awful? rap nerds need to WAKE THE FUCK up and listen to other music-- Gil-Scott Heron DEAD is smarter, funnier and more politically astute than three Commons put together.

  • Dainell Da Don Freeman


  • Martin Delany

    Yeah, look to Rakim who hasn't made a decent fucking record since 1992!! Common is a bore and if he's so 'positive' now how does he explain that last piece of shit album, besides positively horrible? The two records with Kanye beats are garbage too, Common is stone wack BORE.

  • wwliradio

    Good to hear, bring that "Can I Borrow A Dollar","Resurrection","One Day.." "Like Water for Chocolate" vibe back. If you like good music like Common's, Check (we support you Common)

  • CRIS

    i love common..cant wait

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