Obie Trice Delays "Bottoms Up" To April

UPDATE #3: O. Trice pushes back his LP from February 28th.

Obie Trice has revealed that his upcoming album Bottoms Up will include at least two songs that feature Eminem. Speaking with, the Detroit, Michigan native explained that not only does Em appear on the LP, but both Em and Dr. Dre contribute production.

“It could be more [than two Eminem-featured songs],” said Obie, naming “No Turning Back” as one of the tracks. “I think it’s a great album. […] I’m older, I’m real excited.”

Obie will release Bottoms Up on his own imprint Black Market Entertainment in January 2012.

[August 24]

UPDATE: Obie Trice has revealed the cover art for his upcoming album Bottoms Up, releasing February 28th.


January 15

UPDATE #2: The tracklist has been revealed for Obie Trice's Bottoms Up, due February 28th (via HHNM).

01 Bottoms Up (Intro)
02 Going No Where
03 Dear Lord
04 I Pretend
05 Richard f. Eminem (prod. Dr. Dre)
06 BME Up
07 Battle Cry f. Adrian Reeza
08 Secrets
09 Spill My Drink
10 Spend The Day f. Dre Skidne
11 Petty
12 My Time
13 Ups And Downs
14 Hell Yeah
15 Crazy f. MC Breed
16 LeBron On [Bonus]

[January 25]

UPDATE #3: According to The Source, Obie Trice has delayed Bottoms Up to April 3rd. He explained that he wants to be able to release the album simultaneously worldwide so that all fans are able to experience it at the same time.

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  • RapItUp

    I am so sicl of this shit. People cussing lil wayne and drake? STOP THAT SHIT. Sure Eminem and Jay r WAY better, but wayne nd drake r ill 2. And its tru hip hop aint what it used to be, but things change. This shit sounds like its gonna be a great album, and if it sells, great; if not, i dnt give a flyin fuck, cuz its still dope. If it aint dope, which \i highly doubt, its still got a couple Em bits in there...and they cant all be as crap as throw it up can they? oh and PS for all u haters sayin ems verse was whack in throw it up, HE WAS PLAYIN NICE SO YELAWOLF could gt he credit cuz its HIS song. We all kno Em coulda KILLED dat shit, and OWNED motherfuckers, but didnt cuz he chose not to. Im out.

  • Anonymous

    If that Eminem Collab aint the shit i will not even consider buying that album... It better be some shit like Go To Sleep. and it better not be like the track with gangsta boo on yelawolfs album cuz that shit was wack!!

    • fjdkal;

      Yo I'm 95% sure it's gonna be about their dicks (judging by a tweet from Obie)... get it? Dick is short for Richard. So I feel like we're either gonna hear '02-'03 jokey Em/Obie....or we're gonna hear a type of story track about some guy named Richard. Anyways, Obie's album is still gonna be good, why not buy it anyways? That Lebron On track sounds crazy. And Battle Cry is the shit.

  • Rocco

    Why delay it? Shit aint gon sell no matter when it come out.

    • realrap

      You need to pay the first solo african to go platinum from the D some respect! Cheers is crazy. SROM was so dirty lyrically as well. I personally havnt liked anything since but will give the cd a listen as he is 2/2 wit CDS

  • Anonymous

    Then come April it will be delayed to June, then August.

  • ka-as

    i only see one song with slim in the track listing

  • Fossie

    "dis soft ass nigga copies Lil Waynes Tha Carter III album cover..."Kill youself little punkassnigga!!

  • Fossie

    I bet our little ICY GAY BOY didnt ever hear one bar from Obies last 2 albums!!FUCKK HIM!!!

  • war22

    if they dont put out Obie and D12 album its gonna be a lost year...Slaughterhouse is coming ...would be cool if we hear some Slaughterhouse D12 Obie featuring




    Always slept on the dude but listening to him now, yeah he dope. and for all the bitches talking bout album sales, please who gives a dam? real hip hop heads care about the music "fuck record sales and who the machine markets best"...(joe budden)

  • So Icy Boi!

    Eminem dropped Obie Trice off da label cuz da nigga cant rap.... lmao..... Eminem needs to sign 2Chainz or Future.... dey betta den dis fool. lmaooooo. swag

    • RapsBySP

      Ahhh so funny to see these new HipHopDx readers that dont know about these hilarious troll like so icy boi, YESSIR, supergucci or whatever his name was ect ect

    • Ronnie Guess?

      @SO Icy boi!! Swag???? see its people like you who support that swag bullshit!!!! Obie is one of the most under rated emcees ever!!! he cant rap???? your fuckin retarded go kill yourself!! eminem dropped everyone from the lable you dumb ass!! as you can see nobody that was with shady records is on that lable anymore!! if you knew anything about music you would know that eminem went into that whole 'DRUG addiction ' time and was away from rap for like 4 years!!! swag?? fuckin clown!! go listen to soulja boy and them dudes!!!

  • Stan

    "Obie Trice has revealed that his upcoming album Bottoms Up will include at least two songs that feature Eminem." I see only 1 eminem feature whats up with that.. What happened to No Turning Back?

  • jaceshadoe

    Hope Obie still has it...........been awhile. When i heard "second rounds on me" , i thought that in 2006 Obie was better then Eminem himself. Love that album. Not many collabs but Obie is missing a few key players.............. 1. Trick Trick 2. Akon , Akon and Obie make dope tracks together 3. Royce da 5'9 4. D12, D12 putted Obie in the majors

  • Nico 3

    Subtract the cost of making the album, touring, and transportation to get to all of these little smoky clubs that probably hold 75 people, and Trice will be lucky to afford a happy meal at a Detroit Mcdonalds.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem. Jay. Drake. Wayne. Kanye all dent the charts. Young Jeezy is denting the charts, not in a major way, but still respectable. Trice will be lucky to do 100,000 in 6 months. It's so sad how broke he will be.

    • Anonymous

      how broke?? lool nigga u dnt knw shit abt sales doin a 100k isn't broke wen u do it on ur own lable u dumbass nigga

    • hellno

      hey Ronnie Guess? calm down. The poster has the same opinions as you. He is simply saying it is very hard for someone like Obie Trice to dent the charts in this time of downloading and not buying music. He is backing this up by saying that the current biggest people in hip hop even are not selling that much so it is very hard for an independent artist like Obie Trice to sell a lot. He is saying how sad that is that people don't buy his music. He never said anything about the people selling more being better or that being the important thing. So please shut up. I hate people like you, even though i have the same opinions as them. I hate how they always say hip hop is dead and hate on everyone who isn't their favorite artist. I don't like Wayne or Drake either, but everything has it's own lane. Please never speak again.

    • Ronnie Guess?

      dent the charts?? sad how broke he will be??? thats all that you look at huh?? money and chart possitions?? haaha your the reason hip hop is dead because thats what you think makes someone an emcee!!! how the fuck can you put drake and wayne in the same convo as someone like Obie trice? Obie trice is one of the illest emcees out!!! money and chart possitions has nothing to do with it!! wake up!!

    • Anonymous

      How broke he will be? He is releasing this independently.. If he sells 100,000 that is dope and very profitable for an independent release. Obie is also actively touring often, bets are that his bank account is pretty healthy.

    • Anonymous

      Its sad that theres people that still act like thats the only thing that matters.

  • Jeff

    Big surprise Em is on there... just join Shady Records and be done with it. jeff @

  • Anonymous

    Your probably a hunky

  • Anonymous


  • Nico 3

    Ok, MC Breed is dead, and Eminem collabos aren't what they used to be. I respect Obie's longevity, but it's going to be next to impossible for this album to dent the charts.

  • Anonymous

    It's funny how this Nigga joined in in the beef wit ja rule and rapped about him falling off.but honestly id rather have ja rules career cause at least he had a run.this Nigga put out that first album which was solid but everything else is garbage.when u talk down on a mother fucker it goes to show u it gets you he needs em's white ass too get back on the radar .Fuck Nigga who needs a cracker to stay relevant.

  • Anonymous

    Thought he said 2+ Eminem features.. oh well. Anyway @ ppl saying this personand that person shoulda been in d12 when proof died... Eye-Kyu should have been the one to replace him (he was old member of D12, found on 313, It's Ok (both eminem songs) and the d12 song chance to advance, and maybe a couple others.

  • Hypestyle

    Hopefully urban radio will actually support this and play the single(s), especially Detroit radio. you barely hear local artists on a regular basis.

  • jerrycurt

    I just know this is going to be a really good album; similar to greatest story never told. Most of the albums by real lyricists that were going to be shelved and get released in their original form once the artists go independent end up being good. The industry is a joke and I just hope that people buy this/listen to it

  • Anonymous

    Fuck it... put Obie & Royce in D12.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Amazing how many people I come across on this site who don't know what they're talking about. Fuzz Scoota is a known underground cat in the D. Eminem looked up to him in the early years. Phat Kat even accused Em of biting Fuzz's style on Dilla's "Welcome 2 Detroit."

    • Anonymous

      Fuzz Scoota used to be in D12. Haven't you heard 'No One's Iller'?

    • ItsTheTruth

      And remove On the real though, D12 fell the fuck off after they lost Proof. Now Swifty sounds like he just now finished puberty with his voice all deep and shit, and idk whats up with this new 'Fuzz Scoota' character. And The last vids that came from D12, Kon Artis wasnt even in the video and didnt even have a verse, he was probly out somewhere being Em's hype man. D12 will never be what they were 2001-2004. And Em doesn't seem like he would fit in with his crew anymore nowadays. Bottom line is it's 2012 now, and it's all about Slaughterhouse now. Shady 2.0

  • ItsTheTruth

    Rappers, take notes. 16 tracks, only 4 features, and 2 of them are probably just for hooks. Em is the only mainstream feature, and RIP to MC Breed. This is how you do it. You gonna get 99% Obie on this album, not a fucking collabo album with everyone that's currently hot at the moment. Obie always been underrated and under-appreciated but never switched his style or sold out. Gonna be a good year for hip hop, especially for Obie and DMX...Both of them haven't dropped a studio album in 6 years until now (not including special reserve). Definitely buying albums from both.

  • Nick

    I'm about a dolla, what the fuck is 50 Cents?

  • Anonymous

    I think this is fake tracklist.

  • t

    could be his third classic

  • Anonymous

    am I the only one that likes 'Second Rounds On Me' more then 'Cheers" ??????

    • jaceshadoe

      Second Rounds On Me>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cheers.... any day of the week. Obie's 2nd album sounded more like him and not an "Eminem-type album influence" like Cheers. Cheers was good, but Obie's 2nd LP. was a classic in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I dont have a problem with collabs. If i was a rapper my 2nd cd would be called sorry this ones for me and just be collabs and posse cuts with all my favorites..

    • casper21

      I liked Second Round better than cheers, lyrically he went in more, I liked the productions better, and fewer features

    • Ano.. u kno the rest

      Special Reserve is his best one yet.

    • t

      @ tilt read the liner notes

    • Tilt

      No. Second Rounds on me was a better album. Less features and relying on em.

    • Anonymous

      he murdered that album lyrically but eminem gave him some wack robotic production that fell really flat. em actually did a good job on the beats with cheers, best shit he ever did on the boards.

  • nullify

    Even tho im really not a fan of mainstream rap, ive got nothing but love for obie. Definitely gonna pick this up.

  • jt3000

    Really I think when proof died it would have been a no brainer for obie to replace him in D12. Proof loved obie like a brother and it would have made him proud and not to mention it would have gave the group more star power besides em. I think D12 would still be as popular as they were without going outside of the shady family looking for talent.

    • jfkdla;

      Proof and Obie were also cousins through marriage, I think Proof married one of Obie's second or third cousins. But Fuzz was there originally, he was in D12 in around 1997. But yeah, even though I'm sure Proof would be happy to see someone they were beefing with is cool with them again, I think Obie would have been the more sensible choice. Obie and D12 have such chemistry, I mean just look at "Outro" on Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    i think Em should bring everyone back to Shady along.can you imagine?:Bad Meets Evil,D12,Yelawolf,Ca$his,StatQuo,Slaughterhouse,BobbyCreekwater,ObieTrice,50,lloyd banks.+what ever new talent he might find?epic

    • RP

      Dogg Ur on some other shit Ems Fukin Beast AN Yella Goes Hard as hEll. OBies dope but ta say hes better than N E body else on Shady Is Wack as fuck. Cheers Was Classic Shit Second ROund was Mediocre at Best. Royce is prolly the hardest on shady these days. Him an Ems Chemistry is unbelievable and them Two need another album Soon


      Lol another hating ass nigga. U aint given 2.0 a chance.. All they done was mixtapes wich by the way are far from wack.. Wait til the album drops this year. As for yela well yeah he may hav flopped but theirs no denying his talent. Say what u say, Ob is dope but better than eminem? NOPe. compare both skill (lyrics) and numbers(album sales) and thr u have it

    • Anonymous

      eminem replaced obie with yelawolf and yelawolf flopped like a fish outta water. eminem is a heartless bitch that does whatever paul and jimmy tell him to do, he's the biggest rapper in the world and he can hardly dress himself. sober em is a very weak person, physically, and mentally. obie has more talent than everyone currently on shady and its not even close. every member in slaughterhouse is a failed solo artist that fell on hard times after dropping suck albums nobody bought. cashis is the epitome of a industry bum. stuck in the same spot he started with no fans and no music of note. shady records 2.0 has been a massive failure. they're dropping wack records and they aren't selling to expectations. would you rather drop good music that doesn't sell or wack music that doesn't sell? yelawolf = wack music that doesn't sell

  • Mafioso

    Real recognize real... I'm impressed no 1 is hatin on this nigga(except trollin ass niggaz). OBIE TRICE REAL NAME NO GIMMICKS!!!!

  • ShystyOne

    We've all been waiting on this one in Michigan. One of the most underrated.

  • jesterxxl

    Obie what the fuck happened to No Turning Back I was really lookin forward to hearin that then again let's not jump the gun could be a bonus. I've liked Trice since I first heard him on Lanterns mixtape it's a damn shame he left Shady but that's politics for you we all know what Jimmy says they do at the end of the day Iovine is the boss.

  • y5

    got you first day obie. been waiting a long time on this one. obie is one of the most underrated emcees of all time. eminems corn ball fans bought his first shit cuz they thought it was their duty as shady slurpers. are they gonna cop this one? prolly not. bandwagon homos that jock eminem exclusively make me sick. i'll take a new obie record over a new em record any day of the week. em fell off and has every outlet and all the resources and still drops disposable pop trash. obie is in his prime and has to do it for dolo. been through hell gettin this shit out, he deserves my dollars.

    • fjdkal;

      I became a fan of Obie through Em, I think that's what Em wanted to happen when he signed gain fans for Obie because of how they're associated...not sure, though (yes that's sarcasm).

    • BW

      so em fans that bought his first album because em was on it are corn ball fans? thats why i bought it and became an obie fan from that cd. i picked up 2nd round and have been waiting for this one for years. whether em is on it or not makes no difference to me. i totally agree obie is more talented and has more to offer than just about anyone in the shady 2.0 camp.

  • nuc

    dope! looking forward to it,, was really hoping to see royce on there.

  • Donnie

    That cover is awesome! Very classy looking, can't wait for the tracklist and the actual CD :)

  • So Icy Fag

    Nas was the first rapper to have himself as an adolescent on the cover of his album. If you don't believe that please go back to masturbating to The Carter III because real hip hop doesn't need you, yes So Icy Fag I'm talking to you, house nigga...

  • Anonymous

    haha funny YM fans getn angry coz they think Wayne was the first to use the baby picture for a cover lol

  • Hex

    I hope to GOD Black Milk is on this. And, even though I KNOW he won't be on this, I would love to see a Obie Trice/Premier collaboration. Still though, hyped as fuck for this thing. February 28th can't come soon enough.

  • Nas

    "name a rapper I ain't influence"

  • Anonymous

    I'm feelin the cover. LOL! I swear, dudes looks haven't changed...

  • So Icey Boi

    OK, time to come clean - I am a faggot. And not only that, I am a rent boy. I suck cocks for money because no one will give me a job and I'm broke. That's how i met Lil Wayne in the first place. I'm a shame to myself and my family and should probably kill myself. Swag.

  • MJ

    Just admit that the cd cover is lame looking, baby or not. copy or not. Its a shitty cover but probably a good cd. Flame

  • jr88

    people just ignore these trolls!!!!! everyone knows biggie did it first ...they are just wanting to get a rise out of you...they will leave eventually if you pay them no mind

  • Marc

    Cant wait to bump that disc, been way too long........

  • Anonymous

    People slept on Obie's album with Moss on the beats, "Special Reserve" shit was fire, go check that out if you havent

  • Anonymous

    This will probably be just another under-whelming album that collects dust on the shelves at Target. I respect Obie's hustle, but there's not much anticipation with his music.

  • So Icy Boi!

    niggas are mad. dey drop names like Biggie Smalls & Nas. Lil Wayne DID NOT copy dem old niggas. Weezy is original. Tha Carter sold 1,1 milli first week. he outsold dose poppa rappers. 1 milli. nah mean? Obbie copiez Weezy, cuz he thinks he will sell 1 milli.... big fail. 10k first week swag

    • franko

      you be sucking hard on Lil Gayne's cock.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ 5 million sold cause it's a double album

    • dockevoc

      HEY FAGGOT! Life After Death is RIAA Certified DIAMOND. I know you have no idea what that means so I'll tell you - TEN MILLION SOLD. The only thing Wayne has done that's original is get a fucking lip ring like the scrawny homo that he is. Fuck niggas riding skateboards that shit ain't gangsta, homey.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This album is gon be dope. Can't deny that Obie be spittin that real shit each time! One of the most underrated...

  • Anonymous

    Why did Shady Records let him go? Was it because his albums didn't sell?

    • fuckit

      I thought it was Jimmy Iovine being a faggot like he normally is, Trice didn't take a lot of the retarded shit that Jimmy thought he should seriously. That led to disagreements and Obie left.

    • Animus1

      No, he left because all of the stuff going on with the label after proof died shady wasn't putting out any albums until relapse

  • D

    Man, I was thinkin' about Bottoms Up like 3 days ago. So glad to see a release date for it, FINALLY! I'ma be bumpin' it hard once I get my hands on it, just like Cheers and Second Round's On Me. Hope he does a tour and comes to the 757.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* another baby picture. album will prob be good though. ill support the music regardless, but let's be al il more original with the album covers people.

  • Anonymous

    Biggie didn't steal no cover from Nas. smh! Nas was a lil boy on his cover overshadowing his hood in the background. Biggie was a lil baby wit an all white background. how's that stealing? similar yes, but stealing? NO!

    • franko

      It sure ain't Biggie... the baby on the cover was a nobody in "Hip-Hop" and still is (can't remember dudes name 4 real) and no-disrepect to the dude. His parents at the time got about $60 for the pic LOL. Gotta love Obie! He ain't changed much.

    • D

      I'm pretty sure that's not Biggie as a baby on the cover.

  • war22

    man i hope he has some feat with Slaughterhouse,Elzhi,D12,Trick Trick, some Detroit shit in there would kick ass

  • Anonymous

    I never mind jamming to Obie

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis soft ass nigga copies Lil Waynes Tha Carter III album cover. smh. no wonder why Eminem kicked dis talentless nigga out of D12. swag

  • Anonymous

    Obie had his moments, and he has a unique flow, but his albums lacked consistency before. But i'm willing to blame that on Shady if this new album rules.

  • Jack Merridew

    that lil wayne type of cover is ugly as fuck but I'm looking forward obie since second's round on me was dope

  • Holland

    Looking forward to this His two first albums were the shit He had some great songs, keep it coming

  • HIP 101

    checl this out

  • G MON

    Great fuckin news. Ob Trice the Giant. Love this guy. Remember when Cheers came out, and there was still all that beef with Shady records and Benzino \ Ja Rule etc .. that album was so fuckin sick. We All Die one Day is one of best track I've ever heard. That was a great time in hip-hop.

    • tdot1987

      Agreed, We all die one day is so sick. I remember driving around and smoking to that in high school. Good Times

  • Tim Wilkens

    Obies the shit...

  • ItsTheTruth

    Why doesnt HHDX have the release date listed? On Wikipedia, it says 'October 25th'. I hope that's legit

  • ItsTheTruth

    Very rarely do I see exciting news on this site, but this ish right here...this what im talkin bout. Glad to see no hate comments on obie trice articles, dude gets mad respect. Lyrical, underrated and slept on. Unfortunately we all know this bottoms up project aint gonna move that many units but the music gonna be dope!

  • anonymous

    too bad it won't be the We All Die One Day eminem


      Couldn't hav said it better homie ^^ that's just em's new style. You like his old shit get his old albums but I.m.o though his flow aint as good as it was he's stepped up on lyricism and punchlnes which make up for it

    • Anonymous

      blah blah blah *Typical Online Hater* "Wah, Eminem doesnt make the same songs he did 8 years ago, wah wah wah" Of course if he did the same person would say "Wah, Eminem still sounds the same as he did in 2003, why listen to this, I already heard We all die someday, get a new style nigga, shits played out, wah wah wah" Every rapper in the world should just retire after there first album Niggas already crying because they say Drake needs to go back to his old style What old style, kids been around for 2 fuckin years, lol "Man, this Headlines shit aint nuthin, nigga needs to get back on his So Far Gone shit" Internet Rap fan = Only happy when he's got summin to cry about, dont give him anything and he'll manufacture it himself

  • Leo Tavarez

    O. Trice! Real name no gimmiks!

  • King (real one)

    I'm with you Obie!!!!

  • Chi-Town/H-Town Connec

    I hope to hear more of that hunger he had on "CHEERS" LP OT is my fav to ever come out of the shady camp. Can't wait to hear "Bottoms Up" Lets get it!!!

  • J

    Been waiting on this for years. I was wondering what happened to this dude

    • jesterxxl

      None of you checked Special Reverse that's a fuckin fail for you guys

    • DrDreBeats

      Dude Obie got shot years ago, it has nothing to do with his album being delayed. He had his album ready but I guess he kept changing his mind on certain things and recorded new stuff so it kept getting pushed back. Im looking forward to this album cause Obie is actually a dope rapper with or without Eminem

    • Overd0s

      Second Rounds On Me was post the shooting, Obie Trice made a song called "They wanna kill me" 24 hours after the shooting. On Cry Now's music video it shows the x rays of the shooting too. So he hasn't been off the map b/c of that. He's been trying to get his own label up, signing artists and honestly most of his new stuff is either reworked unreleased tracks or some kind of wack un-obie trice type music, but i hope this new album will be a back to the old for him. Cheers and Second Round's On Me are two of my favorite Shady Albums

    • Anonymous

      are you serious??? dude got shot in the head.. hes just now getting back to be 100%... no bullshit, google obie trice shot in the head... he is lucky as hell to have made it alive.. methinks this album will have some deep introspective shit, and some strait up fire spittin songs like the obie of old.. im expecting big things from the big home obie one kenobi..

  • 7Cities

    * Let's get it O. Trice (real name no gimmicks!) * "Cheers" was cool..."Second Round's On Me" was CRAZY HOT!..."Second Round's On Me" is like Royce's "Death Is Certain", DARK and full of anger! (Obie just recovered from getting shot, Royce was beefing with Em/D12) * Hopefully his album has collabs with artists from the D: Elzhi, Royce, Trick Trick

  • Lincoln Baker

    I always liked Obie. Wasn't too happy when I heard he got dropped out of Shady/Aftermath. I always wanted to see some kind of a group album from Obie, Young Buck, and Game. All of them were one time BIG artists on Shady/Aftermath, who for one reason or another got dropped. Always thought it would be BAD ASS to get an album with just them three dropping verses.

  • nixnox

    really looking forward to this...

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