Producer Memphitz Confirms Arrest, Releases Statement

UPDATE: The Jive Records exec-turned-reality TV cast member is no longer in custody, acknowledges negligence.

Onetime Battery/Jive Records VP of A&R and music producer Memphitz (a/k/a Mickey Wright) has been arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, according to The hit-maker and executive reportedly had a pistol in his bag at Hatfield-Jackson International Airport.

While at Sony, Memphitz worked with artists including Huey, J-Kwon and T-Pain. He founded Hitz Committee, which has a roster including K. Michelle and The Pop Off Boyz' Mr. CG.

The husband of Lil Wayne's former romantic partner Toya Carter, Memphitz is prominently featured in the BET reality series, Toya: A Family Affair.

(August 22)

UPDATE: Today, spokespeople for Memphitz confirmed the arrest reports. He released a statement, including the following: "Although [Memphitz] does have a valid license to carry the weapon, he had no intention of transporting it on the plane. In his haste to make his flight, he neglected to remove the firearm from his luggage. He has since been released and is fully cooperating with the authorities. He hopes to resolve this matter quickly."


  • Caz

    At least he was legally carrying and not doing it illegally like a lot of dumb mothafuckas out there.

  • westside

    Allen Jacobs, you have to know what you're writing about. A chopper is an assault rifle, not a pistol. I hope you guys do proper research, hip hop especially, when writing an article or reviewing music. This shows otherwise.

  • mkmk

    a chopper is a assault rifle bruh

  • Luke

    bringing a gun with you in your luggage is not illegal. you can bring your firearm with you in 36 out of the 50 states. He's either a convicted felon or he didn't properly have it locked in an "approved" carrying case for firearms.

    • Anonymous

      your a fuckin idiot.. obviously he wasnt a felon or he would still be locked up.. you act like your smart correcting peopele but dont use common sense your damn self.. go back to suckin your moms dick while I FUCK YOU IN THE ASS FAGGOT!!! COME HERE BITCH, DADDY"S GONNA MAKE THAT ASSHOLE BLEED AGAIN!!!!!


    I use to work wit dudes that were close to Memphitz. They aint nothin dawg, they all play and don't show no stretch, they all fake as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    a pistol is not a chopper

  • Anonymous

    He was going to kill lil wayne for hitting toya before he did!

  • sfs

    First off he's a producer, not a rapper you numbnuts! Some of y'all can't read. Second, thanks a lot Memphitz, for proving when keeping it real goes wrong. Tomorrow on "Rapper caught with gun at airport."

    • Anonyous

      bitch, hell yea it could happen to anyone. how you know it wasn't a last minute fdecision thng? you the exact ig'nant idiot I was talking about, coming off like you kew exactly what poped off that day. Go suck a horse's dick!

    • Anonymous

      this shit could happen to anyone?? are you a fuckion idiot??? your telling me that leaving your pistol in your gym bag, knowing full well your headed to the airport could happen to anyone?? i guess YOU SUCKING MY DICK WHILE YOUR MOM FUCKS YOU WITH THE STRAP-ON TIL YOU BLEED could happen to anyone too?

    • Anonymous

      oh so if they say Politician caught with a gun at airport it's ok? that's an ig'nant statement. This shit could happen to anyone.

  • poetic assasin

    Either these artists just pick up random bags and throw some clothes in it, or they think they have super powers and can beat the metal detectors...

  • Anonymous

    how many rappers is this that got caught bringing a pistol into the airport?? how stupid are these clowns??

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is a case of him forgetting his piece was in his bag. Like I said I hope

    • Anonymous

      Big Dan, how the hell does that apply to this? Memphitz is one man, you can't just make a collective term outta this. You should include yourself with those 'ignoramuses' cos just because you're selfrighteous doesn't mean you're not ig'nant. smdh

    • Big Dan

      I hope so too, but how about this. These ignoramuses talk about guns like if they didn't have a gun, folks would be running up on them all day trying to kill them, so that being the case, unless you have 50 pieces, you can't be forgetting where you have it. That means you weren't packing it last night. Can rappers, producers, whatever stop with all this gun nonsense.

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