Suge Knight Sentenced To Three Years Probation, Calls Out Diddy

A 16-plus year beef is back on again, as Suge Knight uses a press opportunity to criticize Diddy for doing Tupac Shakur wrong.

Death Row Records co-founder and onetime CEO Marion "Suge" Knight has been sentenced to three years of probation. The sentence comes from a February incident where the Compton, California native was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Knight pleaded no-contest to the charges.

Confirming the sentence with, Suge used the incident to criticize longtime rival Sean "Diddy" Combs, founder and CEO of Bad Boy Records. "A lot of these dudes say they love [Tupac Shakur], but at the same time they be doing shit like 'Bucky,' I mean Puffy, whatever it is," Knight began, referring to Diddy's former name. Suge continued, "Once now all of the truth comes out on all the people who did 'Pac wrong, we still gotta be back on that mission."

The pair has had a beef for over 15 years. At the 1995 Source Awards, Knight famously took shots at his east coast rival, by accusing Diddy of upstaging his artists through appearances in music videos and songs.

Suge Knight is reportedly working on film. In the 1990s, Knight produced Murder Was The Case, a 1994 short film, co-directed by Dr. Dre. While imprisoned, Knight also executive produced Death Row Uncut: Too Gangsta For TV, a Death Row Records video collection that also featured disses against former label artists, controversially revealing their home addresses.


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    What os he saying?

  • East

    lol @ that fat bitch suge tryna get some attention. Shut your fuckin mouth boy!

  • Controverse

    That TMZ video was in bad taste.

  • @Deknowz

    At the end of the day, Suge has always been right about Puffy. He has made a career off of upstaging his own artists or driving talent into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    dagg man why this nigga alway calling out diddy name man, that not the way to ask for a million dollars bro, we all know you are broke and need some money but you going about it the wrong way, puppy aint thinking about you man, 20 year later, come on let it go

    • Anonymous

      First off kid...learn how to to type like you have some fuckin sound like a dumb-ass trying to push your point across...

    • Anonymous

      shuge got pac killed believed dat i seen a documentary da fake ass nigga doin a interview talkin bout he had got hit in da head nd all kind of whoopty whoo but truly 2pac was leavin deathrow nd shuge smooth booty ass knew he wasnt goin to make money without pac..oh yeah i pray if boosie get out he dnt go sign to deathrow major fukk up shuge knight aint to b trusted

  • DL Dub

    How does he manage to stay out of jail? I know he broke the 3 strikes rule a long time ago, probably back in the 80s but definitely the 90s. So how does he keep gettin out of shit?

  • Big Dan

    Suge, this race ended a long time ago. Puffy is one of the richest man in America today, still on top and you are now a clown that's getting knocked out by nobodies and you still tangled up in the legal system like some punk thug, then again, that is what you are. While you were ontop and you had d&#$ riders, pretending not to know Puffy's name would have gotten you laughs, now its just sad. Stop it. Three years probation? That means you'll soon be back in jail over some dumb eesh. As far as those who did Tupac wrong, you serious with that? There is no statue of limitations on murder b and karma will come around and get you.

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Some people really believe that Music-Videos are the reality. Nobody learnt shit from the passing of these two black men. Wear the T-Shirts and go fuck yourself.

  • King of Kingz

    You guys are some DUMB muthafuckaz. Everytime this topic comes up about Who killed Pac and Big, the same DUMB idiots come up with the same theories. IF y'all really wanna know who kileld both Pac and Big, do your research. The information is on the next, in certain documentaries. Suge knows who killed Pac. Suge also knows who killed Big. The LAPD knows who killed both PAc and BIg also. Shiiiit the FBI knows who killed them, im sure the governtment knows also. Another things - Suge and Pac were not friends, their relationship was a fornt for the media. Pac just got released outta prison, he would have done 4 years had suge not bailed him out. Pac "owed" suge bigtime, and with all the Gang shit Suge was really involved in, What was Pac gonna do? Nigga 25 years old, first time behind bars, accused of RAPE. Along comes suge....waving his 1,5m bail, freedom, record contract etc etc. Interscope left him, they wasn't fucking around with Pac' and artists like that! Suge took advantage of Pac' Big time, and when Pac was Fedup, he threatend to bounce with shit loads of demos, recordings and material, worth Millions. It aint no secret taht Pac was owed over 10m at the time of his death, by Death Row. Yet nigga died with less than 100G's in his bank. You tell me who been punkin' who? As for Big, well, that again is also obvious. Whether puffy knows fo'real or not, only he knows, but LAPD KNOW about BIG, FBI know about him....shiiit FBI was THERE, THAT NIGHT!! TAking Fotos...those fotos are online...surveillance fotos. Now that could jsut be a coincidence, but shit...ur tha FBI nigga, if you folowing somebody, and he gets shot on your watch...suddenly you don't know anything??suddenly you werent there??? The guy implicated in the mugshot of BIgs Kilelr matches an LAPD cop, who worked for DeathRow security while off duty.....You tell me who is punkin who??!?!?!?!? AS for Puffy....his conscience knows....and there are ppl who are still ALIVE, still in the industry who really KNOWS wassup. ALL those ppl will be judged by GOd and get they Karma when they pass, coz 2 mother's lost their sons. And all those ppl who were supposedly "close" to both Pac and Big hang around both their moms like bad smells. They gotta be ashamed of themselves!!! Thats the problem with this bullshit in America's gang culture. You talk shit and think its cool to be "gangsta" - two of the biggest rappers of all time, SHOT, cold blooded, like animals, nobody knows nothing, coz don't nobody wanna be a "snitch". Nobody wanna stand up for their boys who got shot. That's what sets Pac and Big apart from the rest of you fake ass bitches...they'd take a bullet for their homiez...shameful that all their homiez didnt do tha same for them! SHAME!

  • Anonymous

    puff is a 6itch he sold his soul 4 records come on and he did kill pac thats the truth it dont matter how much he sold and that nicca is still livin off biggie 6ut yet yall call this fag(diddy) an rap artist smdh

    • Anonymous

      suge knight ain't nuthin but a big bitch! he let a nigga half his size knock him da fuck out! lmao! wasn't he supposed 2 be a bodyguard when he 1st started? 2 bad that shit didn't help him none. lmao! suge is jus tryin 2 stay in the publics eye. nobody is checkin 4 him. no company want him 2 be ceo or a&r over nuthin. he can't start up a company on his own. all his artist suck anyway! fuck that nigga!



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is suge talkin about he was paid to have pac killed just like diddy had pac shot the 1st time and diddy aided in getting biggie killed!!! gtfoh

  • Anonymous

    maybe we will here or know the truth afterall..

  • Anonymous

    it does'nt matter if Puffy is on top the fact is he did Tupac wrong, and Suge and Pac were very close unlike Snoop i've never seen an interview where he is bad mouthing Pac.

  • Fado

    Suge is just dissing Diddy in a sad attempt to stay relevant. The only thing suge has done the past 10 years that have made people think of him is getting knocked out by a random guy.....Suge your era is over stop trying to put oil on a fire that has long been out. Snoop was on martha stuart. Ice cube is doing his acting thing. niggas are too old to be beefing. Think about it if he didn't mention Tupac and diss diddy would there be an article on him right now?...

    • Brandon Caminero

      are you retarded..? do you read any news..? i mean its only been confirmed that puff paid to have pac killed or robbed the first time...... gtfoh

  • Evander Cotton

    My Name Is Evander "E40" Imma Fuck Suge Knight To Death Cause I Love Him.....That Why I Did Not Shoot Him When I Killed Tupac. And If Tupac Is Back Imma Fuck Him To. All Eyes And Nuts On Me. =) Yick-a-dee Bitches!!!

  • Nico 3

    Suge is like OJ. He walks around pretending he's innocent, while 99.9% of the hip hop population believes he had everything to do with planning Pac's murder. At some point, dude will have to just straight own up to it. As will Diddy. He may not of wanted his friend to be killed (Biggie), but business is business, and when you got money, you buy yourself a new conscience quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Its so hilarious when you look at Puffy and Suge today At one point they were both on the same level Today Puffy is an Industry Giant and Suge is a laughing stock Suge Lost, Puffy Won

    • anonymous2

      lol yeah thats probably true

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ Puffy Doesnt have a soul, lol, I'm sure he sleeps fine If there's one person in the world who doesnt care about anything but money, its Diddy, dude probably swins around in his money like Scrooge Mcduck yelling "I'M SOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPPYYYYYYY" at the top of his lungs

    • Anonymous

      puffy won what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me puffy doesnt sleep good at night his soul is tormented on a daily believe that!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    just a publicity stunt sweety we dobt believe you. you need more people

  • Ummmmm

    Way to ask for the Feds to crawl up your ass and have a picnic, dumbass! If I was Bucky, I'd set that fat fuck up and call it self-defense.

  • NiggER

    Somebody needs to bury this dude. No bullshit.

  • lil C

    I'd get a wild boner and fuck the shit out of suge knights asshole while whistling the party rock anthem

  • Anonymous

    Keep telling the truth Suge!!

  • Anonymous

    So that mean Suge still gotta answer for Biggie.

  • Anonymous

    tell em why you mad son? the ex mad ceo

  • JFranks

    I would not even trust Suge to save the last slice for me.

  • Anonymous

    Yo this is big suge, im coming out to say publicly i love diddy, im just mad he wont return the feelings he got for me

  • ka-as

    finally someone is saying what i have been thinking, didnt someone come out and say that a associate of combs hired him to shoot and rob tupac, its not like the guy made it up for street cred lol everyone in jail would want him now

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