Rapper K'Naan Visits Somalia At The Height Of Its Devastating Famine

K'Naan pays a visit to Mogadishu during famine, meets with malnourished children at a local hospital.

At the height of a deadly famine, Somali-born rapper K’Naan took time off to visit his native country which has been ravaged by a famine brought on by drought and the inability for aid to reach those most devastated because of militant groups.

Forbes.com reports that the rapper, who now resides in Canada, visited Mogadishu and the city’s Banadir Hospital on Sunday (August 21).

"I came to Somalia to see the situation here and give any donation I have to the people and anything else available," said the rapper, according to Forbes.com. "I will do all I can to help my people in Somalia."

K’Naan’s visit over the weekend marks his first visit to Somalia in over two decades.

A report by MSNBC on August 5, 2011 states that 29,000 children under the age of five have died as a result of the famine.

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  • Queen Arawelo

    Not just an arts but also a great hero brother K-naan. This is the kind of braveness we need, to step forward and take your part in helping Somali people and restoring Somalia's our beloved Punt, it's sad to see one of oldest nation go down, but we won't lose hope as long as good hearted people are around. Please help Somalia. Thnkz, Queen Arawelo

  • Anonymous


  • Morocco

    a man with a big heart.i love his music,its so poetic.he is a great person! Love for Somalia!

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