50 Cent Speaks On His Upcoming Fifth Album & "I'm On It"

Fif says that his next album fulfills his contract with Interscope Records and how some decisions were poorly made.

50 Cent has made his beef with Interscope Records public over the past few months, explaining that he and the company weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on his oft-delayed fifth album. Speaking with MTV UK, Fif confirmed that the LP, formerly titled Black Magic, would be his last for Interscope and that he’s recorded “more than enough material for it.”

"It’s actually my final requirement. My fifth album and the final requirement for Interscope. I had some difficulties with the actual system,” he said. “There are people there that are afraid to lose their job; they’ve seen other people get fired. I think they’re afraid to make some decisions that need to be made right away, they just sit and look. […] We’ve had some conversations communicated to develop plans for different things and it’s not actually executed in the time plan that we’ve created. And I get frustrated and I start doing things, like I put the record out."

The G-Unit leader said that he prefers to saturate the market with records before dropping a full-length and that the way that Interscope handled his single “I’m On It” caused problems between both parties.

"I condition my core audience to hear me a lot, because I perform at least two albums worth of material before I actually release the album. And when they don’t hear aggressive content, they turn their nose up at material, unless it’s already worked on radio,” he continued. […] It doesn’t actually mean that I don’t like the company because all the success I’ve had in my career has been with Interscope records. It’s just a frustration at different points -  like I had a song just go out and it was in their position, they were moving around to actually make the music video for it and then they go ‘ok, I don’t want that song no more’ because it’s been presented in the wrong way to the public. […] Then people go 'I don’t like this, I like this, I don’t know!’ - there’s no event to it. It’s not difficult when you’ve recorded 40 songs, it’s like so what? If you only have one song, you should just go jump off the song. Go get it."

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  • idntknow

    Prople are so funny ... we got haters and then be got D**kriders who defend 50 cent. I was once a fan until yes he fell off and yeh he did fall off! People talk about Game and his beefs but 50 cent has had a beef everytime he about to release.... get rich die trying - ja rule ---- the massacre --- was kanye west ---- and the other shit album he released was against rick ross. I know the ja beef was personal but the rest was business although he took the Ross beef to a whole new level but at the end Music spoke for itself .... Rick Ross done well cause of him.... He might have been Correctional officer but he makes good music... but not all the time... he has some music which is wack,,, truthfully I only got the album with 'ImHustlin' on it cause that album was classic. so was get rich or die tryin but face it 50 cent fans your boy just putting out average music just like WTT was average and so is the RED album,... I have not heard an album in a while when I can say this album is good. HIPHOP been Wack for the last 8 years! now I do not even buy music I listen to it on here and if its its good other then that I dnt bump nothing!!! f*k 50 cent, kanye west, jay-z, rick ross, the game, lil wayne. Waits on DMX to drop that album and Scarface to drop that album! all the rest are weak! oh yeh they a few other rappers out there like chammillionaire, big krit but other then that eveyone wack cause these dudes are too commercial lets face it,,, HIPHIP is a lifestyle its a culture - its based on the effect of reality and then too many F*gs out there now! and the big companies dnt like the gutter spit the heart music they like that paper music... that radio music!

  • Mario

    50 is smart this is what you call marketing he's not going to leave interscope it's about selling records. Beefs sells records and that's what it's about if interscope wasn't in on it they would by him out of his contract which is almost up. But his lasty music has been really weak and I'm a fan of his and always will be. Go back to your hungry still instead of the I made it so it's whatever style. Still my favorite arsist out

  • John Doe

    check out my cousin's music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfKVbdYhM18&NR=1

  • rich

    CB4 ass n!g.mc 50 gus.

  • frank

    his lp goin wood hahaha karmas a bitch fif huh? owell atleast u got money bitch ass nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  • chris


  • chris

    50 on some dubstep now?

  • Ye ye

    Man 50 is played out like Kwam'e polka dots..alot of u young niggas might not kno what I'm talking on dat lol..but The Game body u,Ross put u out of commission..50 go play boyfriend wit Floyd hang out @ his house n Vegas & play his bitch like u always..u can't rap anymore..GROTD album was a classic..I had 3 of GROTD 1 for da crib,1 for da whip,& 1 for da plastic cuz it's a classic..But after dat ur albums been water down vitimen water..ur garbage like Rocci from 106 n park said..jus stick 2 playing wit ur guns @ home..enjoy all dat money but please stop rapping..ur 2 far back like Lebron hair line..

    • Anonymous

      nigga fuck you 50 put rick ross out of commission.if your rich you are able to destroy someones life and tear it apart.rick ross fake.a police officer in matter of fact.hes always talkin about drugs and shit.but he use to lock up those who did it oh hes fake.50way more real listen to tia told me)by 50 fuck yall haters yall damn kno yall use to listen to ffth he a ledgend.

  • Anonymous

    why yall hate on 50 he aint do anything to u u shouldnt take this rap game so serious

  • RZA


    • ya

      True but fif doesn't drink or smoke... dunno why he'd refuse to endorse an alcoholic drink but will rap about smoking weed in so many songs ha

  • dear curtis

    end off like you started, scrap these records and start from scratch, get back with trackmasters and sha money xl, have no features and make an official 'power of the dollar' it's that simple!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 ur done. i didnt even like ur biggest seller grodt, thought it was weak, always liked ja rule better, he was a real nigga


      Lol you joking right? Ja real? 50 the realist regardless, though his wack now, but he done paid his dues he aint fake atleast like ricky

  • Anonymous

    we dont care you wack techno/pop rapper

  • GlowStreet31

    The album wont be good... I saw the production and they're a bunch of pop producers, boi 1 da ,alex da kid, jim jonsin, i mean what the fuck is this? an eminem album? Fif make a Hip Hop album! Get Khalil, get Just Blaze get Premier just like Game did this year, Mr Porter may give you a good beat, producers from your first 2 albums. But dont let your fans down again because that fifth album is goin to be the end of your career. Im suggestin everybody not to expect a lot from this album tho, cause you'll get disapointed just like what happened with that bisd album.

  • Anonymous

    RIP Old 50 Cent 1999-2005

  • i thought

    Didn't Famouskid Brick have a song called "I'm On It"

  • Bowski

    Yeah, yeah, lets get real, to say Fif is "played out" is an understatement so why not try something brilliant Fif? How about an actual HIP HOP ALBUM this time? Throw in some REAL hip hop producers yet still sprinkle 1 or 2 club bangers max. Have some damn fun & depth on your records instead of always thuggin? I actually know you can put that together and for Christ's sakes try to actually surprise us man, that should get your career off life support.

    • Anonymous

      @ Anon Hell yeah that's what I'm talking about. He must be surrounded by too many "Yes Men" or just doesn't have his ears to the streets anymore

    • Anonymous

      That would be dope... Like if eminem got with Premier and Rza and Kanye and Hi-tek style production. and just rapped about chilling something to BBQ and have a Beer too

  • Cali King

    It's like he doesn't even care anymore...and dont say he's a smart man, or great Musician because he's not. Theres NO way he's coming back with strong Buzz. Believe That. Cant say I wish him the best, because he has Millions in his back Pockets. he can sit in the couch if he wants, he has Money. he doesn't need hip-hop. it's just sad to watch a 'Once a Great Rapper' Gone to waste. He looks like a Fool every time he drops a wack song. I say just call it Quits and keep making your money outside of Music. -_-

  • Anonymous

    Wack shit fo'real

  • Anonymous

    i remember this guy from 2003. the P.I.M.P. haha what a riot

  • Anonymous

    The Game might be seeing red next week at the top of the Billboard 200. Industry prognosticators suggest that the rapper's new "The R.E.D. Album" (Geffen/Interscope) could sell more than 90,000 copies by week's end on Aug. 28. If the set does hit No. 1, it will mark Game's third topper following 2005's "The Documentary" and 2007's "Doctor's Advocate." His last album, "LAX," started at No. 2 in 2008 with 239,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. There's always the chance that Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative album "Watch the Throne" may hold at No. 1 for a third week. But it's too early to tell what their album may sell. Pop icon Barbra Streisand could be the next biggest arrival on the Billboard 200, as her "What Matters Most" may launch with 70,000 to 80,000 copies. Her last album, 2009's "Love Is the Answer," was a surprise No. 1 debut, bowing with 180,000 -- her best sales week since 1997. However, "Love's" handsome bow was bolstered by a half-hour chat and performance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," along with appearances on CBS' "Sunday Morning" and NBC's "Today." "What Matters" doesn't have the opportunity to benefit from the now-off-the-air "Oprah." Country star Miranda Lambert's new side project, Pistol Annies, may see its "Hell on Heels" debut start in the top 10 as well, with perhaps 30,000 to 40,000 copies. The trio comprises Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

  • OG Bunk

    He aint as smart as niggas think when it comes to business if he was he would have figure out a way to keep Game in the unit and release a buck album he knows buck would sell more than his weak ass be selling now Banks u dum homie u shld have left 2 or 3 years ago to late u done to

  • OG Bunk

    This nigga is done beep beep beep rap career over cant act shit all ways comes around remember when this nigga was hot dissing dudes that were really doing their thing such as ja, nas, jadakiss etc now look at yo punk as fith u done

  • Anonymous

    50 cent burned so many bridges in the rap game that no company will take him on anymore.at first things were going good for 50 at the beginning and his hype is going down now.the only way 50 can get back in the game and atleast sell a million or two is just do him and feature popular acts that's out now

  • Jason Pennells

    anyone remeber how fifty said he would retire from rap if Kanye sold more? ye wtf happend to that?

    • Anonymous

      yo kanye and 50 it was planned kanye never realy wanted 50 to quit rapping.theyb planned it together the whole beef.get your fucking facts straight than talk.50 is a ledgend beef is hiphop culture so is competition

    • Anonymous

      rappers say a lot of shit that never happens or isnt true, you should know this by now rick ross anyone?

    • Anonymous

      he said if kanye sells more in the first week he will retire, and kanye did

    • Anonymous

      50 sold more worldwide and run ny single is 2x plat

  • jj88

    i keep hearing 50 is a "smart dude" or he is a "great business man".i agree he is a hustler but burning all your bridges with alot of rappers and producers is not "smart." thats why he is not getting hot beats like he used to, because he dissed so many people that no one is gonna cross there friends just to produce for you..cool and dre comes to mind but there are many more....step it up fifty im actually looking foward to your album..and also is it me or ever since fifty signed that 100 mill deal it seems like interscope is ass hurt or somthing..

    • Anonymous

      theres so many other producers out there he can beats off like Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Buckwild, Havoc!

  • East

    "im on it" was WACK as fuck. No wonder they ain't wanna put it out. Come on fif', get serious again!

  • rainer92

    fiddy is a very smart dude.he will always come up with somethin new. Even if ppl still hate him i think he gonn get his respect back with a great album.Just be 5-0

  • Jeff Mason

    Hip hop fans get ready on www.bks1radio.com Wednesday night at 9pm et/6pm pt for the live in the cipher show as we rate & review along with you the listener The Game's new release The R.E.D. Album. Chat live or call in live 646-929-1530 artist call in with you hot 16 & show your skills. Join the cipher 2 nite @ 9pm on www.bks1radio.com

  • Anonymous

    i been around for a min interscope just cleaning house like def jam nuthin new at all

  • Nico 3

    Game just put out The Red Album. 50 should put out The Wack Album. Interscope must really be desperate to still be holding these two to their contracts. Buy them out and find new talent.

    • anonymous

      50 is an entrepreneur and will be rich forever, but musically, there's no comparison between his discography and Game's. Get Rich is untouchable, Massacre did damage on the pop charts, but his last 2 albums have been the same garbage he's been putting out for six years. Game has 4 incredible albums, any of which are arguably classics.. Game is 8 levels above him musically... 50 just doesn't want it anymore

  • thought dog

    W.U.S.H.....Why U Still Here 50?

  • Anonymous

    Wow is this dude even relevant anymore

  • Slruim

    He should get others to help him pick the songs for the album. After that, start an Indie label and sign Talent.

  • pap3rchazer

    50 is still my nigga, i've followed his career thoroughly since the Guess Whos Back mixtape. its been quite clear that Jimmy n interscope dont give a flying fuck about him becuz you cant put a leash on fif like Jimmy successfully done with Em, Dre, n Gaga. 50 needs to buy out his contract n jump ship cuz if he drops his next album on interscope, it will tank!

    • Mario

      Guess who's back was better than GRODT even thought their both classics. 50 is not a yes man I think that's the problem and your only going to be hot for so long so he knows the importance of get things done the right way

    • Anonymous

      yeah man guess who back is a classic

  • Anonymous

    i'm on it has to be one of the worst songs he ever put out, that chourus is just terrible i cant believe he even put that shit out,

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is so gangster

  • Flame

    He needs to bring Young Buck back even though i doubt it.But the music that Buck made did sell very well when he was on g-unit.Plus he had the best albums out of all of them him and Game.Love that joint off the second album "slow ya roll"

  • Anonymous

    damn game actually let them post a 50 cent article when he's 'taking over the site' for a week?

  • Anonymous

    damn interscope game wants to leave.you pissin fif off its gaga time fuck interscope

  • Anonymous

    interscope is fuckin him and game over home of the leaks

  • Seánieg

    50 career is acting now! He turned his back on music and is suffering the consequences now!

  • sucka

    Not gonna lie that is a weak first single....and its produced by the cataracs. Cataracs have way hotter shit then this and 50 got a wack ass beat.

  • Nullify

    Damn homie, in '03 you was the man, homie The fuck happened to you?

  • Onaje Jordan

    Stick a fork in his rap career, but i doubt he is lacking in funds. He should be good.

  • Kendall Walters

    I still can't believe he thinks Im on it was a great song. That was a joke right?

  • Anonymous

    this hoe is done!!

  • Herbalist Farmer

    he still has the potential to make a great song, all it takes is em and yela hopping on one of his tracks to make all yall forgive his hatin ass. seriously tho Game Wack as fuck regardless how much yall hate fif

    • Anonymous

      game puttin out better music den 50 tho only thin g-unit got dese days is banks i mean shawty lo?? kidd kidd ?? dj pauly ?? n da trash 50 put out im on it horrible

    • Blizzakq

      LOL so you just decided to bring up Game in your argument out of nowhere just to prove that 50 still got it? That's was lame duke regardless of how you feel about him.


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  • javon33

    50 cent career RIP 2002-2009 Nigga Ja-Ruled himself..damn you use to be the man

  • flop unit

    Man say what you want about Game, but 50 cent kicking him out of that group was the best thing for Game in the long run, but no so much for 50. Game has become a superstar rapper and just released another solid album, while 50's career is in shambles and is signing horrible talent latley. I always knew that his whole hating mentality and being an industry asshole would bight him in the ass, no one wants to work with him and he has fallen off real hard. If he had Game, he could be making millions and millions of that guy , instead he has Banks who wasn't capitilize on the small buzz he had last year, Tony Yayo one of the worst rappers of all time and a complete joke and now Dj Pauly D, that retartded looking dude who makes youtube vidoes, Shawty Lo and some other dip shit whose name i don't remember. God damn, karma is a bitch ain it 50?

    • Anonymous

      i couldnt agree more banks da only dude i still listen too on g-unit game puttin out good music but 50 done hiz signins are even worse diz man went from buck n game monster squad to dj pauly kidd kidd and shawty lo stright garbage n to top it off he acculy thinks im on it wuz a hit single iz sad cuz get rich wuz top 5 cd ever n now he puttin out trash

    • BlackIce

      @Anonymous Don't let 50 fool you 50 only gets a cut from The Documentary because he was featured on it and was one of the executive producers with Dre other than that he ain't getting no cut. Game wasnt even signed to G-Unit so stop letting him fool you.

    • Anonymous

      he still makes money off of game albums


      BBB went gold with 600k sold it was a NY hit more then a worldwide hit

    • aarontodavis

      ur stupid if u think Lloyd Banks hasnt put out a good albulm..Beamer,Benz or Bentley went platinum and his albulm was one of the best of last year. He had some good tracks on there.Once he gets signed to a major label, he'll be good.

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      agreed on shawty lo and kidd kidd, but banks had an solid album, too bad he was independent so it didnt have a lot comercial succes, pauly D is someone who i expect much music from, and yayo still stinks, the only hope for G-Unit is Banks or 50 forgiving Game

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