Mobb Deep Promises New Album Before Next Year

P tells Bootleg Kev that he and Havoc will their next project in stores before year's end.

Bootleg Kev recently caught up with Prodigy of Mobb Deep backstage at the Las Vegas leg of the Rock the Bells. During the interview, P revealed that he and Havoc would be coming with the M-O-B-B's latest offering sometime before the end of the year.

Although Prodigy kept details on the project under wraps, he did indicate that the album will be ready for release before next year, with a lead single coming soon. He also added that Havoc and frequent collaborator the Alchemist will be two of the featured producers.

"We'll be dropping the single for the [new] album soon," he said. "That's the only thing we're focusing on right now, the Mobb Deep'll be [out] before the new year. We ain't letting nothing out the bag [with features] - just know, it's that hard shit...[it'll be] Al[chemist], Havoc, the home team, you know? Mobb Deep, you know how we always do it."

Earlier this summer, Prodigy revealed that the Infamous Mobb had joined Rick Ross in the studio to record a track, possibly for their next album. Havoc also revealed that he and P are looking to record a full LP with Nas.

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Nico 3

    Whenever somebody promises to drop an album before year's end that usually means the middle of the following.


    I hoping to hear that old gritty grimey dark street alley hip hop when its Mobb Deep. Fuck the sells , I dont wanna hear a Wiz Khalifa hook on a Mobb song...that will be a shock LOL

  • advanced

    Waka Flaka is featured as well as French Montana and Ross.

  • Anonymous

    better not be no gay ass collabs like waka floka fuka n shit! this album better be hard with a capital muthafukin H!!!

  • Anonymous

    please retire you fake wannabe gangsters. because you were arrested for possession of a gun or weed that doesnt make you a gangster. you are both 40 years old? go raise your children and enjoy your money.

  • Wolfman

    P's flow is mediocre now... That speaks volumes about his place in hip-hop cause he's still in the mix with the best of them. Shit, he admits it too... Unless he takes some Memory Flex or steroids to stimulate the brain cells, we'll never see anything lyrically measurable to Infamous or Hell on Earth. That'll have to be the last Gem they Dropped on Em..

  • Jonathan J-Ronin Marvin

    i got two words to say ! Beat Butcha!! get ready for the heat!!! shout out to the MOBB

  • Anonymous

    People waiting for Mobb Deep to drop another Hell On Earth or Murda Muzik are unrealistic But, I'd still rather listen to albums like "Return Of The Mac" then the faggot shit out there now Mobb Deep At Half Strength >>>> The Faggot music these 90's babies are making

  • Dimsum

    I'mma go first y'all...Ahem...Looking forward to it...Murda Muzik was their last valiant effort, everything after was eh...The free agents mixtape was heat though...I want that good old Mobb music...

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