Lil Wayne To Release "Tha Carter IV" To Digital At Midnight Following MTV VMAs

Weezy hopes that his performance will inspire viewers to cop his album shortly after he exits the stage.

Following his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday (August 28th), Lil Wayne plans to make his oft-delayed new album Tha Carter IV available at digital retailers at midnight.

According to, the Young Money chief hopes that his performance will inspire fans to purchase the album in stores like iTunes and before it hits physical retailers on August 29th. “I am extremely excited to be the first artist to utilize such an amazing idea. I hope that I can open the door for others," said Wayne in a statement.

Jay-Z and Kanye West took a similar approach with their chart-topping album Watch the Throne, which was released to digital on the Monday before its Friday physical release. The strategy helped prevent leaks and helped them break the iTunes record for most digital first-week sales.

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  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is fuckin garbage, he doesnt makes no fuckin sense when he "spits" he was decent back when gilli wrote for him but now hes a fuckin popstar fakin like he plays instruments it was said hip hop is dead then nas fell off now we got lil wayne instead if you like real hip hop caheck out my shit

  • Porlimper

    I think 500-600k 1st week is a fair estimate, as for the quality of it....god knows.

  • thought dog

    How long has this dude been smoking that same joint for now?

  • Anonymous

    Let me put you cats on game, YOU DON'T want to be so hot you flame out early like 50 Cent did. You want to be consistent and maintain your fan base. Wayne is in a good spot right now but he too could run the risk of over exposure if he doesn't pace himself like Jay Z.

  • Anonymous

    wayne will do good numbers but hes not as hot as he was when C3 came out and now hes got other people in the game who are better than him coming..drake, jcole, wale just to name a few

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    "Rebirth" was a rock album with no crossover single and "IANAHB" was an album released while he was in jail, with minor promotion. Carter IV has 3 crossover singles 67, How To Love, & She Will. Wayne's been out to perform on shows and stuff this time. He was featured on I'm On One & Look At Me Now, 2 of the biggest rap hits this year. His buzz is in a good place right now. It's safe to say he ain't doing a milli again this time, but Imma guess abt 400k give or take 100k/200k

  • Vencire Damones

    Tactic isn't garbage IMHO, the sales should be good as for the actual material's quality??? lol

  • tellmeY

    Lame why can't you just release without all these false hype strategies ...... Cuz u no u ain't got that c3 street heat. Damnnnnn homie


    He's good for a good amount of units to be sold his 1st week and if you luv good music.stop here

  • sun_god7

    Wayne could break that first week record set by WTT for hiphop albums in 2011. I wonder what Eminem would do with the same strategy? These new sales tactics can help blow the whole thing open and Black artist can get the money they truly deserve.

  • Jack

    Rebirth sold 176k in the first week and you guys think he will sale 700k and more?lol

  • Lenny

    Lil Wayne can probably sell another million in the first week.... If he aske Universal to buy another 500,000 copies like how they did for the The Carter 3.

  • Anonymous

    700 in his first week is not asking a lot. he has the pulse of young america 14-17 they are the ones thats buying the bulk of this junk. he can get 450,000 off those clowns alone. then the rest will probably come from 17 and up he do some good numbers with them too but probably not as much with the teenage crowd. not only do they listen to his music for content but they listen to him to copy off of him. they copy their dress and style from lil wayne ( skinny jeans, lip rings, skateboard clothing e.t.c ). not jay z or kanye for the most part they copy from lil wayne. hell they need this album just to keep themself going and find new things to copy off.

    • Anonymous

      he made it as popular as it is today. sure kids were wearing faggot jeans before for wayne but not as many. if they didn't see him with the lip rings and skateboarder clothes i know a lot of blacks would of been scared to wear that. and a lot of whites that are just in hip hop are following him too. he helps to set the tends for teenagers him being a rapper as affect kids style of dress. haha they are nothing but weak followers most of them what to look and dress like lil wayne.

    • Anonymous

      or snoop invented dickie suits

    • Anonymous

      that's like saying wiz khalifa invented converse....da fuck?

    • Anonymous

      you do know lil wayne didnt create skinny jeans, lip rings and skateboarding right?

  • RealHipHopKy

    There are only like 6 Artists in Hip Hop that can Sell a Million Records, Of Course theres Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Then Lil Wayne, who can also do Eminem type Sales Numbers. So No Matter if you Like these Artists are not, They Will Do Numbers! Real Spit!lol

  • lmao

    you niggas are undersestimating the potential sales by A LOT. he can do a 950k - 1m easily. This niggas shows are packed wall to wall full of white people.

  • Anonymous

    that is good marketing ... I will give him credit for that, I know he didn't think of this himself though.

  • Anonymous

    I think he's referring to the fact that his album is dropping right after a highly televised and viewed performance.. not necessarily that he's the first to release a digital album before its physical release, in which jay-z and kanye are definitely not the first to do either....

  • MIGS

    He is not the first artist to utilize this method, I wonder when her was quoted saying this. WTT was released before wayne's album. Other than 2 singles I am not really excited about this album.

  • anon

    “I am extremely excited to be the first artist to utilize such an amazing idea. I hope that I can open the door for others" HAH! their entire label has to hop off of g.o.o.d. music's dick.

  • Mook

    I know Jay and Ye broke the itunes record but I think wayne gonna break that and he definitely doing 700k+ first week...without a doubt... his team dumb for not releasing a vid to how to love yet...and i dont even like that song im just saying take care still will be the best album of 2011

    • sean

      wayne will never c 300k sales EVER again,mock my words.take care?dude soft and if you like him you soft as well.start over

    • Anonymous

      you little fool you...700 first week ?...what are u smoking and can i get some, cause you gotta be smoking that killa shit to be thinking like that



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