Flesh-N-Bone To Release First Solo Album In 11 Years, DJ U-Neek Producing

The fifth dog is loose again, and teaming up with BTNH's most famous producer for a September 13 release.

Cleveland, Ohio emcee Flesh-N-Bone will release his first album in 11 years next month, when he delivers Blaze of Glory. The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member, who spent much of his 18-year career incarcerated, will partner with RBC Records and his Flesh-N-Bone Global imprint.

The September 13 release will feature production from legendary BTNH producer DJ U-Neek, as well as Thin C.

Flesh's last album was 2000's 5th Dog Let Loose, released on Mo Thugs/Koch Records. It featured Kurupt and B.G. Knocc Out.


  • Luther

    Big Flesh bout to smash em!

  • Doug Nichols

    Can you really consider it an "18 year career" when you say in the same sentence that he spent "most of it incarcerated?"

  • Anonymous

    I'm really looking forward to this album. I always thought Flesh-N-Bone was ahead of his time when he dropped hs first solo as well his imput on BTNH's classic releases in the 90's up to Resurrection in 2000. Hopefully DJ U-Neek will play a significant role in the production of the album. I also hope the current and former members of BTNH make guest appearances (albeit not all on the same track).

    • jace

      Well you already know that Krayzie wont be on it, especially since Flesh was talkin out the side of his mouth when Krayzie left the group. Unless it was a promotional stunt...which it probably is.

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