Producer Mars Says Game's Next Album Will Have No Features Or Name-Drops

The 1500 or Nothin' member explains that the two are hard at work on Game's last album for Interscope Records.

This past weekend, Game announced that he was already working on the follow-up to The R.E.D. Album, due in stores tomorrow (August 23rd), with 1500 or Nothin' producer Mars. According to the beatsmith, the Compton, California native is taking a different approach with his fifth and final album for Interscope Records, explaining that the LP will be devoid of guest features and name-dropping in Game's rhymes.

"Me and Game was in the studio yesterday," Mars told MTV's Mixtape Daily. "We did two songs. That's coming along crazy. We're going to have no features: It's just him rapping. No name dropping, no little things people say is cliché about Game. It's just putting on the boxing gloves and going for what we know."

Mars, known for his previous production work with T.I. and Nelly, also serves as executive producer on R.E.D., an honor that he didn't see coming. He says that he was given the title because of "[Game] seeing that it wasn't about trying to get however many songs or just going up there and sending beats and just leave like other producers would. I just wanted to be there every day to make sure there's input," he continued. "Even if it was songs I didn't produce, I made sure I was vocal about it. He respected different things I would suggest."

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  • Its Um

    I not believe artists who been having features since their 1st debut and under a major label. The other thing about game not name droping for the next album is very unbelievable and also didn't was suppose to be behind this red album?

  • thenewme93

    People hate Games dumb ass disses cuz hes always dissing and changing his mind . You game stans are delusional . Plus he always sounds liek the nigga hes doin a track with . Like sheesh bring your own identity to the table .

  • Anonymous

    lol....bws fa life nigga

  • Anonymous

    Game doesn't need to stop the name-drops. He is sick with them. In fact, stopping that is like giving away some of his style. Personally, I don't care that he name drops because he raps sick lines anyway.

  • Andre Cooper

    And so what.....He had a decent album he can name drop if he wants to he has earned that right

  • Anonymous

    lol yea right!! joke of the year...da fuck

  • jnr

    Ha! Finally Game gona shut up all the haters on his last album and prove to them that he can actually spit without features nor namedropping! But you know haters will always find something else about Game to hate on...

  • Grandma Hugginkiss

    Game looks like he eats frownie brownies all day long...Cheer up Game! You're rich!

  • truth

    The Game will never diss Elzhi or Black Thought them type niggaz will murder him and he knows it thats why he hit Ras Kass over the head with a bottle cause LYRICALLY dude aint' got it(getting mad over a verse hell sit down and write you a comeback verse dummy) sorry its the truth and yall know it or at least real niggaz know it.

    • jnr

      @truth, nigga get your fuckin facts right before you type away on your mamma's computer, fool. Rass Kass aint no gangsta enough for Game to hit him with a bottle, just one punch dropped that fool like a potatoe. Go ask Rass how he felt after that punch. Idiot!

    • Anonymous

      Game hit that dude Ras Kass with one punch even the bouncer who is actually Ras Kass's friend said he got knocked out with one punch pussy get your facts straight.

  • Yukong

    never have i seen a rapper with 2 classic albums back to back catch so much hate. game woulda killed shit in the early 90's before every faggot on the internet had an opinion on rappers. listen to the music. i hope game goes back to that doctors advocate, straight west shit. one of the best rappers out. been one of the best. game can give you the detox you're lookin for. doctors advocate is the best album from the west since 2001. lax had everything and so does red. these young boys don't even know how to bang on wax, game drops the blueprint everytime. hope we don't gotta wait too long for the next album.

    • jnr

      You can say that again Yukong. It's ridiculous how people hate this nigga so much just because he takes shots at their favourite rappers, we should be appreciating him because at least he speaks his mind and that's hiphop. You are so right about Game will be regarded as a legend in the 90s, he is way ahead of these fools in the industry. No wonder legends in the rap game co-sign him. I don't think niggas like Ghostface,Rae,Redman,Nas,Big daddy kane,KRS etc will cosign him if they didn't respect him. He must be doing something right in the rap game for these legends to salute him.

    • Anonymous

      he dont write shit classic my ass

    • Anonymous

      Guess what...It's not the 90's and his album didn't come out in the 90's.

  • optimus rhyme

    lol @ no name drops. that's something from Game i'd pay to hear.

  • Mike C

    I dont care if he names drops but dont too much of it I'm glad he isnt going to on his last album also for his last album for interscope atleast get a dr.dre beat, eminem beat and some other people that know how to make beats and that are vets in this game I mean come on.

  • LiquidcokeOGkush

    He better put that shit out fast cuz no way he can tour off the R.E.D. mixtape I mean album

  • lol

    lets see what other reason u pussy gonna find to hate on him

  • Anonymous

    Game said he would never in his life diss Eminem. Game being the bipolar motherfucker he is Gonna drop a diss track when he heads over to young money, first track he releases gonna be a diss track targeting Em.

  • Obi Patrick

    I still want Game to namedrop and really let it be known how soft these rappers are, I really don't have a problem with it...

  • Anonymous

    Lol no name dropping or features. I'll believe it when I see it. Not that either's a bad thing. He makes solid albums so I can't complain. But it'll be a surprise when that happens.

    • set_trip

      I feel you on this. When homeboy name-drops, he is giving a head nod to other rappers. Sometimes when he drops a name on some OG cat, I go back to the archives and listen to that dude's joints. Keeping that hip-hop alive, nothing like the arm-crossing homos here. haah..

  • SpikeSpiegel

    I don't give a shit about the name-dropping at all. I dunno why it bugs people so much. As long as he makes good music like he's been doin, i'm good. Mars is a dope producer so i like the idea of this combo.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    No features or name dropping.... I can understand not having features it's not that difficult to say naw I'm gonna go at this one solo and do it, but the no name dropping thing I dunno?!.. I like Games ish and I bump it, but he name drops like a mofo.. I'll believe it when I see it.. It'll be a good route to go though.

  • No

    No name droppin??G wtf how he going to address niggaz

    • Haha

      I love it when he namedrops to address these fools in the industry... Personally i think he should continue with that trend and namedrop any fool in the industry then watch the haters go mad at Game for putting their favourite rapper/rappers on blast. Hahahaha

  • truthenola

    Watch the throne.

  • Leo Tavarez

    Of coursssee he is doing a follow up to the RED Album, he knows its going double plastic, he knows he is hip hop verbal blowjob master, he knows if he doesnt do what the article is alleging then the game will be a thing of the mid-2000's......ughh with eazy-e tattoo's on his chest!...lmao

    • Fuck Leo indeed

      These fools commenting with their pics on facebook are so dumb, knowing very well that if you say anything that doesn't make sense then you will surely get clowned on, i mean c'mon it's not that hard to figure that one out. Note of caution Leo, next time you wana comment with your pic on, make sure you say something sensible for us to appreciate it instead of typing away like you are in a hurry to go do "number 2" LMAO. IDIOT!

    • Anonymous

      These lames that are posting comments with their facebook pics HAVE to know that they are gonna get clowned.

    • BWS

      this leo dude looks like a faggot forreal.

    • jus sayin

      Game musta smashed this homos lady or somethin... If u say Game has nothing but trash music u jus expose urself for the stan u are. GTFO outta here, are u 50's illegitimate kid from some Tijajuana trip?? Dude obviously has talent and that shit can't be debated. The name droppin doesn't bother me one bit but I like the idea of him challenging himself outside of his comfort zone. RED is dope so he has 4 solid albums with Documentary being classic level. RED best album I heard all year long and if it wasn't for the mario joint/speakers on blast and the Lloyd track this would be classic imo 2. He was jus a couple more bangin tracks away...

    • 905

      Lol twat is right.

    • FuckLeo

      Eat a dick hater, you're a real life blowjob master you mark. He's obligated under his contract to release another album you fucking TWAT!!!

  • smfh

    If it even comes out look at The R.E.D Album -_____- how long did it take for homeboy to get a release date? should be dope anyways

  • dopeman

    if this really is true.. then it will be his best album

  • dfx

    Game's a great MC but every rapper name drops and has features, i kno Game can pull it off tho

  • Anonymous

    So it will just be an instrumental album?

  • hahahahahaahwhattt

    I read the title and said this to myself "Producer Mars Says Game's Next Album Will Be Only Instrumentals and Game Saying '64', 'Impala', 'Blood', and 'Compton' sporadically"

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