Lil Wayne Praises Tech N9ne At Kansas City Show, Recalls Rikers Island Visit

UPDATE: Strange Music provided DX with an exclusive photo from last night's barbeque, where the Strange staff hosts Cash Money/Young Money at their Missouri compound for a cook-out.

During his nine-month sentence at Rikers Island for weapons possession, a number of members from the Hip Hop community visited Lil Wayne including Diddy, Trae and Fat Joe. But during a performance of his “I Am Still Music” tour in Kansas City, Missouri, Wayne took a moment to thank one fellow emcee in particular.

“Visiting me in there was kind of difficult for anyone to do, because I was considered a high-profile inmate,” Wayne explained to a crowd of about 8,000. “So you had to go through a whole bunch of shit just to come visit me. When anybody would come to visit me, I would be over-excited and over-elated because I know they had to go through so much just to come and see me for an hour or two. But there was one brother that came to see me, and his name is Tech N9ne. Ever since that day, we kind of formed an alliance…but it’s a little stronger. It’s kind of like a brotherhood you know?”

According to Tech N9ne, he actually visited Rikers twice due to a miscommunication that caused him to arrive on the wrong day. Members from Wayne’s camp said the Grammy-winning emcee didn’t believe Tech would show up for the visit, which later provided some inspiration for the Tech N9ne song, “The Boogeyman.” But the two emcees did eventually meet, and Tech shared Wayne’s sentiments that the bond proved to be mutually beneficial both in and outside of the booth.

“I think it had a lot to do with Wayne saying my name, dog,” Tech N9ne told HipHopDX, when asked about his newfound popularity with younger crowds. “It made people who wouldn’t normally pay attention to me start paying attention. And I thank him for that.”

UPDATE: A photograph of Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne, taken just hours ago by Strange Music's Bob McDowell was provided to HipHopDX. The event was a Strange Music barbeque at the label's Missouri offices. Guests reportedly included Lil Wayne, and Cash Money Records' founders Birdman and Slim.

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  • Daniel Angel Gomez

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  • hiphophead

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  • Clown Pussy

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  • Insane Clown Pussy

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    weezy needs tech9 fans now, this nigga is cooked like the bbq he was just at! i dont care how much c4 sells, nigga fell off.period

  • ml

    Looks like Strange and Cash Money are friends now, barbeque sealed the deal.

  • jjay

    Tech always wearing red, is he a blood?

  • Anonymous

    l believe Charlie Sheen did more for u Tech. Just saying I don't think lil wayne can be a Technician.

  • Anonymous

    @obamalover fuck u! tech aint a devil worshper u dick!

  • ehj

    fuck that, WHERE THE FUCK IS "I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE"???????

    • UGK4Life

      Man "I Cant Feel My Face" is stuck in the hell that is Lil Wayne's "I'll make a collab album wit u if you a hot rapper or my 2nd paps". Put That shit where it belongs with T-Wayne, Like Father Like Son 2, and the Hot Boys Reuion (seriously folks, Some may still want it but IT AINT HAPPANIN!). And I aint a Drake fan but he's dumbass successful rightnow, so that album WILL HAPPEN. word

  • Anonymous

    Tech is ill man for real he deserves that extra attention, I still wanna hear that collab em promised tech a while back though.

    • Anonymous

      Em and Tech are already on a song from way back called "the anthem" by sway and tech. Check it out if you havn't cause it's dope as fuck.

    • Cody Prometheus Ross

      I think they need to do a whole EP together...those two together would produce the best Ep/Mixtape drop to come out in a long fucking time

  • obamalover

    Satanists stick together!

    • BooHoo

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    • Anonymous

      i agree wit cody tech aint a satanist

    • obamalover

      CODY- although I don't agree with your views I respect the fact you atleast put your picture up and your self out there.. I think Tech is a damn good rapper... def not anywhere close to GOAT but hes good and has the right to worship whatever he wishes. Some of what you speak is truth, but the bible speaks of false prophets and great deceivers... only GOD knows whats in techs heart... DIZZLE- um do some more research and get a bigger vocab than you wont have to curse in your arguments!! DUKE- I dont listen to Tech... watch his actions BOOHOO- you dont like Obama? you dont like gays? Get of this site with your hatred! We are here to have good educated discussions, not spread negative energy! Get yourself some love in your life...

    • Cody Prometheus Ross

      @Obama lover...Bro you need to get your shit strait...MITCH BADE=BITCH MADE...Weezy may be part of Illuminati or whatever the fuck those people are I can see how you could see that cuz I tripped on that shit for a while but you will move past it. As for Tech though come on man...If you listened to the album K.O.D. I bet you'd run for cover and pray every second of your life. It's a part of life people turn from the light and enter darkness so they can fight their way out of it and become one with the light again. Listen to the song Mama Nem where Tech blatantly states in his lyrics that He was doubting God until he prayed for his mother to get better and then it happened. Everyone doubts God at one point in their life and Tech has been there and done that, that doesn't make him evil...that makes him human. Believe me you will trip on that Illuminati bullshit for a while but if you read the bible and were Religious like you seem to be you would know that the world will not enter the 7 year tribulation until the Anti-Christ rises from Europe...Although these group of Rich People may scare a lot of people because they flash satans symbol and are said to be satanists thats their life and not yours. That doesn't make us evil for listening to them. Satan will rise when the biblical portion of the rise of the anti-christ plays out so stop trippin and listen to the greatest rapper of all time...ALUCARD EVERLASTING

    • BooHoo

      first of all, with a name like obama lover, you have to be a fag. Second of all, tech ain't no devil worshipper and never has been, and hes said that in many songs and interviews. Thirdly, wayne aint no devil worshipper either, hes a baby (his boyfriend) worshipper. Lastly, the dude obviously wrote MITCH BADE on purpose cause thats what you are!

    • Duke

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    • dizzle

      Listen to Devil Boy (or any of another dozen songs where he addresses such accusations)... ...then? Fuck off.

    • obamalover

      I noticed you didn't deny Lil Wayne is a SATANIST! Umm maybe work on your spelling/grammar before you try to attack someone....LOL usually dont respond to ignorance, but I'll make an exception for you... Tech N9ne is a blatant devil worshipper.. he throws horns, worships demons, and is possessed... IF your a real fan like you claim to be than you'd notice his lyrics such as "Everything was suppose to be all Jesus But it seems like everything is all Satan" ... its ok bro... he's still a good rapper.. he just worships the devil and sold his soul... and one more thing since you might be learning... in the eyes of a luciferian GOD=Gold Oil Drugs!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cody Prometheus Ross

      How the fuck you gonna call Tech N9ne a satanist? Have you not listened to anything he's done or the Thanks he gives God for his success...stupidity at its finest...MITCH BADE HATER

  • djGbeatz

    expect sold out arenas like weezy for Tech in the future

  • DJB

    Out of all the mainstream acts out there, I'm glad its Lil Wayne Tech hooked up with. Tech deserves whats coming to him in the future.

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